Arizer Air vaporizer review

Arizer Air vaporizer review

Arizer Air is among the best-performing vaporizers you can find in the market and here is a unique feature I love about it– it has an automatic shut-off functionality that can turn the heater off after ten minutes just in case you somehow zone off when using the vaporizer. Its ceramic heating element also adds a lot to the quality of vape you can get since it helps in keeping herb quality and flavor pure.

It is very easy to use Arizer Air vaporizer and that is a thing I can personally testify – hardly do I waste time when I need to use the vaporizer and its parameter settings are simple to control. You just need to push the arrows up or down and cycle through the different settings available for this vaporizer. From my personal vaping experiences, I mostly prefer the white and green zones (190 and 200 degrees Celsius) since they give the best vaping.

Though there many comparisons often being made between Arizer Air and Solo vaporizers, I believe that Arizer Air is made to satisfy some parameters which many people hardly experience in Solo. For instance, though the vaporizers are made to be portable, Solo’s larger size really make it not to qualify as a portable vaporizer.

Solo weighs incredible 230 grams just compared to Arizer Air’s 100 grams and that is where I feel like there shouldn’t be any comparison between these two vaporizers.

I have tried Arizer Air and Solo vaporizers on different occasions and this is the point I use whenever comparing vaporizers – the quality of vape they give. Arizer Air has much higher vaping quality than what Solo gives. Regarding any similarity I have observed in the two vaporizers, they just work the same though deliver different vaping quality outcomes.

If I am forced to pick one vaporizer out of the two, I will always go Arizer Air for this simple reason – it is light, very portable and gives a vape quality which is reasonable enough, though not the best.

A thorough review of Arizer Air can best explain to us the kind of convenience it offers, its features, vape quality and the user experience a person can get when using it. In this review, I will explain what you can expect in Arizer Air, right from its packing, what is contained inside its package and even get how the vaping experience feels like with this vaporizer.

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Arizer Air First Impression, unboxing the item

Arizer Air First Impression, unboxing the item

I have had experience with so many vaporizers and this is one thing I have come to realize lately – you can assess the quality of a vaporizer by what is inside its packaging box. Arizer Air comes in a neatly packaged brown box, a huge plus for any person who may be interacting with the vaporizer for the first time.

From my numerous trials with different models of Arizer vaporizers, it concurs to me that the manufacturer often opts for pretty packing perhaps to give the buyers an impression that is what is inside is also good-looking as what is observed in the outside. Let’s not forget that the first impression always matter. Nevertheless, here are some of the accessories you can find inside unboxed brand new Arizer Air vaporizer package.

  • Arizer Air vaporizer, the main accessory which many people set their eyes on when unpacking any new Arizer vaporizer package
  • Instruction manual which sorts of explains how the vaporizer can be safely used, maintained and any other relevant information which can offer convenience when using the vaporizer. The language used in the instruction manual is very straightforward.

How you can disassemble as well as re-assemble the different components of the vaporizer is explained in detail and hardly will you find any problem when putting Arizer Air vaporizer into its use.

  • Mouthpieces – the mouthpieces are available in different sizes and their inclusion adds a lot of points to this vaporizer. People have their preferred ways of getting the right soothing vaping taste and the mouthpieces can surely work towards that purpose.
  • Vaporizer charger – the charger works incredibly fast in getting the vaporizer battery powered and operating it surely can’t involve any effort.
  • A stirring tool for mixing herbs in the vaporizer’s heating chamber – the stirring tool ensures that the herbs in the oven uniformly and give a consistent taste when the vaporizer is heating. In instances where herbs are not stirred accordingly before getting vaped, it often gets very rare to get that sensation sweet tasting air which many people would prefer to enjoy.
  • A dish meant for herbal fragrances, from my personal experience I highly doubt whether many Arizer Air users can put this dish into use. However, if you regularly find a need to add some herbal fragrance to your vaping experience, then you will surely appreciate this dish.
  • Silicon case meant as a protective case
  • Carry case – the case can conveniently hold the different components of Arizer Air vaporizer. Using this case will ensure that you hardly leave any important vaping accessory as you are traveling and setting Arizer Air vaporizer aside for a possible vaping session.

From what other manufacturers provide, I am impressed that Arizer Air contains almost all accessories you can need to enjoy an incredibly wonderful vaping experience.

Arizer Air is available both in silver and black color models and that is a well-thought design concept since some vaping lovers are really keen on the colors of their vaporizers. Having Arizer Air vaporizer can give you the vaping you can wish for. The package is very small, lightweight and you can thereby carry it to any place you would wish to enjoy smooth tasting vaping air.

Using Arizer Air vaporizer to get its performance impression

Using Arizer Air vaporizer

Before I can talk about loading herbs into the vaporizer’s heating chamber, it would do me a great honor to discuss Arizer sleekness. The vaporizer is incredibly simple to handle. It’s lightweight and ease of use just mean that hardly will you waste time when getting it to work.

