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Nebula 100w Vaporesso Review

Nebula 100w Vaporesso Review

The latest Nebula mod that has entered the markets is due to the tireless efforts of the Shenzen manufacturer, Vaporesso, that works to provide the best looking and highest performing mods in the market. The Nebula is a 100W mod that can be powered using a single 18560 or a 26650 battery.

In this review, I will provide complete details about the company’s latest OMNI board chip set which is considered the lifeblood of the company. It is the hottest vape chipset in the market right now and we are going to look at one of the company’s fastest moving products, Nebula. The details included in this review will contain the features of the product, the benefits, the pros and cons and my final verdict on whether I recommend this product for use.

Packaging :

Nebula 100w Vaporesso Packaging

The parcel arrived with secure packaging to keep the Nebula mod safe, and also included a user guide with the warranty information, along with a USB to Micro USB cable. The packaging was very appealing and featured the Nebula Mod in front of an intergalactic background designed with a detailed image of the Milky way in space. The super snug packaging ensured that the Mod was completed intact during transit. The small, deftly made braided micro USB was a step up from the standard cheap USB cables that are provided with most mods these days. The quality and attention to detail was very promising and each end of the connector was protected by a spring which ensures that the cable lasted longer. The battery compartment is designed to be used with a battery adapter band that lets you use a 18650 instead of a 26650 by using the band to wrap around and hold it in place inside the battery compartment.

The touch and feel of the smooth outer was exciting to behold in comparison to the other mods that I’ve owned. Although the Target Pro and Mini worked well, the Nebula mod takes things to a new level and has most certainly delivered a quality innovation with this product. The sleek curves of the product are comfortable to touch and hold since the product does not have even one straight edge which aims at providing a sturdy grip. The curves of the mod lead to the battery door which is made of rubber to ensure a non slippery and strong grip when used.

The frontal region contours towards a screen and also provides a resting spot for the fingers to adjust on while the pointer finger gets aligned with the fire button. The fire button is also naturally curved to accommodate the shape of the finger making this mod an ergonomic powerhouse which is perfect and comfortable for use. The idyllic curves and shape is designed to ensure that the hand does not get easily fatigued when having to use the mod.

The rubberized door of the battery compartment is quite easy to remove by sliding it out and also holds firmly in place by using the right amount of magnets. The necessary information gets displayed on the screen provided in the front with a medium sized font that is easily readable for anyone. Three buttons are available below the screen with the +/- symbols on two of them and a menu selection button which is the third. The back corner of the top contours along the battery door and is embedded with ventilation holes which gives the entire mod a suave and chic look to behold.

The 510 connector provided seems to be of premium quality and the run off holes provided allow the air flow to cool down the atty from below. The micro USB port is fitted snugly below the menu selection button in the front of the mod which lets you keep the mod in a standing position while it charges.

Working of the Nebula Mod :

Nebula Mod

The mod needs to be fitted with the batteries before it can be used. It is quite easy to get the battery door to slide down or remove it completely if needed and insert the batteries. Slightly nudge the positive side up towards the spring loaded positive pin to orient the battery in place. In case you might need to use the 18650 instead of the 26650, use the battery adapter band provided to make the 18650 the same width of the 26650 so that it can fit perfectly into the battery compartment. However, in this case, the battery output is reduced to 80 watts which will be explained in detail later.

One tiny problem associated with screwing down the atty on the 510 connection is that it might offer a small resistance to begin with. It does not let you strip the threads or even screw it down at a right angle. The atty needs to be perfectly aligned before it can be accepted which can be quite a hassle if you struggle to get it aligned in the first place. A better solution would have been to provide the threads on the atty as well as the mod so that it would be easier to fit them without damaging the product.

Powering the device or switching it off requires pressing the fire button for five times. The first mode that is encountered is the VW mode which gets displayed as an ‘S’, meaning Smart, on the screen. The screen asks the user if a New load has been added and the user can reply with a yes or no using the +/- buttons. The Smart function is one of the best features of the Mod since it predetermines and provides a recommended wattage based on the resistance of the build – which I found to be quite perfect for my taste.

The mod can think for itself and select the best mode depending on the user’s tastes. Even though the OMNI board vape chipset might not choose the best initial setting, it can always be tweaked and customised. I think it’s a great choice for new atty’s that you have tried vaping with before. You can cycle through the various modes available using the Menu button although the Nebula doesnt have a scroll through menu function like most mods seem to have. Although this isn’t a huge issue, it simply takes a little more time to find and set the right mode and settings. When the mod is turned on, it circles back to the last used Mod before it was turned off.

The names of the various settings available on the OMNI board are easy to remember and use. They are : Smart VW, CCW, VT(N1200/SS/Ti), CCT, TCR and finally the Bypass mode. The Smart VW or Variable Wattage is the basic starter mode, followed by TCR and VT (Variable Temp) which provides the same performance as seen on some of the most popular mods available in the market. In my opinion, the CCW(Custom Curve Wattage) and the CCT(Custom Curve Temperature) are the best offerings of Nebula and this feature is similar to a preheat setting on steroids. It lets you choose custom values after every half a second after letting you attain the full force of the draw during the first five seconds.

