New Best Vape Mods & Top Box Mods In 2018 | MUST READ GUIDE

Best Vape Mods and Box Mods 2018

You are looking for your best-suited vape mod?…. Then you will love this ranking! After we reveal our #1 Vape Mod we’ll give you a nice little table to look at our other top ranked mods so make sure to check out our full comprehensive list!

Below you find a list with 9 of the BEST vape mod currently available! (Beware outdated lists on google)

I’m Max Vape, the chief reviewer and founder of this website. 
This is my 2018 lineup… all these mods are carefully selected – Up to the present day I have used 42 vape mods.

Don’t miss out… to check out my Best Vaporizer Ranking 2018  or our top e-cigarettes right here.

Which is the Best Vape Mod Overall?

#1 Vape Mod GeekVape Aegis 100W Waterproof TC Vape MOD + 26650 Battery

It’s PERFECT for bringing it anywhere with you. Check out this featured video about how durable it is!

THIS JUST IN: As of 10/30/2018 this is my NEW TOP, RECOMMENDED CHOICE:


Extreme responsiveness make sure it fires INSTANTLY – not even an annoying, half second delay and with an output of 100W it’ll be exactly what you’re looking for.

You can’t beat the durability of military, exterior-grade casing (as shown in the video). It’s beautiful OLED display and upgradable firmware makes it a solid choice that will always stay up to date. Click here to read our FULL LENGTH review on the Vape Mod GeekVape Aegis 100W.

stock photo of GeekVape Aegis 100W with package

Best Vape Mod 2017

1. GeekVape Aegis 100W + Battery
Rating: 100/100

[Best Overall]
●Waterproof, shockproof
●Upgradable Firmware
●Very bright display
●Extremely Durable
2. SMOK Alien Kit
Rating: 100/100

[High Power]
●Best Value 4 Money
●Very efficient
●Nice and small
3. VaporFi VEX
Rating: 97/100

[Best High Power]
●Powerful & Elegant
●Produces awesome clouds
●High safety level
4. Lost Vape Therion DNA166
Rating: 99/100

[High Power]
●Amazing battery life (2+ days)
5. Kanger CUPTI AiO
Rating: 91/100

[Best Medium Power]
●No Leaking
●Easy to use
●Lasts WHOLE day
6. VaporFI VAiO
Rating: 97/100

[Medium Power]
●All in One
●Indestructible - won't break
7. Eleaf iStick Pico
Rating: 92/100

[Medium Power]
●Low Pricing
●Upgradable firmware
8. VaporFI VOX
Rating: 96/100

[Best Low Power]
●Reliable and Compact
●Fast recharge
9. SMOK Stick One
Rating: 92/100

[Low Power]
●Portable & Stealthy
●Good vapor production

Our #2 Choice – The Runner Up?

Smok Alien 220W Kit

After months of testing different new vape mods in our team…

I can finally announce it:

#1 Vape MOD – SMOK Alien 220W TC Kit – A+ Performance A+ Design A+ Clouds

Since its release in 2018… Everybody has been asking me to review it.

Now I did! My expectations were significantly exceeded. Read more below.


Apply 10% Coupon -

For safety’s sake get the SMOK Alien Kit from the authorized dealer – DirectVapor

***Best Deal: SMOK Alien Bundle (with SMOK TFV12 + 2×18650)***

#1 Overall Choice

GeekVape Aegis 100W Review – Waterproof TC Vape MOD with 26650 Battery

Aegis 100W by GeekVape is the latest addition to their range of TC mods. And what a mod! Capable of up to 100W and with zero delay, this mod is powered by a single 26650 or a single 18650 battery and controlled by GeekVape’Aegis 100W close ups latest chip. Get it at the cheapest price from Direct Vapor.

Apart from the screen protector, all the parts of Aegis 100W are held in place with screws to make it as robust and long-lasting as possible. From the gold-plated spring-loaded 510 connection to the buttons, this mod screams quality!

The bright and large OLED display is easily read even in strong light. The brightness is adjustable so you can fully adjust it to your preferences by pressing the “-” (or the “+” button) and the fire button at the same time.

