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Smok AL85 Review

Smok AL85 Review

E-cigarettes are becoming more popular as more vaporizers enter the market. The variety offers users the freedom to choose whatever fits them. As you experiment with different vaporizers, you should definitely try Smok AL85 for an exciting encounter. You will love every minute of it.


  • Heating

Smok TFV8 heatSmok comes with excellent features that you should definitely like. For instance, it has a fire bar also called a trigger bar. This feature is the basis of the vaporizer. Without it, there is no vapor. It is what heats up the baby beast tank. The fire trigger has a good grip for your hands. Besides, it goes well with the size of the AL85 model. It would be funny if AL85 mini had a very small fire trigger or if the trigger was a bit bigger. In short, the trigger’s size is perfect.

  • Structure

assembling Smoke AL85

Worried about assembling Smoke AL85? You receive an already assembled tool. If you dismantle it then make sure you remember how the parts fit together. The 18650 battery keeps you entertained for a while before charging. It depends on the watts you are using.

The USB cable that comes with the device ensures it is fully charged for efficiency. Smok is a mini mode meaning it holds more vapor than the smaller vaporizers.

  • Visual display

SMOK-AL85 Visual display

The OLED display is clear to ensure you key in the right setting for an amazing smoking session. The vaporizer requires a power source of 0.35V-8.0V and uses 1W-85W.

About temperature modifications on the tool, it ranges from 200F-600F, which is an equivalent of 100�C-315�C. This means you can use Celsius degrees or Fahrenheit. Whatever unit you are comfortable with; just press the button to change from Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa.

The resistance present in Smok is only 0.1ohm meaning energy from the charged batteries easily heats the baby beast tank and more efficiently in that case.

  • Smok TFV8 baby Beast Tank

Smok TFV8 baby Beast Tank

This is where the main activity of vaporizing occurs. Without it, there is no vapor even if you have the fire trigger. Smok’s baby beast tank is spectacular. I mean, the fact that it is made of stainless steel keeps the tool looking elegant.

Besides, stainless steel does not rust. The device is only 47 grams and has a capacity of 3ml. It comes with two smoking coils thus in case one fails then the other got your back. However, the downside of the coils is that they are not durable, quite disappointing if you had no plan of buying new news.

AL85 is smaller than TFV8 cloud beast but the size does not affect its performance in any way. It is hinged at the very top for efficiency purposes. Any coil of 30-130watts is suitable for the baby tank. It produces tasteful vapor.

  • Vapor settings

three vapor options

You have three vapor options: soft, normal and hard. It means you have the power to choose what setting works for you. There is no need of using the hard setting when all you need is soft or normal vapor. With the soft setting, you get consistent, gradual puffs unlike the hard setting, which gives rapid ones. Besides, the soft option uses less watts as compared to hard which means the latter consumes more energy from the battery.

  • The screen


It is hard seeing through it. It gets even harder when you release the fire trigger. The vapor fills up the baby beast tank. Thus, your focus will be on enjoying the vapor and not looking at what is happening on the inside of Smok AL85. What this means is that the screen gets dimmer when pressure is let off the trigger. The dimness is more compared to other mini vaporizer brands.

  • Upgrading

AL85 comes with a USB

AL85 comes with a USB port in case there are device updates. This makes it more efficient. An upgrade is recommended whenever it is available. However, be warned. Do no use this USB port to charge the vaporizer, even though it actually charges the battery.

Follow the manufacturer’s manual by charging using the right method. It is safe for you and your device. Remember you can smoke, as it charges, no problem whatsoever.

  • Intriguing design

Intriguing design

Smok manufacturers took a time to ensure they come up with a strong, stable tool. For instance, it is solid as it fits well in your palms. The trigger bar adds to the solid nature and feels of the tool. You are good to go.

Smok put together ideas from Eleat Pico and Alien to come up with this amazing vaporizer. You cannot differentiate it from the two designs. The three have many similarities. Eleat feels like Alien, Alien feels like Smok, does it really matter?

AL85’s battery slot is craftily designed to make battery changes a lot easier. Just remove the screws on the cap. You will come across the battery space. Remove the battery and replace it with a new one. If the slot is empty then place in a battery.

The threads on the cap are rough and a beat noisy at first. However, after say 14 days, the noise reduces and gets insignificant, but before the 14 days come to a close, you will hate the screeching.

Smok also has a 510 pin that easily fits into several models. Therefore, compatibility is a thing here. Ladies care about colors more than men do. Well, there is a variety of colors to choose when it come to the baby beast tank. A good example is the Gunmetal. It is simply amazing.

The front of Smok has a screen while the other side is endowed with a fantastic carbon panel. Whether the carbon is fake or authentic, it does not matter as long as the device looks great.

It is a small mini vaporizer mode with high-quality material. It is stylish as well.

How does Smok AL85 work?

