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E-cigarettes are getting really popular these days. You see them everywhere! Not only because they help many people quit smoking since these (and vaporizers) are great alternatives, but they also taste great! You are asking yourself, where to buy the best ecigarettes online?

The kits shown are made to last, durable and worth the money. We have read countless other reviews where the products are just rubbish and haven’t been tested! After you decide on one check out the best mods to complement your new e-cig!

Best E Cigarettes in 2018

#1 | SMOK Alien 220W TC Kit *Value 4 Money

SMOK Alien Kit

The Smok Alien 220W Kit is SMOKTECH’s newest flagship vape kit! You better be prepared for some powerful hits using this kit. The long firing delay that used to plague SMOK vape mods is no more!

The first thing to say – why the Alien Kit climbed up to the #1… value for money! It’s performance & design match a +$100-$120 kit. At just $69 (tank+mod)… So why spend more money than needed, right?!
Or on the other hand… why cut back on performance? When you can have way more with the Alien, by just adding a couple of bucks…

This is the main value, the Alien Kit has to offer:

  • Aesthetic Design – The colors of the tank & mod match. Especially in gold, it looks sick! The Alien has a small convenient size. Is Light. Due to the Alien’s ergonomic design… it fits great in your hand. And firing with the unique SMOK bar feels very natural & comfortable.
  • Power House – The Baby Beast + the Alien perform exceptionally together. Huge clouds… and there is still ejuice left after a couple of hits! -> The reason I favor the baby beast tank over its predecessor. It’s efficient. Additionally, the delicious flavor is almost overwhelming… especially combining it with VaporFi E-liquids.

And there is much more!… Mess-free refill system, puff counter, thick vapor production etc.

SMOK definitely convinced me with this kit. Best value for your $! The TFV8 Baby Beast Tank and the Alien Mod are a great combination! -> How about the Alien Mod + TFV12… get the bundle here.

You just want the Alien mod? Get it here

E-cigarettePros Rating: 100/100

buy alien

#2 | Eleaf iStick Pico 75W TC MOD Kit

Eleaf iStick Pico 75W TC MOD Kit

The Eleaf iStick Pico 75W TC MOD is the newest addition to the iStick family. And let me say this: Eleaf got everything right with this stealthy little device. One thing that really impressed me beforehand… where the constant 5 Star ratings by vapers (in reviews, on Youtube and DirectVapor etc.).

Now that I’m using the mod since 3 weeks… I know why. The iStick Pico 75W is one of the best mods for your buck, currently available. The Pico has the capabilities of mods that are twice it’s size… not to mention twice its price.

Here is what I like about it:

  • Great vapor production and great flavor
  • Melo III Mini Tank that comes with it
  • This mod just cannot leak!
  • The Pico is firmware upgradeable, so you constantly stay up to date

Note: If you notice a tighter draw after some time using it… change the coil and it will back to 100%!

Summarizing, the iStick Pico 75W has a perfect size – it’s small yet powerful -. I am fully satisfied.

E-cigarettePros Rating: 98/100

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If you really want to start small and use what people you see around we recommend the ‘Smok Stick One’ its durable and lightweight and does the job. Not as good as the ones above but still really good if your just starting out.

#3 | SMOK Stick One Starter Kit

Smok Stick One

The SMOK Stick One is the right pick for you, if….

  • You want to quit smoking
  • You need a 2nd… light & portable vape, you can carry around with… not 3×18650 Batteries pulling down your pants
  • You want something stealthy
  • You are a light vaper. You love E-liquids. But you don’t want to vape excessively.

It has become my first pick – when going out on dates or partying. Occasions, where I can’t be bothered having a heavy dual or 3×18650 batterie mod in my pocket.

The first thing that will surprise you, when using this kit.. is the great vapor production. The SMOK Stick One starter kit is a combination of.. the eGo cloud battery & the TFV4 Nano Tank!

