Beyond the Cloud Review – Vaping Movie


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Tobacco is known for claiming over 6 million lives per year, this makes it one of the leading causes of premature deaths in the world. Even more troubling is the fact that about half of all tobacco addicts die from some sort of disease or complication caused by the substance.

beyond the cloud vapingSo why haven’t we been able to create some kind of substitute for traditional tobacco consumption? A substitute that has no carbon monoxide, no tar and no fine particles. Well, the technology already exists, surprising right? The electronic cigarette was invented by Hon Lik in 2003. Fast forward to 2016 and most health officials are being very cautious with these devices.

beyond the cloud vaping realisationFrench filmmakers, Ghyslain Armand and Sebastian Duijndam, created a documentary movie, Beyond the Cloud, that takes a close look at why health establishments and the general public are not really accepting the relatively new technology. Armand, one of the directors and a well known journalist, takes on the role of narrator in the film. He guides us through a number of interviews with politicians, business owners, researchers, vapers, executives from the tobacco industry and public health officials. These interviews are pretty much divided up into sections, then separated by interviews conducted on random people walking on the street. These clips are bound together by short comments made by Armand throughout the documentary.

The most impacting parts of the film are the interviews conducted on French vapors, specifically the elderly. These people seem to view vaping as something astounding.They even talk about how happy they are now that they have been able to beat their addiction. It’s amazing really, especially because of some of the stories they tell in the interviews. Back in their day, smoking tobacco was more acceptable than not smoking at all. Some of the people who were interviewed even mention that the government would supply them with cigarettes.

beyond the cloud offering cig-a-likeTowards the end of the film, we begin to see the stances that politicians and public health officials are taking. They talk about the different struggles they are facing with this topic as a whole. They share a variety of hopes and concerns that will definitely cloud your judgment on the matter. There are so many arguments on both sides that it is difficult not to agree with something on each end. Nevertheless, after watching this film, I can’t ignore the happiness that can be seen on the faces of the former addicts featured in the film. It’s actually sparked a bit of interest in me to research more on the topic in order to form my own opinion.

At the end of the day, Tobacco has killed millions of lives since it was discovered. So why can’t vaping be the modern day solution to this problem? What do you think? Do you think smoking tobacco is more harmful than vaping? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Basic informations on e-pipes


e-pipes-blackThere is no denying to this fact that electronic smoking is the best alternative to conventional regular tobacco smoking. Read here more about vape side effects. People who want to quit smoking must consider availing the benefits of electronic smoking. It is an ideal way regarding quitting smoking even while taking a daily dose of nicotine without affecting health in a bad manner. E-pipes applies an electric current to a wire mesh, which vaporizes a fluid. The portion of the device containing the wire mesh heating element is called the atomizer. Stuffing material soaked with smoke juice contacts the mesh inside the atomizer to provide the fluid to vaporize.e-pipe-kit

E-pipes are easily available in the market and facilitating users with some benefits. At present, there are several e-pipe stores available offering quality devices for hassle free smoking experience. The main benefits of these pipes are that these require only very little preparation for smoking. More to the point, e smoking starter kits enable you to get all the electronic smoking devices in one packet. The main benefit of using these e-pipes is that it does not produce actual smoke as well as create no ash.

When it comes to the e-smoking starter kits, it contains batteries, cartridges, a battery charger and cases to carry e-pipes and other e-cig accessories. The e-pipe is an inexpensive accessory which is easily available on several websites nowadays. Currently, there are some stores available online providing this device at a very cost effective price. Undoubtedly, e-pipe is the modern as well as an affordable way of enjoying smoking. However, it is advisable for you to go with quality products from a reliable store. With the support of electronic smoking, you can easily continue your smoking habit without affecting your health. This specific way of smoking enables you to continue to smoke simply and safely. With the support of some reliable online stores, you can have the best and top rated electronic pipes at lower prices.


Currently, there are some e-pipe stores available over the web facilitating users with the best electronic smoking pipes brand. Before buying an e-pipe, make sure that you are selecting the vendor offering all the essential e-smoking accessories that you would surely need with your starter kit. Electronic smoking not only makes you feel relaxed and offer satisfactory smoking experience but also it is safe to use. This specific smoking keeps you safe from the hazards of tobacco smoking. Since there would be no fire, ash or any smoke, one must switch to electronic smoking instead of going with traditional tobacco smoking.

Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure a continuing quality experience. Batteries should be charged fully before use and after depletion. The atomizer should be regularly flushed with water to remove any residue and ensure a clean draw. After rinsing, the owner should blow several times forcefully through both sides of the atomizer. Only use clean water and allow a rinsed atomizer to dry before use.

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Firefly 2 Vaporizer Review


This is a short review. More details click here. The Firefly 2 expands upon the stage abandoned from the first Firefly. The first Firefly gave clients the capacity to appreciate on interest vapor that is smooth and delightful from a convenient unit, something a few clients still rave about today.

Firefly 2 Black Lid

While the first Firefly exceeded expectations in those regions, it stumbled a bit with its beneath intelligent battery life, and its relatively broad and awkward outline for a versatile vaporizer.

Notwithstanding, with the Firefly 2 these issues have been tended to, which we will discuss later in this survey.

We’re going to breakdown this Firefly 2 vaporizer audit into the accompanying segments:

– Oven Capacity and Efficiency
Dry Herbs

– Vapor Path
– Temperature Control
– Vapor Quality
Dry Herbs

– Portability
– Battery Life and Charging
– Accessories
– Warranty

using-firefly-2 In case you’re only hoping to lift the Firefly 2 up and don’t wish to peruse whatever remains of this survey, click here to be taken to Firefly’s site, which is the place we suggest from.

Boiler Capacity and Efficiency

The Firefly 2 as promoted offers a full range dry herb vaping background, with the expansion of having the capacity to appropriately vaporize concentrates. In this segment, we’ll separate how much material you load, and how effective this gadget will vaporize your material of decision.

Dry Herbs in the Firefly 2

Firefly 2 Oven Loaded with High-Quality Dried Cannabis Flowers

The stove of the Firefly 2 holds around .1-.2 of destroyed material. The heaviness of bloom can differ marginally because of numerous components. However this is a decent broad extent you ought to hope to be capable actually vaporize all the material in one burden.

Over-pressing the Firefly 2, I discovered yielded horrifying results. As far as I can tell little, inexactly stuffed broilers yielded the best results.

The Firefly 2 likewise values a coarse tool instead of a little pound. The finely ground material more often than not winds up being maneuvered into the vapor way and obstructing wind stream in the unit making superfluous draw resistance. Similarly, I found significantly all the more fine particulate matter amassing in the mouthpieces screen.

The Firefly 2 exceeds expectations in productivity when utilizing the dry herb.

firefly-2-ovenOn-interest warming and a littler broiler take into consideration you to vaporize small measures of material productively. This is perfect for somebody who acknowledges smaller scale dosing or has a low resistance and wouldn’t like to focus on a full session.

It can be monotonous to reload the Firefly 2 for substantial clients, and this may likewise posture issues for customers on the go too. Something like a doob too loaded with pre-ground herb would be perfect for somebody utilizing the Firefly 2 on the go making the reloading procedure a breeze.

Commonly one stove keeps going me around 10 minutes of reliably hitting the vape consistently or two for 15 to 30 seconds in length for each run. What number of hits you get per broiler is going to fluctuate client to client in light of how you draw from the gadget, the material you’re utilizing, and your picked temperature.

Amassed in the Firefly 2

While the Firefly 2 is equipped more towards dry herb vaporization, it additionally rises above long ways past many dry herb vaporizers in center execution.

Firefly 2 Concentrate Pad Loaded with High-Quality Butane Hash Oil Concentrate

With the three included concentrate cushions, you can vaporize your most loved thinks productively. A little rice-sized touch amidst the center cushion is all you requirement for 1-2 huge focus hits.

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The Newcomer 2016 – Pax 3 & Pax Era


Since the presentation of its unique Pax vaporizer in 2012, Pax Labs has been becoming well known as a standout among the most natural and easy to use vaporizers available. Cell phones application and two crisp new gadgets that guarantee to enhance the vaporizer encounter considerably further.

pax-3-grey pax-era-reviewThe recently upgraded pax 3 has generally the same structure component and elements as the Pax era, yet with a more adjustable affair to calibrate your sessions and pick between free leaves or focus materials. While regardless you’ll locate the implicit accelerator and brilliant signal controls, the warming framework now warms up in a minor fifteen seconds and offers twofold the warming force with three, effortlessly swapped broilers: one full-estimate, one half-pack for shorter sessions and one connection perfect with the new Pax Era concentrate cases. A hectic criticism framework likewise gives you a physical marker so you can tell when you vapor is prepared or the gadget has gone into standby mode.

