E-cigars: A great solution


electronic-cigarCigar smoking is a great pastime, which contributes a lot in style statement now days. Cigar is gaining popularity and gone are the days when cigars were considered very exclusive. In starting days, when smoking became trend at that time Cigars are for high class people. Cigars are considered to be the style statement of rich people that they usually smoke it to impress others and to flaunt their richness and high standard.

e-cigarCigars come in two different categories i.e., the mass market and premium. The market is flooded with all kinds of cigars but low cost cigars offering flavors ranging from cognac to vanilla and chocolate are preferred more comparing to premium brands. Women these days generally go for strawberry or chocolate flavor while guys usually prefer strong flavors like cognac or even the coffee ones.

Today more than thousands of cigar brands are available in the market and many of us do not know which brand is better than the other. But while choosing a cigar the important thing is to consider the tobacco level. If you are a novice or first timer, then you should start with trying the milder cigars first. As you develop the taste then you can go for strong ones
E-cigars can provide you with the same smoking sensation like the classic cigarettes but the smoke that it emits will not cause your health hazards. Electronic Cigarettes are different from a classic cigar because you don’t have to finish the cigar if you don’t want to which you cannot do with the classic cigar. With Cigarette Electronique Suisse you can just take few puffs if you want and then keep it and reserve it again for later. You will tend to smoke less e-puffer-cigarbecause once you are satisfied you can keep it and just take a puff later on when you want again. This type of device is not as expensive compared to a regular cigar because you can buy in kits which may last for a longer time. You don’t have to actually buy in packs and you can save a lot of money from it.

E-cigarettes do not have foul odor like the classic cigar, instead they are very sweet in smell because of the flavors of the e-liquid loaded inside the cartridge. Another thing that you will love about e-cigar is that it does not have an ash so you will not need an ash tray for it. If you will come across Cigarette Electronique Belgique online, you will find out that it is so beneficial not just for you but for the environment and for the whole family as well because there is no 2nd hand smoking hazard compared to a classic cigar. That means no side effects. Even if you can see smoke coming from the smoker using e-cigar, the smoke just came from the water vapor with flavor and it will disappear onto the air in just few seconds. One of the dangers of smoking a real or classic cigar is that the smoker cannot control the nicotine intake and the strengths of the nicotine as well.


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