G Pen Elite Review

G Pen Elite

g pen elite review

Everybody knows that the dependability of a product is significantly determined by its brand or manufacturer. That is why G Pen Elite is among the leading vaporizers on the market. The E-Cigarette is made by Grenco Science, but initially designed by celebrity weed specialist, Snoop Dogg. With such a partnership, you can be sure of having an amazing e-cigarette that delivers accordingly.

Well, I have used it, and I was impressed by its overall performance, regardless of the slight drawbacks. Nonetheless, it is a decent product that you can consider trying out. Here is a detailed G Pen Elite review to help you learn more about it.

About The G Pen Elite 

This product comes with a big difference from other G Pen models, and you would be appealed by its new design. I was personally amazed by the delivery of the G Pen Elite, mostly because I expected it to perform poorly like the previous models. Let’s see what you get with this e-cigarette;

What I Loved About It

• It heats up in about 30 seconds
• It delivers a good vapor quality
• The heating chamber is large and made of high-quality ceramic
• It comes with a digital display to help you control the temperature accurately
• It is Portable and discreet
• It has a glossy, ergonomic design

g pen elite features

G Pen Elite Features

1. The Construction

The build quality of the G Pen Elite is super amazing, and it is the first thing that appealed to me. It also comes in a cool packaging that will make you want to put your hands on it. Snoop must have spent days coming up with the design of this vaporizer. Well, even though the exterior is made of plastic, the product still stands out strong against other vapes on the market.

Speaking of elegant construction, the digital display is perfectly integrated to fit in the entire design. At first, I doubted if it had a digital display as the makers had mentioned. However, when you switch the vaporizer on is when you will see the display clearly.

On to the next one: The heating chamber.

I was also impressed by the huge heating chamber, which is made of ceramic. With such a material, you’ll be sure of an even heat distribution all around the e-cigarette. It also helps to prevent the overheating of the vapes. I managed to fit some of my dried stuff inside the chamber, but not exactly one gram as claimed by the manufacturers. Regardless of that, I have never used a portable e-cigarette that could hold as much content as the G Pen Elite.
Though the design is cool and appealing, I wasn’t exactly impressed by the placement of the mouthpiece and the heating chamber. Well, they are too close to each other. Maybe that is not a big deal to other people, but I give them a thumb down for that. I guess that is why I felt the vapor warm and somewhat dry in my throat. Also, the closeness makes the mouthpiece hot after you use the vaporizer for a long time.

2. The Vapor Quality

Anyone would want to have an e-cigarette that delivers good quality vapor. That is exactly what G Pen Elite delivers. The vapor quality is good enough, and it is consistent all along. I once used a G Pen vaporizer, and the flavor changed taste as I finished smoking. With the Elite, the vapor remains flavorful regardless of how long you smoke it. And did I mention that I experienced some thick clouds with this product? Even at high temperatures, this product delivers perfectly without any combustion issues.

As I mentioned earlier, the vapor might feel warm and dry. For me, I don’t mind that at all because it didn’t affect me in any way. If you are smoking it at a regular temperature, you will not experience the warm vapor. I started feeling it when the temperatures were high. Also, I’ve heard people complain about the dry feeling when at high temperatures. If you don’t have a sensitive throat, this shouldn’t be a concern to you.

3. Discreetness

Are you one of those people that aren’t comfortable carrying around a vaporizer? If you are, then this is the perfect e-cigarette that you should consider buying. The size is a great factor that contributes to its discreetness. It is only 4.5 inches long, meaning that it can fit in your hands with ease. I actually carry mine in my hand, and nobody knows what I’m carrying.

You don’t have to worry about the digital display since it is perfectly placed on the side. This way, you can hide it as you carry it in your hand. Another thing about the e-cigarette is that it doesn’t have any moving or delicate parts like glass. For that, you can comfortably carry it in your pocket without the possibility of breaking anything.

4. Look and Feel

The look of this vaporizer is one of the best things about it. This product’s look is a perfect example of a book that is judged by its cover. When I first saw it, I knew it would deliver perfectly. I love carrying it around because it is one of the best portable vaporizers that have a nice look. One of my favorite design features is the all-black sleek body, which doesn’t only looks nice but feels good as well.