Aegis 100W is firmware upgradable using the USB port which is hidden under the plate opposite the fire button. The protective plate also has screws for waterproofing but you will only need the USB to upgrade the software since USB charging is not supported.

Another shockproof and waterproof feature is the battery door on the bottom of the mod. The door uses a threaded cap with a metal tap for easier opening. Aegis 100W takes one 26650 battery An 18650 battery can also be used and the package includes a Styrofoam adapter.

The backside of the mod is wrapped in stitched genuine leather and the mod feels very comfortable in the hand. The medium-sized fire button has a light-switch shape and has no rattle.

The navigation menu is user-friendly and you can tweak all the settings and adjustments on the home screen. Further customization is also possible using the VPC mode to create custom wattage/temperature curves.

And that’s not all! Aegis 100W was designed by Justin from GeekVape to be waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof. This mod is compact (88.6mm x 37,8mm x 46,6mm) and extremely visually appealing.

Best High Wattage Mod – For Vapoholics

#1 | SMOK Alien 220W TC Kit *Value 4 Money

SMOK Alien Kit

The Smok Alien 220W Kit is SMOKTECH’s newest flagship vape kit! You better be prepared for some powerful hits using this kit. The long firing delay that used to plague SMOK vape mods is no more!

The first thing to say – why the Alien Kit climbed up to the #1… value for money! It’s performance & design match a +$100-$120 kit. At just $69 (tank+mod)… So why spend more money than needed, right?!
Or on the other hand… why cut back on performance? When you can have way more with the Alien, by just adding a couple of bucks…

This is the main value, the Alien Kit has to offer:

  • Aesthetic Design – The colors of the tank & mod match. Especially in gold, it looks sick! The Alien has a small convenient size. Is Light. Due to the Alien’s ergonomic design… it fits great in your hand. And firing with the unique SMOK bar feels very natural & comfortable.
  • Power House – The Baby Beast + the Alien perform exceptionally together. Huge clouds… and there is still ejuice left after a couple of hits! -> The reason I favor the baby beast tank over its predecessor. It’s efficient. Additionally, the delicious flavor is almost overwhelming… especially combining it with VaporFi E-liquids.

And there is much more!… Mess-free refill system, puff counter, thick vapor production etc.

SMOK definitely convinced me with this kit. Best value for your $! The TFV8 Baby Beast Tank and the Alien Mod are a great combination! -> How about the Alien Mod + TFV12… get the bundle here.

You just want the Alien mod? Get it here

E-cigarettePros Rating: 100/100

buy alien

#2 | VaporFi VEX 150W TC *Classy & Elegant

VaporFi Vex 150W

VaporFi is known for releasing high-quality and reliable mods. Its newest creation is the VaporFi VEX 150W. I was really impressed by the design. The VEX is very classy. It looks and feels like a luxury product — but still at an affordable price.

The rough edges give the VEX a solid feel.. and the VaporFi engraving – on the back of the device –  adds to the overall classy design.

What besides the design did I like?

  • High safety level – Flush-Mounted firing button… so it doesn’t fire in your pocket accidentally
  • Solid performance – Produces voluminous clouds & excellent flavor…
    Yet this mod should not be your first pick – if you are only about massive cloud production…. Rather about long durability!

The VEX is not one of those flashy mods. The simple yet elegant design is unique – why explains the higher pricing. VaporFi also offers a full kit (includes tank, batteries & e-liquid). Have a look!

E-cigarettePros Rating: 97/100

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#3 | Lost Vape Therion DNA166 TC *Stricking Aethetics

Lost Vape Therion 166

Remember the release of the DNA 75? I was quite interested in this mod… but I didn’t pull the trigger, because I occasionally like to vape at high wattage.

But I promised myself I am going to get myself a Therion mod… if they release a high wattage version.

And now it’s standing right next to my laptop, while I am righting this review! The *NEW* – Lost Vape Therion DNA166 –

The Therion 166 is a must-have for every vape collector! It’s amazing in every possible way! You will definitely fall in LOVE with the striking aesthetics & high-performance of the device!

Fine Craftsmanship – It feels like you hold on to something really special. SturdyElegantSexy.

