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6 Best Sub Ohm Tanks 2018 | MUST READ Reviews and Comparison

The phrase “sub ohm vaping” simply means vaping with your coil resistance lower than 1 ohm. Be it single or dual coil build, best sub ohm tanks have the total resistance from the modest average of 0.5 ohms all the way down to 0.1 ohms.

Sub ohm tanks are designed for direct to lung vaping. You inhale a lungful of delicious vape for good 3-5 seconds (or longer) and exhale a huge cloud. In that sense, we’re like children, impressed by the chunks of vapor coming out of our lungs.


Notable Features

Our Rating

Top-notch 18mm RBA deck for beasty coils

6ml capacity with easy top fill design

V8T8 Octuple and V8Q4 Quadruple included


Amazing flavor from a single-coil 25mm RTA

5ml and 2ml configurations possible

Wide filling ports and a great top-fill design


Great design with robust feel

Excellent flavor and vapor production

Super-quick and easy coils replacement


Great flavor and vapor production

Stealthy sub ohm 22mm tank with 3.0ml capacity

Hinge and lock top fill system


A sub-ohm 28mm tank with 7.0ml capacity

Flip hinged top fill system

1/8th turn lock ring and dual fill port


Optimized for high power vaping

Outstanding vapor production and full flavor

Super generous airflow


What Makes The Best Sub Ohm Tank For You?

Virtually every detail on a quality sub ohm tank is customizable, from the width of the drip tip, to e-liquid control, to airflow control and, of course, the coils and wicking material type.

The Juice Capacity

From stealthy 3ml to practical 5-6ml tanks, the bigger the capacity, the better goes for most vapers. With smaller tanks, you will refill more often so the tanks need to be convenient for this: go for the best sub ohm top filling tanks, if possible.

A Rebuildable Deck Vs Stock Coils

If you are a beginner, we suggest you start with stock coils of the resistance you want. You can also choose the heating wire inside the coils: nickel, stainless steel, and titanium are standard options for temperature control modes while Kanthal A-1 is the usual choice for power mode and mechanical mods.

If you want, you can try building all the super-cool and top-performance coils such as Clapton, Fused Clapton, Staggered Clapton, Alien, Helix, Tiger, Juggernaut and many more.

These are chunky and require a large building deck with convenient access and big holes or slots on the tank deck posts. You'll need some coil-building tools, some practice and a lot of patience. Eventually, you'll get there!

Different juices have a varying taste with different types of coils so you can try out different coils until you find the right performance and e-liquid taste for you. The wicking material plays a huge roll in this and organic Japanese cotton is still the satisfying standard.

Best Sub Ohm Tanks Provide Huge Vapor Production

Traditional M2L vaping doesn’t even come close to subohming as regards the vapor production. For most subohmers, clouds and exquisite flavor are the biggest appeal and charm of sub-ohm vaping.

The liquid used in top sub ohm tanks is VG (vegetable glycerin) heavy, 90-100% but low in nicotine (between 0%nic and 2-3%). VG is what all those enormous clouds are made of. The warmth and the amount of vapor may be overwhelming for some vapers, especially the beginners.

For the purpose of chucking clouds, sub ohm tanks need to have tons of airflow and beasty coils which run at extreme powers, 80W all the way up to 150W, for example. For the best performance and maximum safety, you will need a high-quality dual 18650 mod. You can still get decent clouds at modest 0.5 ohms using temperature control or power mode at 40-60W.

In addition, for your own safety and to keep your mod in good working condition, you need high-drain and high-quality batteries with CDR at 20A or preferably higher, in order to keep you safe while vaping.

As for the flavor, with so much airflow to cool your coils during long inhales, that can be counterproductive, so many vapers significantly increase the percentage of flavoring they use. Also, you will go through much more liquid and the ease of filling is paramount. This is why you should also be looking for the best top filling sub ohm tank.

Are there any cons of sub ohm tanks?

Say Goodbye to Stealth Vaping

If you want to vape in public, chucking clouds is a cultural and ethical no-no if there are people around you who neither vape nor smoke. Drawing unnecessary attention has brought more bad than good to us vapers, so please subohm in the appropriate environment like your home, at vape meets and outside where you won't disturb anyone.

Although sub ohm vaping has become safer than 3-4 years ago, you do need to be careful with your setup, your mod and the batteries you are using. This goes for experience vapers as well as beginners. Indeed, beginner vapers should be extra careful about all aspects of subohming, regardless of all modern protection features the latest mods offer.

