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Hey Vapestar! I’m glad, that your not only interested in reading our reviews, but you also want to find out a bit more about the e-cigarettePROs.com TEAM.


I’m Max Vape, the chief reviewer and founder of this website.

Max Vape

I’m currently leading the team and make sure you get detailed reviews about the best e-cigarettes out there. The consists of a group of friends, who just love vaping.

About me picture

This is us smoking hookah

I started to get fascinated about e-cigarettes, when a friend of mine tried to quit smoking with it and it acutally worked.

I wanted to get a hold on one of those e-cigarettes as soon as possible, so i scrolled through the internet, but it was a nightmare at the beginning finding the right brand. Clearomier? Atomizer? Vape pen? I had never heard those Terms, so i started slowly in 2010 trying out almost every brand and many different types of e-cigarettes and spend way more money than needed.

Max Vape using Uwell CrownMax Vape using Uwell Crown 2Max Vape using Uwell Crown 3

Me using the Uwell Crown

But on the other hand it was also a good thing, because now i can confidently say which ecig or which flavours are the best and can give you real and honest reviews here on e-cigarettePROs.com.

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Max Vape loves to vape and to share his knowledge about vaporizers with his readers.
When he is not working on his website, either he is enjoying a vape session with his friends or working as a coach.
He has organized several workshops and likes to broaden other guys horizons. His other big passion is traveling. He has already traveled to Australia, Denmark, Germany, France, Hungary, Czech Republic, Spain and Africa.