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SX Mini Q Mini 200W TC Box Mod Review


The SX Mini Q Mini 200W TC Box MOD features a Yihi SX – 450J BT chipset. It is one of the best TC chipsets on the market and has earned its spot on our list of best box mods. When it comes to TC vaping, there’s only one other comparable chipset – the DNA by Evolv.

A high-end mod with the latest Yihi chip

SX Mini Q Mini angled displayIn many ways, Yihi SX – 450J BT is pretty much the last word when it comes to TC. It does a superb job in temperature control mode, and it is also a highly accurate in power mode.

This and the DNA are basically the standards that all other boards are compared with when it comes to accuracy and TC. The SX Mini Q Mini 200W has a full temperature control suite and it is capable of accurately firing SS 316, Ni, and Ti. It has a TCR function, as well, so you can run all your custom wires on it.

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The notable features

This mod is capable of 200 Watts and it can fire as low as .05 ohms in TC mode. In temperature control mode, it will go as high as 120 joules and it has a temperature range of 212 – 572 degrees Fahrenheit.

It still uses a standard Yihi feature where you need to manually set your resistance. The maximum output voltage on this mod is 9.4 volts and it will fire as low as 0.05 ohms in power mode as well.

SX Mini Q Mini Screen DisplayIt has a balanced onboard charging so charging internally is really not that much of an issue with this mod. When charge internally, the screen will show each cell and its current voltage. It is a feature that I really like because it shows the individual cells while charging.

SX Mini features 6 preheat modes taste modes called the economy, soft, standard, powerful, powerful+, and SXi-Q. Overall, you get a very versatile preheat system to use depending on your coils and style of vaping.

This board, when used correctly, can get you those big coils to ramp up extremely quickly. Pair this mod with the right atomizer with your favorite build and you’ll be one blissfully happy vaper.

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A great feel and gripping looks

The look, feel, and general aesthetics of this mod are superb. It feels great in the hand, and the buttons are easy to find and comfy to work with.

When you grab one to have a nice vape, you cannot but realize that the form factor is so organic and comfortable. As for the performance and customization, it really sets the trends and you can tweak this mod’s SX450J chip to have a vape you can only dream of in comparison with a multitude of mediocre performing and mass-produced much cheaper mods on the market.

The 510 is a raised platform and will gracefully take atomizers up to 25mm. The 510 pin is gold plated. It has a firm spring to it with a very nice throw.Whichever RTA, RDA, or RDTA you throw on it, SX Mini Q 200W mod will handle it with ease no matter what build you’ll be running.

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It’s all in the details

SX Mini Q Mini stock photoThe left side of the mod with the branding almost hides the removable battery door. While closed, the door looks almost seamless. It does not wiggle, move or jostle in any way whatsoever.

If you pull the battery door off by the chrome plate that says SX Mini, you will see four strong magnets and some SX Mini branding. There is also a clever battery venting system which is very hard to see from the exterior of the door.

On the bright screen, you will see the current wattage, volts, ohms, battery life, Bluetooth connection, joules, memory slot, and taste mode that you are in. There are bigger screens out there, I’ll give you that, but this one’s easy to read in all light conditions.

As for the buttons, they are quality and have a great a tactile feel. They are just the right size for this mod. No surprises there.

Final thoughts

One of the most appealing aspects of the SX Mini Q series by YiHi is that these mods are among the best on the market when it comes to their superb construction and high-end chipsets easily comparable do DNA by Evolv.

This mod hits like a train and looks like a Lamborghini. It will last for good many years as long as you use high-drain batteries and don’t put the mod to torture tests. In my opinion, SX Mini Q 200W deserves that special place in every vape enthusiast’s heart and a prominent position near the very top of the list of high-end APVs.

It has a brilliant design, the materials used and built quality are premium and the whole user experience is just fantastic, which certainly justifies a little higher price tag attached to it. It’s a must-have for every devoted vaper, IMHO!

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