Battery Vape Time vs Vape Enjoyment vs Costs

Since sub ohm tanks need a lot of power and wattage for optimal performance, you’ll need to charge your batteries more often. To keep you a happy vaper you’ll need spare batteries on hand so we definitely recommend a quality and reliable charger and plenty of reliable batteries.

So, there is a tradeoff here: to enjoy that tasty favorite liquid of yours, you’ll need more gear and you will also go through much more juice, so stock yourself well with all the yummy liquids. It’s going to be a little more expensive but most subohmers will reply: “Hey, it’s worth it!”

To Subohm Or Not To Subohm

If you are vaping predominantly mouth to lung and expect a modest amount of lukewarm vapor at low wattages, subohming will be a completely different experience and you don’t necessarily have to like it, and that’s OK.

The point of vaping is simply not smoking. So, whatever keeps you off the traditional cigarettes is a perfect solution. However, if you get hooked to a mouthful of yummy vapor, there’s rarely a way back.

Subohming has obviously become increasingly popular. As a result, there are new tanks appearing weekly. This promises new vaping experience, different styles, and features, cool designs and years of indulging this hobby for vape enthusiasts.

Best sub ohm tank – reviews of our top picks


Our rating: 4.8/5

Smok Tfv8 Cloud Beast Sub-Ohm Tank is one of the best engineered and the most stylish sub ohm tank from SMOK. Well, there is the bigger brother, but still, TFV8 truly is a beast of a tank.

For all subohmers out there, Cloud Beast units carry SMOK's signature "turbo-boosted" technology which seals the deal.

Cloud Beast King is an example of an innovative approach to design a multiple-coil atomizer which packs a serious punch while meeting other vaping needs apart from raw power.

Compared to TFV12, TFV8 Cloud Beast allows for a greater battery life and is far more suitable for the long absence from home, your charger, and spare batteries.

With 11 color schemes available, every vaper will find a match with their favorite mod as long as its 510 can accomodate 24.5mm diameter tank. The amazing attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship make TFV8 stand out in the crowd.

The V8 Turbo RBA Head is one of the best in its class, with an 18mm diameter deck which features a two-post, dual slot design. Each slot measures 2mm in diameter to take even the chunkiest coils.

The state-of-the-art airflow control valve, allows you to regulate the air flow while taking a hit. Ample airflow feeds into the V8 Turbo RDA via dual 8mm by 5mm internal air slots while wicking is extremely efficient due to the unified wick port designs.

SMOK smartly made this sub ohm tank of extremely high-grade materials. The Cloud Beast features the body and internal components made of 304 stainless steel. The added chromium and nickel guarantee robustness and better resistance to rust and wear & tear.

The standout features include the large 6 milliliters Pyrex glass tank and the revised hinge and lock top-fill system which increases the port size for maximal convenience. The glass tank won’t break or stain even if you use cinnamon flavor or other known tank crackers.

Integrating the company's patented Turbo Engine Coil Structure technology, the TFV8 can accommodate wattages exceeding 200W. The Cloud Beast's eight-coil configuration is cloud chasing competition ready. Bring it on guys! 

Things We Liked

  • Top-notch 18mm RBA deck for beasty coils
  • 6ml capacity with easy top fill design
  • Dual 8mm by 5mm Internal Airslots
  • V8T8 Octuple and V8Q4 Quadruple included
  • Pre-installed Dual 0.28 Clapton Coils

Things We Didn't Like 

  • At best performance settings, your batteries won't last long

Geekvape Ammit 25 Three Dimensional Airflow RTA is the latest 28mm tank in Ammit series but with a single coil deck design, which is to my thrill and delight.

As a fan of single coil tanks, I’ve found that Ammit is no exception when it comes to giving an extremely satisfying vape for all the vapers who don’t like going extremely low with their resistance.

It doesn’t drain the batteries that much and with SS at 0.4 ohms in power mode it gave me a delicious vape which was almost beyond expectations. The huge airflow capacity feels like I can almost breathe through this atomizer without sacrificing the flavor.

The juice port fill holes are large and they can accommodate any type of juice bottle including bull nose tips. The threading on the inside of the chimney is done very well. In addition, the chimney itself is on the wide side for a single coil RTA.

Of the two 2 drip tips it came with, I prefer Delrin to Ultem. I also like the fact that it came with two top caps, one for the 810 style drip tips and the other for the 510 style drip tips. The inside of both top caps is well-machined and very smooth.

The deck on this sub ohm tank is simply amazing. One of the posts has an opening so that I can slide my coil in from the side and the other has no opening at all. There is bottom airflow directly beneath the coil as well as on the sides of the post.