Totally new is the Pax era, which acquires a few looks from it’s and cases to be the primary temperature controlled versatile oil vaporizer. The Era foregoes the standard strung cartridge arrangement of other vape pens, however Pax 3 guarantees it’s Era Pods offer a superior flavor and steadier vapor quality alongside a more adaptable affair. The pax era additionally offers a couple components that you won’t discover in different frameworks, similar to the LED show that helps you monitor your sessions and coordination with the new Pax Vapor application. For the time being, be that as it may, you’ll need to hold up until the gadget goes on special not long from now to check whether the restrictive units get on among retailers and concentrate makers.

pax-3-and-pax-eraPax 3 has for some time been the business standard with regards to capacity and structure, while the Pax era had a couple issues, general it is one of the best vaporizers available. From the hints of it, Pax era took the clients surveys in outlining the Pax 3.
One issue that clients regularly report in the wake of utilizing the Pax 3 is the broiler size. It’s quite expansive, which in it of itself isn’t generally an issue, yet in the event that you don’t pack a full stove the vaporizing background endures pretty significantly. For somebody like me who for the most part vapes solo, it makes utilizing the Pax era somewhat overwhelming. So I’m super satisfied to see that the Pax 3 offers a half-estimate broiler connection that permits clients to appreciate the full capacity of the vaporizer without taking off to the moon. Considerably more energizing than the half-sized herb broiler connection, the Pax 3 likewise offers clients the capacity to vaporize concentrates like oil.

We hope you enjoyed our vaporizer review / preview.

Choosing The Best 18650 Batteries For Vaping 


When people start vaping, they care less about the electronic cigarette or vaporizer they use. However, as time moves on, they suddenly want the best of everything to improve their experience including the best batteries. The 18650 is the ideal choice of battery for most vaporizers, however, the case doesn’t rest at that. This begs the question, what’s the best 18650 battery? A common question synonymous with most vaping enthusiasts, but whose answer is not as straightforward as many would expect.

Picking the right battery is dependent on a number of factors. For example, some batteries can last for quite a while without recharging but they cannot handle being discharged at high rates. On the other hand, some batteries require to be charged frequently but even at 40A, they don’t get overheated.

Therefore, your vaping style is also a key determinant when choosing the best 18650 battery. Nonetheless, irrespective of how you vape, there are four main qualities that are important to consider when choosing the best batteries for your vaporizer. These include; high current rating, low operating temperature, high voltage when vaping and high capacity.

These qualities are as discussed below

High Current rating

18650-battery-blueThe best vape battery is one that can safely deliver your preferred current without overheating. On paper, buying the highest current rated battery would seem like the safest option, however, this is not the case due to varying factors. Opting for the highest current rated battery would translate to a lower capacity than other batteries that would still work safely on your device.

Therefore, the best battery choice is the one with high enough current rating that would not cause overheating depending on the way you vape. In other words, you should not sacrifice high capacity for a high current rating that will not benefit you. Some companies are known to exaggerate their battery ratings, hence it’s safe to buy batteries made by either Sony, Samsung or LG.

Cool running temperature

Battery temperature is a leading cause of premature damage or aging to your battery, hence, the battery temperature is a vital consideration to make when choosing the best battery for your box mod. Very high temperatures can make your battery burst or vent. Therefore, batteries that run at the lowest possible temperatures are the best to guarantee long battery life as well as safe vaping.

High Voltage when Vaping

best-18650-batteryWith a high battery voltage, expect more current to be delivered to the coil, thus creating more vapor. Additionally, with regard to regulated devices, a higher battery voltage results in a lower amount of current being drawn from it by the regulator circuit of the device.

Choosing a battery that runs at the highest voltage for the longest time is of benefit to both the regulated and unregulated devices.

High Capacity

How long you can vape without the need to recharge your battery is largely dependent on its capacity. Capacity for these batteries is measured in milliampere-hours (mAh). This helps to determine the amount of milliamps that can be drawn from the battery in a certain number of hours.

The higher the capacity of a battery, the longer it can last without the need to recharge. However, this does not necessarily imply that you should opt for the highest capacity vape batteries. This is because having a high capacity does not translate into having a high current. As such, you will have to sacrifice some capacity in order to get a high current rated battery.


Instead of looking for one battery that fits all vapers’ needs, it is important to consider the qualities discussed above, so as to get a long-lasting battery that best suits your vaping needs.


