Eleaf Vaping Products Review


Eleaf Vaping Products

Eleaf is one of the top vaping product companies in the world. It was established in 2011.It is based in Shenzhen city, China. In just five years of existence, the company has made a name in the vaping market. Eleaf is committed to the production of long-lasting and high-quality products.

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Eleaf Electronics is committed to safety. They take strict measures on sales to persons under the legal smoking age.

Vaping is the inhalation and exhalation of water vapor from an e-cigarette. Eleaf has distributors all over the world. The vaping industry has shot from $1.7billion to $ 3.5 billion in a span of two years. Vaping is different from smoking in that there is no smoke produced. Chances of getting smoking-related cancer are low when vaping.

Eleaf Products

Eleaf has a variety of vaping products. The company deals with starters, atomizers, batteries, e-liquid, and accessories. Their accessories include cases, seal rings, heads, covers, adapters, charging cables and stickers. The batteries have charging protection, low voltage protection and some have adjustable voltage. They have a USB port design. The products are sleek and unique with good textures and colors.

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Eleaf’s first istick series was launched in 2014.The istick has been developed over time and has more brands. After the launch, istick 20w,30w and 50w followed. They were well received by users worldwide. The istick series was upgraded and fitted with temperature control options.

The istick TC 40w, TC 60w and TC 100 are great choices.The magnetic cover is changeable to a variety of colors. The istick TC Series have a hidden fire button. This button prevents accidental presses for maximum safety.

The istick 100w can be upgraded to 120w to suit the customers’ needs.

The ijust series starter kit has great features. The ijust starter plus is the most recent. It has a power capacity of 2600mAh.It is portable and light in weight. This series has a direct power output and is ideal for a beginner.

The ijust starter plus is fitted with a dual EC head. It comes in different great colors. It comes in brushed black, brushed bronze, red, dazzling and wood grains.

Eleaf batteries are manual or inbuilt. The standard ikit battery comes in silver, blue, black and rose colors. The more advanced itwist mega has a power capacity of 1700mAh.It has a short-circuit protection.

Eleaf iStick 30W Review

An e-cigarette cannot function without an e-liquid. The Eleaf e-juice is distilled using advanced technology to perfection. It contains propylene glycol, nicotine, flavors and vegetable glycerol. All the ingredients are blended to fit the Eleaf e-cigarettes.

iCare Starter KitThe e-juice comes in many flavors to suit different tastes. There is the tobacco flavor, food flavor, characteristic flavor, fruit flavor and herbal flavor. There is something for everyone. The e-juice is low in nicotine. The e-juice have zero nicotine options for people with nicotine allergies.

Eleaf products are not for use by pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and underage people. Eleaf e-cigarettes are refillable and rechargeable. For more information on contacts and prices, visit http://www.eleafworld.com

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