VaporFi Review - 12% Discount - Vape Store Coupon Code

VaporFi Review – 12% Discount – Vape Store Coupon Code

Hey Ecig-Enthusiast! Great to have here! Enjoy this Vaporfi Review about one of the BEST ECIG BRANDS….

Vaporfi review

Why is everybody buying from Vaporfi?

This is the leading question for today. Why not V2 cigs (Enter: ecigarettepro | -10% coupon code), directvapor or southbeachsmoke? There are so many other Ecig Online Stores out there?!

We have watched Vaporfi over the recent years. It’s the fastest growing brand right now. These are statements from the Vaping community:

  • „The top brand 2016!“
  • „Suitable for both beginners and advanced vapers!“
  • „Huge amount of high-quality vapor setups!“
  • „Over 30.000 flavors to offer?! How can you not, find yourself something you enjoy!“

I’m sure you heard similar rumors. But you still want to confirm your thoughts and find out ALL the cons and pros.

E-Cigarettepros will analyse the pros and cons – of the Ecig Store Vaporfi also known as Vaporzone – in detail. We personally bought Vaporfi’s products and used them for several month (and still using). This Vaporfi review is entirely factual, honest and unbiased. To help you arrive at Your best decision!


Learn about the manufacturer

Vaporfi is an all American ecig brand, also known as Vaporzone. It is part of the International Vapor Group (IVG).

With brands like SouthBeachSmoke + DirectVapor. A great team with a grander vision:

„We’re on a mission to change the way you smoke!“

Vaporfi is an Online Store to a wide range of vapers: From those who want to quit smoking. To advanced Ecig-Hobbyists. From those, who are sick of cheaply made and lame-performing e-cigs. To Vape lovers, who want a huge range of high quality products.

This team of innovators, has an amazing concept: It combines online stores with a chain of brick-a-mortar retails stores. Likely also in your area.


VaporFi Review

As said above VaporFi is a subsidiary of the International Vapor Group (IVG). Although IVG owns other e-cig brands, the VaporFi line is way more extensive. VaporFi boasts 8 standard starter kits, which are geared towards users of various experience levels. Below, we review this online marketplace, their products and services as well.

Product Line

The top 3 vapes offered at this online store include:

#3 VaporFi Pro 3 Starter Kit 

2016-07-28 (4)

This is VaporFi’s flagship device. Everybody enjoys its new mouth to lung technology mimics.

For lengthy battery life, it comes with a 1,000mAh in multiple colors (black, red, blue etc.) on the store.

Perfect for beginners, who want a smooth and satisfying vaping experience.

    • Usability: Simple to use. You can refill the tank from the top, without spilling anything. After the device is filled and charged, just press the button on its side, take a hit and produce vapor.

#2 VaporFi Rocket 3 Starter Kit 

2016-07-28 (5)

The Vape pen everyone has been waiting for.

With new temperature control capabilities. It comes with a 2500mAh battery for long term use. A great feature is the top fill tank design, so it’s really HARD to get dirty or spill vape juice.

  • Usability: Easy to use. Before you activate the device, set the voltage to the lowest setting. Then slowly turn the voltage up, till you find the right balance of power and flavor.

  • Keep in mind, if you want massive clouds, if the voltage is too high it will burn your e-liquid.

#1 VaporFi Rebel 3 Starter Kit 

This is a state-of-the-art mod that has been built with the most advanced technology known to e-cigarettes. Crafted from stainless steel, the Rebel is an advanced vaporizer designed with the vapor enthusiast in mind.

It features a digital display having 8 different adjustment modes, including RMS/MEA mode and voltage/wattage mode.

It combines top technologies to create an incredibly satisfying and long-lasting vaping experience. Best suited for intermediate and hardcore vapers as well.

Custom Vaporizer Builder 

custom vaporizer builder

For guys, who want to have 100% control (us included) over their Vaporizer. VaporFi recently added a custom vaporizer builder. It’s a new option to their site. This feature allows you to mix and match colors, tanks and batteries. You can easily create your ultimate vape.


VaporFi E-Liquid – 100% USA made e-liquids and FDA approved. The have got 30.000 (!!!!) flavors to choose from. Crazy!. The E-Liquid comes in 30ml clear, plastic bottles which have a skinny spout that’s perfect for filling in hard-to-reach places and dripping. All bottles are professionally labeled, with clear instructions, nicotine content and ingredients.

  • Sidenote: Fruity flavors work the best with lower voltage settings. Tobacco flavors do well with higher voltage vaping.

Cons Vaporfi Review – Cons

  • The kits don’t include e-liquid or cartridges, as they’re sold separately

  • VaporFi has great products. But especially for the VaporFi Orbit (Herbal Vaporizer) there are better vaporizer on the market like the: Firefly 2, Pax 2 or the crafty. Read the review about the new Firefly 2 here.

  • If you’re getting the VaporFi Vox TC. We recommend you getting the Uwell Crown as the additional tank for massive clouds. Read the review here.


ProsVaporfi Review – Pros

Fantastic Customer Service

This sets VaporFi apart from other e-cig online stores and brands. Their incredibly high standard and customer service are simply fantastic. You’ll certainly feel that they’re an upmarket, high class company upon visiting their site. The site is visually appealing and very easy to navigate.

„We don’t bite.“ Is their slogan.

Customer service is among their top priorities and they respond to concerns or inquiries promptly and effectively.

Store Finder

Vaporfi Store finder

VaporFi doesn’t just have the greatest Ecig Online Store, but also a huge Chain of Brick and Mortar Stores. Currently 59. And the Number is growing from week to week. At the Store Finder you search for stores in your area. Vaporfi has 2 different kinds of stores.

35 All VaporFi stores. That carry the full VaporFi line of products including an e-Liquid Bar staffed with skilled Vapetenders.


24 VaporFi Express locations. Their “Store-Within-a-Store” concept. These satellite locations are located inside other retail stores. They carry the most popular VaporFi items and our most popular e-liquid blends.

Great Vapor and Flavors

Vapor production varies between the 3 devices, but not significantly. Each gives a mild throat hit and great vapor production. You can customize your own flavor, or select one of the several popular flavor combinations. You can actually create a customized blend containing 3 different flavors. They offer high quality e-liquid, considering the fact that it’s made in the U.S. in an FDA-registered lab.

Performance and Long lasting Battery Life

Battery life won’t be an issue, with at least a 650-mAh battery capacity in each kit. You’ll get at least a whole day of use from one battery before needing to recharge it. However, the battery life and performance is more dependent on how much you’ll be vaping.

Additional Benefits

  • Excellent options for both beginners and advanced persons

  • Ample vapor production and smooth flavor

  • Various devices, exclusive battery styles and a plethora of accessories

  • A wide selection of U.S. – made e-juice

  • Offers a no-hassle 90-day warranty

Vaporfi pro


Undoubtedly, the many positives here make up for the negatives. Overall, you’ll definitely be impressed with the quality of VaporFi’s products. The pricing will amaze you even more. All the products are reasonably priced and affordable. Whether you’re simply starting out or you’ve been vaping for a number of years, VaporFi has you covered. From the Pro Starter Kit, Rebel kit, to the Express kit, this brand features some quality devices, all geared towards different levels of vapers. We hoped this VaporFi Review helped have more clarity for your next purchase. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Make sure to check our latest review about the Newcomer 2016: Firefly 2 , V2 pro Series 7, Uwell Crown


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    “Vaporfi has definitely good customers service and products. I have purchased a starter kit from
    Them and I’m so satisfied about how they treat you and the product quality is good. I will surely coming back again for their product.


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