At the same time, it feels like a real solid object and that is a factor I love to feel especially when owning a high-quality and important vaping accessory like Arizer Air vaporizer.

Arizer Air vaporizer is powered by an internal battery which is removable and replaceable. That is a big plus since you can switch to a battery having a higher power rating if you are not impressed with what is provided in this vaporizer. The battery only takes an hour to get fully charged. You can use Arizer Air vaporizer for close to an hour and that is a good call since some of us would love longer vaping sessions.

One hour battery charge means that you can enjoy about five vaping sessions, each taking place for approximately 12 minutes. You can enjoy more sessions especially if you vape for like 6 minutes or less in most of your sessions. Personally, most of my vaping sessions approximately take 4 minutes. The battery power of Arizer Air works incredibly well for me since I can use the vaporizer for a full day and enjoy some bonus hours before resorting to charging.

Now, let’s focus on Arizer Air heating chamber, as some may prefer to call it, the oven. The capacity of the oven is huge enough and in my opinion, it can work well both for persons who vape little or reasonably huge herb quantities.

It can hold sufficient amount of herb that can satisfy your vaping experience as well not compromise on the vaping experience quality. Specifically, Arizer Air vaporizer has a capacity of approximately 0.25 grams. That amount is enough to give 10-15 draws which in a reasonable sense do give the right vaping experience.

Once you have packed the vaporizer’s stem with the right herb quantity, you can tap it a little bit so that it doesn’t get lose. For superb draw quality, ever insist on using finely ground herb since they can vapor easily and give the right vapor quality. To fix the stem accordingly into its right place, have it upright and make sure that the main unit is upside down.

Insert the stem into the heating chamber and press it so that it can fit accordingly. Once the stem is in its right place, you can turn the vaporizer on and wait for approximately 90-120 seconds before the operating temperature can be reached.

At this time, you should watch out for the LED light – it will show a solid color to indicate that it is ready for use and you can start enjoying your draws. Arizer Air vaporizer offer excellent draw quality though sometimes you might have the feeling that you are sipping through a relatively thick milk using a straw.

If a draw gets too hard to pull, then you solve that problem by lifting the stem up 1.5-2 millimeters from the bottom of the heating chamber – that will make any of your subsequent draws to be much easier. The first draws are often the best felt since they are rich in flavor. You should make draws for at least between 5-10 seconds if you wish to enjoy maximum vaping satisfaction from Arizer Air vaporizer.

My thoughts on the vaping quality and performance

My thoughts on the vaping quality and performance

I am convinced that Arizer Air is good quality vaporizer since its smoothness can be quite satisfying. Though it can give a scratchy feeling sometimes and not as cool as other portable vaporizers, still I can recommend it as good try and totally acceptable for vaping experience. Regarding reliability, Arizer Air passes as an above-average vaporizer.

Concerning cleanliness and maintenance routines for the vaporizer, that isn’t a tough job since little effort is needed to keep the vaporizer working and in good shape. Just as usual, insist on brushing its chamber and cleaning the stem after each vaping session so that you can be guaranteed of incredibly enjoyable future vaping sessions.

The cleanliness aspect should mostly focus on the stem. If the stem is hardly cleaned, it will have an old look which mentally won’t do well for any person intending to have quality vaping. Why is cleaning the stem that important? Rarely cleaned stems do develop a buildup of herb residues and that might reduce herb vaping efficiency.

For stems which have a buildup of solid particles, they can be cleaned by soaking them in isopropyl alcohol and rinsing them with water before using them for vaping. Clean stems also ensure that vaping herbs stay pure and that is a factor that must be well looked into.

My Final thoughts

Love Arizer Air vaporizer

What do I love the most about Arizer Air vaporizer? It is portable and I can thereby conveniently have it to any place I might be going for reasonably too long. Its battery power is also awesome. Full battery power can give me wonderful vaping sessions assuming that I am reasonable enough on the number of times I vape on a given day.

Taking care of this vaporizer is also incredibly easy. All the accessories I can possibly need to keep a clean and working vaporizer all available in the packaging box.

The shape and the size of this vaporizer are also wonderful. The sleek design gives me a lot of comforts as well as confidence when using it. Finally, I shouldn’t forget about the quality of the vape it produces. Though I have tried many other vaporizers that give far much superior vape, still I find the vape quality of Arizer Air to be reasonably good.

My overall score for the vaporizer would be 90%. The manufacturer can do a better job by focusing more on the quality of vape that can be obtained when using this vaporizer. In my opinion, Arizer Air can best suit first-timers as well as seasoned vapors and from my experience, it is often hard to come across that is designed to cater for such different vaping user groups.

You can purchase Arizer Air via its manufacturer official platform or anywhere you can find its genuine version. Overall, though it is not the best quality in the market, still there are many incredibly wonderful features you can enjoy when using Arizer Air for a vaping experience.




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