Powerful Vaping Experience – If this is your first time using a DNA chip… you will instantly notice the difference from a normal chip! 

In addition: The battery life is superb (up to 2 days (!) for heavy vaper & 4d for light vaper).

Better than SMOK Alien? Look at your budget.. and then decide. Overall (including price) the Alien is currently my #1. BUT… If you want to spend some extra $ for even better performance + the design. Don’t hesitate.

DirectVapor is currently one of the only stores… that has the Therion 166 in stock. Either in purple/grey ostrich & elephant black (pre-order). I recommend either purple ostrich… or if you are patient enough to wait – go for elephant black!

E-cigarettePros Rating: 99/100

buy therion 166


Best Medium Wattage Mod – For Vapestars

#1 | Kanger CUPTI All In One 75W Kit

Kanger CUPTI All in One 75W Kit

Kanger CUPTI  75W is an all-in-one TC MOD, with a built-in tank(CLOCC coils), by Kangertech. One of the most popular and reliable brands in the vaping community.

You had leaking issues with the “Nebox”? Then you will love the CUPTI. It is based on kangertech’s very first TC mod the Nebox and it addresses the leakage problem that the Nebox had. While I used it.. the CUPTI did not show any signs of leakage. So Kangertech did a great job there.

What I love about the CUPTI?

  • It’s super easy to use
  • The LCD Display is placed at the top of the device. Easy for me to see while vaping
  • Small hand-held size (easily fits in your pocket)
  • Sick vapor and great flavor (from every 70/30 juice I used)

The CUPTI is a unit I can vape all day. 5ml tank capacity + a fully charged battery will last about 1 day.

To sum it all up: The CUPTI is a great upgrade from the Nebox!

E-cigarettePros Rating: 91/100

final button

#2 | VaporFI VAiO 75W TC

VaporFi VAiO 75W

You’re looking for a powerful all-in-one mod? You can’t be bothered setting up an extra tank? Look no further than the VAIO 75 TC! It’s an easy set-up. Takes no more than 10min right of the box to vape (inject ejuice → prime coil → insert fully charged 18650 Battery → vape!)

Top 6 Benefits – What I like about the VAIO 75TC:

  • Exchangeable battery (!)
  • Solid and high-quality shell – this vape is never going to break
  • All black design – not too flashy
  • Tank with top-fill design – It’s impossible to spill ejuice
  • Tank connector included – If for some reason you want to install a tank, you can!
  • Safety protection (over-charging / over-current) + Prevents spitbacks

VaporFi also offers a full kit. So you can start vaping right away. It includes a battery, more coils, and custom made vape juice. Check it out

Is it worth its higher pricing?

Mods by VaporFi are usually in a higher price category. Resulting from VaporFi’s focus -> long-durabilityhighquality material & safety. Therefore you decide what’s more important for you…

btw – I found the sweet spot around 50W-60W! Thick vapor production & great flavor. Instantly.

E-cigarettePros Rating: 97/100

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#3 | Eleaf iStick Pico 75W TC MOD Kit

Eleaf iStick Pico 75W TC MOD Kit

The Eleaf iStick Pico 75W TC MOD is the newest addition to the iStick family. And let me say this: Eleaf got everything right with this stealthy little device. One thing that really impressed me beforehand… where the constant 5 Star ratings by vapers (in reviews, on Youtube and DirectVapor etc.).

Now that I’m using the mod since 3 weeks… I know why. The iStick Pico 75W is one of the best mods for your buck, currently available. The Pico has the capabilities of mods that are twice it’s size… not to mention twice its price.

Here is what I like about it:

  • Great vapor production and great flavor
  • Melo III Mini Tank that comes with it
  • This mod just cannot leak!
  • The Pico is firmware upgradeable, so you constantly stay up to date

Note: If you notice a tighter draw after some time using it… change the coil and it will back to 100%!

Summarizing, the iStick Pico 75W has a perfect size – it’s small yet powerful -. I am fully satisfied.

