Cannabis Vaporizers are they the future?


The early 1990s already feel like a life ago, but that’s if vaporizers initially begun to hit the marketplace alongside automobile mobiles, Sega Genesis, and also the first online browser. Let us take a peek at how innovative technology has altered the cannabis vaping encounter and what cannabis vaporization will appear like at the not-too-distant future.

Like ancient mobile phones, the initial electrical vapes were bulky, awkward, and pricey, eagerly adopted by accurate fanatics but mainly avoided or ignored by the remaining general public. Afterward the Volcano debuted since the initial convection vaporizer, setting the standard for vapor grade and paving the way to get a vaporization renaissance. When some folks still swear by the Volcano’s background version, many were finally discouraged from the unit’s high price tag and its own way of squeezing vapor in a big, clumsy balloon. The creation of a mobile vape was unavoidable.

Vapir brought additional innovation by integrating conduction technology which consumes less electricity, which makes it much easier to adapt to a streamlined layout. Virtually every business in the room followed suit, making iterative alterations to the current conduction technology and modernizing the design with slick, user-friendly layouts such as the Pax and Pax 2.

The issues with a Mobile Vape Layout
However, the arrival of slimmer, more fashionable portable vaporizers resulted in a new obstacle.

The gap in vapor quality comes out of the technique of heat.

Convection vaporization heals your crops quietly by moving hot atmosphere through plant issue, but they are not ideal, either — convection demands more electricity, making devices bigger and heavier. Even in highly reviewed versions such as the Volcano and Crafty, the steam stays within a vape room (or balloon), dropping strength as cannabinoids and terpenoids dissipate.

Since the cannabis sector continued to evolve and consumers required to go through the complete potential of the delicious greens, so also did vaporization technology should shift with the shifting landscape and become better than previously.

Can Vaporizers Provide a Whole Plant Adventure?
From Blue Dream into White Widow into Girl Scout Cookies, each cannabis breed has a special mixture of above 85 busy cannabinoids and above 100 terpenoid flavors, developing a different experience for you. All those ingredients activates at another temperature, augmenting each other and your mind to create unique flavors and consequences. How can vaporization let you taste the authentic flavor of this plant and also feel the entire impact?

Most current models provide temperature adjustment, however you still vape one fever at one moment. So is it feasible to vape at several temperatures without allowing your vapor sit about and discard potent terpenoids? The solution is yes, and also the brand new means to vape is by way of dynamic convection.

The reason energetic convection functions so well is the temperature changes along with your breath as you inhale. It is easy, really: inactive heat produces static vapor, while energetic heat produces dynamic vapor. By binder in a selection of temperatures since you inhale, energetic convection extracts each active ingredient and taste from the flowers in one breath, providing complete spectrum studded having unprecedented taste.

1 struggle with energetic convection is the fact that it takes up to ten times more electricity than conduction. This implies mobile convection versions will drain batteries faster than familiar conduction versions until battery technology enhances.

Contemporary vaporization technology like the Firefly was made to capture each cannabinoid present. Heating components offer you dynamic temperature control, raising temperature since the user holds it cooling and down upon discharge. This manual controller enables one to “vaporsurf” and investigate various temperatures in each inhalation, while the strength and frequency of the breath play an immediate part in how fast the vapor heats up. Like any cutting-edge technological invention, this new procedure of vaping includes a small learning curve which could require experimentation before completely appreciating the result. When you experience complete spectrum vapor, nevertheless, you are going to wonder how you were able to vape with no.

We’ll continue to see improvements in efficiency and temperature management as the business grows, supporting further inventions which focus on “entire plant encounters.” If you’re able to get your hands on a vaporizer which may be used to eat concentrates (including the Firefly, that delivers a mesh mat that fits to the vape room), then you will probably like a greatly different, more flexible experience than the presently common vape pens.

Since the cannabis industry has been perfect the aims of their future by honing into plant flavors and profiles, the vape sector will evolve with it, producing the right tools for the most recent kinds of this plant. It is interesting to consider what future vapes can do — analyze the level of your plants? Tell you just what mixture of ingredients you are inhaling? Project videos of what is changing in the molecular arrangement of the plant at the same time you vape?

