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Digiflavor Drop RDA Review | Is the Drop Still Near the Top?

Digiflavor Drop RDA is probably one of the best RDAs designed by a vaper for the vapers

Digiflavor Drop RDA – Was it worth the hype? Let’s take a look at this RDA now that the hype has gone and the prices have fallen to a very affordable level for the one of the best RDA made to date.

It was sent to me courtesy of Gearbest it in the middle of the hype when all the famous YT reviewers were competing who’s going to put out their review first and who’s gonna praise it more. And then I thought to myself…nah… I’ll leave it for later.

Well, the time has come! Not just for me to write a review but also for those of you who didn’t get it to buy it now at a much cheaper price. 

Now that Drop Solo RDA is out, regular Drop RDA is gonna be a steal!

Plus, maybe there are newcomers to the "dark side" ( RDAs and box mods) who haven't tried the Drop RDA yet. Anyway, back to the bigger brother!

Digiflavor Drop RDA comes in a neat box with a transparent see-through section where you can see the RDA itself. Lot's of info on the front and the back, as well as on the sides of the packaging.

Once you pop the box open, you see the Drop and the spare taller drip tip. Underneath the cardboard you’ll find a baggy with spare screws, orings, a T-shaped multi-function screwdriver, a squonk pin, a 510 adapter and the user manual.

Digiflavor Drop RDA the package

The Design And Build Quality

Drop RDA barrel and AF

Let's start with the top cap and the AF. The airflow intake is in the shape of T with 10 holes on both sides of the barrel. It can be fine tuned or closed down to enhance the flavor if you opt for the single coil.

For dual coil builds, you can have it wide open wide to get huge clouds using chunky exotic coils.

The build of the top cap is solid but it's a little difficult to adjust the AF when the RDA is brand new. I also wish the knurling ton the top would provide a better grip. 

The design and the way the logo is etched into the top cap is cool. Both drip tips are also designed to suit most tastes in DTs.

The Deck Is Where The Drop RDA Shines

The way Digiflavor Drop RDA build deck is designed it makes building a lot easier, especially for novice coil builders. You don't need to worry too much about the length of the leads on the coils: all you need to do is drop them into place. I guess that's how the DROP RDA got it's name. After that, simply tighten the screws, and then you can easily cut off the excess leads from underneath.

Drop RDA by TVC & Digiflavor deck and dual coil build
Drop RDA clipping the leads is a breeze
Drop cotton is saturated nicely

Look at all this building space!  You can fit in any kind of coils, regardless of the size and complexity. Staggered fused claptons, aliens, hive, quad, flat twisted, fused claptons - you name it, the Drop RDA will take it.

The two sets of dual posts have excellent system to tighten the screws firmly. There is a groove at each post which enables cutting the excess coil legs much easier then on most RDAs.

The juice well is generous, which is always a great feature to have. Especially if you are a keen squonk fan. The airflow is quite high so expect no leaks if you over saturate the cotton while squonking.

When you switch to the the squonk pin, the hole for it is raised above the deck floor by about 2mm. This means that not all the excess e-liquid will get back to the squonk bottle after you let go of it after each squeeze.

I like this, actually as there's always a little more e-juice left at the bottom of the deck to feed the cotton wicks. Now, as for the wicks, since the coils are quite high up in the Digivlavor Drop RDA, they are longer than on your average rebuildable dripping atomizer.

You'll need more patience with squonking and saturating your wicks but If you are, the wicks will take much more juice, which means less frequents squonking and no dry hits. At least I didn't have any.

Drop RDA test fire
Digiflavor Drop RDA looks great on all mods

The Vape Quality and Final Thoughts on Digiflavor Drop RDA

Now, 0.13 ohms and vaping at 120 watts is not really my idea of enjoying my favorite e-juice and it doesn't go easy on any box mods or vape batteries. However, I just had to test it out. It's quite warm. Well, too warm for me but the flavor with dual coil build and the vapor production is great for the hardcore high wattage fans.

As for myself, I soon tossed this setup and made another one. A single coil with regular clapton at 60W is more like it. Less warm vape, still good flavor and solid clouds.

In single coil mode, the flavor is not superb as on smaller RDAs with a single air intake option, that's for sure. There's simply too much air wasted, even with only the last two rows of holes open. For most new RDA users, the Drop will be a great addition by all means.

Overall, it's designed and engineered really well. The deck is a wonderful feature for all sorts of builds. The squonking works really well. Nicely made conical barrel improves the flavor up to a certain point. The regular 510 pin is hybrid-friendly (for experienced mech users eyes only!!!) and both drip tips are nice.

At the current price, do try Digiflavor Drop RDA out! It's well worth it.

Once again, many thanks to GearBest for sending it and as for you fellow vapers, keep calm and vape on!

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