E-cigarettePros Rating: 92/100

final button

VaporFi E liquids

Best Low Wattage Mod – For Vapenewbies

#1 | VaporFI Vox 40W TC

vaporfi vox 40wAnother little beast! The Vox 40W TC by VaporFi, small size but great power. Read more about Vaporfi here..

What I liked about it:

  • Perfectly handy size, that fits anywhere
  • Solid high-powered mod for great cloud blowing
  • USB pass-through charging system
  • Atomizer resistance from 0.15 ohm to 3.5 ohm

If you are into small box mods setup and Vapenewbie, then the Vox 40W is definitely a device you will love. Every part of the vape mod is crafted right and will do exactly what it needs to.

This device won’t quit on you after a couple of weeks. A long-term investment. You can even save a few bucks (10%!), buying through this link:

E-cigarettePros Rating: 96/100

final button(Click to include 10% Coupon Code)

#2 | SMOK Stick One Starter Kit

Smok Stick One

The SMOK Stick One is the right pick for you, if….

  • You want to quit smoking
  • You need a 2nd… light & portable vape, you can carry around with… not 3×18650 Batteries pulling down your pants
  • You want something stealthy
  • You are a light vaper. You love E-liquids. But you don’t want to vape excessively.

It has become my first pick – when going out on dates or partying. Occasions, where I can’t be bothered having a heavy dual or 3×18650 batterie mod in my pocket.

The first thing that will surprise you, when using this kit.. is the great vapor production. The SMOK Stick One starter kit is a combination of.. the eGo cloud battery & the TFV4 Nano Tank!

What makes the setup work so well…. is the TFV4 Nano Tank. Outfitted with a dual Clapton-coil head. It is designed to produce huge clouds & great flavor at much lower wattages (~ 30 watts).

Using the SMOK Stick One is high performance vaping.. from a portable & easy-to-use starter kit.

To continue receiving the best experience possible – it is essential that you replace your micro coil as satisfaction reduces. => SMOK Micro Coils

E-cigarettePros Rating: 92/100

final button

Best Vape Tank for Your mod

#1 | Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast


The SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast – fulfills your wish for extreme performance. It’s the German Porsche of vape tanks in SMOK’s exhaustive line of “Taste Furious” (TF).

It is rated at an incredible 50-260W, featuring a pre-installed 0.15Ω Octuple coil head (- yes… eight coils!). The TFV8 is definitely the right pick for you.. if you want the maximum possible vapor production. There is currently nothing else available among sub-ohm tanks… that come even close.

Some fog machine tanks are a bit low on flavor – not the TFV8. It still has a great purity and depth of flavor!

Besides the room filling clouds… you might like this too:

  • Top filling method – The size of the swiveling cap top has increased in size, it’s easy to refill.
  • Very precise and robust build quality

Overall a highly recommendable tank! It provides you over-the-top vaping experience. Delivers intense, delicious flavor. And produces enormous clouds. 

Have fun using this tank! Click the link below, to include free shipping!

E-cigarettePros Rating: 100/100

buy Cloud Beast

VaporFi E liquids

New Vape Mods?

– SMOK G-PRIV 220W Kit – 

Best Mod Smok G Priv

The Smok G-PRIV Kit will crush your doubts about touchscreen MODs.. and make you love it! – It is quite amazing how SMOKtech puts out these crazy ideas in its products and rocks the world of vaping.

I just came home from my trip to Suisse, where I used the GPriv Kit constantly. This is what I loved about it (expect fooling girls into thinking, that this is actually a smartphone.. not a mod 😀):

  • Amazing Flavor – Seriously I can’t stop sucking on this mod(!!) I used VaporFi E-liquids – And it’s crazy how much flavor – the GPriv + Baby Beast – squeeze out of the liquids
  • Long Lasting Battery Life – The first thought which came in my mind, thinking about the LED touchscreen: The battery is going to be dead after 2 hours… But the GPriv proved me completely wrong – I used LG HE4 18650 Batteries – and the mod lasted +3 days (I’m not the heaviest user + The GPriv has a power saving timeouts)
  • Cloud Beast – The GPriv + Baby Beast Tank is the best combination I have used so far! There is almost no limit to the cloud production (expect your lung capacity)

To cover all your concerns, about the touchscreen:

  • The screen is covered with shatterproof glass
  • There is a screen lock, to prevent you from accidently changing setting

Enjoy this amazing touchscreen mod by SMOK. It’s the new generation.

