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Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 166 Review

Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 166

Today we're going to review the Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 166 which arrived courtesy of GearBest. After a week's romance, I have to admit I'm deeply in love with this exceptional device. This is by far the best dual 18650 mod I've used in the price range of $130-$150. In a nutshell, a bang for your buck and a pleasure to vape!

Powered by Evolv DNA 250 chip which has been down-throttled to 166W, the Paranormal is an efficient, safe, ergonomically perfect and beautifully looking box mod. You can really have a lovely vape with any of your favorite sub-ohm builds using immaculate TC or regular power mode.

The Packaging

The Paranormal 166W comes in a presentable, chunky black box worthy of a Rolex watch. Now, however elegant and expensive the packaging appears, in this day and age, I would prefer something simple with less cardboard and paper in order to ease my concerns as regards the environment

The Paranormal 166W really and beyond any doubt is of excellent quality and the marvelous but unnecessary packaging should be avoided, IMHO.

Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 166

What's Inside The Box

Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 166

Once out of the neat protective sleeve, the box opens to show the Paranormal 166W mod by Lost Vape, safely tucked inside a soft velvet-like padding. You will also find a manual, a set of spare wooden side plates a rubber suction cup to change the plates and a USB cable.

The manual is very well written and you'll find all the essential details on how to use the mod. The USB cable can be used for on-board balanced charging, to upgrade and to connect to EScribe in order to tweak the settings.

The Exterior Design And Features

The design of this mod is superb and the interchangeable side plates are a really nice touch. The mod arrived in SS, and carbon fiber. As elegant as it is, I find the wooden side plates much more appealing. They give the exterior of the mod the warmth that I like.

To pop the plates off, simply use the suction cup. It's smartly provided in the kit as the side plates have a magnet which holds them in place. The plates do have a little bit of play sideways, but it would be difficult to take them off otherwise.

As regards the exterior, the Paranormal features slide hinged battery door which is a huge improvement over Lost Vape’s the Therion. Being a C frame style mode, Therion had an issue of tearing battery wraps because the first battery was quite difficult to pop in and out. Lost vape fixed the issue with the new style battery door.

Inside, the battery compartment is very clean and the gold plated spring loaded contacts are clearly marked to indicate battery position in series. The door itself is very firm and stays securely in place.

Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 166

The 510 connection is of high quality and can comfortably take all your favorite 22-25mm subohm tanks and RDAs. 25mm atomizers will have no overhang but will have a tiny gap due to the beveled 510 edge. All atomizers will, however, sit flush with the 510 connection.

I had zero issues with OBS Crius, 101 RDA and Epoch RTA by EHPRO, SXK DoggyStyle and my trusted kayfuns. 

The overall build is excellent and the Paranormal feels sturdy and screams quality. The backside is curved and has a soft, rubberized finish, which makes it super comfy to use the mod.  

The artificial turtle shell decorative ring just below the 510 is also a nice touch.

The brushed SS front plate houses SS fire and +/- buttons, a USB charging port and, of course, 0.91 inch OLED screen which is bright and easy to read. Overall, the front plate is simple but elegant.  

Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 166

The fire button is slightly protruding from the frame so I can easily find it with my finger. I like the tactile response of all three buttons and the fast that there's no rattle.

The Performance

Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 166

Since Lost Vape has been producing better and better mods, I expected excellent performance from the Paranormal 166W, and it indeed works flawlessly. 

Powered by 2 18650 batteries, I felt comfortable vaping at as low as 0.2 Ohms​. The mod stays cool and has no problems delivering a satisfying vape effortlessly. Being controlled by Evolv's DNA250 board, the Paranormal is delivering the power while keeping perfect temperature control at all times.

Since you are probably familiar with the DNA boards, all the settings should be fairly easy to adjust for most experienced vapers. ​The beginners won't have hard time adapting to the software settings but I do suggest getting familiar with EScribe as well.
To download EScribe for FREE click here
For FREE EScribe Manual click here.

As for the coil wires, this mod supports Ni200 , Titanium and Stainless Steel and the TC mode has a range of 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. In power mode, the Paranormal hits like a train all the way to 166W. Even those of you who like extreme wattage vaping won't be disappointed.

​The Summary

Overall, the Paranormal 166W by Lost Vape is a truly exceptional piece of vape gear. The brilliant design complements the outstanding performance and DNA250 board and EScribe allow for maximum customization. In all honesty, with 2 18650 batteries and the robust build, this mod may not be perfect for those vapers who are looking for a stealthy and a light-weight device but it is perfect for me!

Our rating: 5.0/5

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