Interested in buying a Firefly vaporizer to test the hottest at cannabis vaporization technology? Purchase 1 now to see energetic convection in activity!

Which is safer vaping or smoking weed?


For many people, medication usage is driven by pleasure. But whether it is relief and therapy, or fun you seekthe advantages have a price: a few chance of wellbeing and security of compromise or injury. Although physicians and scientists are increasingly coming to the conclusion that cannabis is frequently a safer choice to opioids, for example, bud is no exception. Whether you utilize herbal cannabis, oil or wax, and if you use it medically or recreationally — but especially for patients — the largest risk of smoking bud is that the smoke itself.

Spoiler alert: science includes a very happy ending for this story…

Not the cannabis itself, Combustion, is that the offender. Cannabis smoke includes exactly the identical sort of flammable chemicals as cigarette smoke. Unlike using cigarette smoking, however, researchers are not joining marijuana smoking with increased cancer risk: Based on Donald P. Tashkin, MD, emeritus professor of medicine at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine (through HuffPo): “Findings in a restricted amount of unproven evaluation studies don’t indicate that an increased risk for the development of lung or upper airway cancer in moderate or light use.” And even heavy usage has “much lower risks for pulmonary complications” than tobacco usage, Tashkin said.

But marijuana smoking doesn’t “cause observable and microscopic harm to the large airways that’s always associated with a greater probability of symptoms of chronic bronchitis that thrives after cessation of usage,” in accordance with Tashkin.

Enter vaporization…

Vaping appears to decrease the damaging lung consequences of smoking.
This is a huge deal, because smoking weed’s risk is that the smoke.

“Those who vaporize report diminished respiratory disorders” compared to people who smoke bud, based on Marilyn Huestis (to BuzzFeed News), principal of chemistry and drug metabolism in the National Institute on Drug Abuse, who’s examined the physiological effects of vaping bud.
Contrary to a joint or bong, vaporizers heat cannabis to temperatures which discharge cannabinoids — the fantastic stuff secreted from cannabis flowers which make you high and supply relief to a range of symptoms such as pain, nausea, anxiety, and redness–at a fine mist without causing the toxins related to combustion.

“It had been the merchandise we wanted within our own lives,” Mark Williams, a former Apple creator and CEO of vaporization technology firm Firefly stated in a statement supplied to KINDLAND.

“And the energetic convection heating produces something that we call the ‘entire plant experience. ”’

“Since nothing is burnt, it doesn’t create the exact toxic byproducts that smoking does”
Based on Dugas, the energetic convection heat technology “only vaporizes the contents of this basin as [the consumer inhales,” to cut down on wasted plant substances. That, “vapor is made in a variety of temperatures, meaning [the consumer] can get more active ingredients from the plant than they would with other vaporizers where particular terpenes and ingredients could happen to be vaporized and denatured before they inhale,” she explained.

“Since nothing is burnt, it doesn’t create the exact toxic byproducts that smoking does,” Dugas told KINDLAND.

Cannabis Prior to and following Vaporization:
Above Left: Macrophoto of cannabis sample before vaporization demonstrating trichomes with leaf;
Above Right: Macrophoto after a few passages of warm air in the vaporizer. (pictures through CA Average)

The relative effect of having a vaporizer has been proven to be bigger as the quantity of cannabis used increases. Based on the analysis’s writers, “routine users of joints, blunts, pipes, and water pipes may reduce respiratory disorders by changing to a vaporizer.”

Safer use may even be satisfying use.
“Those who favored vaping reported it to be healthier, better tasting, created better consequences, and much more satisfying.”
The results appear to indicate that medication use of 10 variables ranked and identified by 38,000 cannabis consumers in the survey, ‘Utilize Vaporizer’ came out in reducing danger. Moreover, 57 percent of the respondents stated with a vaporizer also enriched their “cannabis-related enjoyment”

Burning cannabis is actually the thing that discharges tar and cancer. Contrary to bong or a joint, cannabis heats to under its combustion temperature to generate a vapour. The smoke containing poisons and tar is reduced although this usually means that that the THC is discharged. Whilst the evidence isn’t conclusive, it’s very likely that the threat is reduced by vaporisers . It’s also possible that some kinds of vaporisers are far better than others in protecting your health.”
Another 2016 survey conducted through online survey with a group of Dartmouth researchers, “Characterizing Vaporizer Use One of Cannabis Users” reasoned:

“Those who favored vaping reported it to be healthier, better tasting, created better consequences, and much more satisfying.”