It comes with an efficient finger-hold at the back, which makes it more comfortable when carrying around. This feature is what makes me love carrying the vaporizer in my hand. It feels like a regular retractable pen; very comfortable. Even though a few vaporizers have a good performance, the G Pen Elite still outshines them with its design. Better yet, it scores higher since it performs well and has a cool design too.

5. Ease of Use

Oh, this is yet another feature that many users consider. Even if a vaporizer comes with the best design and claims to deliver excellently, it wouldn’t be of any help if it is difficult to use. The main reason for making the vaporizer is to allow the user have a good time with it. So there is no point of a vaporizer having a cool design with high-quality material if it will give the user a hard time.

Anyway, the G Pen Elite is one of the vaporizers that I have enjoyed using. It is very easy to use this product. To access the heating chambers {where you load your dried materials}, you only have to remove the mouthpiece. Keep in mind that the mouthpiece can be placed back into place as easily as possible. After loading the chambers, all you will need to do is power it on. To do this, simply click the power button five times. This will then power on the display screen on the side.

The display will show the current temperature, which you can then adjust as you wish. You can adjust your favorable temperature settings by pressing either of the two buttons above the digital display. When you have set the temperature according to your desired setting, you can then proceed to engage the heating element. To do so, simply press and hold the power button for a few seconds. Luckily, this e-cigarette will take about 30 seconds to be ready to vape. I was amazed by this, especially after using the previous versions that took a long time to heat up completely. This unit doesn’t disappoint at all.

If you want to shut it down, you’ll just click the power button five times. I loved the Auto-Shutoff feature, which is helpful if you happen to forget to turn off the vaporizer. The e-cigarette will shut off automatically after 40 seconds of idleness. It will then shut down completely after 5 minutes of no use. This is a safety feature that will help you avoid any unnecessary fire eruption. The good thing about the product is that it easy to power it up.

6. Portability

Are you concerned about the compactness of this product? Well, you shouldn’t be. The G Pen Elite is very much portable, and that is another feature that makes most users happy. As I mentioned earlier, the vaporizer is discreet, and that is characterized by its compact designed. The fact that it is only 4.5 inches tall means that you can carry it around without any difficulty. Also, it weighs around 88 grams, and it’s about 1.5 inches wide. This e-cigarette is also only one inch deep, so you can be sure of having an easily portable product in your hand. I always enjoy carrying it even when I’m out on the road. It is also small enough to fit anywhere, including your pockets or bag.

The vaporizer comes with a 2200mAh removable and rechargeable Ion battery. This battery lasted me around 11 full sessions, though it fluctuated with the temperature setting. A higher temperature will consume more battery. The best way to enjoy longer sessions is to ensure you charge the battery completely. A full battery normally lasts several days, though it will depend on how frequent you use your vaporizer.

Personal Experience

The G Pen Elite is an amazing vaporizer that has been designed to perfection. Above all, I loved the fact that it is a very affordable unit, even with such an impressive design. I carry this vaporizer with me, and it doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable at all. It is made with strong, non-breakable material that assured me of durability.

I’m not a heavy vape smoker, so I didn’t have any issue with the mouthpiece heating up.

However, I felt it warming up slightly after smoking it for a long time. I guess it will heat up if you use it for long.

Using this vaporizer is the easiest thing I have ever experienced. Speaking of which, I once purchased a vaporizer {I don’t remember the brand}, which forced me to go on YouTube for help on how to use it. With G Pen Elite, it is a high-quality vaporizer that is designed for the last of the amateurs. It didn’t even take more than two minutes to set it up and power it on. The auto-shutoff feature also impressed me because I once left it on my desk accidentally and I found it off when I came back.

Final Verdict

So, is G Pen Elite worth buying? Is it one of the vaporizers that promise a lot but disappoint with their delivery? Honestly, this e-cigarette is pretty much worth every dollar you pay for it. You will be amazed by its sleek and compact design, along with its lightweight. If you have used vaporizers that take too long to heat up, this is what you need to buy. It heats up in a matter of seconds, and you can enjoy your vaping moment in the shortest time possible.

The product can also be used by a group of friends and still deliver the best results. If your buddies love to use a vaporizer that gives out a thick smoke, this is one product that you should consider buying. You will not have to worry about a change in the vapor flavor when using this unit.

The digital display delivers precise temperature control, and you can easily adjust will the buttons above it. Apart from the warm vapor that you could feel after using it for long, this product is quite reliable and efficient.



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