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Recurve Squonk Box Mod & Warrior BF RDA | A Solid Vape Combo by WOTOFO

Recurve Squonk Box Mod & Warrior BF RDA by WOTOFO make a great squonk combo

Recurve Squonk Box Mod & Warrior BF RDA arrived straight from WOTOFO  for the purpose of this review.

The Recurve Squonk box mod is made by Wotofo and Mike Vapes and the Warrior BF is the result of collaboration with JFT Elite.

I matched them as a squonk kit so let's check out how they perform as a combo! 

What you get in the Wotofo Recurve Squonk Mod package is the mod itself, one silicone squonk bottle, the manual, one 18650 battery adapter, one 26650 adapter and a USB port.

The manual is well written but has a typo: the actual cutoff is 3.3 Volts. 

The 18650 adapter is of good quality but the 26650 should be better. The USB cable is solid but I always recommend using a quality external charger.

The basic Wotofo Recurve Squonk Mod specs are as follows:

Dimensions: 60.5mm x 27.0mm x 90.0mm
Materials Used: Zinc alloy + rubber coating
Output Voltage: 3.3-4.2V
Max Output Power: 80W
Bottle Capacity: 8ml
Resistance Range: 0.08-3.0ohm

Wotofo Recurve Squonk Box Mod

The Ergonomics, Battery Door and The Fire Button

Wotofo Warrior BF RDA AF holes and blue DT matchy look

For people with larger than average hands, the Recurve is perfect. For those with average to small hands, it may come as a tad too big.

The shape is great, it sits well in the hand and I like the curves.

The trigger finger falls right onto the fire button which is nice and clicky with little to no play.

The ring finger hits the squonk bottle right where it should.

What I consider a con is the battery door: it's way too loose and if you grab the mod on the door side, you will drop it. The lower magnet is solid but the two on the top part are way too week for a mod this size and weight.

The battery door really needs improvement when it comes to hanging tight in there.

The 510 and the Squonk Bottle

Wotofo Recurve Squonk Box Mod 510 is solid
Wotofo Recurve Squonk Box Mod squonk bottle works fine
Wotofo Recurve Squonk Box Mod squonk bottle open

Overall, the 510 machining is great quality and it has a nice throw to it. I tried a few BF RDAs and they all sit flush. The 510 plate is 20mm but the top plate can take atomizers up to 26mm in diameter.

The squonk bottle gives a great squonking action. It fills the juice well nicely and picks up the excess liquid, as well. Be careful not to overfill the bottle as you will spill liquid when trying to close it. Putting the bottle onto the squonk needle is fine but I wish the bottle was more transparent so I can see the level of liquid better.

How Do the Various Size Batteries Fit In?

Wotofo Recurve Squonk Box Mod four battery size configuration fail
Three most popular vape battery sizes 18650 20700 21700

The idea of having such a versatile mod that can take 4 battery sizes is great. However, while there are no problems using the 18650 (with the adapter), very few, if any 21700 batteries fit in without tearing the wrap as the width of the battery compartment is insufficient in the corners near the pins. 

20700 fit in fine and so do 20650 but 21700... better luck next time!

At wattages of 80W and more, I prefer taller drip tips so although the 810 looks lovely I opted for the black 510 drip tip. The adapter for it works well, it's simple and holds the 510 DT firm in place.

Wotofo Recurve Squonk Mod Summary


+ Great ergonomic design
+ Can fit 20700, 20650 and 18650 batteries
+ Protection from overcharging (3.3V) and 10 seconds cutoff
+ Excellent squonk bottle action

+ Good fire button


- 0.5V voltage drop
- Loose battery door

Wotofo Warrior BF RDA

Wotofo Warrior BF RDA a pleasant surprise!

Before my Warrior RDA arrived from Wotofo, I saw a couple of reviews saying that the clamps holding the coils in place are creating additional resistance and, hence, a voltage drop so I was kinda worried.

When it arrived and I set it up, I took it to a friend who's and electronics specialist and has a genuine, lab grade Wheatstone Bridge measuring and testing unit - results: no added resistance from the clamps and no voltage drop on my SS version! Woo hoo!!!

In the package, you will get Juggernaut coils, a piece of cotton, a 810 spare drip tip, one 510 DT adapter, an XL screwdriver and a bag of spare screws and orings. A really generous package to get your squonking party started!

The Warrior RDA Deck

The Wotofo Warrior RDA deck is extremely coil-building friendly and will take the beefiest coils. The posts are solid and the clamps are keeping the leads tight.

My main concern was the alleged voltage drop on some of the finishes due to the clamps but, as I wrote, the measuring rendered my worries unnecessary. No added resistance and no voltage drop!

Guess you shouldn't believe everything on YouTube...

Wotofo Warrior BF RDA deck with a lot of coil building space and juice feeding hole

The Warrior RDA Setup and Wicking

Wotofo Warrior BF RDA setup

The screws are solid and the juice feeding port hole is conveniently raised above the spacious juice well. Lately, I've been opting for dual spaced quad coils so I gave them a shot with the Warrior, as well. I got the aimed 0.3 ohms.

If you have problems fitting the coils cause the clamps are positioned at the bottom of the posts, I suggest turning the mod with the RDA upside down: the clamps are going to fall and let you insert the first coil.

Once you measure the leads length, you can cut the leads on the second coil and simply insert them. It takes some practice to get both coils firm and as close to the AF holes as possible.

The cotton is easy to set up: just push and pull each wick through the coil, cut the excess cotton and tuck all four ends downwards but make sure not to block the juice feeding center hole.

The chamber is conical, which enhances the flavor. There are 24 holes total. With my kind of setup, I left only 9 holes open and I got a tasty, flavorful vape at 50W.

The top cap can easily be moved to adjust the airflow and I like the included black knurled as well as the blue 810 drip tips.
The included 510 adapter is always a welcomed addition for vapers who like restricted draw and prefer using tighter matchy matchy 510 DTs from their collection.

Wotofo Warrior BF RDA conical chamber and condensation after 5ml of juice

How Does the Wotofo Warrior RDA vape?

Wotofo Recurve Squonk Box Mod and Warrior BF RDA vape

Using the Recurve Squonk mod, I got a satisfying vape from the Warrior RDA, regardless of the mod voltage drop. It can certainly be better on a regulated mod but this combo is still a solid squonking option.

Is there room for improvements? Yes! And I do expect them from Wotofo! Many thanks for the sample gear!

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