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E Cigarette and Vaping Side Effects

Already vaping or about to switch?

You want to be informed about any vaping side effects? 

Then you are in the right place! Below you will have all the information on side effects, without hiding any facts.

vaping side effects

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Intro – Vaping Side Effects

Over the years, a lot has been said and documented about e-cigs. With many people – both users and non-users fully – appreciating the numerous advantages of using e-cigs. Rather than traditional cigarettes. However, it is important to also acknowledge: There are negative vaping side effects worth noting as well. If you are vaping excessively!

dr farsalinosAlthough it is not possible to quantify the long-term health risks associated with e-cigarettes precisely. The available data suggest: The Health risks are unlikely to exceed 5% of those associated with smoked tobacco products. And may well be substantially lower than this figure.

 – Says the famous greek scientist, Dr. Farsalinos. Committed to the research and study of e-cigs.

We will help you fully appreciate and differentiate facts from fiction. Because there is a lot of BULL*** out there in the Web. EcigarettePROs are uncovering the real e cigarette side effects.

Does E-Liquid contain Nicotine?

The most important question! We found out: There are many broadcasts about E-Cigarettes being banned. For not making it clear whether E-cigs contained nicotine. So probably there are many guys out there who don’t have a clear answer to this important question. Nicotine is the addictive substance in tobacco. It’s not okay to claim, ecigs are completely harmless and risk-free if the E-Liquid contains Nicotine. This will clear everything up:

e liquid nicotine

We always get our E-Liquid at Vaporfi. As you see, you can decide if you want nicotine or not. There are a huge amount of E-Liquids without nicotine. Why would you buy E-Liquid with Nicotine? To quit smoking. You want to start off with E-Liquids with nicotine when you are trying to get off normal cigarettes. And slowly reduce the nicotine, till you vape without it. Very effective! A friend of mine smoked his whole life and this is the only way for him, to quit. He is currently at 3mg. Started at 12mg. The better your vape mod, the less nicotine you will need. 

Important note:

Not nicotine, but it is the many other chemicals in cigarettes that are responsible for smoking-related diseases. E-cigs deliver nicotine (if you choose too) without the vast majority of these other chemicals. For this reason, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) have indicated: Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers are less harmful than smoking tobacco.

Cons of VapingThe Cons of Vaping – Side Effects

First and foremost, whereas many people continue to have a side-effect-free experience with ecigsThere are those, who report having some slightly negative e cigarette side effects.

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One problem with vapers:

A lot of people get into vaping: Either because they quit smoking or they just love vaping some great e-liquids. The problem, why many vapers experience side effects, like the ones listed below: They vape excessively!

Start Vaping! It’s awesome! BUT DONT BE THIS GUY:

Smoker => Heavy Vaper smokes 20/ml a day with 16mg of nicotine. (20/ml = 4 full e-cig tanks)

Non-Smoker => Heavy Vaper smokes 20/ml a day of great tasting liquid.

Of course, you are going to have a dehydrated nose or throat. There is no way vape side effects will not occur. It’s like with anything else we do excessively. Eating Habits, Sports etc. There is a tipping point, where it’s not good for our health anymore. Even though at ordinary consumption, it’s great.

This is how we do it: Be disciplined and set your own limit. 2ml of e-liquid is a good limit. Better 1ml. Don’t overdue it when you are stressed out or on the weekends, when you have more time for it. (Just our advice. You are your own Boss.)

How do you know you smoked 1ml? Your tank is your limit.

Example: I use the uwell crown, which has 4ml e-liquid capacity. If I’m undisciplined and finish it on the first day, I don’t allow myself to vape on the next one. And on the 3rd day, I fill it up again.

Now let us get to cons of vaping. That CAN occur during excessive usage:


Vaping side effects dehydration

Dry Mouth – The most common side effect, associated with dehydration. Its caused by the PG (Propylene Glycol) in e-juice. This can simply be avoided, by drinking a glass of water.

Details: „The liquid used does comprise vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine and some flavoring. Propylene glycol has been known to attract and hold water molecules from the surrounding environment such as the mouth or face; this has been suggested as the main reason why some people experience the above-mentioned side effects.“

Itchiness – Another result of dehydration. The dry skin or eyes, lead to itchiness.

Vaping side effects itching

Allergies – There are so many different flavors that are used in E-liquid. The Ecig-Online-Store VaporFi has over 30.000 different E-liquids to offer. Some of these may include chocolate, fruits or nuts; so it’s normal that some vapers may experience a similar allergic reaction.

