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VaporFi Atom vaporizer review

VaporFi Atom vaporizer review

VaporFi is one manufacturer that simply never stops to amaze its customer base with high-end and superb vaporizers. In fact, there is no time VaporFi has failed to impress. Atom, one of vaporizer models under VaporFi is just so amazing to the extent that you will hardly find a reason to disregard it.

VaporFi Atom vaporizer is exceptionally well-built and is meant to vapor any herb you put into it with utmost efficiency and passion that can only leave you satisfied. What is even more fanciful about Atom vaporizer is that it comes at affordable price meaning you can enjoy all its high-end features without unreasonably spending too much of your money.

If you have had experience with many vaporizers, then you will notice that VaporFi Atom has a slight resemblance to Pax 3 vaporizer. The two vaporizers share many aspects regarding their features and how they function and perhaps the most noticeable contrast between them is their price range.

Pax 3 vaporizer cost about thrice as much as what it would cost you to buy VaporFi Atom. Pax 3 superior pricing can be explained by the fact that its high-end vaping experience is unmatched and that is why it is meant just to serve the few persons who can comfortably afford it.

With VaporFi Atom, you can enjoy some of the advanced features seen in Pax 3 at an affordable price range and still get warranty protection and a listening customer support. VaporFi Atom boasts sleek and stealth appearance and it is very compact in size, meaning that you will feel its presence anytime you are holding it.

For any person who loves vaping so much, there is always this need to have a vaporizer battery power that can accommodate many vaping sessions. VaporFi Atom comes with a 3000 mAh battery power. With that power, you can enjoy as many as 14 vaping sessions on a single day and remain with enough battery charge to start the coming day.

It is often not that uncommon for a person to doze off when vaping. In fact, an incredibly good vaping experience can make you forget that you are vaping and instead drive you into sleeping. That aspect is well taken care of in VaporFi Atom. It can automatically shut off when it is detected that a user may have dozed off or has had enough of the vaping experience. The shut-off feature ensures that you don’t waste any dry herb you may have.

Here is my review on VaporFi Atom vaporizer

VaporFi Atom vaporizer review 1

The truth is different people are likely to get different outcomes when trying different brands of vaporizers. The reason for that uniqueness is pretty simple – we all have unique things we look into in details when interacting with given vaporizers. However, in this review, I will try as much as I can to come up with a balanced description of what any person would expect when trying VaporFi Atom vaporizer.

I will discuss its specifications, design, ease of use and how its overall vaping quality feels like. So far, for the numerous times I have tried VaporFi Atom vaporizer, I have noticed that it has 5 features which strongly gives it an upper edge over other vaporizers and two setbacks that slowly make it lag behind. Here are the pros you can experience when using VaporFi Atom vaporizer.

  • Its gives incredibly comfortable vaping experience. Just as it is with Pax vaporizer, VaporFi Atom heating chamber is placed at the bottom. Dry herbs are heated at the base and you can draw a vape via a pathway that leads to the mouthpiece. That “long” distance between the heating chamber and the vaporizer’s silicon mouthpiece gives a very comfortable and relaxing vaping sessions.

I have noticed that many vaporizer models prefer to have the heating chamber located immediately just beneath the mouthpiece. That design often creates discomfort when having a vaping session since the vaporizers can get hot and uncomfortable to hold thereby shifting any enjoyable vaping pleasure into dealing with the uncomfortable situation created.

From my point of view, the distance between the vaporizer’s heating chamber and mouthpiece works incredibly well in giving a high-quality vape.

  • The vaporizer’s temperature control settings are just superb. The convenience offered by any vaporizer often depends on how easy it can get to make a dry herb at the desired temperature setting. VaporFi Atom vaporizer has three temperature controls that you use simply by dialing.

The temperature controls are 464 degrees setting, 410 degrees setting and 360 degrees setting. You can pick any of the given temperature parameter settings depending on how you would wish your vape quality to turn out. Heating time for any dry herb you put in the VaporFi Atom vaporizer is only 30 seconds.

That means you barely have to wait for too long before you can start you vaping session. Increasing as well as reducing temperature control setting also takes only 30 seconds. The temperature settings definitely allow you to be in total control on how you can best enjoy any vaping session you intend to have.

  • Flavor – this is the main aspect which determines the reputation of any vaporizer you may come across. VaporFi Atom vaporizer’s vape quality is rich, and I can give a lot of points to the manufacturer for taking care of such an important factor.

The vaporizer doesn’t produce much vape, a functionality which may somehow dishearten some people, however, you can definitely feel the quality of vape it gives.

When you have a detailed look at what remains after any vape, you will realize that the vaporizer totally vapes any dry herb you may put into it, and hardly will you notice any traces of burnt herbs. That incredibly high-vaping quality is possible thanks to the ceramic heating chamber of the VaporFi Atom vaporizer.

  • Smooth, efficient and beautiful flavor – VaporFi Atom vaporizer gives an incredibly smooth and that is what I fancy the most in this vaporizer. The vapor smoothness is consistent and that is an aspect you can enjoy right from the start to the end.

Besides that, the vape flavor is incredibly rich, dense and consistent. You will less likely encounter a hot or harsh vapor and that aspect will ensure that any of your vaping experience just turns out to be ever sensational.

