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Davinci IQ Vaporizer Review

Davinci IQ Review

Most vaporizer enthusiasts know Davinci IQ vaporizer. It is among the best portable vaporizers. With outstanding design, many vaporizer users prefer it. The company is quick to respond to its customers’ needs; they released a new model of Davinci IQ to even make more customers happy. The new model has a great design; it will make them retain their top position as premier portable vapes manufacturers for long. I have tried their latest model; it has excellent construction and feel. Portable devices allow users to carry them around and enjoy vaporizing seasons from different locations. The latest model does not disappoint and even made it on our list of top vaporizers of 2017.

Davinci IQ Review

Davinci IQ ReviewsDavinci IQ vaporizer costs about $274.99. It comes in few color and taste options. The top self-price tag is justified due to fantastic tech features which come with the vaporizer. It is made to achieve the latest vaporizer needs. Some of the features which make the vaporizer stand out include the following:

Replaceable 18650 battery

Davinci IQ replacement battery

No need to worry about the battery, you can replace it at any given time. For my case, I have two batteries so that I can replace and continue enjoying my vaporizing experience even when in places where it is hard to access electricity.

Davincis Smart Path Technology

Davincis Smart Path Technology

The technology assures you the best vaporizing experience ever. It is the latest technology in the industry. Many people achieve the best out of the vaporizer due to its great design and technology.

Zirconia ceramic vapor path

Zirconia ceramic vapor path

There are no messy smoke clouds when using the system. The zirconia vapor path has the great design to allow me to enjoy the best possible cloud out of the unit. I can’t regret buying the vaporizer. If you are among those who will like to stand out in style, then it is the right vaporizer you can try. I travel a lot; the portability makes me love it even more.

Found in the box:

Davinci IQ box

After placing my order, I waited for about two days before the unit arrived. It came in an excellent pack. I opened it and found different parts. It arrives in a complete pack of accessories which makes vaporizing a great session. Some of the items I found in the package include the following:

Davinci IQ Vaporizer

USB charging cable

Dope Davinci Sticker!

Keychain tool

Cleaning brush

Herb carrying can

9 Alcohol wipes

10mm extended mouthpiece/water pipe adapter

Davinci IQ comes with several features to make the session great. Among the things which made me love the unit more is its size. It is small when compared to several units in the market. For anybody who is looking for a compact unit just like I was after a small unit, you will find the unit among the best you can buy. It is smaller when compared to previous ascent models.

I took the time to check photos online before buying; I assumed it will be slightly smaller than its predecessor. But, I was surprised to receive a portable unit. I can comfortably palm the unit. The small size makes it the best portable vaporizer for low key public tokes.

Apart from the compact design, I also check on the build quality before I can rate a unit. The build quality is excellent. It is solid and the materials used are the exact match which many connoisseurs will like to have. The exterior is completely metal. The mouthpiece is made out of ceramic construction as well as flavor chamber and oven. With high-quality materials, I’m always assured the best vaporizing experience. Some of the aspects I like about the material selection include the ease at which I can clean the unit. It is easy to clean and very durable. Is a bit heavy, it comes at 5 ozs.

Let’s have a close look at the Davinci IQ features.

Smart path

Smart path

The function refers to a special construction in the vapor path. It heats slowly to reach maximum temperature after 5.5 minutes. Smart path is a great design because it will not expose you to extreme heat at once which can lead to fracturing of the device. I can as well customize the heat path through the help of Davinci Vaporizer app. The app works in allowing selection of different temperatures so that I can enjoy a custom vapor output. The app makes me have full control of my system.

I usually start at lower temperatures and increase with time. At different temperatures, I can get to enjoy the spectrum of cannabinoids. I was looking for a device which can allow me to enjoy vapor at different temperatures; the unit makes me achieve the best. Not all people will prefer high temperatures; the unit allows me to adjust to different temperature profiles so that I can always achieve the best out of the unit. Many people prefer the unit due to the freedom it offers.

The app allows different users to enjoy the vaporizer. You can always use the app to customize the temperature ranges so that you can achieve the best custom temperature for your vaporizing experience. The precision mode allows you to dial the perfect temperature before you start your session.

Flavor chamber

Flavor chamber

The chamber is an added tech piece I have ever experienced before. It is a ceramic chamber which I can remove and fill with my favorite herbs. The herb of my choice makes me enjoy a custom flavor. The herbs I insert in the chamber are not heated to the vaporizing temperature; the heat makes them produce their natural aroma which makes me feel I’m in a room filled with aromatherapy oils. Although the flavor chamber allows the use of herbs, I prefer not to use them for so long. The herbs lose their flavors with time which keep on interrupting my sessions. I rather use the vaporizer without inserting the nugs in the chamber. A free chamber allows me to utilize each cloud from the vaporizer. But there are users I know who enjoy the fact that they can add herbs in their vaporizing sessions. The construction of the vapor chamber is durable enough to assure me the durability I was searching for so long.

