Mighty Dry Review - Vaporizer - UPDATED 2017

Mighty Dry Review

Mighty Dry Review

The manufacturers of Mighty Dry are always proud of their exceptional designs of vaporizers. Storz & Bickel is renowned for offering quality products which many vaporizing enthusiasts love. The company relies heavily on form follows function school to come up with products which are widely accepted. From the design of conical volcano which had a balloon to the introduction of handheld vaporizers, the company has since introduced several vaporizers. In the year 2014, the companies decided to twin launch the latest line of its portable units. It was a unique strategy which we have never seen in the industry till now.

Mighty big

Mighty big

The mighty big is a bigger version of the two vaporizers released in late 2014. It is 14 cms (5.5 inches) high, 8 cms (3.2 inches) wide and 3 (1.2) deep. You can grab it in a fist just like a warlike talkie. If you love something you can grab, like I do, then you will love the device. I can quickly grab it, unlike other versions which you can have sitting in the palm like conventional pipes. The German manufacturers did a great job in coming up with the design. It is a sturdy and well-built unit. It achieves precision medical standards just like many units from Storz and Bickel. The weight is just reasonable. At (235 grams or 0.5 lbs) the weight does not feel excessive to me.

Getting down to business

Getting down to business

After buying the device, I took it out of the box and started charging. It takes about two hours to charge the dual lithium ion battery. It uses mains adapter, unlike other units which use USB chargers. There is no USB charging option with the unit. Each time I’m traveling, I should remember to carry the mains adapter or else I will not enjoy the vaporizing adventures. I loved the fact that I can still enjoy vaporizing while the unit is still charging.

The user interface is self-explanatory. Press on the orange button located on the side of the switch starts the action. A short vibration indicates the device is ready for the production of vapor.

I can easily know the battery level after checking the square LCD screen. Other parameters which can be accessed from the LCD screen include desired temperature and the current temperature of the device. The current temperature shows in orange numerals while the temperature you want is shown in white. The buttons on the side of the screen allow changing the settings. I can select between maximum 210 C/410 F and minimum 40 C/104 F.

When fully charged, it takes about 2 minutes to heat up to 190 degrees C (374 degrees F. When holding the + buttons down, it toggles between the maximum and minimum temperatures. It is a straightforward interface which I enjoy using.


The mighty arrives with several accessories to make your experience great. Some of the accessories which come with the unit include a brush, grinder, ingenious chamber filling device and additional sealing rings.

With just a half turn, the cooling unit can turn off to expose the stainless steel where I can put herbs.

To pour the ground herb to the filler, I can easily twist the grinding chamber securely into the heat chamber ready for the heating action. A quick pull of the fillers stopper allows the herb to enter the heating chamber. The process is tidy for you to enjoy a fresh vaporizing experience. The final step is where you should ensure the chamber is totally full. If it is not full, then you will have to use wire pad provided as a spacer. If you use the device without filling it to the maximum or using the spacer, the bud can go flying all over the place in the unit, and the vaporization process will not be perfect. The chambers are not huge; they can fill quickly.

Stand and deliver

Stand and deliver

I noted something negative about the unit. It does not stand on its own. The curved base makes it difficult to have the unit standing on the table or any other flat surface on its own. The first time I was filling it, it made me feel uneasy. I had to hold it using one hand each time I was adding up stuff before I can start enjoying the vapors. All the processes such as filling, securing the filler on the unit, taking the lid off to add shepherd ground herb into the chamber and unscrewing the filler chamber all take place while I’m holding the device in one hand. It seems a delicate process. The unit requires the engagement of both hands; I can sense troubles if you are using one hand or you are shaking. I first show the mighty portable vaporizer standing on its own at the manufacturer’s website, but was surprised to realize it does not stand on its own. It requires constant holding for me to add the herb and start enjoying the vaporizing experience.

The Vapor

Let’s proceed to more important factors. Anyway, after buying a portable vaporizer, you should be prepared to hold it. Some of the factors I take into consideration before the purchase of a vaporizer include the vapor quality and the durability. The unit scores highly in quality vapor production aspect.

Vapor quality

The vapor quality is simply the best. A simple turn of the flattened mouthpiece to 180 degrees and the unit will swivel into ready position. The draw is smooth and easy just like most desktop vapes. It is better than any handled units in the market till date. Have used several devices before, but I can assure you mighty scores highly when it comes to vapor quality. I can recommend crafty stable mate at number two. The draw from the unit is great. I enjoy each draw.

