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Augvape AIO Review | 1500mAh, 2ml, 0.6ohm Mesh Coils – A Quality Starter Kit


Augvape AIO was sent to us for the purpose of this review straight from Augvape.

In my fifth year of vaping without a single stinky in the meantime I can still remember my frustration with the poor quality starter kits available back in 2014. Augvape AIO, however, truly is a hassle-free, well-performing starter option for novice vapers. Plain and simple, this all in one vape is all you need if you are a beginner in the world of vaping. For experienced vapers, it's a stealthy and handy device for a few hours away from home, especially if you are a fan of restricted draw.

Augvape AIO is not "just another vape AIO", no sir! I was really impressed once I unpacked it and took a good look at the quality of this device. Now, after a good week of daily use for the purpose of testing, I'm even more impressed. No major cons, no gurgling, flooding, dry hits or going dead on me while I was out.

Let's start this review with the contents of the Augvape AIO packaging!

What's In The Augvape AIO Box

Being an AIO device, the essentials are all there safely tucked in the protective foam: The Augvape AIO itself, one USB charging cable, one user manual and two 0.6 vertical mesh coil heads. That's all there is and that's all you need to start vaping out of the box as long as you have your favorite e-liquid ready close by. Here are the basic specs from Augvape:

E-liquid Capacity:2ML
Power Range:30W
Voltage Range:3.3V – 4.2V
Material: Zinc alloy
Size:117.5×24.5 Weight:112.5g
Battery Capacity :1500mAh (Charging Time:≤3H )

The Build Quality and the Design

In short, from the main body made of quality zinc alloy to the PC mouth piece I have no objections as regards to the quality of parts and the assembly.

The machining of the threads could have been a little smoother but that's all on the minus site. Augvape AIO is compact and the weight adds to the feeling of holding a quality, well-made device. The 1 mm gap which is there when you close the top cap seems to be deliberate: it prevents two metal parts from sticking if overtightened. 

When you remove the top cap by unscrewing it counterclockwise, you see the completely open access to the tank. To fill it in with juice, you can use any size bottle.

To make refilling even easier and without spillage, Augvape wisely added a black line which shows the 2ml limit. So, simply add the e-liquid up to the black line and you will have neither spills nor gurgling.

Bellow the juice tank window, there is a fire button. It's made of some sort of solid quality plastics. The button is clicky and has a good tactile response. The shape and the dark color complement the device and together with the black mouth piece make nice accents to the red color of the device. There is also a gunmetal and a white finish available. 

The absence of branding on the chassis makes the device even more elegant. The only branding saying Augvape AIO is at the bottom of the device.

The lower part of the body is hexagonal and it slowly becomes rounded above the button. Again, a very nice touch!  

The back side of the battery only has a USB port and a tiny light (red while charging, blue when charged).

Before vaping using AIO 0.6ohm mesh coils, as always, prime the coil by dropping a little juice onto the cotton through the center hole but also through the two small holes on the sides.

After that, screw the coil head onto the top cap. After that, fill the tank up to the black line (as we mentioned earlier) and screw the top cap with the coil head attached onto the tank.

Ideally, let the cotton in the coil head saturate well by leaving your device for 5-10 minutes before vaping.

This will prevent dry hits from the start.

The spare coils for Augvape AIO are available at about $10 for a pack of five, which I consider to be good value. For some reason the extra coil package says 0.5ohms although the coils are actually rated (as it says on them) at 0.6ohms.

As for the coil head, the cotton used seems to be of good quality. The mesh (made of the unknown material - wish it was stated somewhere) is also good: it heats instantly which means there is no delay from when you press the fire button to the moment you get delicious vapor! How cool is that?

The vapor production at this resistance and with this coil head is solid. The flavor is not muted and , in general, I got a very good vaping experience for such an affordable device.

The Airflow and the Vape You Get from Augvape AIO

On the left you can see the width of the central AH hole going through the top cap. I removed the stock mouth piece, which is very nice standard 510 drip-tip, btw, and tried replacing it with some of mine. They all fit.

The AF hole allows for a restricted direct lung draw. On the photo above (where I connected the coil to the top cap) you can see one of the two AF slots (one on each side). Regardless of the fact how wide the two slots are, this center hole is your bottleneck - restricted DL is what you get. It suits me as I'm not a cloud chaser; I do value good flavor and that Augvape AIO does provide. Yummy!

The Battery Life and Overall Impressions of Augvape AIO

The 1500mAh battery is a good match for the 0.6ohm  coils. You get a decent vape time and the charging takes a little less than 3 hours. While the battery is charging, a little red light blinks and it turns off when your AIO device is fully charged. 

The charge on Augvape AIO may not last you the whole day, depending on how frequently you take your puffs but it's a great, reliable, stylish and ergonomic device which is also very stylish and pocket-friendly.

The AF slots have a stopper so you don't have to worry about them sliding open or shut randomly. The airflow ring is not too loose so you can rely on the AF width not to change as you handle the device. It's easy to set the airflow based on your preference and you will get good vapor production and solid flavor at a great price!

To sum up, the performance and ergonomics are great and  up to the quality standards of Augvape!

My Overall Rating of AUGVAPE AIO KIT: 9/10 (Good job Augvape!)

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