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Smoant Cylon TC 218 – Our Best Rated Dual Box Mod For 2018 – The Review


A new surprise came in my vape mail directly from Smoant! Having tried about 30 new mods this year, I kid you not when I say that Smoant Cylon TC 218 is by far the best of all!

I just love the Cylon mod through and through! It packs a serious punch with its 218 Watts maximum power output and comes with all the latest TC and TCR features in a sturdy case with a superb design and unmatched feel in the hand.

Our rating: 4.9/5


Just because I had so much initial praise for it, I've tested the Cylon for whole two weeks in order to be as thorough and objective as possible. Let's see what impressions I have come up with and why I'm so happy with this mod from Smoant!

A Neat Package With A Gem Inside

Flip the box open and you will find the powerful, ergonomic, robust and futuristic Cylon TC 218 dual 18650 box mod by Smoant! 

The package has minimal cardboard, which I really like, but still keeps the mod safely tucked in. You also get a USB cable for charging and upgrading, the user manual, QC pass, battery safety warning card. Pretty much a standard packaging for Smoant mods.

The front of the box features the Cylon screen so that you instantly recognize one of the selling points of this mod. I'll go into details about the screen later on but, man, what a screen!​

The Cylon Mod Design

Once I took the mod out of the box, I just muttered a stunned WOW!

Every single detail on Cylon TC 218 sends a message from Smoant: “All you vapers around the world, we wanted you to have a superb user experience, both functional and aesthetic!” They certainly made me toss away a few much more expensive mods for two weeks now.

Let’s start with the dimensions. For a dual 18650 box mod, 90x47x33mm is really compact. The standard boxy shape is replaced by the design which ensures an amazing feel in the hand partly thanks to the many of slick grooves which also add to the visual appeal. The display complements the design of the mod to the max.

Smoant Cylon TC 218

You’ve probably noticed I’m quite moderate and calm when describing vaping gear but this bad boy really makes an impression! Just looking at my photos won't give you the right picture: you have to grab the mod and see for yourself.

Overall, the ergonomics of the Cylon is top-notch thanks to all the corners and edges being rounded off gently. The weight of 290 grams (with 2 batteries popped in) doesn’t make it pocket-friendly but it does say “quality build”!

The firing button is 21.5x12.5 mm and sits right where you want it for both index finger or thumb firing. It hits on its top part and has arrow-shaped grooves for even more non-slip effect.

The texture ​of the leather on the sides of the mod makes it next to impossible for the mod to slip from your hand. I can't really tell whether the leather is real or artificial, but it does look great and has a nice feel.

If there is anything I'd change about the Cylon design, that would be the leather pattern: the sides have different leather patterns so I'd change that to a uniform one. We all have different tastes in mods so you might absolutely love the fact that the patterns are different. The leather certainly gives the mod a classy look, though!

The total of 15 little screws keeps every part of the mod tight in place and the SS screws give a nice accent to the black exterior. As for the overall design, the Cylon looks like a cool gadget from the future. 

There is a small decorative sticker on the back panel of the mod. The blue vortex-like logo on the white background gives an accent to the panel. 

The 510 Conection – A Truly Superb Job

The diameter of the 510 plate is 25.5mm and, since it’s centered, Cylon can accommodate atomizers up to 30mm in diameter without overhang. The 510 plate itself is 0.1mm above the top plate so there’s no need to worry about the paint being scratched by your atomizers.

The threading is excellent, really smooth and there’s enough throw of the gold-plated positive pin even for longer 510 sub-ohm tanks or RDAs .

The 510 is held in place by 3 SS screws and, as you can see in my photo, the circular grooves between the screws are a nice touch as well.

All of my tanks and RDAs sit flush and look really good on the Cylon so kudos for the great 510 connection. Again, excellent job Smoant!

The Two User Interface Options Screen & The buttons

The bright colorful 1.35 inch TFT color screen screen is positioned on the front panel. It displays the usual information including wattage, TC, the current operating mode, the output voltage the resistance and the battery charge.

The Cylon comes with two UI screen modes, the first being a regular square display mode and the second a visually appealing speedometer-styled mode.

The traditional square mode has easy to read info with 9 wallpapers to choose from. The speedometer display is inspired by the 2018 Lexus LS 500 F SPORT coupe deluxe sedan speedometer. Check out the photos! Cool screen isn’t it?

2018 Lexus LS 500 F SPORT speedometer             

Smoant Cylon TC 218 speedometer UI

Just below the screen, you will find the + and – button and the USB port for balanced charging and software upgrades. Just like the fire button, the adjustment buttons are solid, clicky and protrude slightly from the panels. The buttons have very good tactile response and there's no rattle at all.

It's very easy to navigate the Cylon menu using the 3 buttons. You click the firing button 3 times to enter the​ menu, you use the + and - buttons to scroll and the firing button to select and confirm the settings.

The Sturdy Battery Door

Smoant opted for a hinge & lock bottom battery door to make Cylon as compact and possible while housing 2 18650 batteries connected in series. The door is great quality with just the perfect tight close.

The compartment is clean and the + and – contacts are clearly marked and easily spoted.

The gold-plated contacts allow for excellent conductivity, keep the batteries in place firmly and do not damage battery wraps.

How Does Cylon TC 218 by Smoant Perform?

At the heart of the Cylon is the AntV2 chip. Where it outperforms the previous version is that AntV2 is firmware upgradable, it fires with next to no delay of 0.015 seconds, has a lower cutoff and allows for 2 user interfaces.

The Cylon works flawlessly. It has no issues with TC or power mode, the preheat functions spot on and it fires lightning-fast.

You can make personalized wattage curves and use resistances ranging 0.05 – 2.0 ohms for Temp, TCR mode and TC Curves as well as from 0.1-5.0 ohms for VW and VW Curves mode.

The Verdict

To sum up, this is a beast of a mod with a futuristic, techy design. The performance is awesome, the design very appealing, the build is super-solid and the ergonomics are really great.

Smoant made Cylon TC 218 to cater for the needs of D2L vapers who need more power as well as M2L vapers who need increased battery time in a robust case. The design will most definitely suit the majority of tastes and the price is as competitive as you expect from Smoant.

From one vaper to other fellow vapers, grab Cylon and see for yourself what I'm talking about!

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