Vaping has emerged weed users that seek a high that was cleanser and much more of a for the school of cannabis consumers, and also as less of a tendency.

With this in mind, Firefly’s Williams says educating consumers of this vape-method is just one of the business’s most urgent challenges: “it is a small intricate subject, but it’s vital to comprehend.”

“Due to how [the device] functions you are made to pay additional attention to your breath, that can be among the chief tools for directed meditation,” Dugas said to KINDLAND. “This puts you in the ideal mindset for being present and appreciating your own vape sesh to the fullest”

With the health benefit, the vaporizer, and the consumer experience itself issues a good deal. The vaporizers can deliver encounters that are enriched with reduced side effects to smoking even though a vaporizer will fall short in a minumum of one class.

Vaporization, by the figures:

That means a high, and also both more bang for your buck.

“Patients ranked the ‘high’ they experienced in the smoking and vaporization and there wasn’t any difference between the 2 procedures by individual self-report of this result.”
Additionally, patients were also asked which system they preferred: “With a considerable bulk, patients preferred vaporization for smoking, picking the path of delivery together with the unwanted effects and best efficacy.”

Eleaf Vaping Products Review


Eleaf Vaping Products

Eleaf is one of the top vaping product companies in the world. It was established in 2011.It is based in Shenzhen city, China. In just five years of existence, the company has made a name in the vaping market. Eleaf is committed to the production of long-lasting and high-quality products.

Eleaf UK

Eleaf Electronics is committed to safety. They take strict measures on sales to persons under the legal smoking age.

Vaping is the inhalation and exhalation of water vapor from an e-cigarette. Eleaf has distributors all over the world. The vaping industry has shot from $1.7billion to $ 3.5 billion in a span of two years. Vaping is different from smoking in that there is no smoke produced. Chances of getting smoking-related cancer are low when vaping.

Eleaf Products

Eleaf has a variety of vaping products. The company deals with starters, atomizers, batteries, e-liquid, and accessories. Their accessories include cases, seal rings, heads, covers, adapters, charging cables and stickers. The batteries have charging protection, low voltage protection and some have adjustable voltage. They have a USB port design. The products are sleek and unique with good textures and colors.

electronic cigarettes

Eleaf’s first istick series was launched in 2014.The istick has been developed over time and has more brands. After the launch, istick 20w,30w and 50w followed. They were well received by users worldwide. The istick series was upgraded and fitted with temperature control options.

The istick TC 40w, TC 60w and TC 100 are great choices.The magnetic cover is changeable to a variety of colors. The istick TC Series have a hidden fire button. This button prevents accidental presses for maximum safety.

The istick 100w can be upgraded to 120w to suit the customers’ needs.

The ijust series starter kit has great features. The ijust starter plus is the most recent. It has a power capacity of 2600mAh.It is portable and light in weight. This series has a direct power output and is ideal for a beginner.

The ijust starter plus is fitted with a dual EC head. It comes in different great colors. It comes in brushed black, brushed bronze, red, dazzling and wood grains.

Eleaf batteries are manual or inbuilt. The standard ikit battery comes in silver, blue, black and rose colors. The more advanced itwist mega has a power capacity of 1700mAh.It has a short-circuit protection.

Eleaf iStick 30W Review

An e-cigarette cannot function without an e-liquid. The Eleaf e-juice is distilled using advanced technology to perfection. It contains propylene glycol, nicotine, flavors and vegetable glycerol. All the ingredients are blended to fit the Eleaf e-cigarettes.

iCare Starter KitThe e-juice comes in many flavors to suit different tastes. There is the tobacco flavor, food flavor, characteristic flavor, fruit flavor and herbal flavor. There is something for everyone. The e-juice is low in nicotine. The e-juice have zero nicotine options for people with nicotine allergies.

