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Smok GX350 Review

Smok GX350 Reviews

Where is it leading us? With the boundaries or limitations being pushed further & further. The ECCR Smok GX350 review lets you explore the features and specs of the quad 18650 powered by a battery of 350-watt mod. You heard it right, 350 watts. It wasn’t very long ago that the manufacturers of electronic cigarettes surpassed the mark of 300 watts and currently, we are here at the 350 watts. The 400-watt mods will be here soon.

It is a bit difficult to fathom going beyond the power settings of vaping of 350 watts or 400 watts. However, I am definitely ruling nothing out. Who knows, maybe the desktop mods are next! Imagine 500 watts? What use would 500 watts even of? Meanwhile, we got a 350-watt mod, which numerous vapers are immensely excited about. The ECCR Smok GX350 is the one, for which we have waited for a long time.

Smoktech is dominating the parade of innovation in vaping presently. While the GX350 is considered to be a quad, the 18650 Smok has successfully managed to compress or wrap the ongoing design into one compact and top-screen mod, which is still convenient and comfortable to carry and hold. The top-screen began with the Smok H-Priv mod & has justified itself as a beneficial and valuable feature.

You can purchase the GX350 watt mod for $80 or for $103, which comes in one kit. The starter kit of the GX350 comes with a phenomenal Smok TFV8 vape tank. If you purchase the kit, be sure to get one TFV8 just for $23 & that is a great deal. Therefore, the GX350 kit can be easily considered a pretty good option; however, our main focus will be discussing the mod itself.

Smok GX350: A Brief Idea

Smok GX350: A Brief Idea

We shall go deeper into the bolts and nuts of the Smok GX350 review along with few specs. The Smok GX350 is made of aluminum and zinc alloy. The round polygon form can be considered remarkable and compact. The height of it is 84.5 mm, the width is 59.3 mm and the depth is 40.4 mm. In other terms, it means that the height is 3.2 inches, the width is 2.3 inches and the depth is 1.6 inches. Did you imagine a bigger one? You did, didn’t you? It is smaller as compared to a Reuleax. It is even way smaller than the Wismec Reuleaux RX300 quad of 18650 300 watt mod.

Here is a comparison of the sizes that will help you more in understanding. This is a big thing, which I intend to bring along with the review of ECCR Smok GX350. The way Smoktech has given the space to design one comfortable and compact size can be considered a remarkable feat. In the given picture, you will see the GX350 mod between a generic triple 18650 device and the Smok Alien mod. The GX350 is smaller as compared to the triple 18650 devices. The GX350 is available in four separate colors. You can go for black and purple, black and stainless steel, black and gold or black and red. You will also find one carbon fiber or black carbon fiber sticker, on every mod style. The 510 connection ideally matches the 25 mm vape tank and that is why there will just be a little overhang with the larger tanks. There are no air channels on the 510. Additionally, to make sure the contact is proper, the 510 pin is usually spring loaded.

Where is the list of GX350 specs? I don’t have it. Just joking. The following is a list of the GX350 specs.

  • The range of Atomizer resistance is 0.1 ohm – 3.0 ohm if the wattage is variable.
  • The temperature controlled vaping’s resistant range is from 0.06 ohm to 3.0 ohm.
  • Compatible with Ti, Ni and SS TC coil wire accompanied by one SS TCR.
  • Temperature ranges from 100 to 315 degree Celsius or 200 to 600 Fahrenheit.
  • Can move from 6 up to 350 watts.
  • Able to adjust in just an increment of 0.1 watts up to 100 watts & increments to 1 from 100-350.
  • Display in the top screen.

The Smok GX350 Kit: A Brief Overlook

Smok GX350 Kit

I am not going to take too long on the Smok GX350 kit itself. I will cover everything related to the mod but the decision of whether you should purchase the kit or not will be entirely on you. The benefits of the Smok GX350 kit is that it will come at a lesser or discounted price on one Smok TFV8. This is probably the ideal vape tank. The relatively new TFV8 is the ideal cloud chasing tank. Either way one cuts it we have the Somktech tanks leading the vaper’s list. Smok mods are residing or close to the leading position of that list. So there you will see it.

Here’s what one gets with GX350 kit.
  • One gets the TFV8 tank.
  • A Smok GX350 Mod.
  • A V8-T8 Octuple Coil (0.15 ohm).
  • One V8-Q4 Quadruple Coil Head (0.15 ohm).
  • One extra Glass Tube.
  • User manual each for TVF8 and GX350.
  • Square Parts comprising Vape bands, Gasket, and O-Rings.

The kit costs $103. You do find some additional value with this kit; therefore, it is definitely something to be curious about. In case you already pose one TFV8, the chance to get one more for a lesser and discounted price is a good idea, any day.

When Do One Require 350 Watts?

350 Watts

Who would like to own and use a new Smok GX350 mod? Will anybody be able to even discover a tank there, which is capable of handling 350 watts? Yes, you will find a vape tank, which has the coils, pre-built and that is capable of vaping up to a full range of 350 watts. The Smok TFV8 is one astounding atomizer tank, which is able to be vaped at lower and higher wattage that GX350 is also capable of. If you require more vapor & in order to try new limits of vaping then you will possibly very much cherish the Smok GX350.