What makes the setup work so well…. is the TFV4 Nano Tank. Outfitted with a dual Clapton-coil head. It is designed to produce huge clouds & great flavor at much lower wattages (~ 30 watts).

Using the SMOK Stick One is high performance vaping.. from a portable & easy-to-use starter kit making it a great choice if you’re a beginner.

To continue receiving the best experience possible – it is essential that you replace your micro coil as satisfaction reduces. => SMOK Micro Coils

E-cigarettePros Rating: 95/100

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Here are the top 5 Vape Shops 2018:

#1| VaporFi  – High Quality Vape Mods, Vape Starter Kits & Vape Juices

Vaporfi electronic cigarettes

We were impressed with the quality of VaporFi’s products. The pricing will amaze you even more. All the products are reasonably priced and affordable. Whether you’re simply starting out or you’ve been vaping for a number of years. VaporFi has you covered.

Get 10% OFF Today With Any of These Awesome kits.

From the Pro 3 Starter Kit, VAIO 80 Kit, to the Rocket 3 Starter Kit, this brand features some quality devices, all geared towards different levels of vapers.

Click Here to Find out Why Vaporfi Made The Number 1 Spot.

#2 | Direct Vapor Best Priced Vape Mod and Tanks

direct vaporDIRECT VAPOR is a game-changer in the world of vape-retailing. They offer free shipping with no minimums, lowest price guarantee, 60-day warranty and 15-day returns.

“Direct Vapor is the first place we go to when we are looking for vape mods or tanks! It has a huge selection and is known for its low prices. Check them out today to activate 5% off Plus free shipping. At DV you can buy various other vaping essentials and accessories like e-liquids, mods, vape pens, variable and sub ohm batteries, tanks, chargers, cases, starter kits, drip tips, coils, tools for rebuilding, and other frills.

DV has been there from the start. And is a continuously growing name, that has become our favorite retailer.

Check out our Direct Vapor 2018 Best Vape Mod Ranking!

#3 | Vapeworld *herbal vaporizer and wax vape pens

Where do we get our Vaporizer? At Vapeworld of course!

vapeworldFounded in 2005 by an entrepreneurial vaporizer enthusiast in his small garage. VapeWorld has grown exponentially, to become one of the top vaporizer sellers in the world. It offers a huge selection of the most popular high-quality vaporizers: Firefly 2, the Crafty, the Pax 2, the PAX 3 and many others and the lowest price. Not only the best portable vaporizers, but also desktop vaporizer and vape pens.

We only had good experience with its friendly and knowledgeable customer service. The give you detailed information regarding proper use. As well as the maintenance, repair and warranty exchange. Even personalized suggestions for new products and accessories. You can count on the VapeWorld team!

Special: They even price match other authorized retailers! They are an authorized dealer for such favorites as the Volcano, the Arizer Extreme-Q, and Arizer V-Tower.

Check out our Vapeworld 2016 Best Vaporizer Ranking!

#4 | V2 Cigs *innovative ecigs and vaporizer

v2 cigsV2 is one of the largest online retailers of vaporizers and electronic cigarettes 2018! 

They earned this market leadership by offering a broad selection of high quality, USA-designed products. Starter Kits, E-liquid and Vape Pens. And their famous proline: V2 Pro Series 7 and V2 Pro Series 3. You can switch between e-liquid, wax and loose leaf, all with the same device. 

V2 Cigs recently just completed the transition to their EX line of products. This new line is basically e-cigarettes with more powerful batteries, refillable tanks, better taste and increased vapor production without the bulkiness.

One thing we noticed was: No brand strives harder to build customer loyalty than v2. The have Vape 4 free points, refer-a-friend, Free shipping, fast checkout function and 30-day money back guarantee. These are features returning v2 lovers appreciate a lot.

#5 | South Beach Smoke *best cig-a-likes

South beach smoke electronic cigarettesSouth Beach Smoke has been around since 2010. Everything began in South Beach, Florida. And has since been committed to creating affordable and quality products for vaping.

