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PIONEER4YOU IPV Eclipse 200W TC Box Mod Review


Powered by the proven and trusted YiHi SX Mini G-Class chip, the awesome-looking 200-watt IPV Eclipse by PIONEER4YOU is feature-filled, from top to bottom. It combines an ergonomic case, side grip firing button, brilliant display technology and a well-crafted case to make it one of the most popular box mods available.

The Eclipse that shines

Pioneer4You has created an affordable near-high-end mod with functionality and the chipset performance which was once found only on top-dollar devices not accessible to most vapers in terms of price.

The advanced chipset provides ultimate control of your vape experience. Apart from highly accurate temperature control presets for Stainless SS316L/Nickel Ni200/Titanium, there is also the firmware-specific SX Pure setting and manual TCR for any wire types.

The IPV Eclipse also boasts a power and temperature ramp-up control, in Soft, Eco, Standard, Powerful, and Powerful mode. This beautiful and powerful mod also features a full range of protection measures, including low voltage, low resistance, and high-input voltage, overheat, output short circuit, and reverse battery.

Hand-friendly and fully customizable

The ergonomic, hand-friendly frame and an absolutely stunning full-color TFT display make Eclipse one Eclipse screen displayof the latest I-wanna-have-its, but be aware: this is NOT a mod for a vaping newbie! With all the customizable settings and the 200W power output, this mod is recommended for experienced vapers.

It allows ultimate customization and a more personalized control over your vape using SXi-Q-S1 mode which gives you a software-based means to precisely set temperature increases at half-second intervals. It offers a truly intricate ramp-up, to satisfy even the fussiest and most demanding users.

One of the most interesting features for vapers who value customization options first and foremost is SXi-Q Intelligent Taste Curve technology. What it is a sophisticated algorithmic calculation which allows you to set, fine tune, and save 5 output curves.

With the YiHi SX420 chip-set offering a highly regarded temperature control technology the Eclipse also has support for standard TC heating elements and TCR functionality with Joule and Degree based settings. I simply don’t see this mod fall short in terms of reliable TC and TCR performance.

All of the chipset features would be for naught if the IPV Eclipse weren’t comfortable to use. But it goes beyond ergonomics and comfort. On top of this, it’s a stunning looking mod with a sleek but robust zinc alloy frame and but eye-catching color accents.

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The exterior features

eclipse mechanical functions labeledThe sturdy and reliable side-firing bar, along with the ergonomic body is designed for comfortable everyday use. The customization features, accurate temperature control, and the advanced YiHi SX Mini G-Class chip make the Eclipse the most technologically advanced and versatile IPV unit to date.

The 30mm stainless steel 510 will accommodate all atomizers and the standard spring loaded gold plated 510 connection will ensure the atomizers have a solid, firm and flush connection with no overhang.

Just below the 510 and opposite of fire bar, on the top of the mod, you will find a curved area with the IPV logo plate. This is your thumb rest area and triggering the mod while having an ergonomic thumb support adds to the overall comfort of using the Eclipse.

The USB port is located just underneath this thumb rest. It allows for both 2-amp onboard charging, and regular firmware updates so that you can customize software and get a fully optimized and personalized user experience. Even the wallpapers on the fantastic Eclipse screen are customizable, which is a really cool extra!

The Eclipse is powered by two 18650 batteries and has an excellent slide and lock bottom battery access door. This type of hinged door has become the standard for a dual 18650 design using the same form factor as Eclipse and quite a lot of other mods.

Don’t forget to use high-drain batteries from trusted brands and reliable suppliers and you’ll have a safe and amazing vape experience with this mod.

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The latest and the best from Pioneer4You

The Eclipse is now a flagship device from Pioneer4You, and this time they do mean business. I have to give credit to Pioneer4You for their amazing persistence to stay competitive in a lightning-fast vape gear market.

different eclipse color optionsThey certainly learned from the past designs of their successful mods but also some less than stellar APVs. The result is the Eclipse with its brilliant design and easy to use function and settings features.

With the stunning color IPS HD Display, the sturdy side firing bar, the ergonomic shape of the mod for perfect form factor and an extremely accurate temperature control performance, the Eclipse is an example of a cutting-edge device.

Since it usually comes to individual design preferences, preferred form factor, reliability, and chip performance, you’ll often get a headache from the sheer number of super-solid mods available today.

Fortunately, the Eclipse is a no-brainer! It performs well, it looks great, it has a solid build and the number of cool features certainly got my attention.


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