The recent Smok TFV12 is actually the main thing that I got excited about and get into Smok GX350 review. I only had to experiment vaping at the 350 watts. The curiosity got bigger than I could contain. Do you require 350 watts to experience an enjoyable vaping? Obviously not. There is something about the knowledge about your capabilities if you need to.

Even if one does not need or ever want to try vaping at 300 watts or 350 watts, he/she can get benefits from one quad 18650 mod, considering how long it lasts between charging. 4 18650s equates up to 10000 mAh, sometimes even more. With 4 batteries, fully charged, if you do the vaping at eighty watts, you will find the incredible life of the batteries. Longer life of the batteries is ideal for people; people who now always can have access or use a charger. For instance, people working on a road or away from their home. My brother-in-law happens to be a trucker & he will love and admire this mod. The Majority of the folks will realize its convenience as they won’t have to put the batteries to charge every day.

Smoktech GX350 Battery: Recommendation

Smoktech GX350 Battery

Now I’m appreciating how Smok has made the Quad 18650 mod compact and I believe you will appreciate it too. When you see the image above, you will see the proper utilization of space, in it. It is 4 18650 batteries and for that, it’s a handful, however, that is lots of power in one small space. Smok has built inside one excellent compartment for batteries, where the batteries will fit in their individual sleeve. This further means that a battery will never come in contact with another battery in this device.

There is an advantage of having one compartment for a separate battery. For instance, if you poses one battery cover, which has one tear that you don’t want the exposed battery come in contact or touching the metal of the other battery. I would prefer seeing this design tried on the future mods.

GX350 Removable Battery Sleeves

GX350 Removable Battery Sleeves

Now, you have an option, which is the removal of plastic battery sleeves. This is going to be fruitful in an odd case, which you could be having batteries that don’t fit into those sleeves. According to Smok, the batteries of Sony VTC fit the best. While giving a review for Smok GX350, I have used both; 4 Mojos and 4 Sony batteries. I found that both these fit perfectly. These removable sleeves are just an option, however, ideally, the batteries that help to keep these sleeves in their places, should be used.

Finally, we are discussing 4 18650 mods & that can be considered lots of power. You need these batteries while working, as much as possible, in a concert. That is why ECCR does advice in favor of going with 4 new batteries; all belonging to the same type. That way, the batteries will function consistently and harmoniously. We also suggest removing batteries & putting them to charge in one separate charger.

Operating the Smok GX350

Operating the Smok GX350

The Smok GX350 is very easy to use and operate, actually. The menu is quite clear and accessing the features is also pretty basic. However, it might not be perfect for beginners. This is a pretty advanced device fully capable of using lots of power. The operating instructions of the Smok GX350 are pretty simple. You need to click 5 times to turn the Smok GX350 on and to turn off; you will have to just access the menu. In order to access the menu, you need to click Smok GX350’s fire bar 3 times, which will let you see options like Power, Puff, Mode, and Settings.

Vaping Smok GX350

Vaping Smok GX350

While writing the review of Smok GX350, I didn’t connect the oscilloscope and the mod. Many of you will be curious to know if it is capable of reaching 350 watts. I firmly believe it does. It definitely vapes like that. 4 18650 batteries can efficiently deliver 350 watts. Smok mods can perform and that is why I firmly believe it is capable of reaching 350 watts at max with the attachment of appropriate atomizer. Smoktech has the reputation, which is well earned, for its excellent performance and accuracy.

Look, I actually went right into this, wondering what it would be like vaping at 350 watts. I needed to try that. It was an experiment where I was excited but nervous simultaneously. Therefore, I connected both V12-T12 coil and TFV12, which has a limit of 350 watts. The 0.12 atomizer resistance is fully capable of granting 350 watts or something closer.

Vape at 350 Watts

So I tried it. It was quite insane. The sheer vapor’s quantity was crazy. It appeared to me somewhat in cloud’s distance but its density is wonderful. The amount of vapor was so much that you would want to trim down the nicotine’s level. The temperature of the vapor is moderately warm but the tank heats up so much that I didn’t vape constantly at the 350 watts, however, the feeling of being able to do is intoxicating in a way, I will just admit.

You will notice that, at 350 watts, batteries drain out more quickly but you would obviously expect that. And usually, I am the one who thinks the vaping extremes may be pushing too far. I don’t want to be someone who regularly vapes at the 350 watts or 150 watts but being aware that I am able to if I need to… well I admire that. I have got one bit of one Libertarian streak.

Read Enough? Try the Smok GX350
Everyday Vaping with GX350

Read Enough Try the Smok GX350Read Enough Try the Smok GX350

While I was certainly excited about sharing with you about trying the vaping at 350 watts at hairy edges as a part of the review of Smok GX350, we should talk about everyday use. Firstly, I have discussed its compact size & I need to mention that again. The beautiful compact size helps in making the GX350 convenient to carry and hold. It can be a little big for the pocket but top marks overall. The zinc construction is smooth and that is why it might get slippery when your palms are sweaty.

Like the other mods like Smok Alien mod or the G-Priv and others, it comes with one fire bar instead of a button. That fire bar makes the vaping easily accessible.

Additionally, similar to the H-Priv and the wonderful Somk X-Cube Ultra vape mod, its display screen is situated on its top. You will find the adjustment buttons that includes the buttons for up and down, located on top of GX350. Every button actions have clicky and nice action. Again its comfortable feel and polygon shape make the GX350 mod very comfortable and convenient to handle.



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