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Crafty vaporizer review

Crafty vaporizer review

The Crafty is a unique vaporizer in that rarely can you meet a vaporizer that can directly compete it. It is robust in its design, incredibly fanciful to carry around, can you the right attention you deserve, and most importantly; its performance is always unmatched.

This vaporize doesn’t come cheap as other vaporizer models you can meet. It currently ranks as one of the best performing vaporizers and the huge money that can go into its purchase simply means there are many elegance features and superb functionality that can be experienced with it.

It can sensationally vape dry herbs and concentrates. Personally, I find that to be a huge scoring point since many vaporizers I have had experience with only limit me to using herbs. With The Crafty, my vaping experience can take another notch since I can add concentrates as well.

The Crafty manufacturer, Storz & Bickel, is a huge brand name if high-quality and performing vaporizers are mentioned. That means that exceptional performance is a must-felt factor in The Crafty since its manufacturer rarely miss the point when it comes to impressing the customers.

I have used The Crafty on numerous occasions and I attest that so far it is among the best performing vaporizers in the market. If you are a seasoned or “professional” vaping enthusiast like me, you will surely find comfort in this vaporizer. It is made to deliver the finest vaping experience and hardly have I encountered a vaporizer whose performance is close to even a half of what The Crafty delivers.

I am going to provide you with a detailed review of The Crafty vaporizer – you will get to know its specifications, the quality of the vape it produces and how it compares to other vaporizers in the market. Just in case you are not aware of this, The Crafty is the latest vaporizer release from Storz & Bickel. This is the same company behind renowned vaporizers such as the Plenty and Volcano. It is often very rare to miss any vaporizer from Storz & Bickel to miss any “top 10” vaporizer product lists based on the performance aspect.

The Crafty also appears to be an incredibly wonderful vaporizer almost in any ranking parameter you can think of. For instance, be it vape quality, performance, sleek design or ease of use; hardly will you miss The Crafty being replaced by other vaporizers. I have tried comparing it to many other vaporizers I can think of but seemingly its quality is just exceptional to be compared with averagely performing vaporizers.

I can only consider Pax 2 and Firefly to be the vaporizers that can match The Crafty on a balanced level. In my opinion, The Crafty can be classified as a luxury vaporizer since many of its functionalities and features just offer an experience beyond what you would expect when using an average vaporizer.

The Mighty Vaporizer is also another reputable vaporizer mention from Storz &Bickel. It shares so many features with The Crafty with the only contrast being that it has a relatively much longer battery power. The Mighty and The Crafty are the first portable vaporizers to be released by Storz & Bickel.

Portability is a huge issue whenever vaporizers are being discussed because some people find it necessary to carry their vaporizers to wherever they may go and have some vaping experience at that time they may have the urge to vape.

It is for so long that consumers waited for a portable vaporizer model from Storz & Bickel and the company responded right by releasing The Crafty. Though not cheap, the vaporizer is worth its huge price tag in that, in the long run, it is very reliable, efficient and you can get quality experience from any herb or concentrate you intend to vape using The Crafty vaporizer.

Here are key features in which The Crafty functionalities are strongly centered on.

The Crafty functionalities

  • It has a smartphone app that enables for the temperature control settings to be done remotely. Our phones are inevitably getting too deep into our lives and it is indeed very thoughtful to include such an app for controlling the vaporizer. The smartphone app I believe makes it easy to control the desired vaping temperature controls of The Crafty.
  • It is built to guarantee an amazing top notch performance. How The Crafty vapes herbs and concentrates are just amazing. You are assured of enjoying quality draws as long as you use the herb that you can sensationally enjoy.
  • Its design is small, sleek and very impressive. The beautiful design ensures that you can have all the confidence when using The Crafty. Its small and portability aspect makes The Crafty be fashionable to carry around and that is a factor that can do incredibly well with seasoned vaping enthusiasts.
  • Storz & Bickel is a firm known for the quality it produces. All their vaporizer product models always satisfy their targeted customers. So far, I haven’t read even of one instance of a consumer complaining about anything in Storz & Bickel product details. That simply means quality is an issue taken seriously by The Crafty manufacturers, Storz & Bickel.
An overview of The Crafty design

Crafty beautiful design

The Crafty has an interface that feels incredibly beautiful to feel. Its outer shell is made of plastic. Though that might feel cheap, the fact is that it isn’t. The plastic finish gives a sturdy and balanced look that feels good to hold. The Crafty overall body design is superbly rigid and that helps with cooling the vaporizer by keeping the warm Vaporizer units away from your hands.

That aspect will ensure that the vaporizer never heats up instead just gives a nice warmth which the hand can comfortably handle.

The Crafty only weighs 135 grams and that is a design consideration I am madly in love with. The 235 grams weight means that it can hardly come to my attention that I am carrying the vaporizer when I am moving with it.

The small size and the reasonable weight ensures that The Crafty can comfortably fit the hand with the user just using reasonably good firm grip. The mouthpiece of this vaporizer also swivels inwards when it is not used and that greatly reduce any possible risk of breaking.

