Vapir Rise Vaporizer Review

Vapir Rise Vaporizer Review

The triple option vaporizer was released by Vapir during summer of 2013. It made remarkable first impression to most of us. The design, packing and the quality of materials used to make the vaporizer was second to none at the time. Most people will like to buy robust vaporizers, just the way I prefer durable vaporizers. Who will like to buy a device which can last for a short while? After assessing the quality of the vaporizer, I knew it was worth the value of my money.

But, let not looks deceive you, we decided to test the device and several downsides were discovered. Some of the downsides which were of concern to us were the low maximum temperature, a lot of parts and a constant fan. For the unit to have a lot of parts, it meant a lot of care on the side of end users. The low temperature was limiting some of us who were after a device which can sustain high temperatures. A constant fan means it can’t accommodate high temperatures.

After a lot of debate among the designers and manufacturers, an upgrade of the device was finally introduced to the market. At first, VapirRise brought a lot of ideas to the market of vaporizers. The few shortcomings in the design of the device led to a mere average review in the market.

Manufacturers were disappointed due to the average review. They had a lot of potential due to the carefully engineered design. But, the battle was not lost. The manufacturers took time to make several tweaks to the product. The rebranding process led to the introduction of VapirRise 2.0 Ultimate.

Some of the tweaks which the manufacturers made to the original product include ability to turn the fan. The balloon adapter was also removed leading to the introduction of a whip fed into the balloon. The manufacturers tried to change different aspects of the product to make people love it. There are several changes which have been made since the introduction of the vaporizer. Some of the changes which have been made to the device over time are explained below.

VapirRise Vaporizer

How It Works

Vapir Rise How It Works

The vaporizer works by use of an incased steel heating chamber which works in combination with an interior fan. The heater heats the contents while the fan blows to create a convectional vapor. You should start by preheating the device before you start using it. For my case, I set the temperature to 190 degrees Celsius. The fan setting includes letting the device to run for about 5 minutes before you start using. There are different heating chambers for the user to choose. The chambers are available so that users can choose a custom chamber according to their own needs. I usually choose a specific chamber which I can use to enjoy the vapor while the rest of the chambers are preheating. After the set temperature in a given chamber has been reached, I just click the place and the session can begin. I love the way it is easy to change between the chambers. Due to the availability of different chambers, the vapor works very well. I’m not bored waiting for it to preheat because other chambers can preheat while im using one of them.

Manufacturing Quality

Vapir Rise Vaporizer Quality

Our assessment on the quality of the product remains the same. The quality is of high standards. The manufacturers took time to come up with the best vaporizer. Material selection and components design make the vaporizer a great device. User friendliness is of the highest quality. The LCD touch pad display is user friendly so that even new users can enjoy. I can confirm I dint face any challenge even during my first use. The look and feel is great. I always feel proud when holding the vaporizer. Operation with the unit is always a breeze.

I also take into consideration the versatility of the device before buying. The versatility of Vaporizer is great. The availability of wide range of accessories makes connoisseurs able to customize the vaporizer so that they can enjoy desired experience. When I’m vaporizing on my own or using the whip, it has great feel. The multiuser adapter allows me to enjoy the vaporizer with few friends. Since I bought the system, fun with my friends has been great. Even when blowing up balloons for a party, the vaporizer works very well. It is an all in one device which is intended to assure users great experience. When it comes to manufacturing quality and accessories, the piece scores an A+. The design of the device has been well thought through to assure users great experience.

The changes have altered the balloon system. The preview model had a balloon adapter similar to the one on volcano set up. The current design does not have the balloon; it allows feeding the whip from a single user adapter to the new balloons which are provided by Vapir. The current design still works to achieve a balloon. A critical assessment, it feels like a backward step from the previous designs of the vaporizer.

Vapor Quality

Vapir Rise Vaporize Quality

The quality of the VapirRise unit is of the highest quality. It offers a flavorful vapor which many users enjoy. The current unit can reach 215 degrees Celsius as opposed to the previous system which used to reach only 204 degrees Celsius. It offers the best vapor when compared to other stationaries. Connoisseurs who enjoy intense and thick vapor can now rejoice due to the great design of the Vapir. The company addressed major concerns with the temperature ranges.

Previous versions didn’t allow turning the fan, but nowadays I can easily turn off the fan as I enjoy the thick vapor. On previous versions, many connoisseurs I included were complaining about the in ability to turn the fan and save the precious vapor. Now I can turn off the fan and enjoy each precious vapor from the unit. Vapir listened to the critiques and did something to impress customers. The function to disable the fan while using the unit makes it achieve high ratings when compared to previous versions.