Be one of the FIRST to own this new Mod

Best Battery for Your mod

#1 | LG MJ1 18650 3500mAh 10A Battery *High-Drain

You have been asking yourself: What is the best battery for my mod?

The Batteries I’m currently using for my SMOK, VaporFI & Kangertech devices is the LG MJ1 18650.
I have been using Samsung & Sony before. Since the release of the MJ1, I’ve been sticking these enormous 3500mAh capacity batteries! 

LG MJ1 18650 3500mAhThe LG MJ1 Batteries are a great combination of

  • Low operating temperature
  • Delivering loads of battery life
  • Great voltage while running

It’s important to get 18650 Batteries from a well-known vendor. Because there are a lot of fake batteries out there, which perform badly or are even dangerous to use.

DirectVapor is a reliable source. They only carry authentic batteries for vape mods (either 1 to 3 – 18650 mods).

You can either get a single LG MJ1 Battery here. Or use the link below to save some cash on the 2-Pack.

buy MJ1

Best E-liquid for Your mod

VaporFi Eliquids – Beware: So good you will definitely get addicted!

Best E liquid

I got my hands on the newest e-juices by VaporFi. And boy are they delicious! I am never going back. My girlfriend doesn’t even smoke… but she has been hanging on my ecig since then.

VaporFi’s E-Juice is 100% USA made and FDA approved. They’ve got 30.000 options to choose from. The following are my top 3:

Click the names to get the right page directly

  • Grandma S Dutch Apple Pie – They nailed the taste with this one! Excatly like an apple pie. You first get the intense taste of baked apples while inhaling… and the subtle cake flavor while exhaling.

Once you try out VaporFi’s ejuice.. you will notice, that they don’t only have great vape mods – but are the #1 when it comes to flavorful ejuice.
What I love about ordering at VaporFi: You receive your eliquids in creative packagings. You will be surprised!

VaporFi E Juice - Browse through 30.000 different options

You don’t want that… your mod quits on you after 2 weeks?
Then you need to invest around >$40 for a quality mods vape. With high durability.

Enjoyed this box mod vape ranking? Check out my vape store rankings here

In my opinion there no better vaping mods (2018), then the ones listed. They are the best box mods / top vape Mods of 2018. If there are new ones coming out: I will definitely update the list for you. Now you have all information you need, to get your own best vape mods. Enjoy the Vape!

Read more about the Newcomer 2018:  Firefly 2 Review / Pax 3 Review -> Click here


  • Best Vape Mod & Best Box Mod
  • 1 – SMOK Alien Kit (Popular Newcomer)
  • 2 – Lost Vape Therion DNA166 (Aesthetics)
  • 3 – SMOK G Priv Kit (Touchscreen Mod)
  • 4 – VaporFi VEX (Classy Design)
  • 5 – VaporFI VAiO (Quick Setup)
  • 6 – Eleaf iStick Pico (Value for Money)
  • 7 – Kanger CUPTI AiO (No Leaking)
  • 8 – VaporFI VOX (Quality)
  • 9 – Joyetech eGo AIO (Beginner)

Best Box Mod

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Other Vapers, would love to hear your opinion! Please share your thoughts/experiences with these Vape mods down below!


