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We live in a world filled with vices. By being surrounded by them the attraction is obvious and it requires tremendous will power to abstain from any of them. How would we love to embrace a vice without having to pay for the ill-effects that are caused by them? More importantly the social fabric of our society is defined by aggregating vices into our structure. Friendly Bonhomie and gatherings are incomplete without converging vices and enjoying them.

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But alas if things were so easy to deal with. One such vice that is a master of addiction is a Cigarette. Once you smoke a cigarette it attracts you again like a moth to a flame. Cigarette smokers know how difficult it is to quit because the addiction is so strong that it just keeps pulling you back no matter what you do to try and quit. e cigaretteCigarettes also has a lot of connected disadvantages as well. You tend to irk people because of the second hand smoke that emanates from your smoking. Your family, friends and acquaintances think it is better off not hanging with you because of that second hand smoke which is denser than a thick fog. Their eyes start stinging, the smell is very putrid and the clothes also start to stink. In addition to that the hazardous effects of second hand smoke are in no way less than active smoking. As a cigarette smoker one tends to get ostracized from his regular friend circle. You tend to douse yourself in perfume to get over the cigarette smell, you get scowled at by friends and bystanders alike, your body and hair start to smell weird which is a turn off for the women you might be dating. Even the government realizes the bad effects of cigarette smoking and many countries have issued a public smoking ban on the same.

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But all is not that bad nowadays. After all the saying “Necessity is the mother of invention” holds true in every context. All the cigarette smokers out there, What if Man smoking e-cigarettethere was a way to continue smoking but prevent yourself from acquiring any of the critical ailments that might fall in your lap? Without having to be excluded from your near and dear ones and without feeling left out and taking a hit on your self-confidence?
This revolutionary invention that is going to help every cigarette smoker is known as the E-Cigarette from VaporFi. The advantages include the usage of ingredients that are in no way carcinogenic and have no long term ill-effects on your health. They do not produce an unpleasant order and the smell is undetectable. This can be smoked in the company of everyone without the ill effects of second hand smoke. Your clothes, your body and your hair smell ok. So go for it.
Cigarette smoking is no longer harmful.

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