How does Smok AL85 work

Whether you are a newcomer to vaporizers or used to them, you need to know how Smok works. It does not take long before you master the steps. Just be a good and fast learner. Here is how.

  • Ensure there is a battery in the compartment.
  • Turn on the device by clicking 5times fast.
  • Fire or trigger the tool by applying pressure on the bar.
  • If you want to lock or unlock the device while it is still on, makes five quick clicks.
  • Turn the device off by holding down the fire or trigger bar for five seconds.
  • To navigate the menu, hold fire bar and the down button, and use the up and down buttons to go through different settings. The three settings available are wattage, memory and temperature control.
  • Quickly click the fire bar three times to enter the operation menu. From here, you are able to change settings, read puff count, alter the settings and also switch off the device.
  • After navigating through the settings they are automatically saved.

See, it is easy handling the device. The more you use it the better you become at operating it. You become a Smok AL85 guru who can teach others how to use it. You can always find the manual for more clarification.

The performance of Smok AL85

performance of Smok AL85

How well a device works is always a concern that lingers in every buyer’s mind. With Smok, there is a lot to like about it.

For example, the fire trigger is just great. It is user-friendly and comfortably fits in the palms. Whichever way you hold Smok, you can fire from any direction. Good job Smok. Other mini and nano models have a problem with the position of the fire trigger. It is usually at a place that is either hard to hold or uncomfortable for users.

Baby beast tank is beautiful and its vaporizing process is instant, fast and effective. I mean, even when you set it at soft, the firing is instantaneous.

Besides, two sets of coils that come with AL85. The coils are from different companies meaning diversity and experimentation exists to find out which coil is better than the other is.

Stock coils

Stock coils

The two coils that come with the device are terrible, and I am speaking from experience. They are called Q2 core 0.4ohm and Q2 core 0.6ohm. The resistance is fine but the performance is hell.

With 70/3vg e-liquid, I was treated to dry puffs, really bad puffs. Even after letting the coils be for 20 minutes I still got dry puffs. Either coil could not let me get puffs for more than two seconds. If I did, it was the same problem: dry puffs.

I think free things such as stock coils perform poorly. This is because, after the terrible dry vapor, I went to the store and purchased the same coils. I was surprised that after the usual priming and soaking processes, they worked just fine with the AL85 mini mod. I was relieved.

Those good in science need to explain why stock coils are that bad. Is it because the silica used inside the kits dries them up or what? I mean if the cotton is not well soaked, how vapor can be any good.

Despite the coils producing poor puffs, the flavor was great especially after replacing them with new ones. Even with low watts, the puffs were big enough to take my mind off this world. If you cannot stand the low watt setting, then go with 70watts using the baby-T8 coil. You will love it. Bottom line is, with a good tank and coils the vapor is great.

I definitely have a word or two about the design of the Smok AL8. The fact that the battery compartment is at the top of the device makes me like it already. Accessibility is good and it is unlikely that I may damage the device when replacing batteries. The side trigger bar is strategically placed for the most natural grip I have ever had with vaporizers.

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The color variety ensures every person, male and female gets a shade he or she is looking for. There is a color for everyone. Smok takes a lot from an Alien model but not all. It is because a device has to be a bit unique despite imitation of other devices. The baby tank perfectly fits Smok but this brand can hold a 25mm tank, whether it is RDA or RDTA. Do not worry about the 25mm limit. A tank with such capacity does not overhang at all when installed in AL85.

How often you change the batteries depends on the wattage you are using. The higher the watts the shorter the battery charge lasts. Ensure you have your batteries charged beforehand to avoid disruptions when smoking or smoking while charging. With higher watts, you use one battery for 6 hours but with a low setting, you go for 8 hours. The two-hour difference seems small but it is a thing.

Verdict about Smok AL85


It is worth every coin. The Alien model is big for smoking at the office, in your car or when you are on the go. Use Smok AL85 instead. It is perfect for such situations.

It has many similarities with Alien despite it being more compact and less powerful. If you are new to vaporizers, do not use Smok. Cigars are nothing close to vapor even though you get almost the same stimulation. As a beginner, if you really want to try Smok, then consider adding an MTL tank to it. The tank will provide you manageable puffs.

Al85 is trendy. Therefore, using it will make you look cool among your peers. Many are purchasing AL85 online and its amazing features are the reason why. It is suitable for both new users and experienced vaporizer users. The price is affordable. Therefore, your monthly budget is safe as long as you save up some cash.


  • User-friendly design.
  • Compact.
  • Powerful.
  • Diverse oils.
  • As good as Alien models.
  • Good price.
  • Adjustable.
  • Spare parts bag available.
  • Top battery spot.

Smok AL85 has a lot to offer users. It does not matter whether you are new to vapor or used to it. All you need to do is know how to use the device and smoke your way to the world you have never been to. With its amazing features and proper design, your sessions are in good hands. However, remember to replace the coils if they are not performing well. As a beginner using vaporizers, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.



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