South Beach Smoke is a remarkable option for anyone, who wants to switch from cigarette smoking to vaping. It does better than other e-cig brands, that offer cig-a-likes for newbies, as this e-cig brand provides great entry level kits and the best e cig vaporizers. As well as disposables that perform outstandingly at reasonable prices. What we liked about the beginners’ starter kits are the battery, value, vapor production and convenience.

If you’re looking for great e-cigarettes and a large variety of tasty flavors: Take a look at South Beach Smoke products.

A few of their top blends are Tropical Cherry, Pear Mint, Southern Hospitality, Nuts over Caramel Apples and Tobacco Cherry Bomb.

What are E-Cigs ?

First of all. Let’s start at the beginning.

What are really Ecigs?

Warning! This will get technical:

An e-cigarette is a device that it powered by rechargeable lithium battery. Once charged, the battery powers a heating element known as atomizer. The atomizer then heats the e-liquid, which produces vapor when exhaled or inhaled. If the e liquid contains nicotine, the process will produce a bit of nicotine.electronic cigarette

Normally, these e-cigarettes come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors depending on the manufacturer’s preferences. Some may also have customizable options such as high, low or sub ohm tanks, manual batteries among other things.

According to many e cigarettes reviews: You can use these e-cigarettes, any time you desire a traditional cigarette. More so, they are very much appropriate when tobacco is not allowed. When you are trying to quit smoking, you may use e-cigarettes to help you fight off the craving. Before getting one, make sure to check out Vaping Side Effects. Unlike some smoking cessation methods, you can still smoke traditional cigarettes while using the e-systems. Since they do not contain tobacco, sometimes they are permitted even in establishments such as bars, hotels, and restaurants.

How to find the Best Ecigarette for you

e cigarette

The only Problem: The wide range of different Products (Cig-a-Likes, Ego Cigs, Tanks, Vaporizer, Vape pens, Mods, AVPs, E-Hookas etc.), different Online Shops with different pricing. Confusing. Really Confusing. At first! But there are crazy guys, like us – e-cigarettePROs -, out there who actually tried out almost every brand since 2010. And spend way more money than needed. But on the other hand, it was also a good thing. Because now we can confidently say which ecig or which flavors are the best. And write for You real and honest e cigarette review here on

Are you tired of wasting time and money?quit smoking

Let us do the Work for You, so that you will ultimately find your best-suited e-cig.

Well, choosing an electronic cigarette for the first time can be quite challenging. Unless you have tried one or you know someone who uses one. If you have never tried one yourself, you may consider starting with the disposable ones. So you get a feel before moving on to the non-disposable ones.

Thankfully, there are hundreds of flavors that have more sweet flavors and basic tobacco flavors. Crazy Side note (!): Vaporfi, one of the leading e-cigarette Brands, has over 30’000 flavors of e-liquids to offer! More so: You can choose no nicotine or the nicotine levels that best suits you. In fact, the possibilities are endless. Buying e cigarette online is just like buying any other product. When you buy online: There is no question about an unavailability of the brand, limited stock, and high prices or too much tax.

When it comes to where to buy e cigarettes, there are the brands presented above. So you have a huge range, that you can choose from. There are also Newcomers 2018: The V2 Pro Series 7 and the Firefly 2.v2 pro series 7 and series 3

Before doing anything you need to ask yourself, about the type of electronic cigarette that you want. Once you have decided on the type. For example the Number one Clearomizer. Choosing the liquid should be a lot easier. You should also be able to maintain your device. Remember, maintenance depends on the type of e-cigarette that you have bought and the kind of atomizer that has been placed inside.

If you are patient finding an e-cigarette of your choice should not give you any problem. It’s also very critical to know the various types flavor, sizes, and brands so that you can find something that meets your needs. However, save your time and your precious money. And let us do the work. So just quickly browse through our reviews, to find Your best-suited e-cig.

