Volcano Vaporizer Review

Enter the Volcano

Volcano Vaporizer Review

Each niche industry has its fair share of big players, and the relatively new e-cigarette industry is no exception. S & B, or otherwise known as Storz & Bickel has been around the block of the vaping world for 11 years and counting. The company has depended on its main vape product called The Volcano Vaporizer to carry them for more than 9 years. In fact, the Volcano Vaporizer is still well-known and is still being produced up to this very day!

The Volcano is an excellent vaporizer (and is one of our top choices) that relies on plug in technology. A “bag” is filled with hot air, which goes into the herb chamber sitting on top of the Volcano. The “bag” may be attached to the herb chamber in two distinct methods.

Why You Should Use Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano is huge! I laid my eyes on this behemoth of a vaporizer and thought that it leaves a huge footprint than any other vaping product I’ve used before. The base measures at an approximate 8 inches in diameter. The circular base and design lends great product stability. I could put it on any reasonably flat surface and it won’t totter or fall off. It’s a benefit because no one likes to see their 3 or 4-pound vaporizer fall to the ground and smash into a thousand pieces, including me!

The Volcano Vaporizes comes in two varieties. I’ll discuss the differences and the merits of each one below.

The Volcano Classic

The Volcano Classic


I like how the Classic Volcano only has a simple analog dial that can be tuned to the desired temperature. This mechanism involves less parts, and less parts mean that there are less components that could break. I am a stickler in temperature and this is one of the things I love about the Classic.


You’ll notice that the Volcano Classic has an inferior temperature range as compared to the Volcano Digital. If you like numbers, then you can see that the Volcano Classic has a low temperature set at 266 degrees F, and the Volcano Digital has a low temperature set at 104 degrees F. The analog controls are also not as accurate as the more technologically advanced digital ones if you really want to set it at a precise temperature setting.

I did a manual calibration for the Volcano Classic, which you can adapt for your own vaporizer unit as well. I experimented with the knob and found my temperature preference. One is for low, Two is for medium and Three for high. Take a sharpie and mark where the dial is on the knob. I got more precise temperature preferences this way.

The Volcano Digital

Volcano Digital


An all-digital setting means I am able to choose any temperature that’s within the range of the vaporizer and have my way with the Volcano Digital. The helpful LCD display shows me the exact current temperature unit, which shows me how much time I need to allow the Volcano Digital to warm up and how long since it was last activated.

Usage and Performance

Usage and Performance

In this section I’ll be referring to the Digital Volcano model. Why? Well, because the Classic model is simple to operate, and those who are reading this review may prefer to get help with the more complicated Volcano model.

I took the Volcano Digital vaporizer out of the box and did an ocular inspection. Everything seemed to be okay and in place. I located the nearest outlet and plugged the Volcano Digital in. The LCD screen lit up, and there’s a small green light that came on to let me know the unit was working and it’s turned on.

I saw a red button that was labeled as “HEAT” and pressed it. The Volcano Digital’s LCD panel showed pertinent information that was marked with a red and green temperature value. It took me a while to figure out, but I discovered that the red number shows the Volcano Digital’s current temperature, while the green number shows the optimal temperature value. I wanted to change the values to fit my preferences, so I did a look-see of other buttons that I could press. Just right beside the green numbers were a plus and minus sign; I thought that it could control the vaporizer’s temperature and pressed it. I was right! The Volcano Digital also started working the moment it was plugged in and turned on.

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I saw a light labeled “CONTROL” right smack dab in between the AIR and the HEAT buttons. The label is quite misleading, but I discovered that it indicates whether the heating element in the Volcano Digital is turned on or shut off. When I turned on the Volcano Digital the first time, the CONTROL light showed orange. This meant that the unit was heating up to the desired temperature. When the LCD screen displays that the unit has reached the optimal temperature, the CONTROL light shuts off. It lights up orange again when the vaporizer needs to reach the desired temperature as an energy-saving feature.

The light labeled as “AIR” goes green when the vaporizing unit begins to fill the bag with air. It was a curious discovery when I accidentally pressed this button and the Volcano Digital began to pump air even when everything was inactive. I took the plug off the outlet, which stopped the activity.

I turned the Volcano Digital on for an hour and turned the vaporizer off by pressing the HEAT button. The product stopped working but the light remained red to show that the heating element and the parts are still hot. I gave the Volcano Digital 5 minutes then carried it off to the upstairs bedroom.

