Goboof Alfa Vaporizer Review

Goboof Alfa Vaporizer Review

Are you looking for a new brand in the vaporizer industry? Well, Gaboof is a new entry in the market. Its Alfa vaporizer presents a number of amazing features for users starting with its design and the technology used in making it. Considering it is a new product, it is as good as products that have been in the market for a while now. Goboof Alfa Vaporizer is definitely worth every penny.

Features of Goboof Alfa Review
  • Heating

Manufactured in Ireland, Goboof’s has a metallic oven at the base. Vaporizers with open oven do not produce high quality vapor as Gaboof Alfa does. This model’s chamber is large enough for vaporizing tasks. There is a metallic pin at the center of the chamber that serves to heat the herbs. Its central location ensures that heat reaches all corners of the heating chamber.

  • Chamber

The chamber is consistent in its operations ensuring the herbs are evenly heated. This fosters high quality vapor. The herbs are heated form the inside out. Besides, it is easy drawing vapor. If you do it right, it takes at most four seconds. The more you get used to the vaporizer the shorter the draws. With practice, consider taking one or two seconds.

  • Usability

The device is sturdy making it durable. You will not need replacements every other time. You only need a palm to hold it. It feels soft in your hands thus very comfortable. Talking about maneuverability, this vaporizer is adjustable. You can hold it in whichever way you like without worrying about damaging it.

  • Design

Its mouth is made of silicone thus safe and harmless for you. You can always set the temperature at which you want your herbs heated. It is a matter of dialing. Goboof Alfa Vaporizer is slim and elegant in design. It will look great on whatever surface you place it in your house.

  • Operating the vaporizer

Do you dislike sophisticated vaporizers? Then Gaboof Alfa will save you the frustration of complex vaporizers. It is simple to operate. There are no special skills needed. Do not worry about cleaning the tool. It is a walk in the park.

A guide to Using Goboof Alfa Vaporizer

A guide to Using Goboof Alfa Vaporizer

One thing to keep in mind is that this model is efficient and can be used by any skill level smoker. Its features are designed to fit anyone. It is not sophisticated at all. As mentioned before, it is easy using the vaporizer. Here is a systematic procedure for ensuring efficient use of the device.

Step1: Use a good grinder to finely grind the herbs you wish to vaporize

You are allowed to use a metallic grinder. However, ensure it is in good shape to avoid hurting your hands. The last thing you need before smoking is bleeding fingers. You will not be able to grind the herbs well. Poorly done herbs equal low-quality vapor.

Step 2: Place the ground herbs in the heating chamber

Ensure you fill the chamber evenly and tightly. This is the only way to ensure you get great puffs.

Step 3: Fill the chamber and remember to leave space for air circulation.

Otherwise, your herbs will be poorly vaporized thus poorly produced vapor.

Step 4: Close the chamber

Be sure that the lid is tight enough to avoid spillage in case of falls. Take care of the mouth as well by ensuring it fits well with the lid.

Step 5: Turn on the vaporizer

It is simple. Press the button to start the vaporizing process. Watch the herbs get heated and converted to vapor. The on button is the same one you use to switch off the vaporizer.

Step 6: Remember to adjust the temperature the way you like it

Alfa vaporizer has five temperature settings: LO, MID, HI, A/P and A/T. The meanings of the initials are obvious. A/T is the highest temperature setting. However, it is advisable that you stick to LO and MID temperatures. The others may ruin your herbs. Besides, high temperatures compromise the quality of your vaporized herbs.

How to Clean Goboof Alfa Vaporizer

How to Clean Goboof Alfa Vaporizer

Cleaning the equipment is doable.

  • Just remove the mouth so you can have access to other parts

Be careful with the mouth because any damage cause to it means poorly heat herbs.

  • Open the chamber, then use alcohol and a pipe cleaner

A pipe cleaner is more efficient than any other type of cleaner. It is easy to manipulate it to reach all areas in the vaporizer.

  • Ensure you reach the air path and the walls of the chamber to get rid of any dirt.

Accumulation of residue is unsightly that is why regular cleaning is recommended. A well-cleaned air path ensures proper air circulation in the chamber. It all amounts to better puffs and efficiency when heating herbs.

  • Scrub the screen of the vaporizer as well. If you feel the screen is in bad shape, have it replaced

Goboof requires screen change after every 20-30 times of use. Do not worry because when you buy it, you get several free screens for a start, but you will need to buy others later.

The brand is hygienic, as it does not accumulate residue as fast as other models. Its efficiency in heating herbs is what makes the hygiene standards high. However, it does not mean that when you rarely clean the tool, its performance goes down. Cleaning is mostly for hygiene purposes.

How good is Alfa’s vapor?good is Alfa’s vapor

good is Alfa’s vaporQuality of vapor is an essential factor when shopping for a vaporizer.