Eleaf products are not for use by pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and underage people. Eleaf e-cigarettes are refillable and rechargeable. For more information on contacts and prices, visit

Another Article on Electronic Cigarettes


We live in a world filled with vices. By being surrounded by them the attraction is obvious and it requires tremendous will power to abstain from any of them. How would we love to embrace a vice without having to pay for the ill-effects that are caused by them? More importantly the social fabric of our society is defined by aggregating vices into our structure. Friendly Bonhomie and gatherings are incomplete without converging vices and enjoying them.

E-CigarettePROs Blog

But alas if things were so easy to deal with. One such vice that is a master of addiction is a Cigarette. Once you smoke a cigarette it attracts you again like a moth to a flame. Cigarette smokers know how difficult it is to quit because the addiction is so strong that it just keeps pulling you back no matter what you do to try and quit. e cigaretteCigarettes also has a lot of connected disadvantages as well. You tend to irk people because of the second hand smoke that emanates from your smoking. Your family, friends and acquaintances think it is better off not hanging with you because of that second hand smoke which is denser than a thick fog. Their eyes start stinging, the smell is very putrid and the clothes also start to stink. In addition to that the hazardous effects of second hand smoke are in no way less than active smoking. As a cigarette smoker one tends to get ostracized from his regular friend circle. You tend to douse yourself in perfume to get over the cigarette smell, you get scowled at by friends and bystanders alike, your body and hair start to smell weird which is a turn off for the women you might be dating. Even the government realizes the bad effects of cigarette smoking and many countries have issued a public smoking ban on the same.

quit smoking

But all is not that bad nowadays. After all the saying “Necessity is the mother of invention” holds true in every context. All the cigarette smokers out there, What if Man smoking e-cigarettethere was a way to continue smoking but prevent yourself from acquiring any of the critical ailments that might fall in your lap? Without having to be excluded from your near and dear ones and without feeling left out and taking a hit on your self-confidence?
This revolutionary invention that is going to help every cigarette smoker is known as the E-Cigarette from VaporFi. The advantages include the usage of ingredients that are in no way carcinogenic and have no long term ill-effects on your health. They do not produce an unpleasant order and the smell is undetectable. This can be smoked in the company of everyone without the ill effects of second hand smoke. Your clothes, your body and your hair smell ok. So go for it.
Cigarette smoking is no longer harmful.

alternative to smoking

How To Stop Vape Tank Leakages


Are you fed up of the leaky tank, broken fixtures, and other mechanical issues? Most people rush towards hiring a professional even for a little inconvenience. However, there are certain things that one can sort out by himself. Like for example a leaky vape tank.

no leak tips

An e-liquid leakage brings you frustration and distress. The best part of fixing the leakage is that you don’t have to wait for the expert to come and fix it but rather, as you see the e-juice leaking out of the tank, you can immediately go for its repair. This article will familiarize an individual to carry out the process.


Fixing a leaking tank is very easy. You can repair the cracks, clean your tank on a regular basis, make possible replacements, and so forth.

seal coilBelow are simple and effective solutions on how to stop your tank from leaking, giving you more services;

Keep your tank vertical

Some tanks lead to leakages when left in a horizontal position over a long time. You should, therefore, ensure that your tank is positioned upright if you don’t have to use it for an extended period of time.

Cleaning the tank

The old e-juice residue may accumulate over time, and therefore regular cleaning is a necessity. This leads to leakages, and hence you need to clean your tank with cold water and leave it to dry overnight before you decide to put it back.

Check for any cracks

A thin crack is possible to cause leakages. This is because your tank is not air-tight allowing e-liquid leakages. Glass cracking has no repair, and the best option is to buy a new one and replace it.

