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Eclipse Dry Herb Vaporizer Review – The Stealthy Workhorse


Stealthy, efficient, and portable – what else do you want in a dry herb vape? The overall theme I have found after using the Eclipse is that it is a solid contender to add to your vaping repertoire. Pair this with a portable pen grinder for an excellent all day set up. After using it for several hours I can easily this is a quality vape and fully earns its 4.5/5 stars.

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The Eclipse comes nicely packaged in a sturdy cardboard box and prepackaged plastic wrap.  The device is prominently featured and contains a smaller accessory box with charging cable, included tools, and accessories.  

unboxing of the eclipse


This would be one of few nitpicky items, but the gloss finish makes every smudge and fingerprint more noticeable.  While a quick clean wipe down with a rag could quickly remedy this, knowing that each touch has the potential to add even smudges is something I didn’t particularly like.  That being said, the eclipse has a sizable weight that makes it feel premium.  It would be nice to see this device with a different matte or semi gloss finishes and color ways.  Despite this, the compact form factor, black finish, coupled with the smaller drip tip makes stealth vaping relatively easy.

holding the eclipse - 2 angles

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Build Quality

The eclipse is lightweight, compact and feels sufficient enough to carry around all day.  The device tapers down toward the bottom, while the sides are beveled inward for increased ergonomics.  The housing feels solid without any creaks or weak spots and gives me confidence it would withstand a few drops.  


Battery Life

2 small sessions within 45 min took up about 15% of the battery.  While I usually don’t chain vape, I feel that the battery life is manageable for how small the 2200 mah battery is and will easily last you toward the end of the day.  You can find our recommended vape batteries here.

User Interface

The interface is manipulated with the up, down, or power button.  Scroll laterally to select a temperature and allow it to heat up.  Five clicks of the power button transitions the device from on to off, and vice versa.  The LED screen is fairly visible in both daylight and night conditions.  Simple, easy, and functional.

Side Airflow

The Eclipse features side vents for the inward airflow.  The higher placement allows for a nice balance between flavor and warmth.  My only gripe is that the vent placement is easy to accidentally cover when holding the device in its most comfortable and natural hand position.  

2 more angles


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The device heats up fairly quickly at around 17-19 seconds.  The specs state the chamber capacity at 5/8 deep by 3/8 in diameter.  That being said it doesn’t fit a whole lot, but a manageable capacity given the size.  The Eclipse features a 2200 mah battery that charges to full within a few hours.  The device is advertised with a temperature ranging from 300° to 435°.  Given the average length of battery, the size will easily last you a few sessions with your herb of choice.  


The device performs fairly well when packed correctly.  Vapor productions at around 395° is fairly faint, however provides an efficient delivery.  The longer glass drip tip cools down the vapor considerably to the point where I wondered if it was working correctly.  Oddly enough, the flavor is still prevalent despite lack of vapor production on a lower setting.  This element is particularly appealing for stealth vaping.  The device’s convection chamber does a good job of vaporizing the herbs and drawing out the rich flavor.  

another angle plus some herb

Recap of Features

For use with dry herbs and flowers

Vape Pen Dimensions: 90 x 40 x 20 mm

Ceramic Heating Chamber Dimensions  cylindrical in shape, 5/8 inch Deep, 3/8 inch Diameter

Lithium polymer battery capacity  2200mah

Customizable temperature settings  adjust your heat setting by a single degree from 300°F – 435°F

Heat up time  within 20 seconds

Lock/Unlock safety feature  press the power button 5 times quickly in a row


The vape comes packaged nicely with everything in separated plastic containers.  The included cleaning tool and stuffer come in handy, but you might want to keep them stored separately within your kit.   The included extra long drip tip and additional O-rings are a nice touch in the case they ever deteriorate.  The performance is on par with some of the high end set ups and holds its own within a nice compact form factor.  The finish and asymmetrical design leaves a little to be desired, but in this case functionality supersedes form.    

The Eclipse is a solid performer as your stealthy EDC package as both a quick or multi session device and one that will undoubtedly be my consistent carry.  


-Compact and stealthy

-Variable temperature setting with quick ramp up time

-Inclusion of extra tools for vapor experience and routine maintenance cleaning

-Does what you need it to



-Glossy finish makes this a fingerprint magnet

-Asymmetrical design isn’t necessarily as aesthetically pleasing

-Smaller chamber

Rating: 4.5/5

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