Company profile: Kangertech 



Kangertech: Tobacco giants relying on sales of traditional cigarettes have taken a huge hit in the wallet thanks to e-cigs. Vaping has become a point of pride in recent years, and manufacturers of e-cigarettes are doing quite well. There’s one Chinese company in particular that has earned a good reputation in the vaping market. Whether you vape or not, you’ve likely seen someone with a KangerTech device.

KangerTech was started in 2007 by two Chinese entrepreneurs, and its flagship facility is in Shenzhen, a city known as an economic powerhouse. What differentia kanger-subox-mini-starter-kit
ted them from the competition was that they were among the first to offer a sleek, well-designed e-cig with a refillable tank. The prospect of user-friendly, sturdy vaping equipment at a price more affordable than some of the leading competitors attracted droves of customers, but KangerTech executives were not about to stop there.

While novice vapers could be forgiven for worrying about whether or not Chinese e-cigarettes are safe, KangerTech shouldn’t be blacklisted by anyone who wants to try vaping. One of the founders of KangerTech, Danny Zhu, ensures that all 3,000 employees make safety a top priority. They’ve even gone so far as to post copies of their certifications on the company website. No one else is showing that kind of transparency and commitment, so it’s no wonder KangerTech has a loyal following with its customers.

So on top of keeping costs low, building durable hardware, and keeping safety in mind, why else are KangerTech productskanger-subox-mini-starter-kit-blue selling so well? This could be attributed to the over 30 flavors available for their personal vaping devices. If it’s not that, maybe their warranty options explain it. Or is it the extensive number of items for sale on the clearance section of their website? I’d say all three are contributing factors.

The forward-thinking perspectives of Zhu and his fellow co-founder, Li Di Lin, also mean if customer desires change or if there is a defect with any of their devices, the company acts quickly to adjust. Like any other product, tangible materials are only as good as the customer service backing them up.

If the past few years serve as an indicator for the future success of KangerTech, they will continue to enjoy a significant portion of the e-cig market which is expected to be worth more than $5 billion (USD) by 2025. And if you’re looking to try vaping, KangerTech might be worth researching as your first foray into the e-cig scene.

E-cigars: A great solution


electronic-cigarCigar smoking is a great pastime, which contributes a lot in style statement now days. Cigar is gaining popularity and gone are the days when cigars were considered very exclusive. In starting days, when smoking became trend at that time Cigars are for high class people. Cigars are considered to be the style statement of rich people that they usually smoke it to impress others and to flaunt their richness and high standard.

e-cigarCigars come in two different categories i.e., the mass market and premium. The market is flooded with all kinds of cigars but low cost cigars offering flavors ranging from cognac to vanilla and chocolate are preferred more comparing to premium brands. Women these days generally go for strawberry or chocolate flavor while guys usually prefer strong flavors like cognac or even the coffee ones.

Today more than thousands of cigar brands are available in the market and many of us do not know which brand is better than the other. But while choosing a cigar the important thing is to consider the tobacco level. If you are a novice or first timer, then you should start with trying the milder cigars first. As you develop the taste then you can go for strong ones
E-cigars can provide you with the same smoking sensation like the classic cigarettes but the smoke that it emits will not cause your health hazards. Electronic Cigarettes are different from a classic cigar because you don’t have to finish the cigar if you don’t want to which you cannot do with the classic cigar. With Cigarette Electronique Suisse you can just take few puffs if you want and then keep it and reserve it again for later. You will tend to smoke less e-puffer-cigarbecause once you are satisfied you can keep it and just take a puff later on when you want again. This type of device is not as expensive compared to a regular cigar because you can buy in kits which may last for a longer time. You don’t have to actually buy in packs and you can save a lot of money from it.

E-cigarettes do not have foul odor like the classic cigar, instead they are very sweet in smell because of the flavors of the e-liquid loaded inside the cartridge. Another thing that you will love about e-cigar is that it does not have an ash so you will not need an ash tray for it. If you will come across Cigarette Electronique Belgique online, you will find out that it is so beneficial not just for you but for the environment and for the whole family as well because there is no 2nd hand smoking hazard compared to a classic cigar. That means no side effects. Even if you can see smoke coming from the smoker using e-cigar, the smoke just came from the water vapor with flavor and it will disappear onto the air in just few seconds. One of the dangers of smoking a real or classic cigar is that the smoker cannot control the nicotine intake and the strengths of the nicotine as well.


