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Vaper’s Tongue | How To Deal With It


Suffering From the Dreaded Vaper’s Tongue?

We’ve got everything you need to know about the nuisance of vaper's tongue, how to manage it, and how you can avoid it in the future.

Vaper's Tongue and how to deal with it

The vaping is getting good; the session is pumping, the clouds are flowing, and all of a sudden, vapers be like I can’t taste my juice!
Out of nowhere, the flavor when vaping seems to have disappeared as quickly as the clouds dissipate. You check your liquid date, wonder what’s going on, and try a few other juices only to experience the same peculiar occurrence.

If you vape, you’ve probably heard of the term “vaper’s tongue,” and it is certainly an experience most vapers would hope to avoid. Vaper’s tongue, as it is known, is a rather common situation for almost all vapers at some point in time. If you’re trying to get rid of this scourge, or you’d just like to learn a little more for future reference, keep reading! Everything you need to know about vaper’s tongue and how to get rid of vaper’s tongue can be found right here!

What is Vaper’s tongue Exactly?

Though it is never welcome, vaper’s tongue is one of those experiences you can expect to happen to you, so don’t be too surprised if it comes creeping up on you. Vaper’s tongue, also known as vaper’s fatigue, is basically the term used to describe the unexpected and often sudden loss of flavor when vaping that can also be accompanied by a dry mouth and numb tongue. It can range from a total loss of flavor to a reduced level.

While the name places the tongue as the culprit, this is technically inaccurate; the problem actually lies in the nose.

Since human taste essentially comes down to our ability to smell, the nose plays a major role in our sense of taste. When the olfactory system goes into overdrive, such as when a vaper vapes excessively, vaper’s tongue has been chalked up to a predicament known as olfactory exhaustion. Because of this disorder, the sense of smell has been outright overworked and shuts down for a brief moment in time.

Vapers Tongue It's the Nose actually

That’s right - the olfactory system gets exhausted after a heavy amount of consistent vaping and begins to stop processing. You know how it goes; you get your fave flavor flowing and before you know it, because the RDA vapes so well, you’ve been chain-vaping for two hours straight… and boom! Your sense of smell has called it quits! It is usually a gradual occurrence most of the time, but most vapers don’t notice it’s happening until suddenly their ability to taste is way off, and then not happening at all. At this point, it’s too late to do much of anything about it, and you generally have to wait it through.

What Does Vaper’s Tongue Feel Like?

Dry; uncomfortable; filmy; weird… there are a lot of adjectives vapers use to describe vape tongue and none are pleasant. Vaper’s tongue has a pretty noticeable feeling to it and in addition to the loss of flavor, vapers across the board note that it feels like there is a thick coating spread across their tongue, resulting in a feeling of loss of sensitivity. It is also very common among those suffering from vaper’s fatigue to state that they can’t taste vape flavor at all.

Is Vaper’s Fatigue Forever?

In the event you’re asking how long does vaper’s tongue last, rest assured that this great annoyance will be out of your life soon. While it does suck to miss out on that delicious flavor as you hit your vape mods, rest assured that it’s only for a short time. It’s pretty typical for vaper’s tongue to last only between 1 and 3 days, so if you’re experiencing this most unpleasant side effect, know that it will not last too long.

Vaper’s tongue Be Gone

Vape tongue frustration but not for long

Are you tired of the sensation when you can't taste vape flavor? Interested in learning how to get rid of vape tongue? If you’re trying to get your vaper’s tongue to exit earlier than anticipated, there’s some good news: there are some remedies out there that may help get rid of it quickly.

While we can’t vouch for any of these methods on a personal level; you need to find a way which works for you.  

Different methods are often mentioned by vapers throughout the community of their beneficial effects. If you’re aiming to banish this obnoxious ailment, it can’t hurt to try. Here are a few remedies for combating vaper’s tongue:

  • Keeping your mouth clean with excellent oral hygiene is an absolute must. Brush your teeth and tongue very regularly and using a good quality mouthwash can help ease the symptoms. While hygiene is important, there is no evidence to show it can make olfactory exhaustion pass quicker, though.
  • Switching vape juice flavors has been known to work for some, and it is a very often used remedy. We have heard other reports, however, that this isn’t guaranteed because with olfactory exhaustion, all tastes are muted (even new ones), so try if it works for you.
  • Skip the nicotine. Some vapers say going nicotine-free can make the condition pass more quickly. I sometimes do the opposite: I vape nicotine base with no flavoring added.
  • Opt for 100% VG juices to keep things as mild as possible while your senses and olfactory system take a hiatus.
  • Up your h2o intake, as it hydrates the body. Some experts place the blame of olfactory exhaustion on propylene glycol (AKA PG) and its ability to cause dryness, so combating it from the inside out is a good idea.
  • Keep at it, flavorless. Yeah, you probably knew this was coming, but if vape tongue isn’t passing quickly, you may just have to bite the bullet and vape without flavor for a bit. You do have the option to use e-liquid without flavor too, if you want. Bonus on the other side: you’ll have a much greater appreciation for awesome flavor as a result!
  • If you really feel the need, you can take a break from vaping altogether for a few days to give your senses and tongue the ultimate rest. While most people who vape dread the thought of not vaping for a time, it may be an option.

Bottom line: vape tongue is just a part of the vape life; it happens to the best of us. Though frustrating, consider it to be a reality check from your body, letting you know you need a chill out from too much flavor and vapor.

The only guaranteed solution for the issue of vape tongue is time. Yes, it is no fun, and no one wants to suffer from a loss of delicious vape flavor, but it happens to the best of us.

Moving forward, one helpful way to hopefully prevent this foul side effect from happening again is to be sure you’re not overdoing it when it comes to vaping so your olfactory system never has to shut down for a break. While it’s a super fun habit, take breaks from the chain vaping. 

No more vaper's tongue

Pay close attention to your vaping as well, and try to notice if flavors are getting a little dull if you’ve been going hard. If so, let it be a warning sign that you’ve got to put the brakes on for a bit, before you end up with full-fledged vape tongue, causing a 1-3 day hiatus!

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