Mouth To Lung vs Direct Lung Vaping


Mouth To Lung vs Direct Lung Vaping

Have you finally decided to quit smoking and switch to vaping? Do you often hear or read about mouth to lung vs direct lung vaping but you don’t know what each style means?

Maybe you are already vaping but you are looking for more information in order to customize and improve your vaping experience.

Well, there are two kinds of vaping styles to enjoy - mouth to lung (MTL) and direct lung (DL). Let’s compare the two styles so that you can think about which one suits you best!

Mouth to Lung vaping

Much like smoking the dreaded stinkies, with mouth to lung (M2L or MTL) vaping, you inhale the vapor into your mouth first. You hold it there for a little while and then inhale the vapor into your lungs and exhale it through your mouth and nose enjoying the full e-liquid flavor.

Since smokers who are about to transition to vaping as a 95% less harmful alternative are already used to mouth to lung vaping, this is the best way to start.

The MTL style successfully imitates the smoking process and delivers the needed amount of nicotine without the poisonous and carcinogenic additives, no burning, no tar and no carbon monoxide.

MTL will provide a rich flavor with stronger throat hit which ex-smokers crave.

You should adopt MTL style and start with 18/16mg of nicotine juice strength and then slowly decrease the nicotine intake while focusing on the enjoyment in flavorful e-liquids.

This style asks for higher PG %, ranging from 70-80% and lower VG 20-30%. This is because the MTL style of vaping needs atomizers which have a much tighter draw and smaller airflow holes to enable that.

The coil resistances vary 1-1.8 ohms and the wattage 8-15 watts. Due to increased popularity of DL vaping, there are a lot more sub-ohm tanks in the market in comparison to MTL tanks, but there are still good MTL atomizers like Vandy Vape Berserker, Digiflavor Siren 2 and many more.

As for mods used for MTL style, you can use any mod to your liking, and you don’t need high-powered dual or triple 18650 models. A single 18650 or a mod with an integrated battery will serve you just fine.

You can also get a starter kit with both MTL and restricted DL coils so that you can try both styles. Popular starter kits include Joyetech eVic Vtwo Mini with Cubis Pro, Aspire Zelos 50W Nautilus 2 etc.

Before moving to rebuildables, a starter kit will make it easier for you to take up vaping. The replacement coils are inexpensive so you will improve your health and save a chunk of money at the same time.

Direct Lung Vaping

Direct lung style of vaping (DL, DTL, D2L) involves taking long drags straight into your lungs. You don’t let the vapor linger in your mouth but inhale the vapor and exhale it in a form of nicely smelling, thick cloud.

More intensive and increasingly popular DL vaping is not as frequent method for smokers switching to vaping but a lot of vapors adopt DL vaping over time. This is the result of a huge increase in hobby vaping and cloud chasing.

Vaping enthusiasts (such as myself) have collections of mods, sub-ohm tanks and RDAs (rebuildable dripping atomizers) which are designed especially for direct to lung style and require high-powered mods and high-drain batteries for safety reasons and to deliver the needed power.

The number of DL tanks, high-wattage mods and starter DL kits is simply overwhelming! It’s great that the industry is continuously developing and the DL vaping gear is getting more and more affordable and widely accessible.

E-liquids for DL style contain low or no nicotine (2-3mg – zero mg) and high VG %  (80-100%) to deliver huge clouds – hence the term “cloud chasing”. The lower nicotine strength is due to the fact that the nicotine will hit you in a more direct way: you will feel sufficient throat hit (scratchy throat sensation we used to have when we were smokers a loooong time ago) even with as little as 2mg nicotine.

In time, once their nicotine craving decreases, some people vape nicotine-free juices for the sheer pleasure of flavors and clouds of vapor or just because they fall in love in amazing vaping gear. The fact that novelty mods and tanks are flooding the market is actually good – whatever keeps us off traditional cigarettes is perfect and everyone can find perfect vape gear and juices for their needs!

M2L vaping vs DL vaping

Each style has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. You need to find out which style suits you best. It’s also very common for vapers to enjoy both styles (like myself) depending on the mood or preferences at a specific time.

Mouth to lung vaping gives a harsher throat hit than direct to lung vaping and it’s also more enjoyable to vape tobacco flavors MTL style because it allows for higher nicotine % which sits well with tobacco notes in flavorings.

Vapers who prefer creamy, desert, fruit or sweet flavors in general will turn to DL as these flavors taste much better with as little nicotine as possible – the taste is simply purer and richer.

DL style will deliver thick and massive clouds. You will also have a satisfying vape of your favorite juice while consuming more liquid. The batteries will have to be top-notch quality and high-drain to allow for low resistance= sub-ohm builds. Battery time will decrease so dual or triple battery mods are a must for DL style.

Liquid consumption is lower when you vape M2L style because of lower power used and tighter draw with les airflow. It’s also easy on your battery so you will have more vape time out of a single charge. You may miss all the excitement of learning to build exotic coils but there’s always time for that!

MTL style produces cooler vapor and intense flavor with great throat hit while DL style results in massive clouds, mouthful of yummy taste and a wide assortment of new gear and juices coming up daily – the party never ends with DL vaping as long as you are polite and considerate to people who neither smoke nor vape around you!

If you are a novice vaper or an ex-smoker, I always recommend MTL as a better way to enter the wonderful world of vaping and quit smoking for good. Once you gain more and more experience, you can switch to DL, or you can remain a happy MTL vaper.

To sum up

It’s totally up to you which style of vaping you will choose as long as you kick the nasty habit of smoking and turn to less harmful alternative which is saving billions of lives. Vaping enables us to help others and be active members of our vaping communities around the globe.

I myself have made hundreds of new friends since I quit smoking in 2014. I’ve also been enjoying the smoke-free lifestyle and am feeling a lot better because of it. I wish you guys the same! Vape on!

Tell us about your preferred style of vaping in the comment section below!

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