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Smoant Ranker 218W TC Box Mod Review

Smoant Ranker 218W TC Box Mod Review

Smoant Ranker 218W TC Box Mod arrived courtesy of Smoant for the purpose of this review. This dual 18650 mod features a superb mix of ergonomics and functionality.

Featuring the new and improved Ant218 V2 chipset, the Ranker boasts a 218 Watts of maximum output and features a quick firing time of only 0.015 seconds.
As with all dual battery Smoant mods, I have absolute trust in running any kind of subohm build on this beast of a mod.

 The Ranker TC Box Mod from Smoant mod simply delivers a satisfying performance while ensuring maximum safety, as long as you use high-drain, quality batteries with the adequate maximum continuous current discharge ratings appropriate for box mods power.

Let's start from the beginning! 

Smoant Ranker 218W TC Box Mod - The packaging

Smoant Ranker 218W TC Box Mod comes in an elegant but strong cardboard box.

Typically for Smoant packaging, you can expect the mod to arrive undamaged as it is indeed well protected and safely tucked in the box together with the micro USB charging cable, the user manual and the Waranty Card.

I opted for the black finish although there are also tarnish and camo versions available.

Smoant Ranker 218W TC Box Mod Review

The Design And Ergonomics

Smoant Ranker 218W TC Box Mod Review

Firstly, I really like the slanted design of the Ranker. This refers to the whole mod but especially the top part which houses the 510 connection.

With the dimensions of 60mm by 31.5mm by 92mm, the Ranker is quite a sizable piece of vape gear. Since I have quite big hands, it's perfect for me but it's still worth noting the size.

If you have tiny hands, you should probably opt for Cylon as it's much smaller in size. For average hands, the Ranker will feel ergonomic, especially considering the fact that the beautifully designed firing side bar sits perfectly, whichever way you want to use it.

The quality artificial leather complements the overall design and so do the up and down buttons. The display being also slanted might feel a little odd at first but you'll  get used to it soon enough.

In general, the Ranker is beautifully unique in the design and I do appreciate the innovative look. Its ergonomics are perfect, IMHO and I've been using it for quite some time now with each hand and different ways of triggering the firing side bar.
The leather texture feels super comfortable and really adds a good, solid grip to the mod. Here are a few more pics showing of the Ranker design:

Ranker design 02
Ranker design 01
Ranker design 01

The display and the menu

Overall, the Ranker 1.3-inch TFT display is top-notch with sharp, vibrant and crystal-clear details.
The menu is super-easy to navigate and since I was already used to the same interface on the Smoant's Cylon, everything is a breeze to set. The responsive, clicky and comfy buttons do help immensely with setting the mod just the way you want to.

Ranker 2 UIs

The Ranker features two user interfaces, both showing the same essential info as you vape but in different style. The regular UI allows for choosing the wallpaper you like from the nine different ones available. It would be cool if you could add your own custom wallpaper but we'll see what the future upgrades will bring. Needless to say, the mod is fully firmware upgradable. 

The second UI option is the speedometer style, just like the Cylon by Smoant has. The info is all there plus the needle moves as you fire, which is quite cool. Once again, both styles show the same information but presented in different ways. You can also choose between the two screensavers and set them to go on after a certain period of inactivity.

Overall, the menu is very intuitive and all the navigation in the menu is done by simply using the up and down button to move between the options and by using the firing side bar button to select and confirm the option or setting you want.

The 510 connection and the battery compartment

Ranker 510

The top of the mod houses the gold plated, spring loaded 510. It's made of SS and can comfortably take atomizers up to 26mm in diameter. It's slightly raised on one side to make your tank sit level, in spite of the slanted top plate. The spring loaded plus pin has a nice throw to it. The whole 510 is really super solid and looks like it'll last forever.

The hinged battery door is also sturdy and very good quality. No wiggle, wobble or any kind of play there. The batteries are held firmly in place and battery replacement is very convenient and quick. 
Again, no surprises there as the latest Smoant mods have really shot up as regards to the overall build quality and reliability.

Smoant Ranker battery door

How does Smoant Ranker 218W TC Box Mod perform?

Smoant Ranker 218W TC Box Mod

The Ranker fires almost instantly in 0.015 secs and I it's a hard hitter. Having tested Cylon as well and since they have the same chip, I didn't expect it to work any different.

Now, since the firing side bar is a new addition to the Smoant mods, I must say it's been working flawlessly. The details on it enable even more comfortable grip when firing it pistol style.

I tried the Ranker with a myriad of atomizers, from small single coil RDAs, to cloud chucking subohm tank beasts to MTL RTAs and the mod did not disappoint. In fact, it wss a pleasure ride all the way.

The Smoant's proprietary Ant218 V2 chip is highly efficient so the battery life is great, the TC works spot on and the overall vaping experience is just superb. For me personally, this chip is extremely close in quality to three times more expensive DNA chips. Evolv does scream quality, but the Ant218 V2 is a winner as regards the value for money, IMHO.

In all honesty, I didn't find any faults with Ranker and although the slanted design is a matter of personal preferences I ​can wholeheartedly recommend it to all vapers, especially serious subohmers because of its hard-hitting, ultra-fast, safe and reliable performance. 

I can hardly wait to see the Smoant's next mod and, based on the last few I reviewed, I expect nothing less than excellent quality vape gear! Great job, Smoant, and just keep 'em comin'!

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