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Unregulated Box Mod VS Regulated | Benefits and Concerns

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You’re most likely aware that there are endless varieties of mods out there, and you have an incredibly huge array of items to choose from.

However, one aspect that many vapers come across is the debate of the unregulated box mod vs regulated; which is better? While we cannot explicitly state a favorite when it comes to regulated vs unregulated because like the old adage of “apples vs. oranges,” it’s pretty much up to the individual vaper.
Therefore, it’s up to you to choose the best one for your desired experience. 

The following article will offer in-depth info to help you learn more to hopefully guide you on your vaping path.

Unregulated Box Mod VS Regulated

When it comes to regulated vs unregulated mods, both have their pros and cons, but one thing both have in common is that they can offer excellent experiences, tailored to the expectations and desires of the user. Both options are pretty awesome, and they are wildly different, so if you’re in the process of learning about each type, we can help.

Unregulated Box Mods

With unregulated mods, there is no circuit board included to regulate the electrical power that will be running through the mod. As for protection, there is usually the locking mechanism which prevents the firing button from going off in your pocket.

In this category of highly advanced mods there are several types including: mechanical mods, semi-mechanical mods, and Series or Parallel mods.

Benefits of vaping with an unregulated mod include:

Wotofo Triple Unregulated Box Mod

● The option to vape with customized and increased voltage and wattage output
● A single button for control is the circuit link between the batteries and atomizer
● With unregulated power, you have the option to vape with lower ohms
● You can achieve exceptionally large clouds
● An infinite number of customizations are possible to achieve a highly customized
● Plenty of options exist to use very advanced, powerful vape batteries with unregulated
box mods
● For advanced users, you can’t get more advanced than by being able to
customize everything
● No limitations exist to control the current
● You get the ability to operate the device freely, without restrictions from firmware,
navigation, or circuitry

Unregulated box mods are ultimately simple; they consist of a tube or body that can house single or dual batteries. They often are constructed of metal, wood, or plastic bodies, and they will typically feature a button to be used to activate and control the power of the battery, sending it straight to the atomizer and the coil.

The type of wire used for the coil as well as the atomizer is actually irrelevant when it comes to using an unregulated mod because they are unregulated; which in vape terms means they deliver the power and the rest is up to the vaper to configure.

Unregulated mods are meant to be used only by advanced, highly-experienced users. This is because they have no features built in to ensure safety or regulating. They do not read atomizer resistance, nor do they have a 10-second shut off, as is very common with just about every regulated mod. Additionally, you have to be hyper-vigilant to ensure you’re not burning your cotton wick or damaging your coils with excessive power.

The greatest risk you take when vaping with an unregulated vape mod is thermal runaway, so you should be properly informed before you begin working with these types of devices. Thermal runaway refers to overheating the battery, and when a vape battery gets too hot it will begin to produce a higher level of energy, generating a greater amount of heat. When this happens, the consequences can be unpredictable, and at its worst, may result in fire or an exploding battery.

Therefore, for those delving into this method, it’s extremely important to know what you’re doing! So, why would any vaper be interested in pursuing all of this power that comes with no inherent regulation? Because it enables the user to have full control over the performance, which is what many experienced users and enthusiasts are after.

For these types of vapers, it’s all about the experience of achieving exactly what they want; whether it be a subtle tweak or highly intense.

Regulated Box Mods 

Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C

The majority of mods out there are regulated, and this appeals to a very wide range of users. Everyone from the newest beginner to the seasoned pro can enjoy the performance of these devices because they offer total simplicity.

The ease in knowing you don’t have to worry about safety protections because they are included appeals to most vapers.

Because all the difficult work is done, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your vapor without a care. This is why these devices remain so popular, and why they are sure to remain so for the foreseeable future.

In general, it would be safe to say that regulated vape mods are safest because most vapers do not have the in-depth knowledge it takes to safely operate an unregulated device, and most are not exactly interested in exploring those possibilities.

Regulated vape mods contain built-in circuit boards, which regulate the electrical current. This is what enables them to provide a high-powered, yet safe experience. If a mod offers variable wattage or variable voltage, it is regulated. Due to the immense variety of products available which are regulated, you can expect a large array of quality among them.

Types of Regulated Vape Mods

There are two types of regulated vape devices: fixed voltage and adjustable power. Each has their benefits, but they remain profoundly different. Fixed voltage devices are the simplest vape devices around, and they make up the market of cig-alike type devices, vape pens (or eGo-style devices), along with pod vaporizers. These devices include built-in batteries, which enables the simplest usage. Fixed voltage style vaporizers are limited in their ability to take on resistance from the coil.

The difference with adjustable power devices is that devices of this style include a chipset that delivers a controlled level of power, allowing a constant flow of power to the atomizer, regardless of the batteries’ voltage.

Benefits of Using a Regulated Mod:

● Highly economical price points
● Extremely simple to use
● The possibility of having increased battery life
● An overall increased amount of safety and security during usage, along with safety features that enable the device to perform without worry
● Convenient charging as many devices offer the ability to charge via built-in port
● Charge while vaping with passthrough technology on many devices is an option
● Many regulated mods include displays that offer relevant details such as battery life, voltage, ohms, and wattage
● Plenty of options for customization with the right device, without sacrificing safety

Pondering over unregulated box mods vs regulated? We hear you! Vaping offers so many options, and the amount of technology that has been dedicated to these devices is very much mind-blowing.

The variety is just about unlimited, so whatever level you’re at, and whatever your comfort level may be, you can be sure there is a regulated or unregulated device that can handle your needs.

Regulated box mods are available in more options than ever, and in the past, it was pretty much unheard of to find models that could fire up to 200 watts. 

Council of Vapor COV Callisto 80W TC Box

The vape world has evolved, though, and you can easily find secure regulated devices that soar past 300 watts, so in terms of wattage, you’re not even limited to the style of mod you want, even if you’re trying to pull off some major cloud production.

Unregulated vape mods, as exciting and unlimited as they are, should be left to the purists and hobbyists because they require a serious amount of commitment when it comes to operating. They offer a different type of simplicity, in which full control is made available. 

No circuitry means fewer parts to deteriorate, which means a longer-lasting product overall. Additionally, for many unregulated enthusiasts, there is nothing quite like the experience of dripping with a mech mod!

If you’re contemplating the debate of unregulated box mod vs regulated, you should figure out what kind of experience you’re seeking in order to get your needs met. If you’re a beginner with big dreams but limited experience, steer clear of the unregulated devices and learn as much as you can about vaping without restrictions, working with the vape electrical system, and ultimately what lies ahead.

Explore other advanced regulated options, but until you have a seriously good grasp on all things relevant to mech mods, they are worth the wait, especially when you consider battery safety.

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