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Mech Mods vs Box Mods | Different Types of Vapes Compared

Mech Mods vs Box Mods Comparison

Mechanical Mods Vs Box Mods? 

When it comes to choosing a device for vaping, you’re probably familiar with the mech mods vs box mods discussion. 

However, to really get a feeling for which style is best, it’s important to understand the differences to make an informed decision. 

After all, different types of mods offer vastly different experiences, so choosing between them will enable you to have a pretty personalized experience and choose the style which suits you.

Box Mods

Mech mod vs box mod: you’ve got options aplenty! Box mods are available in so many different styles, but what makes them unified is their box-shape and how they perform. Also known as regulated mods, these vape devices are designed to provide a highly enjoyable, safe vape experience, without the responsibility required of unregulated mods (more on that a little later!).

They can be anywhere across the spectrum of designs; the best box mods range from immensely simplified styles that make it easy to begin vaping, or they can be extremely advanced, offering the latest technology and features to provide the highest level of vaping for those seeking intense performance.

Vape mods are everywhere. Chances are, you’ve seen vapers using them in public countless times, and if you vape yourself, you are acutely aware of how versatile, enjoyable, and awesome they are. Simply, they are this popular for a reason. Most mods found on the market are regulated box mods, which means just about every possible vaper can be satisfied by one of these devices, even those who prefer the hyper-advanced experience of an unregulated mod.

Catering to everyone; from the curious beginner to the vape expert, box mods offer killer vape experiences, with plenty of different features and customizations, without the need to worry over safety because this is covered as a result of it being a regulated device. So in this instance of box mods vs mech mods, box mods come out on top in regards to simplicity and safety.

Different Styles of Box Vape Mods

Box mods come in two main categories: adjustable power and fixed voltage. They are definitely different from one another and each has unique benefits, so in terms of usage, it pretty much comes down to what you want from the performance. Box mod vs mech mod? If simplicity is what you’re after, box mods for the win.

Fixed Voltage: Fixed voltage vape devices are the most basic you’re going to see in the market. These are, for the most part, the cig-a-likes, the eGo-style vape pens, and pod vaporizers you will commonly see being used.

What makes these devices distinct is their built-in batteries, which offer the most basic design for vaping. By all means, these are not the most advanced products out there, as they are quite limited in handling low resistances.

Adjustable Power: Adjustable power vape devices are immensely popular and they offer greater levels of performance than their fixed voltage counterparts. These vape devices have internal chipsets which control the amount of power within the mod. They provide a constant flow of power delivered to the atomizer, no matter what the voltage of the battery may be.

On Safety

Safety is a huge factor of regulated box mods, which makes them highly desirable. They come with internal circuit boards which are responsible for regulating the electrical current from the battery’s power. This enables these kinds of devices to perform without worry over the amount of power that has been produced by the battery, with exceptional safety, even with high power.

One way you know a mod is regulated is if it has variable voltage or variable wattage. One thing to keep in mind is that there are many different regulated box mods out there, so the level of quality varies among different brands and their products. 

Just because a product is regulated, does not mean the quality is great. Do some research before settling on a particular brand or mod if you’re aiming for a great experience.

Pros of Box Mods:
●Options: endless options are possible with box mods
●Built-in safety features make box mods preferable for most vapers
●The ability to have highly advanced experiences if you want them, with convenience and ease
●A wide array of simple, beginner’s box mods are available
●Ease of use; box mods are ready for use right out of the box
●Very affordable products
●Very substantial, long-lasting battery life
●Fast, convenient charging with micro USB ports
●Clear, easy-to-read displays are common with box mods, offering vaping stats easily
●Many customizations are possible to achieve a very personalized experience

Mech Mods

In regards to the mechanical mod vs box mod debate, here is some in-depth info regarding the more hands-on option of the two. Mech mods, also known as unregulated mods, are immensely different from regulated mods in their operating and construction.

They offer a highly advanced option for those after total control. When it comes to unregulated mech mods, there are several types: mechanical mods, semi-mechanical mods, and other mods that run in Series or Parallel.

In design, these devices are as simple as it gets, which is what enthusiasts appreciate about them. For these types of vapers, these devices offer the ability to customize their device in every way, to create a truly personalized experience. However, with all of that freedom comes great responsibility, as using and working with mech mods is not for the beginner or intermediate vaper. There’s no reading of atomizer resistance; no 10-second shut off; no regulation to ensure the cotton wick isn’t burning; no automatic method to be sure your coils are not being damaged, so you need to ensure you have all of these aspects covered.

Why are Mech Mods so Appealing?

Mech mods are very appealing to those who want a very advanced experience that enables them to create a highly customized device. These devices appeal to the most experienced vapers who have a great amount of knowledge and enjoy the hands-on approach that allows immense freedom. With mech mods, raw power from the battery is sent directly to your best RDA, regardless of wattage. Because mech mods consist of just a mod body, which can be a tube of metal, wood, or plastic material and a single activation button, they require the user to customize the electrical system on their own.

Mechanical mod vs box mod? In terms of customizing, you can’t get more customized than building it exactly to your tastes with a mech mod!

The vaper will also have the ability to use the wire type for their coil that they prefer, enabling a greater amount of flexibility and choice because, with an unregulated mod, you are literally unregulated in your options. No internal circuitry is provided, no power adjusting mechanisms are included, no safety systems are included to fall back on, so you need to know what you’re doing to get the performance just right.

Handle the Responsibility

As mentioned above, there is a lot of responsibility involved in using a mech mod, so it’s necessary that you know what you’re doing, and that you have a ton of experience in working the electronics of vaping to handle it. In terms of mech mods vs box mods, if you’re not up for creating your own electrical system and being confident in its abilities, mech mods may not be for you.

You have to be especially cautious of the occurrence of thermal runaway when using mech mods. Thermal runaway is the overheating of your battery, which can result in unpredictable situations of high heat, increased energy, and potential explosion or fire if you’re not aware of what’s going on.

Again, because the situation can get dangerous quickly, you need a great amount of knowledge before you begin delving into this sector of vaping. If you’re pondering box mods vs mech mods, definitely consider the responsibilities required of mech mods before proceeding.

Pros of Mech Mods:
●You have the ability to vape with as few restrictions as possible, which allows you to have very high wattages and voltages
●Simplicity in every way; the firing button is the link in the circuit between the battery and the atomizer
●Unregulated vape battery power allows you to vape with extremely low ohms and attain massive clouds
●Every little detail lies in your hands; you get to customize the performance in every way to get the exact experience you want
●Options galore when choosing your batteries; if you want extreme power, you have the ability to go there
●No limitations on behalf of circuitry, navigation, chipset, or firmware

When it comes to the discussion of mech mods vs box mods, essentially, it comes down to which method you want. Are you after options and inherent safety, or are you more interested in custom-building your best vape mod with unlimited possibilities? Both options are awesome, which is why they remain so popular, but they are inherently different so it’s really all about what you’re after in regards to performance.

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