Newcomer: All You Need to Know About GeekVape


Company Profile: GeekVape


GeekVape is an entity that came onto the vape scene in the year 2015. It consists of enthusiastic and experienced vapors, which are actively devoted to the research and development of vaping devices. At first the company acquired a grip on the market after coming up with the Griffin RTA which was very successful in that it build the image of the company, as one of the forefront company making budget priced and authentic gear. In the year 2015, a company by the name OBS which was new in the market came up the Crius. This product was prone to many quality control issues as well changes thus GeekVape saw it as an innovative opportunity. It went ahead and improved upon all the Crius shortcomings by using a friendly deck, better insulator and larger and improved top filling. These improvements were a great achievement for GreekVape. It impressed the Vapers and hence they bought many of them.

Reputation of GeekVape Products

geekvape-avocadoIn vaping households, GeekVape now became a common name as it also came up with atomizer additions which continued building its reputation. The development of Avocado RDTA brought a rejuvenation of the Genesis style atomizer with a new way of using cotton wicking and horizontal coils. This product has maintained its high value since it even being used by other manufacturers as the basis for developing new designs on RDTA atomizer.
With the affordable and unique Tsunami designs (a 22mm atomizer version and 24mm atomizer version), GeekVape continued to flourish exponentially. Besides, GeekVape develops Sub-ohm tanks i.e. the Digiflavor branded Espresso and Eagle. The Eagle has RBA deck while Digiflavor branded Espresso on the hand is available both in 22mm version and 25mm version. There are also a variety of Alien coil builds, Pre-made coils as well as embellished Clapton wires produced by this company. This company also offers a 521 Tab-ohmmeter and 521 Tab making kit and other handy products. Recently, GeekVape has entered the mod market and is in the process of releasing a variety of unique and new offerings.

GeekVape Offshoot: DigiFlavor

A good number of new atomizers entering the GeekVape collection using the name Digiflavor. The new lineup is innovative and exciting since it is filled with a variety of atomizers. The new RDTAs include the Siren GTA and Fuji GTA. The Siren GTA comes in four different versions while the Fugi GTA comes in two versions.geekvape-deck

GeekVape: Impact on the Industry

Through its products, creativity and innovation, GeekVape has made a robust and incontrovertible impact in the vaping industry. Many manufacturers as mentioned above continue to use the GeekVape products in their day-to-day operations. Nearly all the Chinese manufacturers‘ atomizers come with many features coined from GeekVape atomizers. The company’s products such as the Avocado has made a significant influence in the entire industry. No other versions have shown capabilities of outdoing GeekVape product versions.

GeekVape: Notable Product

geekvape-tsunamiThe Eagle is distinguished from many similar sub tanks in the vaping industry by its hybrid design. It can act as an RTA as well as a sub-ohm tank. Since it is a redesigned Griffin RTA, it accepts the clearomizer heads. It uses impressive exotic wires and is user-friendly.

GeekVape: Final Word

In the modern world, Vaping industry has become one of the major industry in the entire world since the sector has been very fast in creating many innovative and unique products. These products have proved to be safe, easy to use and very creative as compared to previously produced products. GeekVape has made a great and significant impact in this critical electronic cigarette industry and continues to bring key surprises in the market. For every great tank you need a great mod. Check our 2016 vape mod ranking.


Different Types Of Vape Mods 200W / 100W / 50W


Check out Best Vape Mod Ranking. There you will find the best mods 2016.

Vape Mods are e-cig that are modified and enhanced by joining extra parts and components. This was done to accomplish a particular vaping target. A few people need they vapor thick. Others need their to be delightful and less demanding to breathe in. In any case, powerful mods are the result of the steadily growing industry, that addresses each customer’s needs.

aspire vape mods

Joye tech E-Grip OLD Box Mod
A momentous decision for apprentices, who need something at last superior to anything cig-a-like and section level vaporizer, the Joye tech grip OLD CL Kit is a mix of variability, force, and smoothness. It is intense and smaller all things considered, with four accessible hues that you can pick. We cherish how it feels so protected to bear, particularly with its little size, that make it a watchful vape, that can work like a mammoth.

Eleaf iStick 40W
Mods simply show signs of improvement as time passes by in this unfathomable industries. The E leaf stick 40W TC Mods offers, above all else, temperatures control permit you to move it effortlessly to fire up to 40W. It is a mod that gives you a lot of alternatives to accomplish your wanted hit, and vapor amount.