There are three airflow holes on the side of the post which give side airflow and they work together with the bottom airflow. Threading on the deck is extremely smooth. The wicking ports are a good size and do well with a single coil.

The deck itself will accept a pretty large single coil and there is plenty of room in the wicking port to put my cotton. With the several airflow channels for optimal flavor and I have to say I really enjoyed my favorite hazelnut/cookie mix while testing the Ammit 25.

For me personally, GeekVape Ammit 25 is one of the best single-coil sub ohm tanks available today. Amazing flavor, great vape production, and excellent build quality of a beautifully designed single-coil RTA.

Things We Liked

  • The deck can take rather large single coil
  • Amazing flavor from this single-coil 25mm RTA
  • 5ml and 2ml configurations possible
  • Large 8mm by 3mm Wicking Slots
  • Wide filling ports and a convenient top-fill designs

Things We Didn't Like 

  • Not for extreme cloud chasing - more for flavor

Uwell Crown 3 III Sub Ohm Vape Tank is well priced and everything about the tank seems to have been carefully designed and engineered. It comes in different colors to suit every taste.

This tank performs very well. The clouds and flavor are on par with all the top sub-ohm tanks I’ve tried in 2017 and 2018. The quality of the machining on the tank is superb and everything is finished with utmost precision.

The UWELL Crown 3 is a 24.5mm tank made mostly of stainless steel. This gives it weight and a robust feel in the hand as well as great looks on your mod.

A wide bore drip tip which comes with the tank is made from Delrin mostly, apart from the colored band, and does a good job of staying cool even when you’re vaping at high temperatures.

The top-fill part of the tank screws on and off seamlessly and has two kidney-shaped holes which will accommodate most e-liquid bottles. It's a breeze to fill the tank!

UWELL coils deliver great flavor and vapor production at about 60-70W for the 0.5 ohm coils is excellent. They’re really easy to replace, thanks to UWELL’s new plug design.

These coils prime super-quick and you can put in a new coil and have it up and running in about a minute or two.

Sadly, although the UWELL Crown 3 might have easily been in the top 2 picks, where it falls short is the longevity of the coils. Unless you are using very clear juice, the 0.25 and 0.5 ohm coils will probably last less than a week, depending on your consumption, of course.

However, I do hope that RBA head will soon be available or that the coils will soon be improved to complement this otherwise superb sub ohm tank. You can read our full length review here.

Things We Liked

  • Excellent flavor and vapor production
  • Quality machining and finish
  • Convenient top-fill design with wide kidney-shaped slots
  • Super-quick and easy coils replacements
  • Great design with robust feel

Things We Didn't Like 

  • Subpar coil longevity and no RBA head


Our rating: 4.6/5

Smok Tfv8 Baby Beast SMOK did a great job shrinking down the TFV8 Cloud Beast without sacrificing the vapor production but with a notable increase in portability and flavor.

At only 22mm wide and 45mm tall, the SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast makes using it a lot more convenient. Beautifully machined 304 Stainless Steel gives it a quality feel while looking very nice atop of most mods.

It needs less power to achieve a superb vaping performance. The wattage range of the coils it comes with is perfect for the novice vapers but also high enough for more advanced ones.

The airflow available is overwhelming for such a small tank. It holds 3ml of juice which is enough for medium wattages. The coil life expectancy will vary heavily based on the juice you are using, the number of puffs and the power.

An RBA just like the one on the TFV8 but scaled down to 22mm in width would be highly appreciated. As for the base, the two 12.7mm x 1.5mm adjustable airflow slots provide airy and open airflow which you can also restrict to your liking. The adjustment ring stops in the open and closed positions compared to the TFV8 where it spins 360 degrees.

The Baby Beast has the very same swing-open top-fill system as the TFV8. The top cap is stiff and when you close it, the top cap will be tight and very secure. SMOK does include two Vape Bands in the box if you prefer having one on there just in case.

The juice fill hole is 7.5mm x 3.5mm, made from the same thick silicone and flexes enough to fit most bottle tips into easily and without spillage.

The Delrin chuff-style drip tip is very pleasant to use. It’s the perfect height for your lips not to touch the top cap. Unlike the TFV8 drip tip which isn’t 510-compatible, the TFV8 Baby Beast is, which is a huge plus for me.

The glass and base stay quite cool and the o-rings are made chunky and should last a long time. You do get extra o-rings included in the box.

The SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast ‘Hyper-Engine’ coils are similar to the bigger version but at about a third of the size. You can see the specs of the coil clearly straight through the tank glass in case you forget the recommended wattage for different coils.

All around excellent stealthy sub ohm tank from SMOK, the TFV8 Baby Beast is a must have for all of you who prefer 22mm version tanks. It’s well-performing and reasonably priced. We recommend that you give it a shot.

Things We Liked

  • Stealthy sub ohm 22mm tank with 3.0ml capacity
  • Hinge and lock top fill system conveniently swivels open and shut
  • Dual adjustable 13mm by 2mm air slots
  • Q2 Coil Head at 0.2 ohm and T8 Quadruple Coil Head at 0.15 ohm included
  • Wide silicone fill port

Things We Didn't Like

  • RBA head doesn't come with the tank

Sense Blazer Pro Ultimate Flavor Sub-Ohm Tank has everything you expect from a quality sub ohm tank. The performance is stunning, the design is exceptional, and the flavor it produces is exquisite.It comes with quad vertical, quad horizontal, ceramic and cotton coils.

The Blazer Pro is a huge 28mm diameter tank. This results in massive 7ml of juice capacity. Quad Adjustable Airflow with 8mm by 3mm slots at the bottom and 12mm Delrin Drip Tip will supply the much needed air.

SenseTech has taken a step forward as regards the standard sub ohm tanks technology. The result is a high-performance Sense Blazer Pro Ultimate Flavor Sub Ohm Tank which has a coil system capable of both high performance and maximum flavor.

The 0.3 ohm Blazer Pro coils feature a unique design combining dual vertical parallel coils, dual horizontal parallel coils, organic cotton wicking, and a ceramic inner housing

The outer coil housing is made of stainless steel. It has six large wicking ports for perfect wicking. The air comes in from the four 8mm by 3mm adjustable air slots located at the base of the tank. It flows through the center of the vertical coils and then through auxiliary air channels in the ceramic to the horizontal coils.

The Blazer Pro is easily filled via a 1/8th Turn & Lock flip cap. Another advantage is that it is compatible with the Blazer 200 Coil Family but also with the SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast Coil Family when you use the included 6ml glass tank. It is by far the most versatile sub ohm tank to date and offers a really great flavor as well as stunning vapor production.

Things We Liked

  • Beautiful sub ohm 28mm tank with huge 7.0ml capacity
  • Flip hinged top fill system
  • Q2 Coil Head at 0.2 ohm and T8 Quadruple Coil Head at 0.15 ohm included
  • 1/8th turn lock ring and dual fill port
  • Compatible with the Blazer 200 Coil Family and SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast Coil Family

Things We Didn't Like

  • RBA head not included

Aspire Cleito 120 Maxi-Watt Sub-Ohm Tank offers it all: the clouds, the flavor and the looks and feel. It’s is a 25mm sub ohm tank made of 304 Stainless Steel.

The bottom adjustable airflow has triple 10.8mm x 2mm slots. They have a nice offset pattern which provides a good of grip. The airflow ring slides with little effort but still has enough firmness to stay in place when you adjust it. The provided airflow will satisfy all tastes and preferences.

The spit back protection ring that covers the coil and cotton has a good design and function really well. You might get the normal crackle and popping if you leave the tank idle and when you vape at higher wattages. In general, you will get a nice warm vape around 80W.

The top cap and the 15mm wide bore drip tip are one solid piece made of Delrin. There’s a huge rubber gasket underneath to keep everything sealed nice and tight.

Even though the Aspire Cleito 120 is advertised as a maximum wattage tank, you’ll get a great vape at modest wattage 50W-70W. It’s a really versatile tank which will suit anyone’s vaping preferences.

Aspire Cleito 120 produces massive clouds. The drip tip goes from warm to a little too hot at 100W plus but not uncomfortably hot for extreme vapers.

The 100W setting is, in fact, a perfect vape for a lot of high-wattage vapers and even though the vapor gets hot when chain vaping, the flavor is truly exceptional!

This tank features excellent wicking with max VG liquid and the cotton will stay soaked and saturated through high wattage vaping with no dry hits.

Longevity of the Cleito coils is where Aspire outshines SMOK’s TFV8 coils. Considering the vape time, vapor and flavor Cleito 120 0.16Ω coils provide, it’s worth a tad higher cost of a 5-pack.

Things We Liked

  • Optimized for high power vaping
  • 25mm tank with 4ml capacity
  • Outstanding vapor production and full flavor
  • Convenient top filling system
  • Long-lasting coils

Things We Didn't Like

  • RBA head not included in the purchase