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Templar RDA by Augvape – An Elegant Flavor Chaser

Templar RDA stealthy low profile flavor chaser from Augvape

The Templar RDA by Augvape is the new super elegant, low-profile, 24mm flavor chaser rebuildable dripping and squonk-friendly atomizer which will appeal to most of the RDA fans.

I got it straight from Augvape for the purpose of this review. With an easy to build deck, a dual coil setup, perfect amount of cotton wicking, and versatile airflow settings, The Templar RDA delivers thick, full-flavor vapor and complements the looks of any mod you put it on. Well done, Augvape!

Once you open the beautifully designed black cardboard tube, you will find the Templar RDA in its regular configuration. Once you take out the upper spongy protective cushion, you will find the spare parts and the frosted bullet shape top cap.
The sturdy tube will definitely protect the Templar RDA and it will most certainly arrive safe and sound in your vape mail. Augvape's friendly staff was kind enough to let me choose the black finish while you can also go for SS version which looks equally elegant. 
In addition to the spare oring, the spare parts include the bottom feeding squonk pin and a 510 drip tip adapter.

Templar RDA inside the box

The Templar RDA Build Quality And The Design

Templar RDA the parts

My version has a nice matte black aluminum anodized top cap. Both finishes have a great quality 810 drip tip, a 24K gold-plated build deck and a superb quality clamp snag one piece coil post. Both regular and the squonk pin are gold plated brass and the extra frosted bullet-shaped single piece top cap is PC.

The machining is top-notch and the overall quality of parts is 10/10 as far as I'm concerned. As for the design, I really like it, minus a slight issue with the 510 drip tips use but we'll get to that later.

The Templar RDA Build Deck And Juice Well

Templar RDA by Augvape clamp snag post

The T clamp snag single post for building your setup is the real star of the show. It works awesome!
Once you loosen the screw, the T section of the post lifts up, allowing you to conveniently insert even the chunkiest coils of your choice.
Once you position them and tighten the top screw, your coils will stay put. I didn't have any problems with about six different types of coils.

As for the juice well, I would appreciate if it were a bit deeper, especially because of the squonking: if you over fill the Templar, it will leak on you, so do be careful and go easy on the squonk bottle.

The frosted bullet cap got me fewer leaks when I accidentally over squonked, which is worth mentioning.

The base of the juice well allows for quite some cotton which will decrease the leaks as well as reduce the time in between squonks.

The squonk pin is easy to replace and does a good job.

My version has a nice matte black aluminum anodized top cap. Both finishes have a solid quality 810 drip tip, a 24K gold-plated build deck and a superb quality clamp snag one piece coil post. Both regular and the squonk pin are gold plated brass and the extra frosted bullet-shaped single piece top cap is PC.

The Templar RDA Setup And Wicking

Templar RDA cutting the excess coil legs is easy

As I said, the positioning of the coils is really easy, given that you have some experience with fiddling around dual coil builds on a similar post system.

With the building space available, it's super easy to cut the excess coil wires and prepare the coils for dry burn and hot spots removal, if there are any.
I used 3mm diameter Fused Claptons for the first built and also tried the Hive, Alien, and Flat Twisted coil - it was a breeze to insert and tighten them all. The clamp held them firmly in place for the wicking part as well.

After 4 years of vaping and thousands of setups, wicking the Augvape's Templar RDA is a breeze but I'm sure it will be easy enough for novice RDA fans, as well.

All you need to do is​ cut the wick to the length which is enough for you to tuck the cotton back into the juice well after you have fluffed the wick up.

Bear in mind not to block the squonk hole at the bottom center of the post if you're using the Templar RDA in the squonk configuration.

Templar RDA cotton setup for optimal wicking
Templar RDA test fire

The spitback may occur if you over saturate the coils and the cotton so test fire your setup and maybe consider using spaced coils as they usually have less spitback. On this particular RDA, I had zero spitback but the low profile and closeness to the drip tip did give me a vape which is too warm for me.

Since this is highly individual, you may find the Templar RDA perfect at lower resistance but me personally found it ideal at 0.4 ohms. After all, this is a flavor chaser and not a cloud machine.

The Flavor And Vapor Production

Templar RDA the conical chamber and AF slots

As both top caps are conical and low profile, they add to great flavor from the Augvape's Templar RDA. I mean, really great flavor

There's ton of vapor for an RDA as well, not the cloud chasing massive output but enough to fill your mouth and lungs with delicious flavor of your favorite juice. 

Templar RDA the conical frosted bullet top cap

The (forgivable) Design Con

Templar RDA T clamp screw too close to the top cap opening

Due to the low profile design which allows for such a good flavor, the very top of the post is quite close to the drip tip.

As a result, if you want to use the adapter and your favorite 510 drip tip, many of them will hit the top post screw and won't fit​.

Templar RDA not all 510 drip tips will fit in

This will usually happen with the drip tips which have 2 orings at the base for a snug fit as their base is often longer.

Now, this is not a deal breaker at all but it's fair to mention it as there are so many vapers who like to get that matchy-matchy look of their mod and atomizer combo by using a variety of colored 510s to match the color or the design of the mod. Well, some 510 drip tips will have a gap (picture on the right) and may be loose or dangle. This may be solved by adding a rim on top of the 510 adapter which comes with the Templar RDA. The rim of about 2mm in height would solve this minor issue.

My Final Thoughts on Augvape's Templar RDA

Overall, I'd say the Templar RDA is well-machined, great-looking, flower-chasing gem from Augvape. Considering the fact that they made a few great RDAs so far, I'm pretty sure there will be more quality vape gear from Augvape in the future, as well!

Once again, many thanks to nice people from Augvape for the review sample and I do admit I have thoroughly enjoying doing it. 

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