KandyPens Miva vaporizer review

Miva vaporizer review

KanydPens has many vaporizers to its business brand and its latest product, KanydPens Miva, is a vaporizer worth having a look. The vaporizer is portable, comes with simple to use temperature control settings, good-sized ceramic chamber and a glass mouthpiece that gives just incredibly good tasting vapor. IIn this review, I will take you through some aspects which you may have not yet known about this vaporizer. I will unbox the vaporizer, discuss its interface, features, load it with dry herb and discuss the experience you can expect after that.

KandyPens is a reputable name anytime vaporizers are mentioned and that is because its products are known to hit exactly into what consumers always want.

I have always had a great experience with the previous versions of KandyPens vaporizers and before writing this review, I had tried KandyPens Miva for about a week and I was incredibly impressed by its performance. First, here is general information about this vaporizer, KandyPens Miva.

  • It is portable – I really like this aspect since my urge for vaping can find me anywhere, at home, at the workplace or even when outdoors. The fact that KandyPens Miva vaporizer is portable means I can carry it around and vape my favorite herb at that time I may wish to. I can conceal it as well as quickly draw it for use should such need arise.
  • It is powered by 2200 mAh battery – hardly will I find it necessary to regularly charge this vaporizer. A single full battery charging I believe is enough to take me a whole week without thinking of charging the vaporizer again. The huge battery power rating also means that I can have numerous vaping sessions without the battery getting fully drained. The battery rating also provides 10-20 herb heat up time, a factor that can only add an amazing vaping experience when using this vaporizer.
  • It has a temperature range 300-350 degrees Fahrenheit – that means I can easily adjust the vaporing temperature to that range that can best fit me. The high temperature range also implies that it is easy to for any herb I load to the vaporizer’s oven to heat without any need to wait for unnecessarily too long.
  • It has a lifetime warranty – this can only mean that KandyPens is so certain about this product’s integrity,value and 100% stand behind its quality.

KandyPens Miva uses memory data function and that means it often picks up the temperature it often frequented by a user. That aspect delivers consistent, high-quality performance in almost every vaping session. Its ceramic oven also contributes to a smooth high-grade burning of any herb that may be stuffed in the heating chamber.


Opening – what to expect

Miva vaporizer review boxIn the product box, here are some of the things you will see: a Miva vaporizer, glass mouthpiece, charging cable, cleaning brush, packing tool and instruction manual. My first impression upon pulling Miva vaporizer from the box was just wow!!!! It is very light and has a shiny plastic cover that is very attractive.

Though KandyPens Miva has a pre-installed small mouthpiece, the glass mouthpiece provided does an incredibly wonderful job in creating nice tasting vapor. With the pre-installed mouthpiece, it often takes a vapor a long time to suitably cool owing to its close proximity to the heating chamber, an aspect which somehow reduces the quality of vape. I prefer to use the long glass mouthpiece for vapor that tastes incredibly clean.

In the box, you will find an instruction manual. It is not that long and the beauty of it is that its information is exactly on point. The manual explains various aspect such as how to correctly use the vaporizer, what its different parts are meant for and the general safety and maintenance procedures that can be followed to make the vaporizer last long.

KandyPens Miva Interface

Now, let’s have a minute to discuss the overall design interface KandyPens Miva Vaporizer. Overall design determines the level of confidence you can express when using a vaporizer. It is a well-known fact that people only prefer to own sleek design gadgets and that factor too must come into playing when picking vaporizers.

KandyPens Miva has a pre-installed small mouthpiece on its top. Removing the mouthpiece exposes the oven, which some people prefer refer to as the heating chamber. As earlier discussed, KandyPens Miva has extra-long mouthpiece which is aimed at providing superb vapor quality especially within the recommended vapor temperature.

Though KandyPens Miva’s interface is not the advanced one you can find on the market, it passes as being one of the simplest. The interface has three easy to operate buttons – temperature up, temperature down and the power down. To turn the vaporizer on, you will just have to click the power button five times and wait for the heating effect to start immediately.

What is even more wonderful about KandyPens Miva vaporizer is that it is incredibly simple to adjust the temperature of the vapor being produced. I can just rely on the arrows to adjust the vaporizer temperature to the level I want it to be.

The current temperature is digitally displayed in small numbers and that is an aspect which in find to be incredibly thought of by the KandyPens Miva designers. The vaporizer’s interface also shows flash in instances of heating up and a solid blue color is displayed when the desired heating temperature is arrived at.

That makes it incredibly simple to use this vaporizer. For me personally, I find no need to regularly check the interface whether to confirm my heating temperature has been reached. Instead, I only set my eyes on the solid blue color appearance and enjoy my vapor sessions.

Loading my KandyPens Miva vaporizer with dry herb

Here, I am going to take you through how is it like to load the vaporizer’s oven, or as some may prefer to call it, the heating chamber, with dry herb. First, you just need to get your dry herb ready and get it in a condition that it will most likely give you the vaporizing satisfaction you may be after.