Volcano Attachments

S & B won’t refer to their attachments as such- they prefer to call it “valve sets”. Go figure! Each set can be classified as either a Solid Valve or an Easy Valve. How is each valve different? I’ll explain it to you below.

The Solid Valve

The Solid Valve

I can’t write much about Solid Valves since I didn’t get the chance to own one before. I brushed up on the web and found that Solid Valves are great for creating different-sized bags for different applications. This is because of their specific design and their ability to be utilize reusable bags as compared to other valves only being able to use disposable bags.

The design is not without weaknesses though. The Solid Valve has quite an unusual herb chamber and an equally curious mouthpiece, and both were manufactured with moving parts. These moving parts will wear out over time and will need to be replaced. The Solid Valve offered more versatility for the user at the expense of needing more maintenance. If you don’t mind maintenance and have a high premium for versatility, then the Solid Valve is the way to go.

The Easy Valve

The Easy Valve is just as advertised- it’s a complete, beginner-friendly vaporizer toolkit by Volcano. Users can simply plug the attachment in and forget about it. I personally think that Easy Valves are better for the beginner because it presents an uncomplicated solution. The bag already comes pre-attached to save you the time. You can see it glued to the nozzle, which is also connected to the herb chamber. Easy and pain-free!

The mouthpiece attaches to the bag nozzle. Users can draw from the herb bag without worrying whether any vapor will escape the chamber. I liked how I wasn’t worrying about this vaporizer aspect all the time. The mouthpiece operates by way of an X-shaped rubbery seal. I pressed the mouthpiece and the vapor flowed out of the herb bag. The bags of both Classic and Digital model themselves can be replaced. The nozzle wears out with use, but you can easily dispose of it and get a replacement.

Volcano Pricing

Volcano Classic

Volcano Classic

The Volcano Classic is priced at $539. This includes the Easy Valve Starter Kit, which contains various spare parts and five herb bags.

Volcano Digital

The Volcano Digital is priced at $669. This includes the Easy Valve Starter Kit, which contains various spare parts and five herb bags.

Volcano Vaporizer Downsides

What can I say except the fact that most of the downsides I experienced wasn’t really about the Volcano Vaporizer as a functioning vaporizer, but for its size and pricing? This is probably a testament as to why the Volcano series have stood the test of time. The build, quality and vaping experience are all excellent. Earlier on I mentioned that the Volcano models are some of the heaviest vaporizing units that you’ll ever own, which is fact. Try searching for bigger vaporizing units and chances are, the Volcano will be at the top. The heft will obvious right from the start, and this is all without the bag!

Now let’s talk about the price. The Classic model is priced at $539, while the Digital model stands at $669, which is at the high-end spectrum. Budget-minded users may be put off by the entry price, but manufacturer S & B stand by their vaporizing product as one of the best vaporizers in the market. For me the price is fair because the build is outstanding, the unit works well and it looks like it can stand the test of time. What you pay for is what you get, and the Volcano models are no exception. If you want to get the best of the best, then it’s worth it to invest in a Volcano model. Try and see it for yourself, and you won’t be disappointed!

Volcano Vaporizer Conclusion

Volcano Vaporizer Conclusion

The Volcano Vaporizer stands as one of the best vaporizer units, bar none. It fills a specialty niche within the vaping industry quite nicely. Other companies will be left scrambling to fill the space with competition, but as of the moment the Volcano Classic and the Volcano Digital are unequaled. In my opinion, the Volcano Vaporizer is the best in its class.

Besides, the Volcano Vaporizer is an excellent coffee table material. Whenever I have company, I bring out the Volcano and lay it on the table. It makes for a great conversation starter! For the record, I keep my Volcano Digital in a special VAPECASE Volcano Soft Case because it’s the only one I could trust my Volcano with. The idea of my Volcano crashing to the ground is a thought I simply can’t bear! I don’t really travel with the vaporizer; instead, I keep it in the bedroom closet. It’s great for talks and for novel entertainment with the guests.

All in all, the Volcano Vaporizer is an immovable piece of vaping force that already holds a special place in my heart. I wouldn’t sell it for the world! In the span of a month it has become my go-to companion when I’m alone at home after a hard day’s work. It has been an excellent plus one when I have friends or guests over. It has become quite an amusement when I bring out the Volcano Vaporizer and it becomes the subject of conversation the next day at work! I love it to bits, and I’ll find a use for it long after the bags and the vaping mechanism stops working.

Oh, and the Volcano Vaporizer Digital and Classic edition are both available to buy in the US.



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