I can disable the fan and enjoy the option of drawing the vapor normally or even turn it on to enjoy the experience of forced air session. Users now can enjoy their freedom while using the unit. Sometimes I feel like enjoying something relaxed, in such a situation I just switch off the fan. It allows me draw the clouds as I please. With the fan, the vapor comes out naturally which reduces wastage of my precious vapor. Some units can make you feel you are in a hurry to draw the vapor, but with Vapir Rise I have full control as I can decide the rate at which to draw vapor.

Ease of Use

Vapir Rise Vaporizer Easy to use

The system comes with several parts for you to piece together before you can use. But, it comes with a user manual which you can easily follow to assemble the unit. All the pieces provided are aimed at making your life comfortable while using the unit. I was able to select items which I need and I started my session within minutes. I was able to understand the two large fans and the temperature buttons. They are clearly displayed on the screen for me to start using them. You will never get stuck if you can follow simple instructions.

There is no worry when it comes to maintenance; the unit comes with a robust design which eliminates unnecessary breakages. One of the most important things I can outline in the Vapor Rise is the freedom of not worrying about breaking glass. The construction has no glass hence it is very sturdy. Some people can argue it is necessary to use glass as a way of improving vapor purity, but the surgical grade stainless steel makes the vapor very pure. The stainless steel works very well in ensuring you achieve the highest purity while eliminating use of fragile glass in your unit. Remember, all vaporizers in the stationary vaporizer category all have glass parts. Volcano is the only unit which comes with the level of robustness such as the one achieved in the Vapir Rise, but the price of volcano unit is twice the price of Vapir Rise unit.

Temperature Flexibility

Vapir Rise Vaporizer Temperature

The temperature flexibility with the system has improved greatly. The LCD display touch pad allows you to adjust the temperature to the exact degree you will like to achieve vapor. The temperature range goes up to 215 degrees Celsius. As we mentioned in our previous review, we love stationary units with higher temperature output. A stationary unit should achieve high temperature than portable units, but Vapir Rise was lacking the aspect. After few tweaks, they have rectified the temperature range downside. The improvement on temperature has not sacrificed on the quality of the unit. Even if you are using the vaporizer at 215 degrees Celsius, you achieve great flavor as you exhale big clouds. The temperature improvement was the best upgrade besides the flexibility to shut the fan. The vapor quality is the one we have been anticipating over a long period.

Overall Experience

Vapir Rise Vaporizer experience

If you can compare several stationary vaporizers, you will realize Vapir Rise is among the best. The quality and price category makes it a great unit for you to have. It is a robust system without any breakable parts. The system is versatile as well as reliable. Accessories allows you to customize each vaporizing session so that you achieve the best ever experience. If you are looking for a discreet table top gadget, the compactness and small size makes the unit the right choice. Although we did not like the balloon system, the fan and temperature upgrades make the Vapir Rise a great unit for the price tag. If you are a connoisseur who likes options, relaxing sessions and great flavor, then this is the right unit for you to buy.

I love relaxing with my Vapir Rise vaporizer; I can assure you the device is great. It serves me very well. I can customize it to achieve different levels of vaporization. Using the same unit over and over can become boring. But, I’m not bored considering the unit allows me to customize it so that I can enjoy different experiences at different levels. It is a great unit you can buy and enjoy great success in your vaporing sessions. Value for money is guaranteed due to the great design and customization features.

We decided to give The Rise a second chance. Through our review, we have discovered the first impression is not always right. If you will like to enjoy your vaporizing experience with the VapirRise 2.0, then we advise you to pair the unit with a new vapor cooling device. The device can be bought online for you to enjoy your vaporizing sessions.

The vapor cooling device increases the vapor quality of VapirRise by 2 points. Cooling down allows you to enjoy a frosty smooth draw. The device is also more effective than other filtration systems in the market which use water. The cooling can even make you achieve even higher vapor clouds. It is a cooling device which makes you achieve a whole different experience with your vaporizer. I have tested and it really works in making vaporizing sessions enjoyable.

The device is sold at a fair price but it will make a difference in your vaporizing experience. Most people who have tested the device agree it is a unit worth having in your vaporizing devises. It has a great design to make you feel proud holding it. If you are among those who love trying new devices, then you should try the system. It won’t let you down.

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