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Augvape Intake RTA Review | A Great Single Coil Atomizer

Augvape Intake RTA single coil flavor chaser

 Intake RTA was sent to us by Augvape for the purpose of this review. Augvape Intake RTA is a single coil DL rebuildable tank atomizer with a superb quality and a great design.

Good single coil RTAs are so rare in the market these days so I was absolutely thrilled to try it out.

My overall rating of Intake RTA: 9.5/10.

Let's go over the Augvape Intake RTA basic specs first:

  • Height: 50.5mm
  • Diameter: 24.0mm
  • Liquid Capacity: 4.2ml or 2.5ml
  • Atomizer Type: Rebuildable Tank Atomizer
  • Coil Type: Single Coil
  • Build Deck: Two-posts deck
  • Filling: Top quarter turn cap/ 2 fill ports
  • Airflow intake: Top AF slots 10mm by 3mm each
  • Airflow type: Botttom - 3 AF holes under the coil
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel and Glass
  • 510 positive pin: Gold Plated
Augvape Intake RTA lots of flavorful vapor

The Intake RTA was designed by Augvape in colaboration with Mike Vapes, the YouTube reviewer. When the kind staff from Augvape suggested sending it for review, I was really looking forward to testing it cause I'm a huge fan of single coils RTAs.

On top of this, I also prefer a slightly restricted airflow and tanks which don't really require three digit power to produce a flavorful vape and decent amount of vapor at the same time. Am I happy with the Intake RTA in this regard? Hell, yeah!

It will look great on all your best box mods and will almost get you the full-flavor vape as if you were using the best RDAs but with the convenience of 4.2ml capacity.

The Intake RTA comes in the standard, beautifully designed cardboard tube packaging with the tank and the spare parts neatly and safely tucked inside two protective foam compartments.

In the upper foam compartment you will find the Intake RTA. Once you take it out, there will be a spare 2.5ml glass section which is inline with the tank, one multi screwdriver, and the baggy of spare parts.

The spare parts include the orings in blue and red color, a spare transparent gasket, a 510 adapter, a spare pair of screws and another 810 drip tip.

The 510 adapter is always a great addition for vapers who like taller DTs which provide a denser and cooler vape.

Augvape Intake RTA what's in the box

The Intake RTA Build Quality and Design

Augvape Intake RTA parts

Good quality 304 steel and glass, buttery smooth machining, solid orings - this is all as expected from Augvape, as usual.

So what's new about Intake RTA and what makes it different in terms of design, and I don't mean the appearance? Well, it's all in the name, with this RTA - the airflow intake, that's what's special about this cute fella!

The engineers from Augvape and Mike Vapes thought of the way of having top AF intake and bottom AF hit onto the coil. What's the benefit?

Well, there's no leaking cause of the top AF slots and the air is fed through two tubes straight into the deck base and under the coil where it hits it through the three slots:  "Top airflow in, bottom airflow out".

Augvape Intake RTA bottom AF and deck
Augvape Intake RTA post slot and screw

These two tubes are 3mm in diameter each and they allow for a smooth airflow. The tubes nicely fit into the corresponding openings inside the chamber.

The air tubes don't obstruct coil building. The posts have generous space for chunky coils and the screws do a great job of keeping the leads tight and in place. You can mount the coil with the legs down or up. 

Here's what the chamber looks like on the inside: as you can see in the photo on the right, there are two slots for the air tubes.

Once you finish with building your coil, setting it up and wicking, you take the base and align the tubes with the openings. Once you do that, you start screwing the base into the chamber until the base feels snug.

Now, because of the air tube slots in the chamber (which are free-spinning by the way and I'm not sure how that will work out in the long run in terms of wear and tear), the chamber couldn't be made conical.

What flavor increase the Intake RTA might be missing with the flat rather than a conical chamber, it compensates by the coil being quite close to the chimney.

The Intake RTA itself is slightly restrictive even with both AF slots fully opened, which improves flavor.

Augvape Intake RTA chamber inside close-up

Again, this is a new and unique solution and so far it has been performing well and providing smooth airflow with no leaking.

The Coil Building And Wicking

Augvape Intake RTA mix twisted coil spaced wick

There is enough space on the Intake deck for the coils which are 3mm in diameter. Anything more would be a too much. That said, I opted for mix twisted coil, 3mm diameter and had no problems whatsoever positioning it.

Tightening the screws for a firm connection is also very easy and convenient, especially inserting the coils and cutting excess leads.The cotton setup is also a breeze.

The only thing I changed to my own preference in comparison to Mike's build is this: I let the cotton ends all the way through the juice feeding ports. Doing it his way (just letting the cotton ends barely into the slots) was too finicky and I wouldn't want the ends to accidentally lift off from the juice ports.

I tested this setup for a while and had excellent wicking with no dry hits. The only thing you need to bear in mind is not to have your cotton tight: it should be loose and fluffy when you tuck it in.

You can, of course try it Mike's way and see what works best for you. Do bring the coil close to the airflow holes on the bottom of the deck.

This will definitely increase the flavor and allow for a much more satisfying vape overall.

The Filling and Airflow

Once the setup is finished and the wick is primed, it takes a few seconds to assemble the Intake RTA with either the bubble glass for 4.2ml capacity or the straight glass for 2.5ml. Then goes the filling, which is super-easy. You twist open the top cap for a quarter turn and it pops open. The filling ports are generous size and you can fit in most bottles. I used Chef's Flavors Lemon Tart for the testing and it was yummy!

Augvape Intake RTA quarter turn top cap and fill ports

Airflow adjusting is excellent! The airflow ring is extra smooth and it has a stopper so that you can fully open or close the AF in a jiff. Very nice engineering and design there, too. 

How Does the Intake RTA by Augvape perform?

If you like a slightly restricted airflow, and a single coil RTA which provides a flavorful vape with great vapor output, the Augvape Intake RTA might be your perfect tank!

The design and the build quality are the reason why this RTA from Augvape was such a pleasant surprise. No doubt most vapers will be as happy with the performance as I am! Two thumbs up for Augvape and Mike Vapes!

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