Use of appropriate juice viscosity

The manufactures manual gives a better recommendation on fluid viscosity. However, any values lower than 70% VG is capable of causing leakages PG thinness. Therefore, always read manufacture’s manual to determine your PG/VG ratio.

leaking clearomizerEnsure your tank properly filled

Tanks are built with middle airflow tube leading through the main body all the way to the drip tip. In rare incidences, you may realize that your tank is leaking from this region. Most important to note, you should be careful when filling the tank. Additionally, tank manufacturers have warned against interfering with the chimney. It is always advisable to leave an inside vacuum in order to prevent e-liquid leakages when filling your tank.

Ensure you check on your O-rings

Sometimes your O-rings may get damaged and lead to tank leakages. Therefore you should provide regular checkups on them and if worn out or damaged, replace them.

Check your seal

Your tank should always be air-tight. Failure to maintaining your tank air-tight leads to e-juice leakages out of the openings. You should first check if the threads are in the sync and tightly fastened. If the thread is incorrectly crossed, unscrew it and fix it properly.

Keep a lid on it

A tank without a top lid is prone to leakages through the airflow hole. Therefore you should keep a lid on it. Alternatively, close the airflow, but this does not guarantee a longer solution.

Close airflow when filling

Opening your airflow allows entrance of more air I and prevents possible leakages through the atomizer. On agreement, lowest airflow setting restricts the amount of air entering your tank, and thus a lot of e-liquid gets into the atomizer coil resulting to flooding.

Coil problem

The coil may have a mechanical problem from the manufacturing company. This restricts the coil from holding the juice properly causing e-juice leakages. Therefore, it is of great importance to ensure that your coil is screwed properly to manage possible leakages.

Pax 3 Blog Review


Vape Review is a medical grade vaporizer that delivers strong and pure vapor within just 15 seconds. The herbal vaporizer’s subsequent heat-ups are instant, and it produces quality smoke. With superior performance, PAX3 promises a decent experience. The vaporizer is an improvement of the former PAX 2. It comes in a modern and classy design with a robust construction. From the appealing aluminum exterior to the highly advanced feature, PAX 3 is intended to give the ultimate comfort.PAX is known for producing significant amounts of visible vapor with exceptional flavor and aroma. By just adjusting the heating profile you can achieve maximum efficiency without the need of pulling hard in just to get a low draw.

Features of PAX 3

Pax Vaporizer· Smartphone app- One of the most outstanding features of PAX 3 is the inclusion of a free smartphone app which can be used with both iOS and Android. The app controls temperatures and unlocks special features of the vaporizer as well as heating profiles. You can easily pair PAX 3 with the app and set temperatures with a simple up and down flip. The app also enables you to control settings including LED brightness, built-in-games, perform firmware upgrades or even lock your device. The app also alerts you if an upgrade is available so you can install it wirelessly through the app. The app also unlocks predefined heating profiles such as Boost, Stealth, Efficiency, and Flavor.

· Design- The design of PAX 3 is sleek and compact, and one can hold it in one hand. The shiny aluminum finish is done to perfection. The vaporizer has a spot for flat or raised mouthpiece at the edge of the vaporizer. It has an oven lid which has a protrusion that lets large amounts of vapor out. A magnetic top holds all content in the bowl.

· Controls- The vaporizer features an accelerometer with a button that adjusts all controls including RGB led readout. The buttons allow you to turn PAX on and off, open temperatures settings and even access operating modes.

· Heating- The vaporizer heats by conductive means. It features a heating element that warms up the oven walls allowing you to breathe and pull vapor from the chamber. PAX 3 heats three times faster than PAX2 since it has pre-loaded C02 cartridges that enable the device to reach vamping temperatures. The smoke produced is high quality and tasteful since it is allowed enough space for cooling down.


·Pax Labs High-quality vapor

· Heats quickly 10-15 seconds

· Enhanced features and controls

· Compact stylish design

· Lip sensing technology

· Ten years warranty


· It scratches easily after some time.