Continue reading our reviews: Uwell Crown, Firefly 2, v2 pro series 7, VaporFi

A Breakdown of Everything You Need To Know About The Electronic Cigarette

The E-cigarette also known as electronic cigarette or the personal vaporizers are now becoming very popular among the smokers. It is currently replacing the tobacco cigarette that has been associated with a number of health side effects. The E-cigarette is a battery operated device and requires quality vaping batteries, which creates a vapor or mist that you will inhale instead of the smoke. It works by using a low heat known as atomizer. This element will turn liquid into the cartridge that contains different elements like glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine, and food flavoring into a fog like mist.

You will find the E-cigarette in different nicotine strengths that enable you to tailor the amount of nicotine it delivers. In most
cases, individuals who wish to use the E-cigarette to quit smoking will need relatively higher levels of nicotine. The use of E-cigarette has gradually increased over the years. A number of users have been reported to use the models that are typically sold at the convenience store. In general, the E-cigarette has been recommended as the ultimate substitute to tobacco smoking.

E-cigarette vs. Tobacco Cigarette

Is it true that the E-cigarettes are safer than the tobacco cigarette?

Definitely, the E-cigarette is a better choice than the tobacco cigarette. This is the reason why it is the most popular form of cigarette today. The electronic cigarette is known to be smokeless, unlike the tobacco cigarette. This, therefore, implies that the E-cigarette doesn’t have the second-hand smoke, which may affect those around you. Besides this, the electronic cigarettes also lack over 4,000 chemicals you will find in the tobacco. The electronic cigarette uses a liquid known as an atomizer, which contains propylene Glycol that is used in the food flavoring, asthma inhalers, cosmetics, and artificial smoke at the rock concerts.

The E-cigarette is also considered relatively cheaper than the tobacco cigarette in long term. This is because, with the electronic cigarette, you buy it once while the tobacco cigarette needs a daily purchase in most cases. The other benefits of using the E-cigarette to the tobacco cigarette are; the electronic cigarette doesn’t have the dirty ashtrays and matches that you will find with the tobacco cigarettes. Apart from this, the E-cigarette also offers you a controlled intake of nicotine; hence satisfies your craving for nicotine. With these comparisons, the electronic cigarette is definitely the ultimate device for all smokers. It is relatively safer than the tobacco cigarette in a number of ways, making it a perfect choice.

Quitting Smoking with an E-cigarette

In most cases, a number of smokers find it tricky to quit smoking after addiction. This is because it has been acknowledged that the nicotine is an addictive substance. Due to this, the smokers find it hard to leave smoking. However, with the E-cigarette, you will definitely find it simpler to quit smoking. It is because vaping will hinder you from craving; hence you can easily adjust to the situation.

For you to effectively quit smoking with E-cigarette, you need to begin by taking a high level of nicotine. This is necessary to enable you to maintain the same level of nicotine from the tobacco cigarette. As you adjust to the condition, you need to drop the level of nicotine with time.

Besides the level of nicotine, you also need to consider the strengths of the e-liquid. As you begin to smoking, the high strengths of e-liquids and cartridges are highly recommended. You will need to lower the strengths of the e-liquid and cartridges as you continue using the electronic cigarettes. Here are some key tips for quitting smoking with E-cigarette.

You need to find out the right electronic cigarette for you. When making your choice, you need to ensure that you choose the e-liquids with a higher level of nicotine strengths, which will prevent you from craving for nicotine.

You need to have a consistent approach to the E-cigarette. With this, it will easily revert you need for the tobacco cigarettes.

You should never fear to take your time. Based on how much you need to smoke, you need to down the smoking to about three cigarettes per day.

Consider the reasons why the cigarettes will aid you out You also need to keep your eyes on the prize of using the E cigarette instead of the tobacco cigarettes.

What Classifies as the Best Electronic Cigarette

Whenever you have made up your mind to quit smoking and try the electronic cigarette, you always need to ensure that you find the ultimate choice. In order to find the ultimate E-cigarette, there are a number of factors you need to consider. Some of these include; the battery life, performance, and power among others. Here are some of the top E-cigarettes that have been classified as the best electronic cigarettes for newbies.