KandyPens Miva vaporizer with dry herb

Remove the vaporizer mouthpiece so that the heating chamber is left exposed. KandyPens Miva vaporizer chamber isn’t that big and that is something which I truly like since I don’t have to waste a lot of dry herbs while in the end just as little is what is going to give the satisfaction I may be after.

Besides, I prefer to vape in small manageable sessions. So, a huge heating chamber lacking in Miva is not such a huge deal for me. When packing the heating chamber, I use KandyPens Miva supplied tool to make sure that my dry herb fits tightly. You may feel obliged to push the herb till it gives the impression that it is firm, but remember a herb which is too tightly packed often restrict much of the needed airflow.

Just ensure that you fill the oven with just the right amount of dry herb and forget about overstuffing since that would greatly diminish vaping value. Once KandyPens Miva heating chamber is packed right and nice, make sure you close the mouthpiece and the vaporizer will now be ready for use.

Here is how you can use KandyPens Miva with dry a dry herb of your choice

Getting started is very simple. Just go to the vaporizer’s settings and click the power button five times to turn Miva on. Set the temperature to a value like 3900 Fahrenheit since this where you can enjoy an incredibly wonderful vaping craze. I am very impressed with the quality performance that Miva vaporizer often produces.

It gives out a huge thick vapor having relatively small draws. For other vaporizers, even the most advanced ones, you may have to pull for unreasonably long time to get any enjoyable cloud. However, KandyPens Miva vaporizer makes things to be incredibly simple – in just 2-4 seconds, it can produce enough vapor that can give you a wonderful vaping experience. The short heat-up time means that I don’t have to wait for too long before I can vape my favorite herb.

In instances I want to enjoy quality vaping experience, I often insist on having a glass mouthpiece. Here are some general points I can deduce about KandyPens Miva vaporizer regarding what to expect in quality as well as the implication its heating chamber size has on user experience.

  • Its vapor Quality – most of the times, KanyPens Miva does give me a cool, nice tasting vapor. Its draw resistance is often very low and that implies it is incredibly simple to pull from Miva. I don’t have to apply much of my efforts into pulling when having a draw. For that reason, I highly recommend KandyPens Miva vaporizer for it makes my breathing so easy and very natural.
  • Heating chamber/oven size – I entirely love the size of Miva vaporizer heating chamber. The space can comfortably pack and fit any dry herb I put into the chamber. With a big heating chamber, it means I will be wasting a lot of dry herbs and the sad thing is that I may not consume all the herbs I put into the oven.

KandyPens Miva oven size is just right for me – I only stuff in herb quantity that I can comfortably enjoy. If you may wish to vape with friends or a group, in that case KandyPens Miva may be a little disappointment. However, vaping just personally, the oven size will absolutely be of no concern.

My overall assessment of KandyPens Miva efficiency

KandyPens Miva efficiency

At the end of this discussion, it would be perhaps logical to get a solid view whether KandyPens Miva may pass as the right vaporizer for persons who may be searching for a vaporizer that can give incredibly amazing vaping sessions. Here is what I did before giving the vaporizer my final consumer thoughts: I emptied the material in it to analyze whether KandyPens Miva vaporizer did what I was expecting.

The herb was well used and that I could assess since the emptied herb ash had some brown color in it. The brown color indicates that the vaporizer did an incredibly wonderful job in extracting the most vital ingredients that were present in the herb.

So far, KandyPens Miva has gained incredibly wonderful reviews from many vapers who have tried it. It mostly has 5-star reviews and wonderful consumer descriptions confirming the quality it gives. Though its features and functionality seem to target first-timers, the fact is that even seasoned vapors can find KandyPens Miva to be a worthy vaporizer.

It has zero combustion and works incredibly well with almost any herb that is frequently used for vaping. The accessories included in the product box means that applying any safety and maintenance routines to the vaporizer gets to be very simple, and that is one aspect which is dearly looked into when purchasing vaporizers.

From now on if I am to recommend a vapor to a first-time, I will effortlessly pick KandyPens Miva. From my personal experience, it is a product worth all the praise it has.

In general – it is simple to use this vaporizer. Its interface is easily labeled thereby it doesn’t require any hard effort to get started. The overall performance is surprisingly good and you can have a guarantee of wonderful vaping sessions when using KandyPens Miva vaporizer.

For first-time persons, I highly recommend KandyPens Miva. You can purchase it through its official manufacturer platform where you can get a lifetime guarantee and even amazing discounts depending on your purchase terms. Bottom line? KandyPens Miva is a vaporizer that is worth buying.

It may not be among the finest in the market but the vaping experience it gives is actually worth it. A factor that impresses me the most in this vaporizer is its sleek design meaning I do feel gentle when putting it to use. Besides, its glass mouthpiece and the ceramic chamber just provide a cool-tasting and soothing smooth vapor, a sensational feeling that makes me enjoy any my vaping sessions with KandyPens Miva vaporizer.



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