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Best Dry Herb Vaporizer 2018 – Wax, Concentrates Vaporizer Pen Reviews

Best Dry Herb Vaporizer
best vaporizer

You are looking for your best-suited vaporizer for your herbs?…. Then you will LOVE this ranking!

Below you find a list with 9 of the top vaporizer currently available! (beware outdated rankings on google)

I’m Max Vape the chief reviewer and founder of this website.
This is my 2018 lineup… all these vapes are carefully selected – Up to the present day I have used 47 vaporizers.

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Best Vaporizers Comparison [2017]

Firefly 2

On-Demand Heating
Pax 3

Sleek Design
Davinci IQ

Dry Herb Master
G Pen Elite

Low Price
The Volcano

Easy to use
The Plenty

Smoothest Vapor
Arizer Extreme Q

Value for Money
Dr. Dabber Aurora

Vape Pen
Concentrates Master
Quickdraw 300

Vape Pen
3 in 1
VaporFi Rebel 3

Vape Pen4.2/5

Which is the BEST Dry Herb Vaporizer overall?
After using a lot of vapes in 2018….. 
I can finally announce the winner: 

#1 Vaporizer – Firefly 2! – A beauty and a beast! ( and a perfect price too! )

best vaporizer winner number 1best vaporizer winner number 1

#1 | Firefly 2 *Great flavor and superior vapor quality 

Firefly 2 Jet BlackThe Firefly 2 is a freaking beast! I repeat a freaking beast!

It is a new and more improved version of the first firefly. The weight, size, and the battery life have been upgraded. And many new features were added.

This is the #1 Vaporizer for Concentrates, Wax, Loose Leaf and Herb.

Why the #1? The reason is Five fold:

  • Supernatural Battery Life – Only 20min to charge is back full.
  • NO waste of Herbs – One bowl for multiple sessions.
  • Impressive Vapor Quality – Flavorful even at high temperatures.
  • It uses a convection oven  – which unlike its nearest competitors is untouchable. The concentrate or herb which ever you choose to use doesn’t get smashed to bits soon as you fire it up. Making your filler last ages.
  • 2 Year Warranty – This Sh*t is meant to last, this isn’t a blaze and break down in 6 months piece of kit. 

Before Reading the rest of the review, i have done the most covered review of the Firefly 2 with Video of it in action.

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#2 | Pax 3 *Sleek design and great for herbs

pax 3The Pax is a stronger version of the pax 2, and one of the best portable vaporizers on the market. It boasts a sleek design, lightning fast heating, and clean, strong vapor. Read more in my Pax 3 Review.

I am really impressed with the PAX 3. It has best-in-class features and great performance, which makes it to a top-shelf vaporizer! Using the PAX 3, the performance with herbs stood out and were beyond my expectations. If you are a dry herb only user, the PAX 3 is one of the best picks. If you are a heavy wax user, you should check out the – Best Vape Pen Ranking – for a suitable wax pen.

Why not #1? I personally prefer convection vaporizers (like the Firefly 2): A vape you can take 1-2 draws… and then put it down saving the rest for later.

Summing up all the new features:

  • Haptic Feedback – The PAX3 haptic feedback indicates when vapor is ready when the device enters standby mode, and when it’s turned off.
  • PAX App –  Available for iPhone and Android. It allows you to optimize temperature settings and vapor production
  • 3 selectable oven options – Full-packed Oven + Half-packed Oven + Concentrate Oven
  • Colors – Black, Gold, Silver and Limited Edition Rose Gold
  • Dual-Use – Works with Dry Herb and Concentrate / Wax
  • Heating time – 15 seconds
  • Warranty – 10 years.

E-cigarettePros Rating: 98/100

#3 | Davinci IQ *Dry Herb Master

DaVinci IQ is a premium portable vaporizer and I like to call it the “Dry-Herb Master”. It performs like a champ – The Vapor is rich&flavorful and it can produce big clouds. DaVinci’s last release was the Davinci Ascent a few years ago. The IQ is a very impressive upgrade.

Since I am a huge fan of convection heating and I like to vape concentrates… The IQ doesn’t get the first position in my ranking. But it should be your first pick if you are into conduction + a dry herb user only.

This is what I like about the IQ:

  • Davinci IQ ReviewQuick Heat-up time – 20 seconds
  • Long Warranty – 10-year warranty from a very reputable company
  • Replaceable Batteries – The IQ runs with replaceable 18650 batteries. So you can use it day ‘n night. 1 Battery lasts about 50-80min.
  • Quality Zirconia Material – Parts of the IQ are made of Zirconia. The air path, extended+flat mouthpieces, and the pearl on top. It ensures the purest and cleanest vapor! I would recommend using the extended mouthpiece for cooler vapor.
  • 3 Heat Modes – Smart Path mode (gradually increasing degrees over 10 minutes), Precision mode (Maintains a certain temperature for a 10min session), and Boost mode (boosts up the temperature while holding the power button to get a little extra juice out of a draw).
  • Sleek LED Display – The 51 LED Grid display provides a high-tech and modern feel

If this is your first vape or if you’re advanced vaper… you will appreciate what this vape has to offer. It has almost everything you can ever want in a portable vape – from precise temp control to pure flavor.