How Much Does E-cigarettes Cost?

A number of smokers find it hard to quit smoking as they have a belief that the E-cigarettes are very expensive. On the contrary, the E-cigarettes are the cheaper than the tobacco cigarettes in the long term. It is because, with the electronic cigarettes, you only buy once and only need to recharge, which isn’t the case with tobacco cigarettes.

The costs of the E-cigarettes differ based on what you need to buy. For example, the rechargeable E-cigarettes will cost you an average of $2.26 for every cartridge. The liquid refills for a kit are estimated to cost about $43.00 every month. When you need the disposable vapes with no battery or chargers, you will spend about $9.00 or $10.00 per E-cigarettes. For the rechargeable starter kit, you are likely to spend between $25.00 to about $145.00.

How People have quit on E-Cigs

Today, a number of smokers have switched to vaping because it is very safe. As at 2015, over 18, 000 had been able to quit smoking with the aid of E-cigarette. Here are some of the ways a number of people have quit on E-cigs.

“Life is now better with E-cigarette”

I had been smoking for years and quitting as very hard. However, after trying out the E-cigarette, I was able to finally quit smoking in just a month. I love the E-cigarette because it is very safe and no smoke and filters involved.

“No longer smoker, but vaping”

Just like any other smoker, I have to admit that quitting the tobacco cigarette isn’t an easy task. In order to easily quit smoking, I used one of the best starter kits, which had a high level of nicotine. This aided me not to crave for the nicotine.

“I now spend less”

I only realized that the E-cigarette is a cheaper substitute for tobacco cigarette after giving it a try. It is also safe. I can highly recommend any smoker to try out the E-cigarette in case he/she really need to quit smoking.

How to Get Started with an E-Cigarette

Have you made up your mind to get started with the E-Cigarette? In case you have, then it is important to know a number of facts before giving it a try. In order to get started with the E-Cigarette, you are advised to try out the disposable E-Cigarette. These are available in two flavors and can last for up to 400 puffs. Despite the vaping pen needing more upkeep, it will offer you with an endless array of choices and customization choices.

Here are some of the tips on how to get started with the E-Cigarette:

  • You need to choose the right E-Cigarette
  • You also need to go for the right nicotine level
  • A higher level of nicotine is recommended for the beginners who previously smoked tobacco.
  • Always order for extra cartridges and batteries to offer you convenient services
  • Be informed of all the safety of the E-Cigarette

Lastly, you should use your E-Cigarette just the same way you used the tobacco cigarette.

You can watch the video below which explain everything!

Setting Up the E-Cigarette

Based on the type of E-Cigarette you have selected, you need to set up wisely before use.

Here is a step by step guide on how to set up your E-Cigarette.

You need to turn the tank upside down. When the mouthpiece is facing down, unscrew the base of the tank.

The second step is filling the tank with your favorite e-liquid. You need be cautious not to let any liquid inside the center post or fill above it.

After this, you should screw back the base on that shouldn’t be over-tightened. To ensure that the coil is saturated, it should be left to stand for about 10 minutes.

You should then screw the tank onto the battery without over-tightening it.

Click the power button five times in order to turn the battery on. Once it flashes, it is an indication that it is activated. To turn it off, you also need another five clicks.

To vape, you should hold the button down on the battery, inhale the release the button.

What To do When the E-Cigarette is Ready

Once you have set up the E-Cigarette, it means that you are ready to vape. You need to figure out how to turn it on and off. In most cases, you will need to click the power button about 3-5 times to turn on/off. After this, you need to understand whether you need to inhale or press a button to vape.

You can also adjust your volts to the lowest settings whenever it is applicable. In order to vape for long, you need to ensure that your E-Cigarette has got enough e-liquid in the tank.