  • good is Alfa’s vaporWith Alfa, you are good to go. As long as you keep the heating temperatures at LO or MID settings, be assured of an amazing vapor taste. If you exceed MID, then be ready to stand a strong vapor. Within a minimum of four seconds and a maximum of eight, you will inhale vapor of a lifetime.
  • Generally, the vapor emanating from Alfa is good enough as it is above standard quality considering its capacity.
  • With a maximum of three grams of ground herbs, you get 15 drawing rounds. Each draw is four seconds. Within the said seconds, the fine herbs are well vaporized and ready for inhalation.
  • If you tightly fill the chamber, you will be treated to shorter and less draws about seven of them. This reduces wastage of vapor. What is the use of having 15 draws when you need only half of them or even less?
Tips on getting the most out of Alfa vaporizer

There is always a better way to use any given vaporizer. With Alfa, consider:

  • Tips on getting the most out of Alfa vaporizerAcquiring a good grinder: it will give you finely done herbs. This saves space in the chamber allowing more herbs to be packed.
  • Besides the grinder, ensure you tightly fill the vaporizer but remember to let in air. Therefore, do not fill the chamber to the brim or mouth. Leave some space for proper air circulation but ensure the fine herbs are compact.
  • When the chamber is completely filled, expect that drawing the vapor will be strenuous. The air path will heat up fast thus ruining your drawing sessions. The least you can do is filling the chamber half way but ensure the herbs are tightly packed.
Advantages of Goboof Alfa Vaporizer
  1. Unique heating: the pin centrally placed pin ensures even heating for high standard vapor.
  2. Small efficient batteries.
  3. Long lasting battery power: when the vaporizer is fully charged, it last 1-11/2hours. However, there is a limitation. You can only draw vapor that far if you are heating herbs at LO or MID temperatures. If you go higher than that, then the charge will be out in less than 11/2hours
  4. You can use it while it is still charging: this helps a lot especially if you cannot wait for the vaporizer to charge fully, but be careful


  • Fast.
  • Easy to use.
  • High quality.
  • Lightweight thus portable.
  • Efficient.
  • Less fatigue.
  • Compact yet small.


  • Long charge time, 31/2-4 hours.
  • Small for more draws (3grams capacity).

Vapor quality is superb-9 out of 10

Goboof Alfa produces such high-quality vapor. It is comparable to that of a larger desktop vaporizer unit. It could even be better than the desktop considering its efficiency. I mean cooking small amounts of food gives delicious meals. Therefore, heating herbs in small amounts produce better vapor than when you use a vaporizer with a more than 3grams capacity.

More people are giving up the desktop vaporizer for this one. If not, they are using both for a more fulfilling experience. The two vaporizers go well together. However, if you want to smoke with a couple of friends or your lover, then use Alfa vaporizer. You will have nothing to regret about.

The stimulation I got from smoking using Alfa brand was more than my usual smoking sessions. My lungs were �happy’ with the vapor that I could not help but want more of it. The vapor smelt better offering exhilarating puffs. My nostrils felt great as the vapor passed through. I felt like I was in a very different world. You know the feeling you get from a great puff. It is unforgettable.

I would definitely recommend this brand to anyone who wishes to have a smoking experience of a lifetime for once. I suggest that you remain at low or mid temperatures when heating up the herbs. The higher temperatures, be it HI, A/P or A/T, are not that fun for smoking. However, you are at liberty to use whatever temperature settings you like as long as you are fine with them.

General quality of the vaporizer

Are you searching for a vaporizer that is all high quality? Goboof Alfa Vaporizer is here to serve you. All its elements are in good shape. They are made of sturdy material and last longer. It does not matter how often you utilize the vaporizer. It is meant to serve your needs whenever you need a few puffs to spice up your day. Just ensure you keep it safe and clean it when necessary for efficient smoking sessions.

It is strong, well-built and compact. It stands drops without dismantling. It comes in a fascinating look with a simple and carefully constructed design. The parts fit together very well. The mouth, chamber, and screen look great. It seems the manufacturer invested time, skill and passion in making this brand. Goboof deserves a thumbs up for producing such a high-quality vaporizer.


Goboof has in mind the fact that devices can be faulty, which is why it has a warranty. When you buy Goboof Alfa vaporizer, there is a 2-year warranty. In case the tool stops working as expected, it can be repaired. However, if it is beyond repair then it is replaced. You get a completely new vaporizer as long as you have not used the old one for more than two years.

Remember, if you damage the vaporizer, you cannot claim a replacement. It is on you. You either repair it yourself or buy a new one in case you are unable to fix the spoilt one.

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Where to get the vaporizer

You can purchase the equipment at Vape-Smart. Always ensure you are safe by buying from authorized dealers. Otherwise, you risk acquiring faulty or counterfeit products. It is a waste of time and money. You do not want that.

If you are far from the Vape-Smart dealers, you can place an order and have your item shipped to wherever you are. Goboof knows that distance should not limit you from amazing puff sessions. Their shipping arrangements have you covered.

Your item will be delivered in a luxurious case. This keeps you classy. Besides, you do not want everyone knowing you are picking up a vaporizer, so your privacy is protected.

In addition to the case, you get a free metallic grinder. It is durable, effective and good for fine grinding of herbs. You will love it.

Despite being a new product, Goboof Alfa vaporizer is a trusted brand that has many hooked on it. It has amazing features that guarantee user friendliness and high-quality puffs. The vapor feels great in the nose, providing you an unforgettable experience. The few cons associated with this brand cannot outweigh its pros and effectiveness. If you are looking for a small, light, well-built, durable vaporizer Goboof has you covered. You are making the right choice buying its product. It does not hurt spending more on a worthwhile vaporizer.



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