The chamber works by forcing flavor to pass through a small hole located at the base of the unit. From the small hole, the vapor is then expanded before it is let to pass through another small hole below the mouthpiece. The expansion space between the two holes allows the vapor to cool hence enabling it to form dense clouds before you can draw it.

With Davinci IQ, you can choose between two ceramic zirconia mouthpieces. One of the mouthpieces is recessed and discreet. The second mouthpiece is a nozzle which fits snuggly in male water pipes which are about 10 mm wide. There is no need of buying expensive adapters before you can use your favorite vape with water pipes; the unit has a design to allow you use the water pipes.

The details may be less, but the few technical aspects make the Davinci IQ a portable vaporizer which many users love. The display seems to go back in time. The LCD has little graphics hence it will not let you know at once whether the unit has reached the maximum temperature or it is still preheating. It uses several LEDs to display aspects such as temperature. The displays also indicate the level of battery so that you can plan to recharge and avoid cutting your vaporizing session. But, on my part, I love the unit. The display has features such as dimming. The dim option allows me to reduce the light so that I can enjoy my vaporizing sessions in public places. From my experience, the dim function even saves battery charge because it does not utilize more energy to light the unit.

When I’m reviewing a vaporizer, I try to check on aspects such as vapor flavor and density. The vaporizer scores highly when it comes to vapor density and flavor. It has the high efficiency which makes it among my best vaporizers. When comparing different Ascent vaporizers, they have been improving on the flavor delivery. The unit achieves great which make it my favorite vaporizer. It delivers tasty flavor from the oven to the mouthpiece.

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The density of vapor is not so great, but I can give the unit top points when it comes to efficiency, it scores highly. There are several points I enjoyed while using the vaporizer. First, the herbs brought a whole new level of experience. But, I overused them which lead to them losing of aroma. Since I started using the unit, each session of vaporizing has been great. It is a unit I can recommend to anybody who will like to enjoy great success in their vaporizing experience. I can now travel comfortably knowing if I feel like enjoying dense vapor; the device can work for me to enjoy considerable sessions. Battery lasts long. The indicator allows me to know when the charge is about to go low so that I can take action and recharge.

Pros of Davinci IQ vaporizer

When it comes to advantages of the unit, there are several points I can point out. First, let’s talk about build quality. The construction quality is top notch. If you take into consideration design, quality and function, the vaporizer is at par with most top portable vaporizers in the industry.

The ceramic vapor path is very durable and easy to clean. The feature adds more points to the vaporizer compared to its counterparts. It delivers amazing tasting vapor. Ceramic is easy to clean which makes me enjoy having a clean piece.

Another great feature is the ability to pair the vaporizer with iPhone or other devices via Bluetooth. The pairing allows you to tailor your settings till you achieve the perfect profile. You can set the profile once, and the unit can remember forever so that you can always go straight to your perfect vaporing experience.

The included mouthpiece allows pairing Davinci IQ with water pipes. You can pair it with your favorite mouthpieces so that you can always enjoy the great experience. After using the vaporizer for a while, I can confirm it is a great device which I have not yet seen in other companies which make similar devices. The fact that you are not supposed to buy an adapter before you can start using the system; I prefer it over many models available in the market.

Cons of Davinci IQ vaporizer

Although there is no product which is 100% perfect, the vaporizer scores highly with few downsides. Some of the drawbacks I can point out in the unit include the following:

Difficult to use buttons

Difficult to use button

The buttons are designed to allow you achieve secrecy while using your vaporizer. The temperatures and function buttons are a bit hard to use. My fingers are not that fat, but on my part, I can say at first it was not that easy to select different functions via the buttons. The system is also small, so you can imagine how difficult it can be while trying to select functions on the buttons.

It produces dense vapors when full. At some points, I was using it when it was not yet full; it didn’t produce the dense vapor like the one produced when it is full. Although the problem is common in most vaporizers, I noted it and will like to share with you.

Final Thoughts

Davinci Final thoughts

The price may make many vaporizing enthusiasts take a pause before they can buy the vaporizer. But, it is among the best portable vaporizers you can buy in the market. Remember quality units will attract high price tag. With Davinci IQ, you will have to part with $274.99 before you can start enjoying your sessions with the unit. It is a high-quality portable vaporizer which will allow you take fun to different locations. If you can compare it with other models and even desktop makes, you will discover it has unique features which make it worth your consideration. It is a portable vaporizer which is highly recommended by users. I too recommend this vaporizer.



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