E-cigarettePros Rating: 97/100

Firefly 2 Deal

Best Cheap Vaporizer (portable) – 2018

Since its release, everybody has been so hyped getting it…. My expectations were exceeded.

best cheap vaporizer

The G Pen Elite is my favorite vape in the $100-$250 price range. There are two features that stand out the most: Sleek Design & Ease of use.

Grenco Science focused on manufacturing a vaporizer… with a user-friendly interface + modern ergonomic design. Holding the G Pen will feel very natural – since your fingers fit perfectly in the curves of the device! In addition, you will easily adjust the temperatures (200°F-428°F ) and see it on the display on the side of the device.

The Elite has one of the largest ovens on the vaporizer market. And it does a good job in delivering a great tasting vapor. What I liked the most, is that my unit was still staying cool – even after 1-2min of vaping.

What I Loved About It To Make it Hit The Number 1 Spot

• It heats up in about 30 seconds
• It delivers a good vapor quality
• The heating chamber is large and made of high-quality ceramic
• It comes with a digital display to help you control the temperature accurately
• It is Portable and discreet
• It has a glossy, ergonomic design

Seriously if your looking for a vaporizer In the price range between $100 – $250, you will not find a better vaporizer.

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Watch The Video Below and See What the G-Pen Elite is all About…

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G Pen Elite



Firefly 2 Deal

Best Desktop Vaporizer 2018 – Top 3


#1 | Volcano *Extremely high quality and easy to use

volcano vaporizerThe Truth about the Volcano: At first you will not understand why it’s „so expensive“, but once own it you don’t know how you lived without it. The Volcano is made by Storz & Bickel, who also responsible for bringing out crazy vapes like the plenty, crafty and mighty.

Even though I got the Volcano in 2010, I never changed my opinion: The best vape money can buy. Alright, how is the vaping experience? I used the Easy Valve kit:

  • A lot of visible smoke (not normal for herbal vaporizer)
  • So effective. A couple of draws and you are in your own world.
  • Still works after using it for 6 years

E-cigarettePros Rating: 100/100


#2 | Plenty *Strong and smooth vapor

PLENTY vaporizer

The Plenty is a really awesome vape.

It produces the strongest and smoothest vapor I’ve experienced. How? The Plenty has even a bigger herb chamber than the Volcano!

It surely has a funny look, but it’s all for the purpose giving you a great vaping experience.

You will find it very easy to pull from and everything feels natural.

It is 100% true vaporization. Mostly convection heating and does a damn good job at it.


E-cigarettePros Rating: 98/100


#3 | Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer *Affordable and well performing

aroma arizer extreme q heater

A low price great performing desktop vaporizer! I used the Extreme Q Vaporizer with the balloon.

You can also use the whip. Great, if you have friends over! Comparable to a hookah session.

What I liked about it was its great design.

Sleek and stylish body with a bright digital display.

The vaping experience is amazing. Seriously the best desktop vape you can get under $200.


E-cigarettePros Rating: 95/100


G Pen Elite

Best Grinder 2018

best grinder

A good grinder should be a standard part of every vape-enthusiasts kit. Many vapers started (myself included) with an inexpensive $10 grinder. Those grinders will only ever be “good enough”. 

The Santa Cruz Shredder is the best grinder currently on the market. It grinds exceptionally well. With its unique tooth design… it grinds fairly fine, but coarse enough so your vaporizer screens don’t clog

This is what I like about the -SCS-

  • Portable – It has a small convenient size
  • Perfectly Fluffed Blends – The innovative tooth design is twice as strong.. and are designed to cut both ways. You won’t get a better grind than this
  • Extra fine Mesh Screen – This stainless steel sifter allows the smallest pollen particles to fall through… which you should save for future use… because they are extremely potent.

The Santa Cruz Shredder is priced competitively & even below the cost of other high-performance grinders. The fluffed grind gave me better results than usual and the SCS is going to be my #1 for now. Have fun using it!

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You don’t want that…. your vape quits on you after 2 weeks + a solid performance?
Then you need to invest around >$100

Enjoyed this top vaporizer ranking? Check out my top vape store ranking 2018.

Sidenote: In my opinion, there are no better marijuana vaporizer, then the ones listed. If there are new ones coming out: I will definitely update this list for you. Now you have all information you need, to get your own best dry herb vaporizer. Start Vaping!



  •  Best Dry Herb Vaporizer
  • 1 – Firefly 2 (On-Demand Heating)
  • 2 – Pax 3 (Sleek Design)
  • 3 – Davinci IQ (Dry Herb Master)
  • 4 – G PEN Elite (Largest Oven)
  • 5 – Dr. Dabber Aurora (Concentrates Master)
  • 6 – Quickdraw 300 (3 in 1)
  • 7 – The Volcano (The Legend)
  • 8 – The Plenty (Smoothest Vapor)
  • 9 – Arizer Extreme Q (Value for Money)


>>>>>>>>>>>>> Other Vapers, would love to hear your opinion! Please share your thoughts/experiences with these Vaporizers down below!


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    Great list, thank you! I’ve tried few of those but currently I have one that is not on this list. It’s the pro 7 by vapour2. What I mostly enjoy about this one is the fact that I can switch in-between cartridges. I’ve never used the wax one but the other two are pretty good.

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