Firefly 2 Review | The #1 Convection Vaporizer of 2017

The huge hype around the Firefly 2 got you curious?

You want to find out more about this convection vaporizer? …Then you will love this detailed review

I’m Max Vape the chief reviewer of this website. I’ve been using the FF2 now since 4 months. Even though I would consider myself being an experienced vaper: It took me a couple of days, to figure out the right technique to get the best results with the Firefly 2.

When you read this firefly 2 review word by word + including the instructions below… Unlike me and others, you won’t need to go through a learning phase. Please don’t just skim through it — Because I want You to instantly get massive rips and enjoy the full potential of the FF2. No matter if this is your first vaporizer or you’re a pro.

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Firefly 2 Vaporizer

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Is the Firefly 2 worth the hype?

This is the leading question for today! … Another question that many vapers, probably including You, ask themselves:

Have issues with size, weight and the battery life of the predecessor – the original firefly – been kept in check? 

By the time you finish reading this review.. you will definitely have a clear answer to those questions!

Firefly 2 Coupon Code

You know I was really excited for this unit. I’m quite immune to exaggerated promises made by manufacturers… but I tested a pre-production Firefly 2 in January. And I loved it. Then finally I received my order via FedEx some months later right after the official release. My first thought after using the FF2 for 2 weeks – “This vape perfectly suits my style” – Here is why:

  • I am not a 10-minute session user. Not that there is anything wrong with being a session vaper. I’m just more a “reach a comfortable plateau and stop / repeat-as-needed-vapor” – user.

This is where it gets interesting: You’ve probably heard about it. The Firefly 2 is a convection vaporizer with a unique heating system. What that means for you – You can just take 1-2 draws and then put it down saving the rest for later! No waste of your precious herbs! Comparing it to other conduction vaporizers like the Davinci IQ or PAX3, which have to be used continuously. The Firefly 2 is on demand heating! It’s only going to heat up your herbs… when you’re holding down the power button. It’s the most efficient vaporizer I have used!

 – Complaints about conduction vapes in forums –

convection vaporizer

´- Vapers favorizing convection vapes like the Firefly 2 –

convection vs conduction

You’ve probably noticed the current switch: 85% of vapers switching from conduction (crafty, davinci) to enjoying the benefits of convection (firefly 2). When you decide to be part of this new movement: For safety’s sake get the Firefly 2 from the authorized dealer:

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Firefly Vapor Vapeworld

To give you a quick overview: The Firefly 2 is a portable vaporizer made for dry herbs and concentrates. In comparison to the PAX 3 (It is a great vaporizer. but it doesn’t work that well with concentrates), the Firefly 2 does outstandingly. This model is an upgraded version of the original Firefly from late 2014. The new one is 55% lighter and 33% smaller and provides much better battery life.

Using the FireFly 2 – How to NOT fuck up the Performance

Now this is where it gets important: I urge you to read the following instructions literally word by word: It will save you a lot of time (learning curve) & save your precious herbs from unnecessarily burning away… to straightway have a crazy vape experience with the FF2. I wish someone had told me this right from the beginning!

*excerpt from vape forum

firefly 2 works fine

This is why there are a few bad reviews on the FF2 out there: Because some didn’t know how to handle the device…. I assure you using the FF2 will be easy once you follow this proven guide:

Firefly 2 Dry Herbs

Packing The Dish (Herbs) – Let’s talk about how to use the Firefly 2. We will start with herb. Then I’ll talk about how to use it with wax/concentrates. So to fill up the chamber. You have to open the magnetic lid and have your ground Herb ready.

With the Firefly 2 unlike other vaporizers that will require you to use a good grinder. The Firefly 2 is different. Either you crush the herb with your fingers. Better: Use a 4-piece grinder. Don’t grind fine. Not only does it does it prevent you getting the best results, but it will require more cleaning AND you could clog your mouthpiece. And it’s not good when that happens! – Max Vape

Here is what happened to a few “ultra-fine-grinders”:

The vapor path travels right down the glass into a little hole. That is located at the bottom of the device. Then the vapor goes right through to the mouthpiece. Some of their herbs went down the vapor path into that hole, where they shouldn’t go. And then clogged the mouthpiece-screen. And the vape seemingly didn’t work properly… until they thoroughly cleaned the mouthpiece.