How Long to Charge Your E-Cigarette

Some of the latest E-Cigarettes will always indicate low battery power by the LED flashing several times. In order to charge your battery, you should screw the battery into the USB charger. The duration it will take to charge will vary based on a number of factors. For example, the new battery will take up to two hours to fully recharge. The usage of the battery will determine its charging life. An excellent and durable battery will offer you up to 2 hours of service in constant use (maybe more depending on the product.) Whenever buying the rechargeable E-Cigarettes, you need to consider its battery life for reliable and convenient vaping.

Priming the E-Cigarette

It is always advisable to prime your E-Cigarette. This is to hinder the e-liquid from developing a bitter or burnt aftertaste. This implies that the priming of the E-Cigarette aids the cartomizer to work efficiently; hence doing away with the bitter taste. Here is how you need to prime your E-Cigarette.

You need to inhale on the mouthpiece without pressing the activation button for about 4 to 5 times. This will aid the e-liquid to rise up into the wicks.

After this, you need to inhale into the mouthpiece while pressing and holding on the power button on the battery. Note that excessive inhaling may result to the overheating of the e-liquid, which may burn.

Once you are done with the vaping, you should switch off the battery by pressing it about five times until you see it flash three times.

This is important for boosting the power of the battery.

The E-Liquids

The E-Cigarette contains the e-liquids that are meant for determining the levels of nicotine in the E-Cigarette. This means that you need to find the right amount of nicotine you need based on the type of e-liquids.

For example, those who vape with a goal of cessation, you should never use the stronger e-liquids. On the other hand, the beginner who wants to quit smoking are recommended to use a high level of nicotine; hence stronger e-liquid is necessary.

E-Liquid Strengths

The strengths of the e-liquids vary from as low as zero up to 3.6 mg or percent higher. The strength of the e-liquid is measured in mg or percentage. Some of these categories include;


– This is the lowest level of e-liquid strength with no nicotine. It is ideal for those who wish to have a feeling of the smoking.


– This is an ultra-light level of smoking. It is common in E-Cigarettes like the Pall Mall ultra-lights or Capris.


– The most E-Cigarette brands are considered to contain this amount of light level nicotine strength. This makes it ideal for the smokers who smoke less than a pack every day.


– This is a level that most of those who quit smoking will always start from.

The 18mg is recommended for the smokers who can smoke a regular or full flavored cigarette and have a pack for the day.


– Have you been smoking the regular tobacco cigarettes and needs to maintain that level of nicotine? This is an ideal strength of nicotine that is perfect for those who can smoke more than a pack of full flavored cigarette.


or Higher – The 36mg has always been considered as the highest strength of e-liquid for quite a long time. However, today there are no E-Cigarettes liquids that offer a higher level of nicotine than 18mg. 

With these variations of nicotine strengths, you can easily find your favorite level of nicotine to start with. The strength to go for should be determined by your goals of smoking and how much you can smoke on a daily basis.

E-Liquid Flavors

Besides the strengths, the e-liquid is also determined by its flavor and quality. You can find the best e-juices here.

The e-liquid flavors can be classified into; fruits, beverages, herbs/spices, tobacco, milk/cream, and candy/sweets among others. Based on these categories, some of the popular e-liquid are; lava flows e-juice, blueberry peach e-juice, traditional tobacco e-juice, and kiwi apple strawberry e-juice among others. With all these types of e-liquids, you will be able to find your ultimate choice based on taste and preference.

What are Cartomizers?

A cartomizer is a new approach of vaping that combines the atomizer with the disposal cartridges, which is also known as the traditional three-part approach. With this combination, you will definitely get a favorable compromise between the two methods to offer you the same convenience since the disposal cartridges will not cause you a lot of headaches. The combination has been approved to perform better compared to the traditional disposal cartridges; hence explains the reason why a number of smokers now prefer it.

The cartomizer is very easy to fill without spilling out the e-liquid. Besides this, the tank can also hold a larger volume of the e-liquid that you can fill without the use of a syringe or any other tool. Despite this, the cartomizer is known to easily crack when using certain e-juice. This implies that it will not last as expected. Its wick has also been reported to have a constant struggle against gravity.

