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Geek Vape Blitzen In Da House – Cloud Chasers’ Dream RTA Review


Geek Vape Blitzen RTA arrived courtesy of GearBest for the purpose of this review. This beautifully designed 24mm rebuildable tank atomizer can take any sub-ohm build thanks to its huge postless build deck. And that's not all!

The side airflow directed straight towards the coils reminds me of the best RDAs as it allows for a massive vapor production.

Blitzen RTA offers a satisfying flavor considering the tremendous air intake. It also comes with a super convenient top-refilling system. No fuss and no leaks with this tank from Geek Vape, I'll tell you!

The Blitzen is easy to assemble and fill with liquid. It's also super easy to take apart for cleaning before you change your setup and liquid. It performs well and will indeed make most of you happy vapers!

Let's start from the beginning! 

What's In The Blitzen RTA Box

This RTA comes in a generous pack containing the GeekVape Blitzen RTA, a 5ml glass tank, a chimney extension for 5ml configuration, an 810 drip tip, a 510 Drip Tip Adapter and two 510 drip tips. You also get a T-tool, a chimney key tool, a user manual and a bag of spare parts and o-rings.

The tank comes in a 2ml European TPD configuration but I got the standard pack which allows for both 2ml and 5ml capacity.

In all honesty, there's no point in using 2ml as this beast of a tank devours juice at a pace that makes 5ml just about enough.​ So I added the 5ml extension straight away. The 5ml air-bubble section is made of quality glass. Although some of you may not like the side-protruding design of this section, I have no objections as long as it holds more liquid.

The Design And Build Quality

In a nutshell, the design is brilliant and the build quality is superb. All the machining is top-notch and the threads are thin and smooth as a butter.

The airflow intake is in the shape of honeycomb holes which can be closed down to enhance the flavor or open wide for massive clouds using beefy sub-ohm build.

The total of 16 small holes on each side is designed to smooth out the air flow. The air flow is really smooth, and has a lot of adjustment possibilities so that you can get that sweet spot as regards AF.

Both the top cap and the base have excellent shape for firm grip. The 510 connection is the perfect length and the tank sits flush on all my mods. It's quite big, however, so it looks best on chunkier dual and triple 18650 mods.

Here's what Blitzen RTA looks like with the beautiful 810 drip tip (left) and 510 adapter and drip tip (right):

At wattages of 80W and more, I prefer taller drip tips so although the 810 looks lovely I opted for the black 510 drip tip. The adapter for it works well, it's simple and holds the 510 DT firm in place.

The convenient dual kidney-shape top fill ports make refilling the Geek Vape Blitzen RTA a breeze. You can use all kinds of bottles including 100ml and even 200ml. No need to close the AF while refilling the tank as there are no leaks whatsoever. At list I didn't have any.

The 5ml design is sufficient even for my usuall 80W. This tank can go much higher if you feel like it, though.

The spitback will occur if you over saturate the coils and the cotton so do test fire and blow into the chimney to avoid burning your lips and tongue.

The Coil Building And Wicking

The huge deck allows for chunky builds so I tested it with dual staggered fused clapton at the resistance of 0.18 ohm and modest 80W. The postless deck is super easy to build on, the screws are great and in general I'd give 5/5 for the convenience and reliability.

These 3mm 5 turns little monsters are easy to insert and tighten into the designated holes. 

It takes a while to dry burn them to get rid of hot spots and ensure equal performance. You can get a fair amount of cotton in the juice oval-shaped wells.  

For a great single coil RTA, read our Augvape Intake RTA review.

Having wicked the coils with cotton I gave it a test fire.   

How does the Blitzen perform at 80W?

The single coil setup will give a solid vape with the lower power and the AF partially closed. Truth be told, the Blitzen performs much better using dual coils at the wattages of 80W and higher.

My only suggestion for possible improvement of this great RTA is the ports which lead to juice wells. I'm convinced that the juice channels are big enough but the ports might have easily been 1 mm wider and taller. This would improve wicking of thick juices immensely.

(Take a look at the photo on the left and the arrow I used to mark the port size.) 

The Vape Quality and Final Thoughts on Blitzen RTA

The Blitzen is yet another high-quality RTA from Geek Vape. Hats off guys!
The design and build quality are up to the usual standard if not higher. The vape will, of course, depend on the coils you'll be using and how good you are at wicking them. Since this is a tank for experienced vapers, I have no doubt that everyone will get the most of this rebuildable tank atomizer. 

To get the most of the Geak Vape Blitzen RTA, you will need a dual or triple 18650 mod and high drain batteries, preferably rated at 25A maximum continuous discharge.
As for the coils, the deck is so big and easy to work on that there are literally no limits apart from your skills and imagination. The Blitzen will bring the best in you! The 2.5mm terminals supports large single or dual coil builds and have 9mm by 3mm wicking slots. It surely promises great builds, chunky clouds and solid flavor!

Vape safely and enjoy this great tank! Many thanks to GearBest!

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