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Using The Crafty Vaporizer, here is how the experience feels like

The Crafty Vaporizer

The Crafty vaporizer is intuitively simple to use as well as operate. Its mouthpiece can easily twist thereby exposing the heating chamber where you can insert your herb or concentrate. The heating chamber can hold about one-third of a gram of dry herb. For quality vaping experience, it is recommended that you should finely ground your herb before putting it in the heating chamber.

Filling the chamber with dry herb is an easy task. You just need to appropriately know how to use the filling tool and fill the right herb quantity that can fit the heating chamber. The filling tool has three parts and it can perfectly sit over the heating chamber.

Your job when filling the heating chamber with herb is simple – just push the dry herb from the filling tool until it rests in the heating chamber and ensures that you appropriately pack it down. The job is very simple and it is possible you can load the herb into the chamber without even touching it. Once the right quantity of dry herb has found its way into the heating chamber, the mouthpiece will close right into its desired place.

You can proceed to press the power on button, and there you go – you can get yourself ready for a wonderful vaping session. The Crafty vibrates when it is turned on and you can feel another vibration when the vaporizer reaches your desired temperature control setting. A green LED light will signal to you that The Crafty vaporizer is ready for use.

I find it very important to mention The Crafty automatic shut off feature. Assuming that the vaporizer detects some inactivity, meaning the vaporizer is unused for about a minute, it will switch so that save your herbs from burning. The automatic shut-off feature can also ensure that you avoid the frustration of The Crafty working when you don’t intend it to.

The Crafty temperature settings

The Crafty Vaporizer temperature

The Crafty Vaporizer has two default temperature control settings. The 180 degrees Celsius mode is activated when The Crafty is power button is pressed twice when it is on and it can increase the vaping temperature to 195 degrees Celsius. The temperature settings are logically programmed in the vaporizer though they can be changed when using a smartphone app meant for the device.

The smartphone app can enable you to change the default settings, view current temperature and increase/decrease your preferred vaping temperature. The app can also further allow The Crafty vaporizer user even to consider changing settings such as LED brightness.

The Crafty performance rating

The Crafty vaporizer performance

You can enjoy the best vaping result if the vaporizer’s temperature is set at 365 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature works best with dry herbs and the vaping session you can get at this temperature level can be so amazing.

The draw resistance when using The Crafty vaporizer is very minimal and you can get incredibly rich, intense flavor and tasty vape throughout all your vaping sessions. The vape quality is just so amazing and that is one good thing to love about The Crafty vaporizer.

Its cooling unit does a good job cooling down vapor and there can never be a point where the vaporizer gets uncomfortable to handle using the hands or the mouthpiece getting too hot to the extent making draws may get less fun.

The performance offered by The Crafty can be better compared to its bigger counterpart, Plenty Vaporizer. A fully packed heating chamber can give about 15 draws per one vaping session and one full session is always recommended instead of splitting a single session into two.

Its battery and power rating

The Crafty vaporizer battery

The Crafty comes with a non-removable Li-Ion internal battery. That means that a user cannot insert his/her preferred battery into the vaporizer. It takes approximately 2 hours for the battery to get fully charged and that timing is not bad in that you can get the battery full when you are not vaping, for instance when you are asleep.

A fully charged battery can take you through 45 minutes of vaping. Assuming that each of your vaping sessions approximately takes you 15 minutes, a fully charged The Crafty vaporizer can last you three sessions. That might not be what seasoned vaping enthusiasts would prefer but still, the battery power duration can still work for persons who vapes moderately.

If you prefer a vaporizer that has a big power capacity, you can go for The Mighty. The vaporizer’s battery is charged using a standard micro USB and the good thing is that the vaporizer can perfectly work well with any standard charger you can come across.

Cleaning The Crafty vaporizer

Cleaning The Crafty vaporizer

The vaporizer is very simple to clean since all its active sections are located at the top. The mouthpiece can easy slide off to keep the heating chamber open so that any herb debris can be removed accordingly. The vaporizer also has a cleaning brush that makes any cleaning task to be very simple. The Crafty requires simple maintenance and that is a factor that can be well enjoyed and hardly involves any tiring effort.

The Crafty smartphone app

Crafty vaporizer Smartphone

The app is available for Android and iOS smartphones. It is free to download the app and you can connect to The Crafty via Bluetooth connection. The app can enable you to conveniently view as well as control the vaporizer’s LED brightness, temperature settings, adjust the temperature and apply so many other functionalities. When The Crafty is heating up, you can view the exact heating temperature in the heating chamber via the app.

The Crafty warranty and where you can buy it

The Crafty vaporizer warranty

The Crafty comes has a 2-year warranty protection. In instances it shows defects, its manufacturer; Storz & Bickel can fix the defect at no cost. If a defect is accidentally caused by the vaporizer’s user, then the cost of repair will be incurred by the owner.

You should only buy The Crafty vaporizer from a trusted dealer so that can you can benefit from the warranty offer in instances you get any defect when using the vaporizer.



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