If you will like to enjoy a refreshing and flavorsome vapor, then it is the unit to consider. The inhalation process with the device should be slow and steady. A deep inhalation can lead to lowering of temperature in the unit which can result in below vaping zone temperature. If you go below the vaping zone temperature, I will take some seconds before it can reheat to the vaping temperature again.

What’s the secret?

Mighty Secret

The vapor is above any other portable vaporizers in the market. But, why is it the case? Let’s take the unit apart and assess the engineering behind the success of the unit. The manufacturers took the time to come up with a unit which assures vaping lovers a great portable unit which they can always enjoy. The engineering is quite satisfying. It is produced by genuine convection hot air which passes through the ground herb. The herb heats up due to convection and conduction as it touches the sides of the chamber. The combination of convention current and conduction makes heating perfect for the vapor production to reach a whole new level which most devices cannot reach.

It produces vapor as soon as a user inhales. There is no scorching in the process. The full spectrum of taste and smell is achieved in the process. I suspect the full spectrum of cannabinoids is also achieved. But, there are no lab tests to confirm the later. I love the unit because I don’t have to stir for me to achieve a constant heating. When the herb is spent, it reveals an even color which indicates the unit delivers even heating and vapor production process.


Cleaning the Mighty

The manufacturers recommend regular cleaning of the unit. I usually clean mine regularly to preserve the quality of vapor. You should as well make a habit of cleaning your unit on a regular basis so that you can always enjoy the best vapor production. There are clear steps which should be followed during the cleaning process. I checked the user manual to access the washing steps. The process is straight forward. First, it involves disassembling the cooling unit. The removing process is just the same way you remove for the filing session. The second step involves wiggling the mouthpiece back and forth to get it out of the socket. The process should be done while holding the tiny sealing ring.

Top open the cap lock, you should pull the rearwards while flickering the unit up using the fingernails. The process allows the cooling unit cap to get out of the cooling unit base. The chamber filling tool should be used to remove large and small sealing rings. Filling tool simplifies the process.

You have removed all the parts. It is time now to brush all the pieces and soak them in alcohol. You can as well use warm soapy water to soak the unit. It is a necessary process so that you can get rid of all possible contaminants from the unit. I prefer using alcohol because it is fast drying and I assume it is the best disinfectant I can easily access. At first, the process used to take me a lot of time because I used to be very careful not to get a process wrong. But, with time it is a simple process I can accomplish within few seconds.

After soaking in alcohol, I then dry the unit off before I can start assembling it back. The reassemble starts with the cooling unit which is reassembled in reverse order. Even if the process of dissembling and reassembling back can seem to be a big hassle, it is worth if you will like to enjoy quality vapor at all times. Always refer to the user manual so that you can get all the steps right. I relied heavily on the manual during my initial cleaning process, but now I can accomplish it within a short period even without reading the manual. It is because I have used it for long to understand it’s working process.

Battery power

Mighty Battery power

A fully charged mighty portable vaporizer can last for about seven sessions. The LCD screen comes with a charge level indicator. The vaping session is twice the course you can enjoy out of crafty, but remember the unit can only be charged using a mains switch via its main adapter. Once you are out of the house, you can’t use the system more unless you can access a socket for you to recharge. I always travel with my adapter so that I can recharge it whenever I feel like vaping, and there is a socket nearby.

The temperature range of the product ranges from 40 -210 degrees C (104-410 F). Using the lowest temperature with this unit is hard. For example, the lowest boiling point of lavender and eucalyptus is about 130 degrees Celsius. I prefer them, and that is why I have never used the lowest temperature with the unit. The great design allows the unit to release the best aroma from the lavender blossom which I love. When comparing with other devices, the battery power is just perfect if you love quality vaporizing sessions.

Verdict: Essential

Mighty Final Verdict

The mighty is not that cheap, neither Crafty is cheap. But, if you will like to buy a portable vaporizer to assure you quality vapor, then you need to think about the two. The vaporizers are made to ensure you quality vapor. I have never regretted since buying the vaporizer. It offers me exactly what I was looking for when comparing different brands in the market.

After using both the mighty and crafty, I’m convinced the Mighty stands out as the best vaporizer for me to keep on using. It has a great design with quality vapor production. The price may be a bit high when compared to other devices, but the quality is something you should not risk if you will like to be assured of the best vaping experience.

The extra battery life makes me achieve extra vaping sessions when I’m outdoors. The size is just okay with me. If you are still looking for the perfect portable vaporizer you can buy, then you need to think about mighty by Storz. It is a great device I enjoy in many aspects. Try it, and you will agree with me it is the best vaporizer in the market so far.




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