June 5, 2016

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Hey, Ecig-Enthusiast! We are happy that you are reading these words! Because ultimately, they will lead you to find Your best suited e-cigarette. With our real and honest reviews. E-cigarettes are getting really popular these days. You see them everywhere! Not only because they help many people quit smoking, but they also taste great! Seriously if you find the right one, it will taste great!

The only Problem: The wide range of different Products (Cig-a-Likes, Ego Cigs, Tanks, Vaporizer, Vape pens, Mods, AVPs, E-Hookas etc.), different Online Shops with different pricing. Confusing. Really Confusing. At first! But there are crazy guys, like us – e-cigarettePROs -, out there who actually tried out almost every brand since 2010. And spend way more money than needed. But on the other hand it was also a good thing. Because now we can confidently say which ecig or which flavors are the best. And wrote for You real and honest e cigarette review here on e-cigarettePROs.com.

Are you tired of wasting time and money? .quit smoking

Let us do the Work for You, so that you will ultimately find your best suited e-cig.

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Well, choosing an electronic cigarette for the first time can be quite challenging Unless you have tried one or you know someone who uses one. If you have never tried one yourself, you may consider starting with the disposable ones. So you get a feel before moving on to the non-disposable ones.

Thankfully, there are hundreds of flavors that have more sweet flavors and basic tobacco flavors. Crazy Side note (!): Vaporfi, one of the leading ecigarette Brands, has over 30’000 flavours of e-liquids to offer! Read the review about Vaporfi. More so: You can choose no nicotine or the nicotine levels that best suits you. In fact, the possibilities are endless. Buying e cigarette online, is just like buying any other product. When you buy online there is no question about an unavailability of the brand, limited stock, and high prices or too much tax.

When it comes to where to buy E Cigarettes, there are many leading brands. So you have a huge range, that you can choose from. These are the Newcomer 2016: The V2 Pro Series 7 and the Firefly 2. If you are patient finding an e-cigarette of your choice should not give you any problem. It’s also very critical to know the various types flavor, sizes, and brand so that you can find something that meets your needs. However, save your time and your precious money. And let us do the work. So just quickly browse through our reviews, to find Your best suited e-cig.

Before doing anything you need to ask yourself about the type of electronic cigarette that you want. Once you have decided on the type. For example the Number one Clearomizer. Choosing the liquid should be a lot easier. You should also be able to maintain your device. Remember, maintenance depends on the type of e-cigarette that you have bought and the kind of atomizer that has been placed inside.

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What are E-Cigs ?

First of all. Let’s start at beginning. What are really Ecigs. Warning! This will get technical:

An e-cigarette is device that it powered by rechargeable lithium battery. Once charged, the battery powers a heating element known as atomizer. The atomizer then heats the e-liquid, which produces a water vapor when exhaled or inhaled. If the e liquid contains nicotine, the process will produce a bit of nicotine.

Normally, these cigarettes come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors depending on the manufacturer’s preferences. Some may also have customizable options such as high, low or sub ohm tanks, manuals batteries among other things.

According to many e cigarettes review: You can use these e-cigarettes, any time you desire a traditional cigarette. More so, they are very much appropriate when tobacco is inhibited. When you are trying to quit smoking, you may use e-cigarettes to help you fight off the craving. Unlike some smoking cessation methods, you can still smoke traditional cigarettes while using the e-systems. Since they do not contain tobacco, sometimes they are permitted even in establishments such as bars, hotels, and restaurants.

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