Firefly 2 Mouthpiece

But no worries – I didn’t have any issues. Just don’t grind too fine. And regularly check the mouthpiece.

My Favorite Feature – One of my favorite features in the Firefly 2 is the fact that they use a smaller chamber, allowing you to pack it with smaller amounts. You don’t even have to use all of your herbs in one session. And as I said: Unlike other vaporizers, it’s on demand heating! You can even put it away after a couple of draws and then use it later.
Pack it like 95% percent full to the brim. You don’t want your herbs to be too tight in there… but you don’t want them loose and floating around in there either. It’s perfect when your herbs stay exactly where they are, but are not pressed down.

Firefly 2 packing the dish dry herb

It usually ends up being like 0.1 – 0.15g. From that small amount, you put in there. You’re going to get 5 – 10 nice draws. So it is without a doubt the most efficient vaporizers I’ve used! When you put the lid back on. Make sure that it makes a perfect seal!

Vaping Time – What’s the best Temperature?

Heating Profile –  Read this and you will find out how to tune the FF2, to satisfy your personal need. There are 5 heating profiles for dry herb. Plus an additional concentrate heating profile for concentrates, wax, and oils. Once you select any level you will see how the Firefly 2 responses to it.

Firefly 2 App

Temperature options are the following:

  • Low (340°F)
  • Medium Low (360°F)
  • Medium (380°F)
  • Medium High (400°F)
  • High (420°F)
  • Concentrates (500°F)

The default setting out of the box is the medium-high setting. It is a good starting point…. Put it on the high setting right away, when you want the biggest clouds. You can expect 6 nice draws when you’re using it on high.
When you’re using it on the lower settings you can expect a lot more. The lower settings are also where you will get the cleanest purest and most exquisite flavor from it.

Long Draws – Following these usage tips allows you to have great vapor production. The first thing you do is touch both sensors at the same time. The green light is going to blink a few times, while it’s heating up. The whole back end of the device becomes burning red. Once the green light turned solid. Wait a few seconds and then start your draw. Now what you want to do is pull at a medium pace. Don’t pull too slow. Don’t pull too fast. – You know when you pull too hard once hear the noise of the draft/air stream –

Firefly 2 Vapor production

Pull for 10 sec. You will need a pretty good amount of air to flow through your material, to create enough vapor from one big draw. Then release the buttons sensors and keep pulling for two more seconds.

To get the best performance out of the Firefly 2 mix up your herbs at least every 2 hits. Either you tap it against your palm a few times or you take on of the plastic picks from the cleaning kit and quickly stir up your herbs. Then again make sure the lid is perfectly sealed when putting it back on. – Max Vape

For the first draws, it is typical not get the biggest clouds. Now on the 3rd and 4th draw. Those are the ones when you can really rip on it if you want. And that’s when you’re going to get the most vapor. Love it!

Firefly 2 Vaporizer

Kit Content 

Before moving on to using the FF2 with concentrates. I want to show you how the kit looks and what my favorite features of the FF2 are.

Firefly 2 Kit Content

When you get the Firefly 2 Vaporizer, the kit includes:

  • The Firefly 2 vaporizer.
  • 2x rechargeable batteries.
  • USB 3.0 cable.
  • Charging Dock.
  • 3x Concentrate pads.
  • Cleaning kit

Firefly2 Review – These are the KEY-Features

You are probably curious about this: What makes the Firefly 2 stand out? In the following, you will learn about its key features + my experience I made with them. So you will be perfectly attuned to the FF2, to enjoy the full potential of your unit.

firefly 2 features

Dynamic Technology – Because of the unique heating system (convection heating), you can break a single bowl into multiple sessions! And even though the heat is instant, it is designed in such a way that the heat stops and your fine herbs are saved from scorching, as soon as you let off the button. So you can actually take two draws and leave the rest for later! In addition, your herbs are vaped and not combusted, decreasing the risk of you inhaling any toxins.
Talking about the strength. It’s fantastic. If you’re a light-weight you’ll feel it after just a couple hits and if you’re a heavy-hitter. You might need to repack it. But just remember even when you pack it twice: That’s ONLY 0.2 – 0.3g which is just about the size of the oven in a lot of other vapes. That’s why I love the Firefly 2. You will not need a lot of herbs to get high. It is extremely efficient.