The E-Cigarette Batteries

We’ll go a little bit into batteries, but for more information check out our list of the best batteries for vaping here.

The battery of the E-Cigarette is one of the key factors you need to consider before making your purchase. The E-Cigarettes with a long battery life will always offer you a reliable and convenient service. The E-cig batteries are categorized into; the standard voltage e-cig batteries, e-cig battery mods, and variable e-cig batteries.

The standard voltage e-cig batteries have a got a voltage of about 400mAh to 110mAh. They are the most common e-cig batteries that work perfectly with the clearomisers and e-cig tanks. The variable voltage e-cig batteries have got a voltage ranging from 650mAh to about 1300mAh. They also work with both e-cig tanks and clearomisers. Lastly, the e-cig battery mods are known to be compact and produce massive clouds. They will also aid in temperature control and available in different designed based on the brands.

mAh (Milliamp Hours) is a unit that measures the power of electricity over time. It is a common unit used in the battery. Batteries with a higher mAh are known to last longer than those with less mAh. This, therefore, implies that when buying the E-Cigarettes, you need to consider batteries with a higher mAh.

Automatic vs. Manual E-Cigarette Batteries

The E-Cigarette batteries are classified into manual and automatic batteries. Today, the automatic batteries have become the standards in most cases. However, despite this, the decision of using either the manual or automatic battery will largely depend on what you need. When you prefer to absolutely maximize the amount of vapor to get from your E-Cigarette or get a cigarette like an experience, you will be able to choose on your ultimate choice of E-Cigarette battery.

The manual e-cig batteries are always operated by a small button on the side. To set the atomizer going, you need to hold down the button. On the other hand, the automatic battery will get activated the moment you inhale from the mouthpiece of the E-Cigarette. They have got a smooth and uniform design. Here are some of the ways the two batteries compare and contrast.

Vapor production

The manual batteries are the ultimate e-cig batteries that will assure you excellent service when you need to maximize the vapor. When using the manual battery, you need to start pressing the button a couple of seconds prior to inhaling. This will allow for the atomizer to heat. The automatic batteries are known for offering you with the most vapor with the introductory puffs that will aid in priming the atomizer.


Do you need to vape without any limitation? The manual batteries will offer you a better user control as you can always vape without any limit. However, with the automatic E-Cigarette batteries, you will have more restrictions on how and much to vape. This is because such batteries can limit how many puffs to take every minute or limit the maximum drag length.

Refilling Problems

Whenever refilling the e-juice, you need to be very careful to avoid any kind of spillage on the battery. When using the refillable cartridges, you are advised to use the manual batteries instead of the automatic ones. This is because the automatic batteries are susceptible to any spillage that may be due to over-filling while the manual batteries will not cause any problem.

Variable Voltage of Batteries for E-Cigarette

The amount of power flowing through the atomizer is one key factor that controls the amount of vapor, throat, and flavor of your E-Cigarette. We have two types of e-cig batteries that provide different amount of power to go through the atomizer. These are the variable voltage and variable wattages.

Voltage: This is the amount of potential energy in between two different points of a circuit where one point has less charge than the other.

Watt: This is the measure of the amount of power being used up by an electrical device.

The standards amount of voltage that a number of E-Cigarettes use is about 3.7 V. It is the reason why the E-Cigarettes are able to produce more vapor.

The performance of the E-Cigarette will always increase based on the battery voltage. This, therefore, implies that when you need a higher vapor production, then you must consider the higher voltage batteries.

For example, when you use a 6-volt e-cig battery and a 37-volt e-cig battery, then you should expect a higher vapor from the 37 volts. This is because such powerful batteries will allow for an increased heat flow through the atomizer.

E-Cigarette Maintenance

In order to increase the life of your E-Cigarette, you need to ensure that you keep it clean. It has been found that cleaning the E-Cigarette after use will improve the air flow and ensures efficient vapor production. Besides this, the battery will be able to deliver a clean power just as expected. The clean E-Cigarettes will, therefore, remain safe for use. When cleaning the E-Cigarette, you need to wait until the atomizer is dry. Hereare the steps to follow when cleaning the e-cig.

