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[Must Have] SMOK G-PRIV 2 230W TC Vape MOD Review


Now, this is a cool looking mod with notable improvements! The more advanced version of G Priv which is still widely used, G-Priv 2 by SMOK powers up to 230W maximum output and comes with an improved touchscreen display.

Here comes the improved G-Priv

G-Priv 2 comes with a slimmer body and it feels more comfortable in your hand. Its slick design complements the already powerful, reliable and enjoyable vaping experience and is one of our favorite mods ever!

Blue-G-priv-2 close upThe obvious improvement which you will notice first is a high-definition crispier screen which is intuitive and convenient to use, much like your smart phone display.

G-Priv 2 two-inch colorful touch screen is very responsive, and you can make most adjustments with a touch of your finger. There are detailed but easily visible vaping such as the mode you’re in with all the main values and the home screen has 6 super cool color presets.

CTA button

All the bells and whistes

If you’re a fan of touchscreen mods the G-Priv 2 is not going to disappoint you. Although touchscreen mods have been around for quite some time now, this screen brings many improvements and might turn out to be your favorite mod.

G-priv 2 features an upgraded user interface to make using it more intuitive, more convenient and quicker. The main menu and the sub-menu are easy-to-read and operate. All the bells and whistles in the menu shouldn’t scare you as they are all pretty simple to understand and use.

The “VW Mode” shows VW Mode active and you can change the wattage value. “TC Mode” shows coil types you can choose (Ti/Ni200/SS), the adjustments of preheat wattage value and also the TCR setting.

For more control over how much you’re vaping, there is the “Puff Settings” which shows the number of puffs you have had, the setting of puff numbers limit and the puff counter resetting function.

best price CTA

What’s new about the G-Priv 2 screen and menu

Compared with its predecessor, G-Priv 2 has a new menu system which is easier to use, and adjustments to the settings are fast, mini screen displays of Smok G-priv 2smooth, and intuitive. Personally, I’d like to see even less info on the screen itself. Then again, what’s the point of such beautiful screen if it’s going to be half empty?

Although there are still vapers who think that touch screens are an unnecessary frill on a mod, the manufacturers seem to be bringing more and more high-powered mods with lots of settings.

An obvious advantage of G-Priv 2 is that you are just a few taps away from any change in the settings that you’d like to make. There aren’t button presses combinations to remember and, instead, there’s a bunch of extra features which would be difficult to go through on a conventional button-operated mod.

The trigger and the bullets

There are only two buttons on this mod. The first is the firing trigger, which is the sidebar and there are the screen locking and unlocking button. All you need to do is hold that button for a couple seconds and the screen will lock. The fire button will remain active.

The sidebar firing trigger adds to the form factor and makes G-Priv 2 extremely ergonomic and comfortable to use. It’s clicky, has a solid tactile response and, more importantly, it fires every time.

G-Priv 2 mod is powered by 2 18650 batteries connected in series so I really like the 2 battery status indicators, one for each battery. The dual battery life indicators on the screen can show you the accurate conditions of these batteries.

With dual 18650 mods like G-Priv 2 I recommend 2 sets of identical batteries which will be used interchangeably. You can mark them 1, 2, 3 and 4 and use them in pairs (1 and 2 followed by 3 and 4).

Although onboard charging works flawlessly, I still recommend using a reliable intelligent external charger to ensure the longevity of your batteries and a better operation of your G-Priv 2.

For your safety and to ensure a long-lasting flawless operation of G-Priv 2, there are all the usual safety features, such as 10 seconds cut-off, short circuit protection, over-heating protection and low-battery warning.

best price CTA

various G2 color options to purchase

The looks and portability

As for the design, I find it absolutely awesome. The pictures above show my 3 favorite color combinations. There are 4 more available so all of you will find the most appealing color combo for you.

In terms of portability, G-Priv 2 can’t compete with all the mini-mods on the market but it’s still very portable with the dimensions of 3.5” tall, about 2” wide and just a bit over 1” thick. It’s actually smaller than a lot of dual 18650 mods.

Overall, a long-awaited flagship mod from SMOK has turned out to be quite a pleasant surprise. A few of their more recent mods were average, at best but this colorful and powerful new mod really does SMOK justice! Two thumbs up for G-Priv 2!

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