· Tricky to load



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What Are E-liquids Made of


E liquid

Almost Every year, thousands of people pledge to stop smoking once and for all. Around 90% fail to do so. One product may put an end to this exasperating situation. Electronic cigarettes are battery operated devices that comes with a heating device and a cartridge full of e liquid. They are healthy for you and do not contain tar, tobacco or any toxic harmful substance.
Vaporfi e-juice

E-cigarette oil or e- liquid is the fluid that is used in the Electronic Cigarette. It provides the flavoring and nicotine substitute to e cigarette. e cigarette oil comes in various sizes, ranging from 10ml to as high as 50ml.What are e-liquids made of

What is e- liquid oil made of?

e cigarette oil is usually made up of four ingredients: propylene glycol (Pg), vegetable glycerin (Vg), flavoring and nicotine. Once heated, it forms a vaporized mist that’s huffed just like cigarette smoke but instead of short hard puffs, longer and slower puffs are taken for more satisfaction.Most of the companies use combination of the two fluids to make vapor. Vegetable glycerin is more sweet and has a thicker consistency than Propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is tasteless and doesn’t have any odor.

Apollo e-liquid

Both Pg and Vg are organic compounds which aren’t toxic and usually considered safe for consumption by the FDA. they are also widely used in variety of commercial food available in the market.

Nicotine level in e liquid?

The nicotine level in e liquid is measured by the number of milligrams per milliliter of liquid. E Liquid generally have different strength level of nicotine between the level of 0-4.8%.The quantity of nicotine can be controlled in e-liquid. Some e-liquids are also available with zero amount of nicotine.

E liquid

E liquids are to be stored in a cool and dry place and not to be exposed to direct sunlight

How to use an e-cigarette?

While smoking a cigarette requires shorter and harder puffs, an e cigarette will get best results e juice by spellboundwith slower and measured puffs. E cigarettes are easy and simple to use. They are smoked in the same way as traditional cigarettes. Just unpack them, twist and vape.

E-cigarette industry has value of more than $1.5 billion and is growing constantly. E cigarette is a healthy substitute to your traditional cigarette. Cigarettes are a thing of the past. Gone are the days of cigarette butts, ashtrays, second hand smoke and smelly fingers. Instead, people these days are opting for E cigarettes which produces vape and not smoke, and is not toxic at all.

Best Rated E-Cigarette Brands


Best rated E-cigarette brands

This article is the result of impartial try to introduce you to the some of the best-rated E-cigarettes. The main the idea of the topic, it’s time to learn some myths and facts about E-cigarette.

VaporFi Logo

Myths and facts about E-cigarettes

The e-cigarette is a battery-powered electronic device that vaporizes the liquid solution and produces harmless vapor. It is used to the get similar feeling of the regular cigarette. If anyone claims that are 100% safe, they are ridiculously wrong. To be honest, there is no credible evidence available till today about the capability of E-cigarettes in helping the people quit smoking.

However, there is much evidence that concludes that the use of E-cigarettes will reduce the impact on health. Apart from this fact, E-cigarettes also decrease the risk of passive smoking considerably. Hence, your loved ones’ health will not be affected due to your smoking habit. We hope that this passage may have helped you are clear you doubt about the E-cigarettes. If you find difficulty in quitting smoking, you may try E-cigarettes instead of traditional cigarettes.

Top rated E-cigarettes brand

V2 cigs:

V2 Cigs Logo

V2 Cigs is the global company in the manufacturing and selling of E-cigarette products. It is not just a top company but also in many other countries. The best thing about this company is that this company manufactures high-quality E-cigarettes that pass the regulation of many countries in the world.

Hence, this company holds a certain place in this market. Apart from this fact, this company offers personalized products to satisfy the need of each and every customer. This company is also known for its innovative new products.

Green smoke:

Green Smoke Ecigs
Green smoke is reliable E-cigarette company. To be frank, this company had topped the market in the past. However, now this company is not considered as the best company, as it lacks innovation. Anyhow, this company still has some of its loyal fans, and some of its products are still appreciable.

The proof using this product includes excellent smoke experience due to pretty high nicotine content, considerably long battery life and long life of the product itself. On the downside, this company does not offer customizable e-liquid for every customer. Be worse for someone who is trying hard to give up smoking. In other words, green smoke is not customized to chain smoker, who needs more nicotine at the beginning.


VaporFi Products
Vapour Fi is the new player in this industry. This company has attained a prominent place in the E-cigarette market in very short time. The reason for this can attribute to its innovative products and highly customized services.