Firefly 2 Review

Quick Charging – One big issue of the former Firefly 1 is solved! And this will shock you! In a positive way: It takes only 45 minutes to charge a totally dead battery back to full. The FireFly 2 contains two 7.4V Li-Ion batteries.  A totally dead battery will be 80% charged in around 20 minutes thanks to the brisk charging innovation. This is great especially when all your batteries have died and you really need a quick lift. The great thing is all you have to do: Place the Firefly 2 on top of the charging dock. When it’s charging on the dock the L.E.D. indicator light on the front is going to be pulsating blue. Once it’s fully charged the blue light is going to stop blinking and turn solid.
You should be able to get on average about 6 sessions of 5-10 draws in each session. Per battery 30 – 50 full draws… depending on how long you pull for and what heat settings you use.

Firefly 2 Design

A True Beauty Winning the Good Design Award just says it all! The Firefly two feels very solid, like a luxury product. You can tell they used high-quality materials. The only thing that you should be careful with is the exterior finish. I wouldn’t put it in the same pocket as my keys. If you were worried about the weight/portability: I can assure you that the firefly 2 is 55% lighter than the Firefly 1. In addition, compared to the size of the Firefly 1 it’s 33% smaller. It has a nice convenient size, fits great your hand or pocket. It is a great vape to travel with.
The air path is made out of borosilicate glass. It does a great job in delivering a great tasting vapor. The glass makes cleaning the Firefly to a fairly easy task.
It comes in 5 different colors: Black, Blue, Gold, Red, and White. It gives you that, high-tech, modern feel. Especially, with the use of the application, available for both apple and android. Overall I love the design. Seems like Firefly vapor put a lot of thought into this device.

Firefly2 Cleaning the chamber

Easy to clean – This is one of my most loved components of this vape. It is so easy to clean. Just dump the ABV and reload another dish. Use the cleaning brush, to free up the oven from any leftovers.

This is the best way to clean – Sprinkle isopropyl liquor onto a paper towel. Use the soggy towel to wipe down the faceplate and the glass of the vape. Press part of the paper towel into the dish to clean the ground glass. You can effortlessly take off the mouthpiece. It is cleaned by simply blowing through it. – Max Vape

Great Vapor Quality – The Vapor quality is a 9.9/10. Can’t get much better. The Vapor is going to be super smooth and extremely tasty. Taking a draw feels natural and easy. You should definitely try the lower heat settings. Even though you don’t get as much vapor, it will maximize the flavor. A true convection vaporizer! Talking about vapor quality: I place it even one position higher than the VapeXhale Cloud EVO. You will love how quickly the vapor is produced. In comparison to other portables, you can vape instantly.  In addition, it’s almost odorless. Smells a lot less than other vaporizers.

Concentrates – How to get the best result

by Co-Founder Sasha (fireflyvapor)

Once you have your unit, you can come back to this review and follow this guide. Which gave me great results with wax/concentrates. Keep on reading when you already want some insights beforehand.

Preparing Concentrates – Next up are wax/concentrates. So you have a package with concentrate pads which was included with the Firefly kit. There are 3 pads. Take one out and place it in the chamber. This is important: When you put the pad in the chamber. You don’t want to just plop it in and leave it in there flopping around. Push it down, so it sticks to the bottom of the chamber. Once you get it. You will be able to turn it upside down, without the pad coming out.

Next take your concentrate. You probably already know that you should not use a lot. All you have to do is just place a small amount on the concentrate pads.

Firefly 2 Vaporizer Concentrates

Concentrates require a higher temperature. Select the heating profile for concentrates using the smartphone app. Close the chamber. And the Firefly two is ready to use.

Vaping Concentrates – Now if you want to get the best results. First thing to do with the concentrates. Is a little different. You need to preheat the pad. Otherwise, you are going to take a draw, but you didn’t actually vape the concentrate. It only melted in the pad. And you will not get a lot of vapor.
To preheat the Firefly 2: Engage the heat and then give it 5-10 “cigar puffs”. Just heating it up. When you look you’ll see your concentrate slowly start to melt into the pad. That means you’re ready to go. So now this is when you can really start ripping on it. Engage the heat and let’s go.You determine how strong of a draw and how much vapor you’re going to get. The longer the better. It’s pretty much breath controlled. So you’re in control.