11 thoughts on “Best Vape Mods and Box Mods 2018

  • RadJayJay

    I got the SMOK Beast TFV8 with the SMOK Alien 220W as a belated birthday gift in November of last year in Germany. This is a great combo and it is, in my experience, the best bang for your buck with great taste and performance, huge clouds if you want. The battery life is pretty good too. SMOK also has a wide variety of coils to choose from as well. I love the quad coil and octa-coil design. I have not tried the V10 coils and really don’t know what else there is now. I have seen the newer SMOK tank (V12). I’m curious but I haven’t tried it. There, as have been mentioned in the comments a few caveats. I confirm the paint rubbing off. It is mainly my fault for keeping other things in my pocket or dropping it, which I’ve done several times and not damaged it beyond a couple scratches and a couple dings on the battery door but I dropped in on pavement so considering that was it, pretty rugged. Also, I have noticed that it sometimes leaks a little from the intake vents at the base of the coil/tank. It’s not terrible but it does happen. It could also be my fault or just the way mine in particular is. I haven’t seen anyone say theirs leaks but I haven’t looked either. Every tank I’ve ever used leaked a little from time to time depending on how you carried it (i.e. in your pocket, sitting down or whatever) or whether you let it lay on its side for too long. The menus, if you play around with them and learn/memorize them aren’t difficult but I found it to not be the best as far as being intuitive. Resetting the puff counter is one of those things. It’s a different menu and I found that I to look up the instructions to get to it more than a few times. Even as I type I realize I MIGHT know how to get to it off the top of my head. I just set it at the max and leave it be. I’d rather just turn it off. I understand the utility but I’ve found coils last much longer and it’s still annoying to reset the puff counter when I change the coil. The Alien 220W mod even asks you when you screw the tank back on the mod if the coil is new…this should reset the puff counter but it does not. Maybe there’s a firmware upgrade to fix this. I dunno, I haven’t bothered to look.

  • ChrisW

    The only bad thing i can say about the alien is that over time the paint on the outside will start to peel off. Mine did but thats ok now it looks great with all my stainless steel attys.

  • Debe

    Hey, I took your advise and ordered the Eleaf iStick Pico. This will be my tenth try at finding the right mod for me. I wanted to let you know about your review on the Joyetech eGo AIO. I did find it to be a great vaping device but…… the coils burn out between 1 and 3 days which sucks! I did everything right with priming and sitting, I have the correct juice and I contacted the seller to no avail. They pretty much told me, “Oh well, it happens” which i find unacceptable in this world of vaping. Thanks for the reviews!!

  • Tylee

    I was using Halo, but all there hardware seems to leak, I even had 1 tank that was less than a month old fall apart at seams and their e-juice are really flavorful, they are also really expensive.
    I got the Nebox, thinking that a change of brands was in order, plus I liked the idea of a All-in-One design, but it too, leaked.
    I recently changed to the Aspire K4, now this submod is really great, I ordered 2, one pink one black, the pink one works great, but the black one the e-juice tastes burnt, right out of package. I don’t know if it’s flawed or a common issue.
    Juices like I said Halo makes really great juices, but they are really expensive.
    I have tried MFS which are pretty good.
    I also have tried VaporFi which was nasty, No flavor. I tried 8 different flavors non of them tasted like anything, when I wrote the company they said that I needed to prep it, I did their prep, airing, etc. But to no evail, now they did after a few months reimbursed me, but I’ll never order another thing from this company again.

    • Ecigarettepros Max

      Thanks for the honest opinion!

      I can’t share your thoughts on VaporFi. I really fell in love with their ejuices.
      And you can see it everywhere on Youtube, how vapers say their ejuices are incredible.

      Which tank did you use? Maybe try the Aspire Cleito 120W for more flavor

  • Becca

    My only complaint about the cloud/baby beast is that it’s a pain in the ass and cumbersome to change the coils when they fry. And emptying the tank to do so a pain bc of the tiny drill hole. After my box of coils is gone, going back to the Cleito. Coils last longer and see easier to change, tank empties easily. Flavor still awesome.

  • Fahed

    Hi Jeff

    Had the same issue with the charging. Solved it by buying an external charger !

    Now my batteries are easily charged from 0 to 100 in less than two hours and a half.

  • Jeff Watkins

    I really liked everything about the G Priv except for the on board charging, I could not get the batteries to charge to 100%. Even if left charging for 12 hours the max charge I could get was 60%. In order to get a full charge I had to remove the batteries and use an external charger, bummer. Other than that it’s a great mod.

    • deejay

      It’s simply because USB charging is not recommended to rely on. It does not favor your batteries, its really there for “emergency” charging since it does not have a charging cut off. The USB port should only be used to update firmware if available… It is ALWAYS recommended to use an external charger to charge your batteries, it helps their overall health.


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