Disassemble the E-Cigarette

This is the first step to take for easy cleaning of the e-cig. Once the tank is empty or atomizer is dry, carefully disassemble all the parts. You should remove the tank or atomizer and the e-cig battery.

Wipe it down

With a paper, you need to thoroughly wipe the body of the E-Cigarette. The paper will soak up any e-liquid stray as it clears the dust. You can also use a wet cotton swab with little-rubbing alcohol in case your E-Cigarette has small ridges.

Clean the Inside of the E-Cigarette

You also need to clean the inner parts with a dry paper towel. This is to avoid any moisture from collecting inside the E-Cigarette. After cleaning the E-Cigarette, you need to ensure that the inner parts are dry before using it again.

The E-Cigarette needs to be cleaned after every use. With this, you will be able to use it for a longer duration of time just as expected. Keep the device away from moisture, mostly the inner parts.

Where to Buy The Best Electronic Cigarettes?

Buying of electronic cigarettes has become very elementary due to the increased online stores who now sell it online. This means that you can always find your ultimate E-cigarette online.

Once you have decided on the type of Ecigarette to purchase, you need to order directly from their official website. The quality of the Ecigarette is very important when making your purchase; hence one important factor to look out for.

Get started with the e-cigarette today and you will find it a perfect choice instead of the tobacco cigarettes. Your E-cigarette will be shipped within the next 24-hours by making ordering now and you will find ideal for vaping.

The E-cigarettes are generally a better replacement of the tobacco cigarette. This is because they are very safe and relatively cheaper than the tobacco cigarette. They are easy to use and no fumes or filters involved with the E-cigarette. Since they come in different categories, you will always find one that suits your smoking needs. Due to their safety and other benefits, a number of smokers are now switching to vaping.

By getting the right amount of nicotine you need, you will find it very easy to quit smoking with E-cigarette. The E-cigarettes also come in different nicotine strengths and flavors, making it easy to fulfill your smoking needs. You can now get the best E-cigarettes online at a pocket-friendly price.

Give any of the top rated E-cigarettes a try today and you will never smoke the tobacco cigarettes.



6 thoughts on “The #1 Place to Read Honest and Best E cigarette Reviews

  • Jerremy

    Have purchased starter kit from Vapour2 and i like it a lot. It is exactly what i was looking for for a while. Nicely designed ecig with simple usage. Good choice of flavors and u can also choose manual or automatic battery what even makes your life easier:-)

  • jason

    i got my vaporfi kit about 6 months ago, and havent looked back since switching to vaporfi. theres a bunch of sites that sell crappy china stuff, but thankfully vaporfi makes their own stuff and they have stores you can go in to try their juices. – grandmas dutch apple pie is my go to flavor. bad ass!!!

  • FlavaHub

    Most of the review that i read will mention vaporfi. I never had one for myself (need to consider this lol).

    Oh one more thing, just asking dude, did you do e-liquid review on your site?


  • Please Help! I am cursed, I pay $100 for a Mod and Tank, 3-5 days after the stores warranty is over my shit breaks down,quits working. I just paid a $100+ for the Smoke Alien w/ baby beast tank,3 weeks later the mod stopped working, took it back to Vape shop and they were shocked had to send it back to the factory late March to mid April is what I was told to expect new one. I have the tank, What would You suggest as a new Mod or Mod with tank for a person that uses it like a pacifier, constant user?? Thanks for ANY Help, Wesley.

    • Ecigarettepros Max

      Hi Wesley.
      I currently use the G Priv Kit as my primary device. If you just want a mod I can recommend the Reuleux 2/3 for just $47.
      You can either you it with 2×18650 (better portability) or with 3×18650 (more power). For what you get… it’s a steal.

      Hope that helped! 🙂

      – Max


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