Firefly 2 Concentrates

Sharing Thoughts On The Experience – I can tell you that using it with concentrates was a surprisingly good experience. I’m really impressed by what they did with the Firefly 2! It is the first vaporizer I have ever tested that is able, to work perfectly with herb AND with concentrates. What’s cool about vaping concentrates with the Firefly 2 it’s not like vape pens. This is pure convection vaporization of your concentrate. It’s very flavorful and I did get more vapor with concentrates. What a satisfying experience.

Firefly 2 Vaporizer

Who are you getting this vape from?

The Firefly 2 is the product of two men meeting, on the famous “Burning Man Festival“. Firefly Vapor was founded by Mark Williams and Sasha Robinson in 2012. A top Designer from Apple in Silicon Valley and a Software specialist from Microsoft.
Are you still surprised that the Firefly 2 is the greatest creation in the Vaping Community in 2016 ?!

firefly team

“We are extremely passionate about what we do and take on unexpected challenges in order to achieve a grander vision.”

Recognized papers and magazines like the New York Times and Wired magazine, plus us vape experts, thanked them for bringing an innovation to the world of vaporizers. Firefly even won the “the Good Design Award” by Chicago Athenaeum Museum in 2014.

Firefly 2 VerdictVerdict – Firefly 2 Vaporizer Review

Starting out, you probably wanted to find out: Whether the Firefly 2 by the Silicon Valley experts, is worth the hype & suits your style. In addition, if the issues from the first Firefly, were solved. You learned about the current switch in the vaping community. From conduction to convection (FF2) + How you get the best results with herbs and concentrates. 

Firefly 2 Vaporizer Review

Here’s my take on the Firefly 2

Overall I am super impressed with the Firefly 2. The design scored 9,6/10. The packaging 9,4/10. And the vaping experience (both concentrates and herbs) a 9,9/10. My favorite features are:

  • Supernatural battery life – Only 40min to charge it fully
  • NO waste of herbs – one bowl for multiple sessions
  • Best vapor quality – Great flavor even at high temperatures

Is it worth its price? You shouldn’t consider the Firefly 2 if you want something cheap. In my opinion, it is just worth every dollar and I highly recommend it. Not only because of the performance, but also its longevity. And the fact that I save a few bucks on herbs–because I don’t need that much anymore.

Firefly 2 vape

Imagine yourself having a vape you can take 1-2 draws and then put it down saving the rest for later. Does that suit your style? In my case it certainly does. As you sit there reading this, you are probably wondering where to get this vape: I got the FF2 at the lowest price + secure checkout from the authorized dealer Vapeworld. I wonder how quickly You are going to get this vape 😀

+Free bonus grinder (Vapeworld)

Firefly Vapor Vapeworld

Step 1: Add Firefly Vape in Cart | Step 2: Add Vape Case in Cart | Step 3: Enter “ECPROS

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I hope you enjoyed this Firefly 2 vaporizer review! The Firefly 2 is certainly a vape I have been waiting for. It is a new and considerably improved version of the first Firefly. The weight, size, and the battery life have been upgraded. And many new features were added.

With this portable vaporizer, you are able to vape concentrates as well as loose-leaf. It is now able to heat faster and deliver smooth vapor. One of the biggest features of the Firefly 2 is the fact that they use such good materials when constructing their vaporizer. The chamber, the air path everything about this vaporizer is just high-quality and well thought of.

*excerpt from vape forum

firefly 2 easy to use

EcigarettePROs labels it: Repeat-As-Needed Vaporizer

E-cigarettePROs Rating: 9,7/10

More: The Firefly 2 vs other vaporizers (pax, crafty ..)?  -> Best Vaporizer Ranking 2016

Firefly 2 Review

The Firefly 2 is a convection vaporizer with a unique heating system. It is 55% lighter and 33% smaller than the original Firefly. This vape will now give you satisfying hits, with both herbs AND concentrates. You can take 1-2 draws and then put it down saving the rest for later. A mobile app has been added too.

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Other Vapers, would love to hear your opinion! Please share your thoughts/experiences with the Firefly 2 down below!


Hey, Vapestar! I’m Max Vape the chief reviewer and founder of this website. I and my team are happy that you are reading these words! Because ultimately, they will lead you to find Your best-suited e-cigarette or vaporizer. With our real and honest e cig reviews.


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