In rare cases, you may be allergic to PG, so if your doctor confirms it, you can simply switch to 100% and use sub-ohm tanks which are heavy-VG-friendly as regards wicking. RDAs are also a great option for 100% VG and they produce fantastic flavor.

The following list contains no direct side effects of vaping. But since many smokers use ecigs to quit, these might occur, just from quitting smoking. Not in any correlation with using an ecig. Many reports say that these effects will disappear long term, as the body gets used to the low consumption of nicotine:

  • Colds and the flu
  • Skin issues
  • Dry throat
  • Dizziness

Now you should have a clear vision on side effects from vaping. However, there are numerous reasons, why the use of healthy e cigarette has gained popularity and momentum over the years is its non- addictive nature. 

Pros of vapingThe Pros of Vaping

“An ideal tobacco harm reduction product” – Dr. Farsalinos

  • Helps Quit Smoking

When compared to traditional cigarettes: E cigs also contain nicotine (if you choose to). But they are not as addictive, due to the low dosage. In fact, many people have successfully used e-cigs to successfully quit smoking. The number of people who successfully quit continues to grow by the day. A constant reminder of the high success rate of e cigs. Why does it work that well? You Vaporfi Vox Mini 40W TCcan manually lower the nicotine dosage in your e-liquid. As time passes. Your body slowly gets used to the decreasing nicotine level. Way more effective, than trying to quit cold turkey.

  • Saves loads of money

Another major advantage of e cigs is the cost or pricing. This is especially more pronounced for people, who were previously heavily addicted to traditional cigarettes and opt to quit. For starters, e-cigs can be used several times since they are replaceable. This is completely different when compared to traditional cigarettes which are not only addictive but are also quite expensive and not reusable. A good quality vape starter kit will last you a long time and save you a chunk of money, as well.

  • Healthy

Lastly, it is important to acknowledge that a traditional tobacco cigarette is filled with lots of additives, as a matter of fact; there are more than 7,000 chemicals in a traditional cigarette such as carcinogens and carbon monoxide, just to mention a few. Generally, the sizes of the combusted particulates in smoke are so tiny, that they can deeply penetrate into lung tissues without much ado. On the other hand, an electronic cigarette is a device that simply vaporizes a liquid and doesn’t in any way burn any combustible materials. Apart from nicotine, the other two are food additives which are not harmful to the body.

For some of the best flavors, as well as safest and healthy e cigs: Feel free to visit www.vaporfi.com. Read our Vaporfi Ranking + Grab yourself a great vape at an affordable price point.

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12 thoughts on “E Cigarette and Vaping Side Effects

  • Katherine

    Iam enjoying the vap . has anyone ever stad on it long time . if so is it ok do so ? As anyone found themselfs having a hard time putting it down

  • Alfie C

    Just quit smoking thanks to vaping and currently down to 6mg liquids within 2 weeks. The main reason is I’m on a health kick and slimming down but was curious as if I would still get the benefits of quitting cigarettes as in my lung capacity back so I can run further without the loss of breath?

  • Nicholas Jillett

    I am getting constant watery teary eyes? Is there anyone else out there who has experienced this after changing to e-cigs.? My jury is out as to what’s causing it and if it’s related to e-cigs.
    Any contact would be greatly appreciated. ! X

  • Kazama

    Vapors are Indeed a very good alternative to cigarettes but only If u r determined to quit smoking. And can vape anywhere as the smoke do not bother people as it gives out a pleasant aroma…. Good product for new generations… But should not abuse the product…. As too much is too bad

  • Just started vaping and this blog post has made vaping make so much more sense. Is anyone else a novice vaper here? I wanted to find out whether there is a 100 VG e-liquid? A lot fo vape reviewers claim that 100 VG e-liquid does not exist since it cannot be vaped without any PG. I find this a bit misleading because I have an allergy to PG and want a completely PG free e-liquid. Any recommendations?

    • Jeromy Martin

      @Callie Platek if you cant find it in stores there is still the option to make it. you can but the vg and get 100% vg base nic. the flavors are going to be harder to find though since they are usually pg based. however there are flavors you can get that are vg based and essentially have a 100% vg mix. if you do end up with flavors that are pg based you will end up with about 90-95% vg and 5-10% pg (assuming you use about 3ml (10%) flavor additives to the mix to get the flavor you like and have the minimal amount of pg.

  • Zebra

    Loved the “don’t be this guy” part. Somebody telling the thruth!
    Switch to ecigs, but don’t overdue it. I would be a pitty for you not to switch, cause they acutally taste great and i don’t have the need to smoke cigarettes no more.


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