It lets you create and enjoy your very own detailed heat curve by playing around the settings available. The setting is ideal for heavy coil builds that usually take some time to ramp up before becomes stabilised at the optimum levels and lets you back off. It not only saves battery life, but also does not burn your skin off with too hot a vape. The CCW mode lets you choose and design your curve levels in Watts, while the CCT mode lets you choose in degrees. The Nebula works in both Celsius and Fahrenheit for anyone struggling with a particular setting. Finally, the bypass mode provides you information about the sum of whatever battery power is left in the cell; the same way any mechanical mod might work.

Since Vaporesso has installed a horde of safety and protection features onto the Nebula, it brings a peace of mind to a vape enthusiast like me. Some of the features included to get the best of the battery life are Output Short Circuit Protection, Low Voltage Protection, Overheating Protection, Current Protection, Timeout Protection, Anti-Load Battery Protection and Low Resistance Protection which is more that perfect for an avid vape aficionado.

The mod is capable of accommodating attys with a size up to 25mm in diameters and looks absolutely amazing with pretty much any atty on board. Although the 510 connector was a bit difficult to use and little tight to work with since it needed to be pushed down on the atty for the threads to take. I still prefer this to some of the models which host a loose 510 connection and there is always the worry of having the atty be stripped or be bent the wrong way. The Nebula does not have that problem since the atty fits in securely.

Design Specifications :

Design Specifications

  • Dimensions: 49.3 x 32.3 x 86.8 mm
  • Weight: 158g (no battery)
  • Temperature Range: 140C – 315C/280F – 600F
  • Output Wattage: 5w to 100w
  • Suitable Atomizer: 0.15 – 5 Ohms
  • Casting: Zinc Alloy, Aluminium Alloy
  • Thread: 510 thread
  • Display: OLED
  • Standby Current: <50
  • Voltage Range: 0 – 8.5 V
  • Battery Cell: 1x 26650 or 1x 18650(with battery adapter)

Performance :


One of the things that enjoyed about this product is that the output of the OMNI board stayed reliable and consistent. When compared to most other high powered mods that fell into the same performance bracket, the ohm readings were spot in and helped in setting the right temperature for the perfect vape. The Smart VW and the VT modes do not waver in their quality and provide what they advertise. The preset values of the VT mode worked perfectly in tangent with the different TC wire builds that I tried and I found that I didn’t have to adjust or change the values since they worked well.

The custom curve feature was absolutely outstanding and I’m completely in love with how you can get your own set up in and tweak it to get your sweet spot even tighter. Even with a few adjustments in the Temp mode were enough to provide a ridiculously satisfying vape in terms of flavour, battery life and vapour production. Vaporesso definitely deserves applause for its epic preheat function. In most of the other devices that do not have customisable options, the preheat value that is set only lasts for a nominated amount of seconds. And the fact that the OMNI board lets you set a custom value for every half second up to five seconds makes this a tough competitor to beat.

The Bypass mode is similar to and also as quick as any mechanical mod without the presence of a tactile switch sensation. It provides the full capacity of the battery in such a way that the mod does not completely die out on you without a notice. The Nebula provides all the benefits of a mechanical mod and is ideal for anyone who looks for mods to draw power from a using a particular atty and build.

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When it comes to the battery life, my daily use averages around 50 watts and I had found that a full 26650 lasted for a day or two at the rate it was being used. For anyone intending to use the 18650 type, it limits the maximum output for the power at 80 watts and affects the vape time that you can get out of the battery before having to change it.

One of the great things about the battery is that it does not quickly die off before it can be replaced but the output of the mod begins to drop ever so slowly. I could notice the gradual power diminishing and realised it was time to change the battery. Although this was a cause for irritation in most of the other mods I’ve used, the Nebula did not bother me too much since the depletion was very negligible and barely identifiable.

The Nebula mod has a stunning finish with a glossy sheen, is very compact and pocket friendly due to its size and weight which is a big deal with me. Even the USB charging port is ideally located which keeps the mod from tipping over. Few of the mods have the USB lead near the top which could cause the lead to drag it down and knock the mod over or have it get caught by something.

Pros :
  • Absolutely sleek and stunning design.
  • Has an outstanding performance
  • Provides loads of safety features for battery conservation.
  • Provides a variety of customisable options.
Cons :
  • Quite hard to find anything wrong with this mod!
Final Verdict :

Final Verdict

Vaporesso has completely outdone itself with the perfect creation, that is the Nebula mod, by returning to the single battery mod and refining it even further. The look, feel and design along with the top notch performance is something that I would highly recommend for anyone searching for a good mod. With its great customisability and addictive functions, battery efficiency and miniature size, the Nebula mod is the perfect choice and has officially made it to the top of my favourite mod list. I hope you’ve been able to find what you were looking for with this article and make the right choice in buying the best mod.



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