In short, this company did not the repeat the mistake was made by the one of the pioneer company, Green smoke. Recently, they have also launched “Create your favor section” on their website to enable users to create their support. – Company profile


Vaping is a growing trend in cigarette industry for the last few years. A person who is vaping inhale e-liquid which has no bad smell, leaves no burns, more cost effective and can help in fighting with tobacco addiction. There is a lot of vaping companies that offer plenty of vaporizers and e-liquids. One company separates from the competition with high-quality products and reliable service –

directvapor homepage is a growing company selling the best vaporizers available on the market. The great thing in their business model is that they ship their products without any fees, including 60 day warranty and 15 day returns if the customer isn’t satisfied with the product. has started in vaping industry since the beginning, which is a huge advantage over competitors because they granted a master wholesale distribution agreements with major vapor manufacturers. An agreement enables them to get the best prices of vaping products. It isn’t a strange fact that has the lowest price guarantee on a vaping market.

When a customer visits DirectVapor official website, the first thing he’ll notice is the passion about vaping community. A blog with regular post shares the newest information about vaping culture and different vaporizers which only strengthen a community of faithful customers. The purpose of company existence is changing people’s lives by offering them the best vaping equipment available on the market. Vaping can lead to the end of tobacco addiction is a proven fact, so it’s not strange that community is bigger with each day. doesn’t only offer vaporizers – the offer is the biggest in the industry. They offer e-liquids, devices and batteries, accessories, starter kits, shirts and much more. The company by itself isn’t a brand, but a business that is supplied by the world’s best brands on the market that ensures a rich selection for vapor lovers around the globe.

If you compare a price of vapors with other competitors, you’ll notice really offers the best quality product for the lowest price. Their website is very optimized and well structure, so not technically knowledgeable people can even order a vapor. If you’re passionate about vaping industry and you want to make some money on it, you can become an affiliate partner, as offers an excellent affiliate program. Vaping products are sold mostly in the retail through the webshop, but there is an option for wholesalers that will make any vaping lover to a partner. – Company Profile


smoktech-logoVaping is a relatively new trend. Unlike the traditional cigarette smoking vaping uses an e-cigarette or e-cig that is as pleasurable as cigarette smoking but less harmful. With its growing popularity companies are introducing new and innovative e-cig and vaporizer models to make the experience more pleasurable. A popular name to remember when we talk about e-cigarettes is

With its state-of-the-art designs, has taken the vaping experience to a whole new level. Founded in 2010, the company has climbed the ladder of success in a relatively short time. Being the pioneer in using dual coils and introducing Bluetooth technology in your vaporizer devices the company has really set a standard for other companies to follow.

smok-box-mods smok-vape-tank

Located in Shenzhen, China the company is a leading brand introduced by the Shenzhen IVPS Technology Corporation PVT. It is one of the most succeeding vaping companies from China. One thing that sets SMOK apart from other vaping companies is the ability of to come up with original and new products. When other companies were busy copying successful prototypes SMOK came up with designs like Magneto and Telescope. The company showed the world and not just the Chinese companies how important it is to introduce new designs for customer satisfaction.

This brand has never been afraid of experimenting. The company introduced dual coils at a time when the use of dual coils was not so common and was considered intrepid. Yet the company took the step and introduced its users to a new level of vapor and flavor experience. TFV4 is the most popular prototype from the company which is referred to as the “big clouds” by the enthusiast vapors. Tumbler tanks and Pyrex ARO were introduced in 2013 that used the SMOK’s latest “cotton less” technology. These new designs used uncommon bottom coil designs to help users avoid dry puffs. BEC Pro was announced with the 2014 lineup and was the first device by the company to make use of Bluetooth technology.

The company continues to flourish in the year of 2016. With the rise of the New Year, it has introduced several new products. TR-RTA is a vaping device with rebuildable space. TFV8, H-Prive and Alien Starter kit and are all new additions to SMOK’s 2016 catalog.

SMOK’s success is an example of the importance of originality in a business. When many vaping companies were competing in copying designs never hesitated to take chances. This is the reason that made this brand what it is today.


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