G Pen Discount Code

G Pen Vaporizer Discount Code

What Is G Pen,

G Pen is a company specializing in manufacturing vaporizers in the shape and style of a pen. These vaporizers will be a bit larger than an actual pen but they are compact and portable. Their name is actually, Grenco Science and they seem to offer a lot of discount codes for consumers to use to buy their compact vaporizers.

G Pen or Grenco Science is all about being the leader of vaporizer technology and they work hard on developing the best user friendly vaporizers on the market today. They were the first to design a tank for aromatherapy use and they strive to keep their vaporizers portable so you can enjoy them anywhere.

What Do They Do?

G Pen vaporizers work on vaporizing medicated liquid or other liquids turning them into a vapor which allows a person to breathe in the medication more easily. They are also geared towards working with essential oils and aromatherapy ingredients.

The company has also produced a vaporizer that works on dried herbs as well as medical marijuana. Is There A Variety of Pen Vaporizers? G Pen is committed to bringing its customers the best vaporizers possible and this commitment has motivated them to produce many different styles of vaporizer pen The Elite:

Has an all ceramic heating area, LED display, temperature control and an indicator to let you know when your battery is running low. It comes with a USB cord so you can use your computer to recharge its batteries, a brush to clean it and a round package to make it stand out and seem unique. It is not made for concentrates or liquids and has a one year warranty on its electrical parts

G Pro: 

This model is for the person who likes dry herbs. Its packaging includes a mouthpiece, filter and filter screens, USB charging cord, mouthpiece screen and more. It is not designed for essential oils or other liquids, it is strictly for dry herbs only. It comes with a warranty on its electronic parts

G Pen: 

This vaporizer is made for concentrates but not any dry herbs or other hard materials and it also has the standard 1 year warranty on its electronics. The packaging includes a battery, quartz coil, glass containers, a wall adapter as well as a USB charger, a tool, and cleaning tips.

The Bad wood Micro G: 

This model has the most accessories to its package deal. It includes the micro G, quartz and liquid tanks, a USB charger, 5 mouthpiece sleeves, a bottle opener G card, tool, keychain, ski mask holder, mirror, temporary tattoos, a marker, stickers and a bandage set. This model has it all but the kitchen sink

The G Slim 

This is the cheapest vaporizer on the G Pen market and its packaging is a very modest set of a battery, material tank, USB charger and a tool. That is all but it does have the standard G Pen electronics warranty and it is not designed for any liquid use at all.

Other Products: 

G Pen does not make vaporizers exclusively as they do have some other products worth mentioning. One non-vaporizer product is their hat collection. Made up of mostly baseball cap style these hats sport the big G on their front and the two winter hat options have the G circling their circumference. These hats come in black, grey and pink colors.

Another non-vaporizer product G pen sells is the Tee shirt. Everybody has to have a T shirt available for their customers. Unlike the hat collection there is only one style and color available but the good news is that it does not come in a one size fits all. You can select the size that fits you

Then G Pen sells a great selection of accessories from chargers to tanks to mouthpieces to batteries. If you click on their website you may see some other products that are also available from G Pen but they won’t be discussed here. These products are from the many collaborations Grenco has with celebrities and other companies, these products come in a variety of styles that fit the reputation of the collaborators.

Most are produced as limited editions sets so they may be gone when you get a chance to purchase vaporizer.

The G Pen Discount Code:

The discount codes are authorized by G Pen as they seek to bring you the best of their product at the cheapest price possible. They are released by the month and come in a variety of discount savings, anywhere from 10% to 30%. The ones that simply say all save’ are the ones that bring you the weird discount amounts. One is for 16% off while another is for a straight reduction of $4.20.

To use these codes is not that difficult. You just enter the code in the correct slot when you check out. Then just inform the company if the code worked for you so that other shoppers can learn about the discount and save money.

The value of the codes change each month and depends upon how many customers voted for which one. There is even a coupon that gives you free shipping on orders over $100. To obtain these codes just simply type in the search box G Pen discount code and a whole page of different websites offering G Pen discount codes appears.

A Few Words: 

If you are looking for a great portable vaporizer then G Pen has the product to meet your needs. Whether it is for aromatherapy, health issues or just to enjoy a little dry herbs, g Pen has the vaporizer that will meet the task.

These pen vaporizers are stylish, compact, and easy to charge and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The special limited editions pen vaporizers will appeal to those who like skiing or Snoop Dogg or the other collaborator products G Pen offers.

If you do not want a vaporizer then you can enjoy a G Pen hat or T-shirt but whatever product you buy do not forget to use your G Pen discount codes. These codes will save you money every time you purchase a G Pen product. They are easy to find and use.