Upcoming Vaping Shows And Why You Should Attend


The coming of summer is peak season for vape trade shows, meets and conventions. Vape shows have witnessed a great transformation in recent years, with the focus returning to energy and quality on the trade floor .

Here is a brief look at what vaping shows are coming up and why should you go to one.

Vapexpo France, Paris Grande Halle de la Villette,September 24th to September 26th ,2017

This is the 7th edition of France’s very first vaping exhibition. The first day of the event will be open to the public while the last two days will be set aside for professionals.

The show will be a forum for all vaping professionals to hold discussions with manufacturers. They will have a chance to share experiences, test new products and learn more about new products. The event will be attended by E-liquid manufacturers, consumers, equipment manufacturers, franchises, accessory suppliers, wholesalers and modders. Over sixty countries will be represented at the show.

Vapexpo Kiev International Exhibitional Center-September 30th – Oct 1st, 2017

This is the best platform for businesses who wish to enter local and international markets. It is the place to be if you are searching for the highest quality or newest products from established players in the vape industry.If you are a manufacturer, this is the right opportunity to get into the European market. As a guest, you have a chance of making new contacts and testing new vape products.

The main objective of the expo is to bring together all the important players in the industry,including international vape association representatives, and also to accelerate the growth of Ukraine’s vaping culture.

There will be an eventful and fun-filled program where attendees will enjoy vaping tricks, freebies and competitions organized by prominent vape mixologists, coil-builders and bloggers.

5th Vape Expo ,Beijing – 21st to 23rd October

In this event,the focus will be on E-cig industrial resources, and it will also be a forum for companies to communicate about their products. It will feature over five hundred e-cig and e-liquid brands from thirty countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, UK, Russia, France and the US. The expo organizers aim to invite 37,000 people and it will be advertised in over a hundred local and international online platforms. The area of the expo has a span of about thirty thousand square meters.

Highlights of the expo include dealer purchase meeting, professional vaping shows, games and introduction to new products.

Svapor Expo Vincenza Bassano del Grappa -28th October to 29th October 2017

This event will cover two days. The opening day will be fully dedicated to vapers. On the second day, the morning session will be exclusively set aside for companies while the public will be allowed to come in after 2.30 pm.

Next Generation Nicotine Delivery, London, UK November 14th and 15th 2017

This is the main nicotine product conference in Europe for 2017.The conference will discuss product innovation, public health perspectives and market trends. It is a learning forum that is open to everybody and it will have interactive sessions, talks and invaluable advice from famous speakers throughout the vaping industry.

North Carolina Vapers Raleigh Carnivale State Fair Exposition Center 18th to 19th November 2017

This expo promises to be a two-day celebration of cutting down on harmful tobacco products by vapers. Exhibitors across the country will bring the tools required to remain tobacco-free to businesses and consumers .

There will be advocacy groups on hand to educate smokers, business owners and the general public on critical issues such as the personal and political objectives of pushing for cutting down on harmful tobacco products.

Why you should attend the shows

Whether you are a veteran or a newbie at vaping, attending these shows and conventions is quite important. Naturally, many people will attend just to enjoy the free stuff on offer. But going to these shows also ensures you learn a lot and have fun at the same time.

If you are pondering whether you should attend or even set up a booth as an exhibitor, here are several advantages of participating in these shows:

Showing up only (without being an exhibitor)

After spending just 20 or 30 dollars, you get to enter a room that is packed with vape store owners and manufacturers from your locality and further afield. This will give you a great opportunity to talk directly with some sales personnel that you were unable to communicate with properly on phone. You have a chance of promoting yourself as a user of their products- and if you do a proper job of it, you can even get a discount on their vaping products.

Attending the show also enables you to meet other traders in your locality. Even though you can buy products at lower prices during the show than what they usually offer at their shops, remember you are fighting on the same corner against the FDA and the big tobacco companies. In the end, it will be worthwhile to make friends with shop owners in your locality.

Advantages of attending and setting up a booth

When you attend and set up a booth at the show, this allows potential clients to lay their hands on your product and test it. It is all very well to advertise and proclaim how great your product is-but many people nowadays will need to see it with their own eyes.

When you set up a booth, this is a priceless opportunity to sell yourself and your product to potential new clients. It is like having a busy day at your shop or business place where everybody is a new customer. You have the chance to answer any queries and give comprehensive details about your product. You will also get an opportunity to portray the passion you have for your product and business-which can only be a good thing for your sales efforts.

A typical vape show or convention will attract big crowds from an area much bigger than your locality. Normally, almost ninety percent of your customers will most probably come from your neighborhood. But show or convention attendees may come from hundreds or even thousands of miles a way. Putting up a booth expands your reach significantly, particularly if you are ready to ship your product.

Ultimately, whether you just show up or put up a booth, vape shows are a great learning opportunity. They represent the whole industry, and you will get to understand the thinking of consumers, traders and manufacturers. If you a selling, you get to learn about the best marketing and branding techniques.

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