Eleaf iStick 200W TC

Innokin Coolfire IV
A little box Vape mods from the well known Innokin, the Cool-fire IV is nearly as amazing as the previously mentioned gadgets. This mod can fire up to 40W of force, and lets you vapes with as lowest as 0.2ω utilizing little resistance manufactures.

Vapor Mod VOX TC
Fabricated by a standout among the most famous e-cig organizations VaporFi. The new VaporFi Vox TC is a splendidly outlined mod that give back your cash. Whiles it can be an apprentice’s upscale gadget, the Vox TC is still pricier than different mods inside its extent, making it all the more a most loved among cutting edge papers.

E leaf iStick 100W Kits
For the individuals who need the highest wattages vaping, the Eleaf iStick 100W unit is the most reasonable choice. This powerful mod from E Leaf can not be the most costly, but rather it brags of excellent execution. The construct is satisfactory, with a couple of minor drawbacks, for example, free rattling catches. The outside is tasteful, characterizing advancement and prevalence when it comes over quality.

IPV 4S 120W Vapor Mod
Including a YiHi SX3300-V4SL Chipset that empowers perfect temperature control work, IPV 4S 120W mods is a splendid decision for cutting edge and careful vapers. An updated rendition of its ancestor, IPV 4S has ensured by its creator an enhanced gadget that depended on buyer input and cautious assessment.

Kanger K Box 200W Mod
A temperature control mode for cutting edge and devoted vaper, the Kanger K Box 200W Mod is presumably a standout among the most tech decisions accessible today. This pack includes a complex, minimized, and contemporary plan that comes in dark, or red. Any individual who have an eye for moderns style will love the amazing way the K Box make vaping look tasteful and restrictive.

Get Mods here:

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New Zealand agreeing to ecigs?



New Zealand

E-cigarette smoking in New Zealand is currently at its peak. This is especially pertinent to those e-cigarettes containing nicotine. Importation and illegal local sales of these vaping products have been on the high mainly due to campaigns that show that these products are much safer to use than the traditional cigarettes.

All these are happening at a time when e-cigarette containing nicotine being illegalized in New Zealand. Such is the pressure high on the New Zealand government, that it has softened its stand on the issue of e-cigarettes containing nicotine.

New zealand ministry of healthThe Ministry of Health in New Zealand had already begun getting into consultations with the parties pertinent to the issues, such as e-cigarette manufacturers, health officials, and various activists. This led to the Ministry compiling a report on vaping in New Zealand and submitting a proposal on legalizing e-cigarettes with nicotine

E-cigarettes are seen as a safer alternative to tobacco smoking, which is more harmful to both smokers and non-smokers. This has come as a result of new evidence showing that vaping can help smokers quit smoking on top of reducing smoking-related incidences. The prestigious UK Royal College recently recommended that they are marketed as a safe alternative to smoking.

Experts argue that nicotine has been exaggerated as a dangerous poison and this may have been misleading especially when it was established before the onset of e-cigarettes. Although it is the main addictive chemical in tobacco, nicotine has minor health effects putting pregnant women and fetus aside. Nicotine is not a carcinogen, has no link to respiratory diseases and has minor repercussion towards cardiovascular disorders. Generally, it is argued that long-term use of nicotine is low risk.

new zealand ecig

As a result, major health effects associated with tobacco smoking is associated with the rest of the other ingredients of tobacco, with the exception of nicotine. As a result, vaping is regarded as a safe alternative that will satisfy the smokers nicotine addiction while having a smoking experience’ and at the same time cause minimal health effects.

However, risks and benefits of electronic cigarette smoking are not yet clear with a consensus between pertinent parties not yet agreed upon. It has also been suggested in New Zealand that if these vaping products become available it will have undone years of campaign and efforts from social groups and the New Zealand Government in tobacco control. The New Zealand Government had given provisions for regulating e-cigarettes, through the Smoke-Free Environment Acts (SFEA)1990 and the Medicine Act 1981. However, these regulations are insufficient and the current legal standing on e-cigarettes remains to be unclear.

As a result, the Ministry of health is collecting suggestions and option from interested citizens for their proposal on legalizing e-cigarettes with nicotine in New Zealand. They are also welcoming any amendments to the SFEA Act.

At the end of this, the Ministry will be expected to present its recommendation to the cabinet showcasing regulatory options and suggestion concerning the use of e-cigarettes in New Zealand.


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