Limitless Arms Race LMC V2 220W TC Box Mod


The Limitless Arms Race LMC V2 220W TC Box Mod is a new flagship mod from Limitless. This dual 18650 mod sure makes the difference in terms of the design and unique appeal.
It comes neatly tucked in the package with no excess cardboard, paper or plastic materials. The package contains the mod and the card which you can use to download the user manual from the Limitless site using the QR code reader app.

The design that makes the difference

The mod itself is featuring the same rugged design with a tactical combat space-like feel as V1 bringing some notable improvements. This is a mod for vapers who like their gear to stand out from the myriad of plain looking mods with a generic design.

There's the mother ship and the shaman skull battery door designs​ to chose from. The rest of the mod features slight variations in the design, but the main appeal comes from the sturdy rubberized chassis.

The over-sized fire button and the tactical picatinny-style top plate add to the overall combat looks. The 510 connection is gold plated spring loaded. It's surrounded by a protective collar with holes so that the airflow has no obstructions. The fire button is picatinny textured as well while the adjustment buttons are small and discrete.

Lock & load and fire at will!

The magazine style slide and lock battery door has been improved to avoid connectivity issues. The battery orientation is clearly marked and the two separate battery slots provide tight and snug fit. The improved battery door design should put your mind at ease and provide easy battery replacement. 

Limitless wanted to make the Arms Race LTC V2 as user friendly as possible. They made the chip set very basic and easy to use but included all the latest setting options which are considered to be the standard.

To start off, accessing the batteries is super easy. There is a clip on the bottom of the mod which you need to slide in order to release the battery door. There is a +/- sign mark clearly visible on the chassis so that you can install the batteries in the right way.

You do need to bear in mind that Arms Race LTC V2 is a power-hungry beast. Choose a pair of new 18650 batteries of the same make and make sure that the batteries need to be high-drain, preferably 25A. This is not just for your own safety but also for the purpose of the optimal functioning of the mod.

On the magazine-style battery door, there are two more features. The first one is a set of holes for battery venting. This is a safety feature you have seen on the previous version of Arms Race as well.

The other feature is the USB charging port. It is located below the sliding hinge and you can use it to charge the batteries internally. The mod supports 1A charging which can be easily monitored using the individual battery indicators on the display.

The feel in the hand

The Arms Race LMC V2 by Limitless has a great ergonomic design and fills the hand allowing for a solid grip and a powerful overall feel. It is designed to withstand wear and tear and to survive the accidental falls undamaged.

The rubberized finish and the textured details will allow for a firm grip so you will be less likely to drop and damage the mod. The finish also adds to the tactical appeal of Arms Race LMC V2 and makes it a great choice if you are an outdoor type of guy who expects to have a cool but also sturdy mod which can be battered and still work well with all the scratches and dents.

The ruggedness and sturdiness go hand in hand and Arms Race LMC V2 is no exception. It may not appeal to the ladies, but it sure does appeal to me. It does fill the hand and you will have the feeling of holding a powerful and quality unique mod, rather than a cheap mass-produced one.

The display that blends in perfectly

The discrete 0.91 inch OLED display shows all the settings in the three-row and three-column configuration. All the info is there, clearly visible and yet stealthy without super bright or colorful flash.
The display complements the Arms Race LMC V2 design perfectly without losing any functionality or spoiling user experience. It is also well-protected by the slightly protruding battery door chassis and the surrounding rubberized chassis details.

If you want to make the display even more stealthy, no problem! Just hold the bottom wattage adjustment button down and then click the fire button to go into stealth mode. If you would like to change the screen orientation, that's also an option using the fire and the adjustment button at the same time.

The performance as expected 

Powered by the Limitless proprietary chip, Arms Race LMC V2 delivers 5 to 220W which can be set in 0.5W increments. It can accommodate atomizers up to 24mm in diameter with builds ranging 0.1 to 3.0 ohms.

The temperature control output supports Ni200, Titanium and Stainless Steel and there is also a TCR mode. TC operates in the 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit output range with the added convenience of Auto Sensing/Auto Adjusting Joule mode. The menu is user-friendly and intuitive so you will have no hassle adjusting the settings to your preferences.

Accessing the temperature control mode is super easy. You need to click the up button on the wattage adjustment button and then click the fire button to enter the temperature control mode. From there, you can conveniently select Nickel, stainless steel, or Titanium coil settings, depending on the wire you are using for your build.

Overall, a solid new arrival from Limitless with all the bells and whistles packed in a sturdy combat casing. Arms Race LMC V2 by Limitless is now available from Ave40. Get it and try it out: it may become your new robust daily mod with a unique design and powerful performance

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