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Black Note Vaping Liquids – Reviews

Black Note - The Notebook

Black Note vaping liquids pack The Notebook (Third Edition) arrived courtesy of Black Note for the purpose of this review.

Black Note's Naturally extracted e juices from real tobacco leaves with no additives and artificial flavorings are a real treat for vapers who like the authentic, rich and satisfying taste of pure tobacco. 

Let's take a look at the treasures Black Note has to offer to tobacco vape connoisseurs!

Black Note NET e-liquids - The Holy Grail for Real Tobacco Taste Lovers

NET liquids stands for naturally extracted tobacco liquids. Are they different from the usual tobacco flavored artificially made vape juices? Hell yeah! 

The flavor says it all: I've tested Black Note on several atomizers and even a few clearomizers to see if Black Note juices are different compared with the tobacco vape juices I've tried over the past four years since I quit smoking and different they are! To a great extent, I should add.

The Process Of Making Naturally Extracted Tobacco Liquids By Black Note



First off, it takes a lot of dedication and love for real tobacco taste on the part of Black Note to go through two to three years long process of making naturally extracted tobacco vape juice.

While most tobacco flavored juices are made by combining artificial and some natural flavors, with Black Note it’s all 100% natural although lengthy process. NET vaping liquids are free of Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl or Acrolein and other potentially harmful substances.

While you obviously can’t get the tastes of tobacco and paper burning (thank God for that), you can get the most natural and pleasing taste of tobacco

In order to capture a rich and pure tobacco taste, Black Note chooses the best tobacco varieties, plants them and grows them followed by curing, moistening and aging. After that goes blending, natural extraction, filtering, bottling and packaging.

The essence of the Black Note’s approach to manufacturing real tobacco flavors is cold maceration. This is a process of getting the complex taste of tobacco with subtle tones which involves the steeping of tobacco leaves in propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin for as long as it takes to get the subtle tobacco essence.

The Black Note Bottles Design, Packaging And Labeling

In one word - perfection! The Notebook collection I received is beautifully designed and crafted cardboard box with six different Black Note liquids: Sonata, Prelude, Quartet, Legato, Solo and Forte.

You will appreciate everything, from the tasteful design and classic colors to the quality glass bottles with child-proof caps to the high-quality dripper.

So much attention to details regarding the style and functionality says a lot about Black Note. The booklet inside the box contains the most important info on Black Note vape juices and is of equally great quality.

Black Note Box and Dripper

The labels on the bottles have an impressive retro stylish look but also give all the relevant info on the vape juice: there is the name of the liquid, the batch number, the nicotine strength and PG/VG ratio. 

Black Note team was kind enough to send me the exact PG/VG ratio of 50/50 and the nicotine strenth of 0.6% (6mg/ml) that I specified. I received six 10ml bottles pack but Black Note also stocks 30ml bottles.

As for the nicotine levels, there are 0mg/ml, 3mg/ml, 6mg/ml, 12mg/ml and 18mg/ml so everyone can choose their preferred nicotine strength of these exquisite vaping liquids. 

Black Note Vaping Liquids - My Impressions And Thoughts

I tested all six liquids over the period of three weeks, taking the chance of tasting the same liquid every few days and on different atomizers. All my setups are for mouth to lung, ranging 1.2-1.6ohms in resistance. I tested Black Note's e juices on wattages between 10-14 watts using Muji cotton wicking.

Here are my impressions after testing each of the six Notebook juices at different times of day and with different beverages ranging from coffee with and without milk, tea, wine, beer, scotch, to whiskey.

FORTE (Burley blend)

Of all the vaping liquids from the Black Note regular line, Forte is the smoothest and the purest Burley tobacco e juice.

It is light yellowish color and has a soft scent of tobacco. It doesn't have a particularly strong nicotine odor and it's mild in taste, as well. 

While vaping Forte, I sensed a full-bodied flavor and rich Burley tobacco blend flavor with a touch of sweetness. The pleasing throat hit and the mild, welcoming flavor make Forte a satisfying all-day vape. 

LEGATO (Kentucky blend)

Legato gets its full-bodied tobacco taste from the Italian Kentucky Tobacco which has been flue-cured in order to get the natural tobacco resins for a rich and yet soothing flavor.

What I tasted are subtle earthy tones with slight nutty notes which combine into aromatic flavor enjoyable to vape and worthy of recommendations to tobacco connoisseurs

Legato is not a strong and robust vaping liquid but more of an exquisite tobacco juice. I enjoyed it most with an evening glass of Chardonnay.

Overall, a well-balanced vape liquid for full-flavor fans.

SONATA (Cavendish blend)

Sonata is a slightly sweeter vaping juice from Black Note owing to the natural sweetness of the dark Virginia tobacco. Together with the rich and robust flavor of the fire-cured dark Virginia, I sensed slightly creamy and nutty notes.

You can expect a flavorful and tasty Cavendish blend tobacco vape without smokey notes. The smell and taste resemble those of Forte but Sonata is a tad sweeter.

I tested Sonata in the same manner as the other 5 liquids but I couldn't let go of this one till I vaped half the bottle in one go on my DoggyStyle RTA. Yummy!

PRELUDE (Virginia blend)

Prelude is another buttery-smooth all day Virginia tobacco vape for those of you who like pure no-frills tobacco taste.

Your taste buds will enjoy just a hint of sweet innuendos of the more flavorful Virginia variations. Hence the name - Prelude!

The light and inviting taste originates from the flue-cured Virginia while the overall tone of Prelude is bright and pure tobacco as in most Black Note vaping juices.

 It goes well with black coffee and dark, bitter beers, as well. If you're just beginning to explore the Black Note e juices, Prelude is a perfect start.

QUARTET (Latakia blend)

Quartet offers the strongest flavor compared to the rest of the Black Note tobacco liquids. Sun-cured and then fire-cured Latakia tobacco smells and tastes smoky with a mild peppery feel on the exhale. 

I love Latakia tobacco and Quartet does not disappoint. With the addition of aromatic herbs, this smoky delight appealed to me the most.

Quartet is definitely the most complex Black Note vape juice while still having no artificial additives to it. It will blow you away, especially if you're a chasing that smoky tobacco feel.

SOLO (Menthol blend)

Solo is a perfect choice for all of you menthol lovers. Black Note uses Virginia blend as a base and naturally extracted mint flavor.

The result is a perfect balance of tobacco which is mellow and menthol which increases the throat hit and gives a welcomed taste of freshness in your vape.

I vaped Solo on advanced MTL RTAs as well as on PT2 Mini and the vape is very pleasing and refreshing on both setups. 

Although not an all day vape for me, a fresh and invigorating occasional Menthol drag comes as a nice change.

My final thoughts on Black Note pure NET vaping liquids

The way I see it, Black Note juices are a 3D experience: dedication, devotion and delight!

From the stylish packaging of The Notebook collection, aka The Ensemble, to the quality of the bottles, to every single detail of information, to the absolute purity and taste of Sonata, Prelude, Quartet, Legato, Solo and Forte, I can only describe these liquids as a true tobacco tasting vape treasure!

In all honesty and addressing the kind folks at Black Note, I did find most of the lineup not that coil-friendly​ but that's a small price to pay for the overall exceptional quality of Black Note tobacco e-liquids!
Keep 'em comin' and thank you once again for the opportunity to review The Notebook collection!

Black Note - The Notebook

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