Now that I have discussed the beautiful fancy features I have experienced with VaporFi Atom, it will be justice to discuss the setbacks as well since that is what a review should really be like – inform both on the positives as well as the negatives you can experience with any product. Here are some of the cons I have noticed with VaporFi Atom vaporizer.

  • Cleaning VaporFi Atom vaporizer can be incredibly difficult. That is because the vape pathways need long cleaners which are not provided in the vaporizer’s original package. That is a huge setback since the cleanliness level of a vaporizer pathway is what determines vape quality.

However, that shouldn’t be enough to put off any interest you may show for this vaporizer. The mouthpiece, unlike the pathways, is very simple to clean. However, having a clean pathway can take you some reasonable effort level.

  • It doesn’t have a LED screen. I have tried many vaporizers and a handful manufacturers do prefer LED screen for this simple reason – a LED screen makes it easy to monitor any parameter that a vaporizer may be operating under. Besides that, LED screen inclusion make any vaporizer to appear sleek in its design.

Here is my take on the no LED screen factor – many people love vaporizers having screens so that they can find it easy to know the temperature, battery life settings and other important settings. The absence of the LED is just a huge turn off in VaporFi Atom vaporizer.

VaporFi Atom vaporizer specifications

Vaporfi Atom

I have made it a habit to extensively analyze the specs of any vaporizer I may have intentions of buying. Why? The specifications are what determines how comfortable you can use a given vaporizer as well provide a reliable insight on the quality of vapor you can expect. Here is a general guide on the specifications of VaporFi Atom.

  • Internal battery that has a power rating of 3000 mAh – the rating is good if you regularly have multiple vaping sessions.
  • Vaporization temperature that ranges between 360 degrees Fahrenheit and 464 degrees Fahrenheit – the range is good enough to quickly vape a dry herb.
  • It has motion sensing technology
  • Has 30 seconds shut-off feature to conserve materials when the vaporizer is in standby mode.
  • Light temperature indicators ((Blue, 360 degrees Fahrenheit), (Yellow, 410 degrees Fahrenheit) and (Red, 464 degrees Fahrenheit)).
  • Single click activation
  • Maximum operating temperature, 4 amperes
  • Output voltage range – 3.3-4.2 volts
  • Battery life LED light indicators (Red – low battery, Yellow- partial battery, Green – full battery)
  • White light to indicate preparation for use
  • USB charging
  • Output wattage, 15 watts

Here are the items you can expect to see in any unboxed brand new VaporFi Atom package.

VaporFi Atom vaporizer specifications

  • VaporFi Atom vaporizer, the main deal
  • A pre-installed mouthpiece
  • One replacement screen
  • Pre-installed oven door
  • Two cleaning pipes
  • Micro USB cable
  • A packing tool for putting dry herbs into the vaporizer’s heating chamber
  • User manual guide that explains on how to properly use, care and store the accessories found in the package.

VaporFi Atom comes at incredibly affordable fee than what you would expect to pay for other vaporizer models that share exact similar features and functionalities. That is because VaporFi slashed the prices of many of its vaporizer models perhaps for the intentions of attracting new customers.

I find the price slashing move to be a wonderful move for consumers like me since I can enjoy the vapor experience that VaporFi vaporizer models offer without spending too much of my money.

Final wrap up – what is my take on VaporFi Atom vaporizer?

VaporFi Atom vaporizer

I am convinced that I have covered in detail what any person would experience when using VaporFi Atom vaporizer. Regarding quality, I can say that VaporFi Atom is truly on point since it offers a reasonably sensational vaping experience any person would expect.

You can feel that quality the moment you are yet to open VaporFi Atom packaging box. It is neatly packed and holding that box can surely give a good impression of the quality of what is inside.

The components are also exceptionally wonderful. The 3000 mAh battery rating is a wonderful consideration since it eliminates the thoughts of ever getting concerned about unreasonably regular charging. The mouthpiece is also good and does guarantee exceptional sensational vape quality.

I can also add that taking care of VaporFi Atom can be a simple procedure as long as you know how to go about the procedure to ensure that your vaporizer is clean to give reasonably sensational vape.

VaporFi Atom can produce a highly intense and rich-flavored vape that can give the pleasure we often want when thinking of vaping. The vaporizer has the capability to absorb most of the active ingredients present in any herb you may put in the heating chamber and sensational vape them.

It is also a norm that any person would pick sleek looking gadgets over simple ones. I find VaporFi Atom to have that design which many people will find comfortable to handle.

Besides, the subtle look of this vaporizer can ensure that you hold it with the privacy level that may best work to your advantage. I love that subtle aspect since there are situation I would only prefer to keep vaporizer possession just to myself.

VaporFi Atom is available in four unique colors, namely; black, silver, gold and rose gold. The color combination is a well thought design concept since some of us are often choosy when it comes to gadget colors.

Can I recommend VaporFi Atom? Yes and here is my reasoning – it has surprisingly many fanciful and robust features, convenient to use and its vape quality is just fine.

In fact, many people who have VaporFi Atom hardly find themselves obliged to try other vaporizers. That is because Atom vaporizer while having in mind all the thoughts often raised by consumers anytime they are using vaporizers. VaporFi Atom is one vaporizer that absolutely delivers fun and sensational vaping sessions.



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