How To Stop Vape Tank Leakages


Are you fed up of the leaky tank, broken fixtures, and other mechanical issues? Most people rush towards hiring a professional even for a little inconvenience. However, there are certain things that one can sort out by himself. Like for example a leaky vape tank.

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An e-liquid leakage brings you frustration and distress. The best part of fixing the leakage is that you don’t have to wait for the expert to come and fix it but rather, as you see the e-juice leaking out of the tank, you can immediately go for its repair. This article will familiarize an individual to carry out the process.


Fixing a leaking tank is very easy. You can repair the cracks, clean your tank on a regular basis, make possible replacements, and so forth.

seal coilBelow are simple and effective solutions on how to stop your tank from leaking, giving you more services;

Keep your tank vertical

Some tanks lead to leakages when left in a horizontal position over a long time. You should, therefore, ensure that your tank is positioned upright if you don’t have to use it for an extended period of time.

Cleaning the tank

The old e-juice residue may accumulate over time, and therefore regular cleaning is a necessity. This leads to leakages, and hence you need to clean your tank with cold water and leave it to dry overnight before you decide to put it back.

Check for any cracks

A thin crack is possible to cause leakages. This is because your tank is not air-tight allowing e-liquid leakages. Glass cracking has no repair, and the best option is to buy a new one and replace it.

Use of appropriate juice viscosity

The manufactures manual gives a better recommendation on fluid viscosity. However, any values lower than 70% VG is capable of causing leakages PG thinness. Therefore, always read manufacture’s manual to determine your PG/VG ratio.

leaking clearomizerEnsure your tank properly filled

Tanks are built with middle airflow tube leading through the main body all the way to the drip tip. In rare incidences, you may realize that your tank is leaking from this region. Most important to note, you should be careful when filling the tank. Additionally, tank manufacturers have warned against interfering with the chimney. It is always advisable to leave an inside vacuum in order to prevent e-liquid leakages when filling your tank.

Ensure you check on your O-rings

Sometimes your O-rings may get damaged and lead to tank leakages. Therefore you should provide regular checkups on them and if worn out or damaged, replace them.

Check your seal

Your tank should always be air-tight. Failure to maintaining your tank air-tight leads to e-juice leakages out of the openings. You should first check if the threads are in the sync and tightly fastened. If the thread is incorrectly crossed, unscrew it and fix it properly.

Keep a lid on it

A tank without a top lid is prone to leakages through the airflow hole. Therefore you should keep a lid on it. Alternatively, close the airflow, but this does not guarantee a longer solution.

Close airflow when filling

Opening your airflow allows entrance of more air I and prevents possible leakages through the atomizer. On agreement, lowest airflow setting restricts the amount of air entering your tank, and thus a lot of e-liquid gets into the atomizer coil resulting to flooding.

Coil problem

The coil may have a mechanical problem from the manufacturing company. This restricts the coil from holding the juice properly causing e-juice leakages. Therefore, it is of great importance to ensure that your coil is screwed properly to manage possible leakages.

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