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Kangertech: Tobacco giants relying on sales of traditional cigarettes have taken a huge hit in the wallet thanks to e-cigs. Vaping has become a point of pride in recent years, and manufacturers of e-cigarettes are doing quite well. There’s one Chinese company in particular that has earned a good reputation in the vaping market. Whether you vape or not, you’ve likely seen someone with a KangerTech device.

KangerTech was started in 2007 by two Chinese entrepreneurs, and its flagship facility is in Shenzhen, a city known as an economic powerhouse. What differentia kanger-subox-mini-starter-kit
ted them from the competition was that they were among the first to offer a sleek, well-designed e-cig with a refillable tank. The prospect of user-friendly, sturdy vaping equipment at a price more affordable than some of the leading competitors attracted droves of customers, but KangerTech executives were not about to stop there.

While novice vapers could be forgiven for worrying about whether or not Chinese e-cigarettes are safe, KangerTech shouldn’t be blacklisted by anyone who wants to try vaping. One of the founders of KangerTech, Danny Zhu, ensures that all 3,000 employees make safety a top priority. They’ve even gone so far as to post copies of their certifications on the company website. No one else is showing that kind of transparency and commitment, so it’s no wonder KangerTech has a loyal following with its customers.

So on top of keeping costs low, building durable hardware, and keeping safety in mind, why else are KangerTech productskanger-subox-mini-starter-kit-blue selling so well? This could be attributed to the over 30 flavors available for their personal vaping devices. If it’s not that, maybe their warranty options explain it. Or is it the extensive number of items for sale on the clearance section of their website? I’d say all three are contributing factors.

The forward-thinking perspectives of Zhu and his fellow co-founder, Li Di Lin, also mean if customer desires change or if there is a defect with any of their devices, the company acts quickly to adjust. Like any other product, tangible materials are only as good as the customer service backing them up.

If the past few years serve as an indicator for the future success of KangerTech, they will continue to enjoy a significant portion of the e-cig market which is expected to be worth more than $5 billion (USD) by 2025. And if you’re looking to try vaping, KangerTech might be worth researching as your first foray into the e-cig scene.

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